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  1. Thread moved to suggestions, as it has been confirmed it wasn't a bug.
  2. Thread Locked, The situation in regards to the new rules has been explained. Regards Shakys (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  3. A ) We do not allow account selling, gifting, or transferring of any kind! Punishment is a permanent ban of the account, As the deadline for trading is past.
  4. close

    Due to new RMT rules now in effect, payment will need to be in silver.
  5. Afraid we don't have a option to delete peoples accounts, but you should be able to unsubscribe from any emails to stop any unwanted mail if that's the reason.
  6. I believe all trades for real money will be stopped, but I will tag @Retrograde in this post for clarification.
  7. Thread moved to Merchant Ads.
  8. Was passing the deed while exploring took a few screenshots, nice deed and free bump
  9. If you ever feel moderation is required in public chat, the best way is to get the attention of a community assistant in the CA help channel. They can then escalate the issue so it can be dealt with.