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  1. It looks awesome on the tapestry . Tich was such a great friend!
  2. Hi, I come back to the game before the new permissions system and thus not sure I know the new stuffs around it. I have a coastal deed and would like to make a proper dock for it and do not wish to experiments much. Anyone can give me tips of how to make a dock that conveniently allow not just docking ships (in which I beleive, should be on deed), but also easy trades including with strangers? (load/unload crates and such)
  3. I lost permission to brand, groom, sacrifice, breed, lead, and tame/charm/dom after today restart. Can't even lead a tamed animal after this happens. I have to call the mayor which is not active in game to fix the whole lead issue.
  4. Idk what is the second choice.
  5. I am sorry to say that while in theory, this copyright protection is awesome, in practice it is a terrible thing. It is more like a social rule, where people try to abide but if they don't do... they don't lose much than reputation. When I was working as an indie flash game developer, we devs are trying so hard to fight our 'international copyright' to stop some assets thefts and even worse; game thefts from many countries. I do also saw many copyright dramas on art sites like Deviant Art and here are the pitiful cases: 1. If you got your creation stolen and displayed on some website like say; youtube, newgrounds, deviantart, itunes, to googleplay, you can use this copyright to asks the website to take them down. More than often, they won't take the money the thief has gotten and give it back to you, even if they are managed to freeze some of the funds. 2. If you were cooperating with some people, then that people decide to steal your game and make a clone of it before it even releases, no one can help you unless you have a signed agreement that to details state all the deals (Non Disclosure Agreement). And even that... look at clause 3 and 4. Sample: 3. if you are going to bring legal action, you and the thief should be in the same country, or at least, a group of countries that have common interests (eg: America and Europe. South East Asia cluster). Have fun to sue people oversea, especially China, because their copyright rules don't cover foreigners. Sample: 4. Even if you really the owner of the creation 10000% and have all the proof of the copyright thievery, you can't do much without money. There is a case of an artist that do fun jewelries they sell on etsy, then copied by popular brand Zara. This happens too many times with many brands. Sample:
  6. Here is some thought from me that have been working here and there internationally on artworks and game development. 1. Any resources that you get from 'royalty free', 'creative commons', and such are still NOT yours. If a game developer uses a model that is given by an author on the internet, it doesn't transfer the ownership to that developer, the developer can't claim a ###### if someone else decides to take the model from the developer's game for their own. Since it is still not their. What the developer can sue is if someone took the whole game, which has a lot of 'hopefully' original contents beside the royalty free resources. If a game is just a jumble of free tutorial and free textures, even if they 'work' day and night, sweat and blood for months to put them all together, they still can't win any legal battle. Unless in some part of the world that ready to neglect that those works that aren't their. Ahh, money rules. 2. Mods and game servers don't have any power. I can create superb original texture pack for minecraft but I can't ever sue someone that use it for another server. Because the game is a property of minecraft. You are creating free contents for the game you are modding unless it is stated otherwise. Your lamenting of 'oh lo... world don't respect my right' is a big BS as you do not even appreciate the creators of these royalty free contents and instead feel that doing a few cut and edit make you own the work. Either stop it or please, do waste your money on legal action. Especially to server owners on some obscure countries. I am fascinated of one that can't hire artist to do original content for commercial purpose is able to hire a lawyer.
  7. Thank you for the compliment, she is always in my soul cause she did took my soul.
  8. I guess it is easier to just ban libila priest than removing the many spells she got that spawn mycellium. Although honestly with how food mechanic is now, mycellium should not be a problem right now, just remove its ability to spread on freedom. >.> but really, for years this pledge of Libila on freedom have created countless countless dramas. I do crave for the day where I can idle in mycellium doing nothing and pray to my Goddess again.
  9. All unstable, stable, and low mem clients no longer able to detect java 64 by itself and I have to make a bat file to make it run with java 64 bit. This might be quiet annoying for those who are not tech savvy. With java 32 bit, wurm prone to freeze and crash on 64bit computer. I tested this with two computers. Forgot about error log, maybe if the client on my workplace crash I can get some.
  10. Hi, I have a slight twist to the idea, perhaps can be a start to gauge people interests. This group event can easily become something as popular as impalong imo. Have it not restricted to newbies and new alts, and oriented on 'events'. This could be cooperation with deeds to simulates buying stocks and city events. Or fun animals hunting on the steppe where participants can only wield a stick. Or a 'dysentery event' where players have to pick a jar, in which one is filled with bad water (alcohol) to emulates getting sick by such.