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  1. 1.4 Missions made with Ruler.

    I made a mistake with portals once. Server kept crashing when stepping in. One mistake made the player teleport in an infinite loop - which crashed the server.
  2. Adding More Spawn Points?

    I made one spawnpoint on server. It goes to an area with multiple teleporters and the player can select where to start.
  3. WU - GM Functions Discussion

    What I do is make another GM character and place a deed over the spot. Make sure the permissions are denied. One problem I have come across (on pvp server), is that no matter if I set all walls etc to indestructable, a dragon can still go there and destroy all buildings etc. Very annoying.
  4. Make it part of an enemy kingdom?
  5. Mission example

    Having the same effect used by multiple triggers in annoying when creating missions. I know, one quest I made has 400 each...
  6. Mission example

    I suggest two different triggers and two different effects. One triggers at 50 and gives no reward, and one at 100% and gives reward.
  7. Mission example

    I used three tiles with just walls. Tile 1 deactivates. Tile 2 activates. Tile 3 sets the trigger. Players that wish to leave has to go through tile 1 - deactivates all. If player returns (tile 2) - it activates again. Has to stay in the box.
  8. Mission example

    Basically, yes.
  9. Mission example

    There are ways to set up missions so you can have multiple people attend and help out to complete. It's a lot more work than a regular quest setup. For instance, on one of the quests on Ereb Altor, (spoiler alert) there are four statues that players need to stand and "channel" while another player goes into the opened doorway. The more statues the players can channel, the further they can get. They need to stand at the statues and not move. Single player can get one statue going and one loot, two players two..etc. If you set up the missions in a more complex way you can do some cool mechanics. You can have a dummy mission that holds the delay.
  10. Creating portals as GM

    Can the mod teleport from epic to non-epic servers? Would be useful.
  11. Don't think you can do that with the mission ruler. Those types are the Valrei auto-missions only.
  12. I have an NPC that seems to be invisible. I have the wurmID...and I can get him on GMtool, but when I teleport to the corrrect tile...there is nothing there. Not even name in local. Any way to "loadItem" for creatures? Can't target the NPC, seems not to be there, eventhough GMtool says he's there... Summoning a new NPC is not an option (quest guy).
  13. New materials

    If you create something as a GM, the material is way down at the bottom of the list.
  14. Mission ruler

    Depending on what the mission does, you may get a reward triggered twice. Try adding a delay and see if there is a change.
  15. Guess I've been away too long... What are the new materials "Alloy"(94) and "Moonmetal" (95)?