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  1. Hi Devorn, Afraid forum name changes is not possible, and will require a creation of a new forum account if you want a different name. But most players in-game use different names on the forums.
  2. This has already been added to Wurm Online, thread locked.
  3. Moved to client bugs.
  4. @Kementari This is normal for most people like myself, i have not owned the account shakys for a very long time. If you edit your forum profile, you can show your in-game account name. But it's only helpful if people examine your forum profile, like the link below. I believe the name "Indigoe" is still available on the forums at the moment, so you could create a new forum account to save any hassle if the name is important.
  5. Hi Kementari, Afraid we do not allow the changing of forum names, But you are welcome to create a new account.
  6. As per the post above, thread closed at OP request.
  7. Tel Varon [Closed]

    Moved to PVP section as requested by OP.
  8. Happy New Year, I wish everyone good health and happiness for 2021. Lang May Yer Lum Reek!
  9. Condolences to all his friends and family, He was a great player back in the day when i knew him. Rest in peace.