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  1. Nope, not sure where that link came from if it's wild it was renamed to chaos server years ago. graphs can be found here with actual player count etc-
  2. Moved to Wurm Unlimited issues.
  3. Merry Christmas
  4. i believe it's back up now.
  5. +1 the more textures and building sorts the better.
  6. Thread has been re-opened, Please tone down on the bashing and try and keep the thread constructive. Forum Rules can be found here - Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
  7. +1 would be handy.
  8. Issue seems to be resolved @Alectrysthank you, Thread Locked.
  9. Players Eyes have gone missing after the last update.
  10. Moved to WO Server Bugs
  11. Yeah, you will be able to withdraw the funds at any token. Also thread moved to Community Assistance.
  12. Moved the thread to Server Bugs.
  13. Going by Niarja, it says - it was founded by Maxian, straight after it disbanded in 2014. If no luck there i would try asking - They will probably know who owns it since they used to own it or still do.
  14. I suspect it might be another email address, but if you do a /support in-game or email someone should be able to help you get it reset.