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  1. Rolf, these items were made abusing a bug, they were bought and sold for years with all parties involved knowing THEY ARE A BUG and could be removed or altered at any time. Those who have bought them gambled with their money in full knowledge that these items aren't supposed to be in the game and that you have the right to remove anything from anyone at anytime for any reason... Code Club is not responsible for peoples unwise financial decisions and does not need to coddle people every time someone is out of pocket for investing in a digital world. Not removing these overpowered, bugged as hell objects (and in fact discussing changes to justify keeping them... like wtf?) just because the whaa-whaa crowd are at your heels is a ridiculous move. They were never intended, they allow a certain group of people (ie those who are willing to sink a lot of real money into an item that could be removed at any point without notice) functionality that is downright IMPOSSIBLE for the majority of players to replicate nowadays. You want people to play WU and then think about joining WO? What are those people going to think when they come onto these servers and discover that yes, there are things on WO you can't get in WU, but they are generally things created by bugs and owned by the richest and/or oldest members of the community... I'd be appalled that the developers had allowed them to remain in the game, especially if I'd also just found out that there was no reasonable (ie not wasting your life or cheating) way to get your skills near those same players (plus others) as they'd all abused skillgain bugs over the years. I could go on but my intention here isn't to diss the game. I see only three fair (fair for everyone, not just fair for the owners) options here (technically only two but the last two have a change in distribution, changes in bold on third). You remove them outright. A small number of people (the owners) will be pissed off but ultimately get over it because they are human beings and not demons of unending rage. Overall and in the long run, the game will be better for it. Less disparity between WU and WO is a good thing if you want diffusion of players from WU. It sets a precedent and bugged items start to depreciate, anticipating any other bugged things you might remove in future. This makes it easier for yourself to remove things. It reinforces the idea that abusing bugs is bad, it seems a bit weird that people are allowed to keep ill gotten gains (whether intentional or not). Whether or not you give them something to shut their crying up is your business and I'm sure there will be some good ideas in this thread that could be turned to that end. You change them into an actual legit item and make them available for all (for a price obviously) on the traders. Owners pretty much unaffected in-game. Their out of game financial situation is none of your business, sorry. Every player, from now till the end of Wurm, can purchase one of these "magical containers" with in-game currency. Much like they do magic chests etc now. It sets a precedent. Whether good or bad, time would tell. People already tend to stockpile things when a creation bug or such pops up. I believe there was a number of abuses while it was easy as pie to create rares? Why not risk getting a 7 day ban for abusing a bug if you're going to make hundreds of Euros off of it? And if people cry, just get Rolf to make it legit. It reinforces the conception that abusing these bugs may be considered bad, but it can also be damned profitable. And if it gets "fixed" at some point, it will probably just be made a legit item. You change them into an actual legit item and make them a premium reward. Owners pretty much unaffected in-game, though they may get another few from their long term premium characters. Their out of game financial situation is possibly going to be even better if they get the rewards on several characters. Every player, from now till the end of Wurm, has the chance to receive one (or more) of these if they stick around for long enough. It sets a precedent. Whether good or bad, time would tell. People already tend to stockpile things when a creation bug or such pops up. I believe there was a number of abuses while it was easy as pie to create rares? Why not risk getting a 7 day ban for abusing a bug if you're going to make hundreds of Euros off of it? And if people cry, just get Rolf to make it legit. It reinforces the conception that abusing these bugs may be considered bad, but it can also be damned profitable. And if it gets "fixed" at some point, it will probably just be made a legit item. However you do this, you're going to have some people annoyed, you should know that by now. I like to think you'd prefer to think about the players who won't be annoyed, namely the rest of the players and every other player in the future. These are the people you need to start thinking about, not the entitled few. (Waiting on the bright red flames from a certain someone, c'mon dude I know you wanna )
  2. I believe he was telling you was it was Enki, himself and "a couple of other GM's", not several GM's including Chaos GM's. In fact no one but yourself is specifically mentioning Chaos GM's for some obscure reason. If I was a conspiracy nut I might ask if a Chaos GM's had been discussing this treasure hunt with non staff members before it even started... But as it is, well someone pass the popcorn, it's fun to watch you guys cry about things that don't actually matter to anyone but you...
