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  1. I'm duessing the IP of the server is set wrong. Most common problem.
  2. I would try using a VPN if you must have routers.
  3. I didn't have any lag when the server went live, but I guess being a large server and after a few years the database has grown quite alot and needs a lot of performance.
  4. All ram drives come with risks. I do regular backups.
  5. If you hook them up on the same network (no routing), there is no problem?
  6. 32GB ram on computer. ini [Memory] InitialHeap=16384m MaxHeapSize=24000m Samsung rapid mode (Magician) software och a 850 EVO.
  7. Perhaps run through a VPN? Never tried though.
  8. I enabled ram-drive and run wurm from there.
  9. No lag message in log so far. Seems to have made quite a difference.
  10. Maybe he got booted to 0.0 Happend to me aswell once.. Respawn should get you back.
  11. I may be the sqlite WU uses that has a limit. WO uses a more enterprise database system I think.
  12. Try doing a "verify integrity of files" from steam.
  13. Now running server off a ram drive instead of SSD, Hopefully it will make a difference (?).
  14. Still getting lag on server. Any ideas? CPU usage at 9% Memory usage at 9GB out of 32GB (24GB annocated to java). [11:31:18 FM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature: Polled Creature id, 1151520963821825, which took 2235.4998 millis. [11:31:18 FM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 2.377 seconds The creature with that ID is a horse. Does not appear to anything special about it. I have tried lowering the creature count (cut in half), same thing.
  15. I would go to the steam game list. Rightclick Wurm and select properties. On the Files tab, select "verify integrity of files".