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  1. Maybe Dr Snuggles can help!
  2. Add a trigger with the item you want to use (say longsword) on the NPC. "Give" command. Set the effect that you should get an acorn or something. Open the wurmplayers database using sqlite and edit the triggereffect. Change the REWARDITEM to the item you want them to get (like 58 to get a twenty copper coin etc). *Edit* You should ofc change the triggereffect, not the trigger.
  3. Yes you can. It will require database manipulation though.
  4. Use more ram. I use 32GB on both server and client. Big server eats up 15-20GB with ease. Client is not that much, but it really likes ram.
  5. I just got the wierd bug back on my WU epic server. Monsters and guards etc - do no mauling damage at all. Same problem as some months ago. Thought it was gone with a patch. The other server (pve) has no problem. Any idea what this problem could be?
  6. Make sure your modloader is updated and that you have patched the client.
  7. Most such problems are java related. Make sure you install the 64bit java - not 32bit.
  8. Big cave and a stone fence one tile out from the walls. Fence indestructible by GM, that's how I keep quest-dragon in check.
  9. Auxdata does not change the look for wagons. Instead use Data1.
  10. I've held a black dragon quite a long time using stone fence with indestructable set on. No problem there.
  11. The wagons may not have a "no known kingdom" look (white)...so it defaults to freedom. If the banners don't have the white look for "0", there is probably something odd going on with serverpacks or your mapping? Also remember wagons use Data1, not Auxdata.
  12. This would be very hard to do. Chances that the map would get totally f****d up is high. Better to start from scratch and build whatever you have build with a GM.
  13. Something for a modder to do, coupled with serverpacks. Thumbs up for someone doing it.
  14. Does anyone know what part of the databases control the appearance of the NPC humans (the beards, hair color etc)?