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  1. Cant get Wurm to run on newish computer

    The java you want is just the 64bit version link is here - You will need to uninstall the 32bit version it will give you issues with it also being installed. Maybe try another browser like google chrome as a temporary fix, till you get a response with a proper fix.
  2. Affinity Pizza & filler Pizza service

    Thanks for the fast service, highly recommended.
  3. Locked at OP request.
  4. Another Release type server

    Moved at OP request.
  5. Rolf's PvP on PvE Episode:: Stories...

    Thread has now been locked due to it has derailed with nothing constructive being added to this old thread. Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
  6. As stated by Oluffus, You can't change your name on the forums but you are more than welcome to make a new account under a different email address to match up with your in-game account.
  7. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    Locked at OP request.
  8. Eat your cake and sell it too

    Moved to Community Assistance.
  9. Thread moved to auctions, Good luck.
  10. Devlog thread closed?

    The thread seems to have derailed to the point nothing constructive is now being added, Both sides have had a chance to respond to the original issue. But now the thread has devolved into more staff bashing than anything positive being added. For that reason thread locked. Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
  11. Statue Frag sale

    Pm sent, Excellent Seller. Thanks for the frags
  12. Edited 42 minutes ago by Ekcin Final comment and request for closure Thread Locked at OP request.
  13. Moved to village recruitment at op request.
  14. Buying Boats

    Moved thread to WTB area.
  15. Games like Wurm

    Moved the thread to Wood Scraps.