  3. Not sure what you mean by trolling, he asked our opinions on the matter and that is my opinion as a Chaos citizen based on my experience with the changes. I was trying to be succinct and now you have me writing two whole sentences taking up room from someone who has more to input... Since the original post has been deleted let me say it again more politely. As a citizen of the Chaos server who is not in the Kingdom known as the Empire of Mol Rehan, I have next to no experience with the recent changes to the artifacts, nor have I heard any experience from third parties who are also not in the Empire of Mol Rehan. If this thread is actually going to take in all points of view, then the fact that the recent changes have so far done nothing to increase the likelihood of artifacts changing hands is an opinion. I do not know the influence the recent changes have had on the artifacts themselves, as I am not part of the Kingdom who controls them or spoke to anyone who does. I do not appreciate my answer being deleted simply because someone sees it as trolling, I have just wasted all of our time by retyping this as a paragraph.
  4. I’d rather not spam the suggestion forum, so since all of my suggested items here affect Chaos and PMK’s (I cannot speak for Epic in these issues, so I am limiting myself to talking about Chaos and Freedom here), I will have them here as a package of changes that I believe should be looked into for the Chaos server moving forwards. Wild/Chaos is an old server, the oldest in the game. Some would be happy enough to either wipe it clean or even have an entirely new map. I believe this is a short-sighted view which does not take into account the broader history of the server and the game in general. Balance is not a static thing, sometimes it can take a year or more for a problem to become apparent. The creation of the kingdom system, changes to the kingdom system and the introduction of PMK’s over the years have included changes meant to improve Chaos. Resetting the map will not change what actually needs changed, it will simply wipe away the lessons of the past and fail to address other core issues. So, that all being said, here is in my eyes some of the main things that needs to change in regards to Chaos and possibly PMK’s in general. Replace MR/JK/HotS templates with a Blacklight one and Whitelight one. Upon founding (or conversion in case of existing kingdoms), you would pick your light and your patron God(s) from that light (possibly two, to allow a better mix of champs).​ Kingdom deed cap: 10-15 max, possibly the higher number available through an upgrade from Kingdom to Empire status. Intended result would be to help make deed warfare less likely and more considered than currently. Reinstate alliances between WL-WL and BL-BL alongside smaller kingdom sizes. Full member list for the Chief, ability to kick offline and off server players (similar to village screen maybe) and possibly even whom they were invited by. Ability to change Chief title upon founding and at coronation. New Kingdom title: Chat moderator, with associated powers within Kingdom/Alliance channels, but not village. Add a loyalty variable to towers, similar to alignment. Any tower beyond around 200-300 tiles from a deed would begin to slowly lose loyalty until reaching 0. At this point it would switch to no-known-kingdom status, with no influence and attacking anyone. The intended result here would be to make territory more of a fluid thing away from permanent settlements, while still allowing a kingdom to hold their core territories. Change Chaos’ name back to Wild. The change seemed contrived, trying to bury an ugly past. Chaos as a name is worse in fact, with its connotations of entropy and decay. Wild, somewhat chaotic but fun at the same time is what the server should feel like to play on, it should reflect that in its name once again. (okay this first one is mainly a personal preference, I admit it.) Change the Freedom cluster server arrangement to give Chaos more prominence while allowing free travel around it. On the last issue, I believe it would integrate Chaos better into the Freedom community and make PvP an easier option for anyone interested. The old kingdom templates (if not completely wiped) could be used to bring attention to the server on Freedom and showcase certain features. The below image is one method of doing this and would include GV being repurposed as a Blacklight server and a tutorial island being constructed on Xanadu. All of the templates would be locked in an alliance with freedom kingdom and each other, ensuring the continuity of peace outside Chaos.
  5. I'm going to have to agree with these two (and others) on this. Wild and then Chaos is the oldest map in the game, with a long and rich digital history. I don't believe it's something to be thrown away so blithely. The Horde once held sway on the map, JK has held sway on the map, MR currently hold sway on the map. Of course the newest stage in that history is different from what came before, PMK's, the period of non PvP and the lure of the big, winning kingdom have all combined to help give MR a leg up. But just because they have been able to do this is no real argument to clear out Chaos and dump us all on a new map. Just as the past periods of one groups dominance have led to game mechanic changes which have attempted to first create the kingdom system and then solve problems in those kingdom systems, so too does the current one point to what may need looked at going forward. Resetting or replacing the map will do nothing but concentrate the most active players from each kingdom in smaller areas. It may be easier to get set up as a new group for a small time, but once these once big lumbering kingdoms get dug in (much faster and more fortified than any new group), we will no doubt just see a return to the situation we have now, maybe not within the first year, maybe the banners will change, but it will come. Wild/Chaos experiences change over time, it may be slow but that is the game. We do not need a reset, we need positive enhancements to the PMK system which stop bloated Kingdoms from being able to form in the first place and gives more control to the people who are supposed to be in control of these Kingdoms. Almost every other alliance/team/corp system in other games has some kind of ceiling on size and more information on their members. Yes Chaos is a sandbox, but even sandboxes have some basic rules. For what it's worth these are what I see as the biggest things that need changed on Chaos (Plus I'd change the name back to Wild, we should be proud of our history not hide it behind a new name). Some kind of limiting factor on Kingdom size, deed cap and making territory harder to keep.Full member list for Chief, ability to kick offline/offserver players (just make it like village member screen) and possibly who invited them.New Kingdom title, would have chat moderator powers within kingdom/alliance channels (but not village).Change the server arrangement, put Chaos in a more prominent position but not so prominent people are forced to pass through.
