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  1. This there a known bug with deactivation of mission triggers? All the effects are done, deactivation is there...and it workes. Then after some time, restarting the server etc, all deactivations of triggers are gone from effects, poof...removed. Insanely annoying.
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    moved topic
  3. Some mods require a bit of tinkering I'm afraid.
  4. Kingdom Sails?

    There may be mods that allow you to just change the AUX data to get more looks. I only use serverpacks though. Then your are limited to the amount of different materials.
  5. Kingdom Sails?

    With serverpacks you can add a new .jar file (can be opened with like winrar). It contains the .dae file (or .wom) and your texture (png file or dds file). It should also contain a mappings.txt In the mappings-file you add the line: model.structure.boat.caravel.crystal = Caravel.dae Add the jar-file to serverpacks. In game make GM create a caravel made of crystal (or whatever material you wanted). Done.
  6. Kingdom Sails?

    Not the normal way (aux data). But you can do it with materials (limits the number of sails possible).
  7. I run a 8k map om my server, it's a bit large for most I think. The problem I have run into is after a year, the SSD can't keep up and there is lots of lag. Adding lots of ram and running it off ram-drive solved this though.
  8. First you need the Mission Ruler. This can be created with the GM wand. Then you need to figure out how the mission system workes. You can use the forum for this or you can message me an I'll try to guide you the way. I have about 1000 missions created so I should know a bit or two on how it workes.
  9. Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll just forget about that system and do the old "enter door with trigger, get inside, get item and go out, advance mission to lock out from door". Gets a bit repetitive though.
  10. So, I as GM have to do the mission to send the item from inventory to the chest? Problem I'm facing now is when the item goes away from GM inventory, it's not in the chest. send to limbo? GM-tool says it's on the ground by chest, but it's not. (not in chest either). Have to get it back using #loadItem. The item ID disappears from the mission effect aswell. Then the whole mission effect gets deleted from database. Sorry, but this thing is quite confusing to me.
  11. Seems it only workes if the item is in my inventory. Seems totally worthless. Why would I want a reward...that I already have... Tried having an item in a chest...this gets to the "The previous reward item could not be located." Tried having item on the ground - to reward in chest...then nothing happens...but the effect gets deleted from database. From my inventory to a chest workes...doh...what is the use of that reward? Should I have alts logged out with items in inventory?
  12. If I place an effect to give a specific item as reward...enter the correct Wurm ID number....I always get: "The previous reward item could not be located." "The inscribed papyrus sheet may not be selected as reward right now." How do I solve this? This is the first item, there is no previous item. If anyone know the Creature ID's for all the rift creatures (such as the jackal), I would appreciate that aswell.
  13. The amount of ore is changed by the "Cave resource" settings. The quality I don't know how...may not be possible to change?
  14. Is there some way of summoning an NPC using Wurm ID? Similar to the #loadItem command? Have a bugged NPC that seems to have been stuck under the world for some time.