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  1. So not played in a long time, if someone else can get something out of the account's skills then great. No premium remaining, was mainly shipbuilding when I used to play, not looking for silver, mainly in need of the money instead, did open a thread for a price check and came out like 30-50 so if i could get 30 for it would be good, anything higher is a bonus. skills - items in the inventory - Starting Bid: 20e Minimum Increments: 5e Buyout: 50e
  2. So, I've not played in a long time, decided to come back and see what the account is worth, if anything and then go on to sell, not interested in silver, has 15 days premium and 1 silver cause it didn't want to show skills lol. skills aren't that great, main thing is the shipbuilding on it managed to figure out the niarja thing
  3. in all honesty I'm barely in the game anyhow, so it really wouldn't bother me and if I did return it's nice to cross over without swimming lol, also my bsb's are pretty much empty since i havent really played in like 2 years lol, lost a few boats to decay too but still got my corbita's anyhow, had 14 days upkeep so extended that to 98 for now, but yeah if you want to get ahold of me for anything as i may not check the thread, just pm me as im always checking my email xD
  4. Thanks Lizabeth for the pm, yeah I'm due at end of the month to pay upkeep I believe maybe a bit earlier xD As for the bridges I had hoped to return but I'm still a bit in the dark atm with me wanting to play, you guys however are free to build the bridge I have no problem with it, I dunno if I still have any materials or not though but if you guys require any boats I have many sailboats Dunno if I still have any dirt though for help with your little islands, at worn atm but ill login and check when om back in like 5 hours
  5. can use farming as an example, but if you want to get rid of something that lasts FOREVER it's hard to sell, there is decay on farming items, but for shipbuilding, i've left me 70ql corb for 5 months or so? not even a 0.01 tick of damage 30ql lasts a few years, 70ql you'll have till you die imo
  6. Sold

  7. yeah if anyone wants the boats their more than welcome, most of them are 65-70ql, i can make some anchors if someone can supple some extra lead. You'd just have to sail them down lol. also i'm male xD Edited, i counted the boats, i have 15, i know 1 ended up at Yaga's place, just never picked it up so thats 16 if he still has it / wants to donate it back too.
  8. yeah fo rthe most part, ships atm are like 50c for a rowboat, 1s-1.5s for a sail boat, 5s for a corbita, 7s for a cog, 16s for a knarr, 20s for a caravel (though if you want 1 made, from me it costs 60s waste of mats) There is very little reason to build a cog, corbita or a caravel tbh. just reached 80 and at 70 it was 33 mins per sail boat with all pieces already made. but yeah if anyone wants to do the exo to cele bridge, be my guest, use the sail boats i have. just drop me a inbox. lol
  9. As stated, pully's and cranks, use rope, cogs, gears, etc and make a winch / pulley, light weight = rope, heavy like wood = iron chains. Bamboo Drawbridge;
  10. Silakka you want to do anything with like 20 give or a take a few Sail Boats ? were meant for the boat bridge to exo before problems and seen as that is now done by others, i have them just rotting either you take them or i sell / give them away later. P.S SE Deli 37x37y, Otherside Village
  11. Edit found it: http://wurmonline.tu.../happy-new-year maybe in a few years
  12. Bump, no estimates on mine but will on others? meanies ! lol