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  1. forum

    Looks like the issue is now resolved, Thread locked.
  2. Thread moved to
  3. Eir

    Please PM @Kraegar directly for the link, afraid the links in public are against the forum rules.
  4. Eir

    Sad to hear about Eir, Used to enjoy my chats with her, and the good old days on wild when she lived in DC. Rest in Peace, I'm sure duce will keep her company till the rest of us end up there
  5. Thread moved to wurm online support.
  6. Tried to get your issue resolved, managed to get a couple of your spoilers fixed on your thread but the issue is still there, Hopefully someone will get the issue fixed soon
  7. Moved to suggestions threads.
  8. Even though some of your ideas sound creative, As someone who remembers what happened when the last alliance in-game went badly, i have to say -1 i could see this leading to more unseen issues.
  9. I think the only time i actually saw voice chat used efficiently was the day epic came out, after that, the only time i ever saw it used was an island playing music in local 24/7, You might think that sounds fantastic? as i do.. but if you have heard my choice of music you might regret the suggestion.. you have been warned ?
  10. Merchants just sell players items, don't actually buy. Traders will sell set items and buy items if they have the funds.
  11. Moved to Wurm Online bug report section.
  12. I would suggest trying another browser like google chrome, it should hopefully resolve the issue.
  13. The java you want is just the 64bit version link is here - You will need to uninstall the 32bit version it will give you issues with it also being installed. Maybe try another browser like google chrome as a temporary fix, till you get a response with a proper fix.