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  1. Thread locked as there is a auction running for this item.
  2. Moved to merchant ads.
  3. Afraid you can't delete posts made, but you can edit out the contents with the Edit button below the post.
  4. I am all for constructive criticism but staff bashing and challenging moderation wont be tolerated. Rules can be found here - Regards Shakys (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  5. drop me a private message i can swap u.
  6. Last Post Wins

    Good try but I'm back in the lead
  7. As per the comments above, thread locked.
  8. Thread to moved to Wurm Online support.
  9. As per above post, Thread Locked.
  10. Thread moved to suggestions, as it has been confirmed it wasn't a bug.
  11. Thread Locked, The situation in regards to the new rules has been explained. Regards Shakys (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  12. A ) We do not allow account selling, gifting, or transferring of any kind! Punishment is a permanent ban of the account, As the deadline for trading is past.
  13. Due to new RMT rules now in effect, payment will need to be in silver.