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  1. Problem solved. One of the effects had incorrect coordinates entered - making infinite loop like bdew said. Odd the problem only showed up now.
  2. Ereb Altor 8k map. 100k animals 6-core i7 3930K - 4.3GHz 32GB ram Samsung 850 EVO Running with ram-drive (ssd can't handle the load).
  3. Not from what I see. It's been working without problems for like a year or two. I'll keep bugchecking to see if something has gone wierd with the trigger/effects...perhaps delete and remake.
  4. I seem to have found the problem...I think. A teleporter on a quest seem to be the culprit...it teleports the player...and a few seconds later shuts down the server. It has not been a problem before, wierd. The triggers and effects does not look anything special, will probably need some extensive checking.
  5. Server starts up ok, but then after awhile gets "StackOverflowError" and the server shuts down. All mods have been disabled. Cpu usage 8%. Memory usage at 22% Any ideas what the problem is?
  6. Once you have created the collada-files and the image files for the skin, it's not very hard to get it working in-game. Blender is a free 3D modelling program that can export collada-files. For the skin you can use any image program that can save as png (basically all can).
  7. There seems to be a bug with new WU patch. You can't get the "Move" menu up unless you have something activated.
  8. Is the mod updated to WU 1.5 yet?
  9. Abit too many things to display all here. Here are some from Ereb Altor server.
  10. I had some major lag on my server aswell. Was not able to resolve it. Running off ram-drive solved the issue.
  11. I'd like to see a system for amount of trees on server...kind of like with animals, where is has a limit. Server gets extremly overgrown very fast unless growth is almost stopped. Limit number of trees to x million etc would be helpful.
  12. There is no template for the pavillions there.
  13. Could you please let me know where? The textures are located in the graphics.jar in /structures/tents/ but there is no UV mapping texture there.
  14. Anyone have a template for the pavillion texture? Especially the UV mapping template? Thanks
  15. I suggest manually deleting the jar-file and then re-verify. Also make sure you have enough room on your harddrive.