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  1. Bugged NPC

    I use GM tool to check where he's at. It reports tile.
  2. Bugged NPC

    I have an NPC that is bugged out. I can find him using the wurm ID number, but if I teleport to the coords he's supposed to be at there is no one there. Is he bugged below the surface? (If I try teleport below, it just says it's solid rock). Any idea? Any way to summon him using ID number? similar to loadItem?
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XxCk2JVCTj3bblYuaHRZQT2garVo8y3SjcrIZoWBohc/edit#gid=148568124
  4. - all animals included, player-bred and not. - It may flex a little from time to time, but not much. - When animal dies, it will eventually be replaced with a new one, as long as animal cap is not reached. - If you make cap higher, more animals will be born, until new cap is reached. - If making the cap lower, no new animals will be born, until the old ones has died off and number has reached cap. (may take some time).
  5. I got the same after about a year of the Ereb Altor server was up. SSD was not keeping up. Server is now running off ram-drive without those issues.
  6. What I did for Ereb Altor was make an island in the middle of the ocean (middle of nowhere). Enclosed building so they can't leave and they can't enter from outside. Players spawn there. There are teleporters there that players can choose, and get teleportet to the starting town they want.
  7. By far the best thing in new system is the ability to activate/deactivate triggers, not just the entire mission. Huge improvement for more complex systems.
  8. Thanks Sklo. That was the issue. Been messing around too much trying to get it to work...that was it. As for the security, there is nothing but the wurm server on the machine...so if someone wants to mess it up, I'll just reinstall everything, including OS.
  9. This is no LAN adress, the servers are directly to the ISP. These is no local gateway, no NAT.
  10. The are on two different physical machines.
  11. Disabled everything. ?
  12. These are the settings on the main (login) server. I can't see any misstake I've made, but perhaps someone else can. These are the settings on the other server:
  13. Never changed anything, been running for years.... but I'll check...