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  1. [CLOSED]


    You can reset your password here - but otherwise, I would suggest emailing to ensure that your issue is handled by the soonest available GM.
  3. [CLOSED]

  4. please, help me understand the game crash log

    Moved to Wurm Online client support.
  5. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    The senior mods are @Firestarter & @Pandalet i am going to lock the thread since it has not gotten back on track, and i'm sure a senior mod will already be looking at the thread once they become available. But as said before i have looked through all the posts on the thread and there was only two people that had bid on the thread. If the OP or bidders decide they would like to complete the transaction i would suggest they get in contact with the seller. Thread locked.
  6. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    As stated before i have checked over the thread and these were the only people to bid on the thread, if anyone has any concerns please contact a senior mod to look into the issue, but please keep this thread clean to try and allow the OP to complete the sale of the items by the bidders involved.
  7. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    I have checked over this thread, and there were no bids removed, the only bids on this thread were mclavin at 150s then deadwild at 75s if the OP was not accepting the other bid. Hopefully, this clarify's the matter.
  8. Thread moved to Wurm Online Support.
  9. PriceCheck/Offers Darkravager

    Nice account dark hopefully see you back in wurm soon. Good luck and I hope you get a decent price.
  10. WTA Roman Republic Kingdom Banner

  11. Looking for information

    Epic armour changes can be found here - And information about skills transfer can be found here
  12. Will pass on your thoughts, Locking the thread now due it's not a bug.
  13. The theatre threads are the one area of the forums which is lightly moderated, the reason it's set so guests cannot see it.
  14. [Bug] House wall "burning" for 3 days (lag)

    Moved to Wurm Online, Client Bugs section, I'm sure I saw this in CA Help earlier regarding WO issue.
  15. Wrong action queue for Mind Logic

    This is a bug thread please try and keep it on topic to discuss ways to resolve the issue.