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  1. *edits title to - first post wins*
  2. Sweetsusie was here :D

  3. Hello, silakka!  Dawnwards and I (Gentlejester) were citizens of Prospero, do you still own the deed?  We're trapped in there after a long hiatus!

    1. silakka


      i dont play with account silakka ingame, i had sold it long ago.

      contact /support ingame

    2. gentlejester


      Oh, that's too bad... sorry I'm late to reply! :3

  4. Ingame business between players has to be improved.
  5. i was 100.00 digging use under 10ql shovel with +90coc and Flatten. DONT USE WOA (as you are going for big gains.. i really recommend rare shovel with coc, as it will last 20x longer than regular shovels - i was silly and used regular shovels.. i burned out over 20 shovels with 90-100coc down to 70coc ) even if u flatten 5 slopes or 200 slopes, its same gains.. though time passes nicer with just flattening 200slopes. How i did my last 200hours of digging to 100 was searching some abandoned flatrises on mountains.. eat sleep powders and just flatten right down. those beautiful +40min flatten timers <3 Altough at low levels u will see great gains even just from regular digging with your 10ql +90coc shovel, but it really is nothing compared to the great afk flattening gains. Enjoy digging build some awesome dirtwalls for your deed, that's most fun. edit: i see many people talking about tar and clay. I personally never dug those with skillshovel, because it just didnt seem to give same gains as afk flattening did for me. Oh and P.S. remember to move from 1 tile every 9minutes to another tile. - if you stand on one tile over 10min flattening, then your gains stop (this mechanic was ingame last i was digging, not sure if it changed)
  6. much hate gl on sale hashibaby
  7. I love this thread thanks so much for everyone sharing. I spend minutes looking at some individual pictures and figuring all the amazing details + whats happening
  8. Appreciate everyone commenting ^^ I've personally had life going quite like a rollercoaster, which has headed deep time to time lol, but challenges r fun eh? Moved in with my GF 6months ago and now moved out to my own apartment after that. Still struggling with my health, but my moms health has improved a lot - mentioned this in my goodbye thread. Gamewise ive played old school runescape a lot, but with months breaks time to time. CS GO with same thing. Then i once missed a bit of minecraft and had some projects there, but i had played it already as long as i had played wurm, so it didnt offer rly much new stuff - so i tried Rising World, that was interesting! but still too early in developement in my eyes. Atm i play mostly runescape and h1z1, that game h1z1 is quite amazing. It's advertised a lot as zombie themed, which i personally rly hate, but the Battle Royale game version has nothing about zombies.. more like GTA multiplayer, which is the only gamemode i play there. @LorenaMontana I havent personally played much Epic, but when i played it a little i saw really how well the old communities are still tied together. That's a good reason to never let go and keep coming back once awhile. (are u good at poker? id personally just always chug all in and never play it again if it was for real money) @Emoo pls mak more videos! and you should really start streaming on Twitch or something in my opinion, you're entertaining to watch and listen. Some of your art drawings were sick, the last time i saw.. so i have rly high hopes for your sleeve do post a picture somewhere sometime! And cant explain how honored i am that u still kept that profile pic i made XD it was just a prank bro! @Shrimpiie <333333333333
  9. *takes a tiny bite....* *CHOKES AND ALMOST DIES* Nonono, this is not a thread about luring these people back in, just to hear what other things are part of life
  10. Hey, You might know me, I'm a finnish fish. I used to do business and dig holes in this game. I have now been "clean" from this drug (Wurm) almost a year.. Time really flies! I know I'm not the only one who left this beautiful community for a reason or another, but fact is - some of us still check in here. So this is a topic about those people who quit Wurm Online. What's your life like, what are you doing now? With what did you fill this big time gap that used to be reserved for Wurm Online? I will also share my own story later. About my personal life and gaming experiences. Only if it will seem that others wanna tell things like this also, because i dont wanna be only one here opening up Also happy to see comments from people who have taken breaks from Wurm, what did you do in those times when you didnt have time for Wurm?
  11. (some might find offensive) Enjoy watching rs videos submitted by normal players, since i also played it for a long time Theres 10 other ones but these came first in my mind and i always view them at random times / some are also inactive at the moment.
  12. beautiful story and very nice of his son to let his close ones know. Farewell to him
  13. That's classic Enki for ya
  14. Plan for a Plan

    That suggestion was so old aswell, and always bumped / having new thread about it, but always seemed as ignored as the smelting furnace idea which is now ingame?
  15. Plan for a Plan

    Ill list a few things that would make me personally come back (not talking about majority, very personal opinions) #1 - For me it was always a bummer that the old textures were trashed, so I wish we could choose to use old textures or new textures and i wouldnt see it harming anyone if the collision would remain the same. #2 - Make achieving +99 skills easier and give a reward for it. I know getting 99 is easy, but 99-100 is not how it should be. (i know its very risky and not good to change old systems that everyone has used, but extreme times take extreme measures?) #3 - Idk if this affects old players, but it was always very upsetting for me how hard the game was for the new players and it requires a lot more focus. #4 - game becomes absolutely boring when everything you see will die in seconds and wont even scratch you and theres nothing new that you havent seen, so add some extreme hard personal achievments with rewards for the real tryhards #5 - implent a second alternative for skill timers, like finishing tiny puzzles while you do things instead of watching 15second timer with your eyeballs falling asleep. Make it that you can enjoy 1 account to fullest with it being more interactive, because many just make 2-4 extra accounts to play with or play another game on the side / watch youtube as the boring timers go by. #6 - fancier isnt always the better way, so dont focus too much on making things fancy when simple can be just as good or even better.. ive seen too much focus on very useless things that took too much time (for example the new lightning system and new textures which made dyes look like ## on objects and it was impossible to have +20people in one place without lag) #7 - Upgrade your website market, sell cosmetic crap like CS GO has.. theres people paying 500euros for a simple knife with nice textures which is just as good as a normal one, you can surely make a same kind of version of this for your sandbox game. #8 - This one is for you Rolf, actually go and interact with players and play the game, theres nothing more awesome if people could actually see you play and do things with them, you could also discuss with them in live what they personally enjoy. #9 - second one for Rolf, I wish you would acknowledge how amazing your staff system is and the people inside of it who make this game what it is. You should interact with these people at least. #10 - Make fantastic items easier to obtain, because right now they are absolutely impossible with improve and with 1/10000000000 luck you may create one with only create action. And on top of that add 1 higher extreme rare tier after fantastic items to make the market a little more alive / big spending. #11 on topic of the game market.. theres too many rares and supremes which has made their value drop since 2-3years, so add a system that if you add 5 rares you have for example 20% chance to create a random supreme item from it and same thing with supremes in to fantastic. Do note that this is just my view of how the game should be taken forward and this is just what came in my mind at first.