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  1. Moved to Wurm Online Technical Issues Thread.
  2. Moved to Wurm Online Technical Issues.
  3. I think i have to wait till the 18th for the version i bought ;(
  4. Locking the thread as the issue is now resolved, also moved it to Bugs & Issues thread.
  5. Would you care to explain what you mean in regards to your post as I have to say I don't understand what you're trying to say?
  6. If you can get logged in-game you can do a /support to speak to a GM about getting it reset.
  7. It's a Pretty good game, will join you there if i see you.
  8. Mag priests should already be able to cast the spell on pve but usually takes quite a few turns to get a successful cast.
  9. Thread has been moved to Town Square.
  10. -1 As Yldrania said we can only hide post's atm, but all you need is one person to troll on the forums for everyone else to react, then they delete their post so it looks like everyone else is in the wrong. Editing the post out or asking for it to be removed is more than adequate in my view.
  11. WTK

    Moved thread to Scribes Corner.
  12. Could be related to -
  13. His forum account shows some other in-game account names, might be worth trying to get into contact with them if there active or message him on the forums.
  14. Locked the thread as requested by the person who started the thread.
  15. Hey, if you need anything drop me a message on the forums I have quite a bit of extra stuff lying around my deed, will send you what I can to help you get started.