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  1. I set mine to 1 in 100000000000. It workes abit, but it still spreads some.
  2. My 8k map is tough on the machine...ssd having a hard time keeping up, so it's now running off a ram-drive. 16k map will need a powerful server.
  3. It's one of those very annouing things/bugs. Use the "Top test displayed" instead. That workes.
  4. Most important - they will NOT spawn on the ground when server restarts. They will spawn on the correct floor inside a building.
  5. Nope. You'll have to lock them inside a fence etc.
  6. My NPCs have been up for years, not a problem. One was however killed by a dragon (accidental blast by fire I think). Quite annoying.
  7. I don't think they can die from age, but can be killed by other creatures.
  8. They can. Abit rare, but is happens. I suggest locking them up.
  9. Then she is probably dead I'm afraid. You need to remake the triggers.
  10. She has probably wandered off. Look in the wurmcreatures.db database and search for her. Use the WurmID number to locate her.
  11. On the server, yes.
  12. They can be used as NPCs in quests.
  13. Incomplete objects, regardless of size, gets clipped off to increase fps. Same thing for huge objects like incomplete colossus etc.
  14. Maybe Dr Snuggles can help!