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  1. Major issue with rude people

    Thread locked at OP request.
  2. An end to Uniques please.

    Moved to suggestions thread.
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  5. WTB Scale leather pieces any colour.

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  6. Can't Reset Password

    Moved thread to wurm online section. If you require a GM, but are unable to log an in-game support ticket, please email to ensure that your issue is handled by the soonest available GM, rather than waiting on an individual GM to answer a forum PM.
  7. WTB Christmas Saddle sack

    Head into my deed and just grab one
  8. Ashes of Eden II - 3x/3x PVP

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  10. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    Nice Update
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  15. Moved to auctions section of the forums. Good luck with the sale.