  6. Logo changed to celebrate the US joining most of the Western world in the 21st century!
  7. Maybe you guys haven't noticed but settlement guards are geriatrics who can barely walk or swing a sword nowadays let alone stop intruders falling IN your deed...
  8. This is going to get seriously ridiculous at this rate, the Wurm team spent how much time on bridges? Compared to the resources allocated to bridges this entire new god system was thrown together in a rush. As others have said, we're going to start getting weird named "gods" who completely break what little immersion we have, with spell lists comprised of a frankly poor kitbash between the original 4. This feature is great in concept but the execution is not good at all guys. Maybe with the resources freed up with the completion of bridges we could have at least a couple of folk take a look at his? I'm sure the community would be more than happy to lend it's assistance on coming up with new spells/spellnames etc. As for god names... Possibly give the person themselves the option of what to call the god with dev approval rather than automatically using their character name?
  9. Well Maurizio, sure we'd be annoyed and probably bug the dev team, but this amount of crying, and mentioning exploits and bug abuse etc? No way would we be doing that, since any REASONABLE person can understand that it is the Developers issue and not the fault of a kingdom that you cannot Champ. And since you say we'd be crying, let me just point out that you would be more than happy to snipe a slot, so maybe you guys should quit with the hypocritical attitude please and aim your ire at those who have put us all in this situation?
  10. +1 to the request Can we get the devs to fix this? Just when you get the chance, anytime before the NW of Chaos is flooded in tears please.
  11. We've all seen the continuous claims from multiple sides that God X is over/underpowered and attempts at balancing so far amount to bandaids that either leave other problems ignored or throw up new problems. Are there any plans to look into the entire religion system again and/or overhaul it from the ground up? Currently kingdoms on Chaos tend to spread out greatly and limit the possibilities for new groups/kingdoms to set up, which reduces PvP to almost pre-scheduled, predictable instances. Is there any interest in making Chaos more appealing/accessible to new groups looking at founding a kingdom? Such as developing mechanics that make managing and maintaining a larger (%) kingdom more time consuming and ultimately making it more appealing to found a new kingdom in the first place? Will PMK Chiefs ever get the ability to name their own title or at the very least will template appropriate titles ever be instituted? Will Libila priests ever be allowed to cast on Freedom like other God's priests? (possibly with Fungus and Rite of Death disabled) Is there any possibility in getting a games consultant to assist with balancing certain features since anything anyone here says (staff included, sorry guys/gals but you are only human) is automatically going to be biased in some form?
  12. Whilst stone fences look better than small walls, and iron fences provide a semi ornate feel (but a somewhat industrial feel as well), I believe a truly ornate fence is currently missing from Wurm. My suggestion is to introduce the Balustrade, or in Wurm nomenclature "ornate marble fence". This would look good, give another use for marble and if Battlepaw's archived suggestion was ever implemented http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/85018-suggestion-for-the-art-team-more-brick-house-wall-types/, could be used alongside marble house walls and pillars for a greco-roman feel to houses and deeds.
  13. -1 The key word there is percieved. The WL has plenty of weapon enchants and all WL kingdoms can use all three priests. Gonna keep saying this, we don't need anymore bandaids. We need a full religion reboot. EDIT: Before crying commences. I like the general idea and in a complete rework of the religion system I think this would be a great enchant to be put into the game.
  14. Lets see, you find a unique item belonging to a longstanding GM, which was given to her by the games creator for her service to the game. Not sure what your upbringing was like mate, but how I was raised, I would be finding out how to get it back to either the owner or Rolf as they are the only two legitimate owners for such an item. One thing I certainly wouldn't be doing is trying to make a quick buck out of it, I'd say that's the lowest part of this. Disgusting.