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  1. I'm just following the MR textbook. When you get one change passed, beg for more
  2. Well, white light pmks have the diversity to chose between three types of priests. I think this suggestion is a fair equalizer.
  3. Well since the name implies dark and shaddy things, when dark falls in wurm, HotS template PMKs and HotS in general should get a +1 combat bonus.
  4. Bump. Chuck Norris IS BL !
  5. Hello again, I regret to inform you your application has been denied. Regards, Shrimpiie (Lead Forum Moderator)
  6. [02:11:07] <Demondan> Now that bloodyhell is champion, we should better avoid going out at all costs. Bump !
  7. no NO NOOO This will mess up chaos a lot !
  8. Bump for the legion ! Bump for libila !
  9. Sir, this post is just to say good luck to the other competitors, not to judge any competitor about his past. Good luck with your application too, I heard you applied.
  10. I'd like to say good luck to all of you and may the best man win. Yesterday's reopening of the applications is a good chance for fresh and aspiring individuals to try their luck at that difficult post. Whatever the outcome, some will be moderators some not. Some will have to moderate the forums. The rest will probably have to see what went wrong and moderate themselves to be better for the next round. Here's some tips from me for those sending their CV to the staff: 1)Be confident about yourself. Reality is what we make it to be. 2)Use reccomendations. What others say about you means more than what you say. 3)Bash the other competitors. Find out who they are and badmouth them with fake quotes. 4)Offer cash and bribe your way to the top if possible. Peace, Issle >
  11. The thing is we kinda figured out he's trolling, but being a doctorchese he keeps on trolling ...