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  1. x2 as a matter of fact. The way Rolf used to implement stuff by himself this coud very well have been 4x buff and you guys would still be sitting here defending you OPness. lol... I saw half of you guys crying when people got to 70 meditation in one weekend and you didnt when it first came out. lol... Why everyone could have done it? lol...
  2. Thats the only way if you want to compete. Dont you think a one way to PVP good is bad in a sandbox? forcing players into choices because one way is so OP no other path is viable IF you want to compete. Wurm has been trying to go away from having one gear kit being mandatory. IE the weapon balancing to get ridd of OP 3 second swing timers, IE the attempted armor rebalancing. If everyone has to gear themselves up the same way where is the sandbox? SOTG is still sticking out like a sore thumb. One of the last things Rolf added to the game by himself before we had a big dev team was meditation. How many poorly coded and poorly thought out things did he used to add? This is just the last major one sticking out like a sore thumb.
  3. Plenty of positive to the game, SOTG is not one of them, it is a detriment, as well as the many players with poor attitudes like yourself. Now your arguement is if I don't like SOTG then I shouldn't be playing? K. Elevation players 15/400 How many more players do you want to quit since that is your solution to this?
  4. No you are reading wrong bud. Every item is not OP. The OP crap is a double health bar for running back and forth on deed for 7 months hiding... Artifacts? They have a system of checks and balances. you have to take risk to get them and keep them. No risk for SOTG bud. Just pure free OP double health bar. If we took your advice small mauls with their OP 3 second swing timers would have never been balanced and everyone in wurm would be pvping with small mauls only....
  5. Weapon and tactics make no difference. Be honest with yourself, the most effective tactic is numbers and as scary as this playerbase is if you think anyone is walking into a fight outmatched your nuts. SOTG users by nature are even more cautious than someone without it. SOTG is their ace of spades. An actual situation? DOUBLE HEALTH BAR, for free, for running back and forth between two tiles ten tiles apart on deed for 7 months. NO NEGATIVE TO GETTING IT, everything else in wurm has a system of checks and balances. Imagine if the president had double the power of other branches of government,,, It works very simply the way we are defining it. YOU GET DOUBLE HEALTH BAR FOR RUNNING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN TWO TILES FOR 7 MONTHS. WOOO HOO LETS GO COMPETE. If it wasnt so OP their wouldnt be so many people saying it is and so many people saying there is no problem. See MR/JK artifact threads through the years before Rolf finally admitted was flawed... gg...
  6. Reason: no one wants to play in a rigged environment they have to pay money for to compete against OP crap.
  7. Hello. Deeds are disbanding but the deed form remains. You have mobile access to kingdom info that way. Can I has cake?
  8. Hey bro, just because you worked to get something OP doesn't make it less OP. Nosyt busted her ass to get over 90 small maul before all the weapon skill changes that made it easy to do, guess what? 3 second swing timers were still Op.... See my comments to Redd, you sound the same. More than 50% think its OP bro, thats a problem, this isnt 2 people whining like you have reduced yourself to claiming.... Rolf already said they need to take a look at it so you are wrong. you have no arguement left but to make false claims and poorly thought out posts... I'll bet you your account to $1000 it gets changed? Are you so sure boss? Put your money where your mouth is. Everyone can get it does not mean it's overpowered lol... gg... Working to get somethign does not mean it is not overpowered... Your arguments have no flesh in them, and your jimmies are rustled. It's not whining wanting game balance. Thats all the people who use OP crap have to say to back up their Opness. All you have left to say is "shut up its not op"... defense mechanism kicking in there... lol I worked hella hard surface mining a 300 steep pit 4 rows deep as my deed defense, didnt stop JK from getting it nerfed for being OP... Lets see full free health bar for an action spammed in 100% safety of a deed... hmmmm ok... Elevation players 17/400
  9. Free extra health bar don't sound op to you huh? The artifacts used to be available to everyone too but everyone knew the system was broken except the JK who had them at the time who said " do something to get them". When impenetrable vaults became common people said they weren't OP. Hell people complained to get support beams nerfed because they were too OP. SUPPORT BEAMS. Surface mining they whined about? Why whine when you can fill the holes with dirt? SOTG is WAY more gamebreaking than other OP crap people have whined about to get nerfed. They keep it the same votes are probably equally made up of people who have it and know its OP so will defend it to the death to defend their position and people who are about to get it... lol...
  10. It's funny Redd, you sound just like JK when they used to say Mr can't be asked to fight for the artifacts... you honestly don't see that huh?
  11. Unsleep, your example of attempted logic is not a label you can invoke to justify stupidity. It's not a badge that you can whip out and claim victory. You have to actually have good thinking and a reasoned arguement to do that, not just random ideas spewed in defense of piss poor thinking... Of course he chose it, he fancies himself a PVPer and it is OP as hell... A free life bar... There is no other ability that is close in this "sandbox". When more than half the people who voted around the world speak up and ask for a change there is a reason... Lets face it Rolf made up meditation on a whim by himself. the current dev team has taken a more rock scissors paper approach to balance and game mechanics, as it should be in a sandbox. Meditation as it stands is a primordial tail Rolf created and instituted the same time he thought wishing wells were a great idea... Lets not forget in his first implementation you could get to 70 in a day... do you really think he thought out all of the possibilities and ramifications or do you think he made a place holder system in game (like most crap he codes) that was meant to be balanced at some point? It should be reworked and balanced since we are now supposedly at wurm 1.0...These kinds of embarrassing and game breaking imbalances should not exist in "1.0"
  12. Were talkin PVP aspect of the OP nature of SOTG not wurm as a whole... But yeah dodge that with yer 70 body control.
  13. 59 say change it and 61 alts say keep it the same... Sounds about right.