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  1. Going by Niarja, it says - it was founded by Maxian, straight after it disbanded in 2014. If no luck there i would try asking - They will probably know who owns it since they used to own it or still do.
  2. I suspect it might be another email address, but if you do a /support in-game or email someone should be able to help you get it reset.
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  5. Do you mean - Diagonal paving? Selecting "Pave nearest corner" will pave half of the tile diagonally depending on the paving type being laid.
  6. Let's try and keep this thread on topic and not let the thread turn into mud-slinging.
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  8. Please keep the thread on track, Forum rules can be found here - Regards Shakys (Forum Moderator)
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  11. This is an auction thread, Please keep the thread on track and related to bidding. Good Luck with the auction.
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