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  1. I've played another survival game, which has updated with the ability to import a VRM file (it's a new type of file like DAE, OBJ, etc) to replace the default player model. That's pretty nifty, but I still like Wurm! I know there's a way to establish custom models for various things in the game already, but how does one replace the player model? Is there a way? I'd love to be able to play with an avatar I create on my own. Thank you for helping!
  2. I'd prefer for almanacs to spread into the production of books. We already have papyrus, so the next step is bookbinding. The QL of the book determines how many pages you get to write, and characters per page.
  3. The problems that might arise with custom canvases might be inherent, but even creating a painting from various dyes and thickeners (to make paint colors) could result in several pre-set pictures for players to sell. Looking at them can offer some kind of temporary buff or insight, much like what food provides (but without refilling the nutrition bar). Paintings decay over time if you don't take care of them. They need proper drying time, so you have to put them on a drying rack first. Then, you need to varnish the painting (acrylics don't exist in Middle Ages so it would be oil paint). Varnishing will protect the painting a bit longer, but it doesn't exempt a picture from damage. Or... paintings can just be decorative. A nice way to spruce up a wall, without resorting to large tapestries.
  4. +1, I'll be the deadliest farmer out there.
  5. But I already am a priest! Oh. "Wurm" as in "dragon" makes sense.
  6. I took a look at the Wurm calender and realized Wurm itself was a day. If that is so, that's like calling this game Tuesday (or Wednesday) Online. While I was laughing at that, I found myself wondering something else: what exactly is a Wurm? The wiki doesn't answer this. Hoping someone here can!
  7. Hi folks, This is for my friends in Diesal Town. I'll be away until next week. I'm finishing up a book project but am on the tail end of finishing everything. Thanks for waiting. Er, I might pop in this weekend to water my flowers though, I think they'll die without me taking care of that. Thanks, Cake
  8. Gotcha. Moved it to the other forum.
  9. Took a shot at this, hope I did this right. ===== This event concerns the Church of Gan, lord of the underworld, connector of the dead and god who ensures all souls pass over to the afterlife. His servants dig the graves of the deceased, unless he is appeased and refuses to allow them to cross the barrier between the living and the dead. But when he isn't guarding the thin line between this life and the one beyond it, he gets up to his own ends. You find out about this one day when you discover rumors in a tavern situated along a lonely stretch of road. --- Part one - Rumors Wanders will know this inn well. The Marksman Inn serves fine ale and hosts warm beds for travelers to rest between trips. Players must enter the inn and buy an ale from the bartender, then give to the bartender when he says he isn't busy. It will take several beers to get him to open up about a factoid of a skull stone. The bartender will tell you-- somewhere in the forest lies a stone with the face of a skull carved into it. Skull, you ask? Yes, he continues. The skull was carved by dedicated monks who served him before the world's previous caticlysm. Before Urath came into the age it's in now, there were monks who carved skulls into stones in the forest to mark neary temples, in case the caves the temples were built in collapsed. Due to the earthquakes of the previous age, many temples were buried and their knowledge was lost. The user will thank the bartender. Their next mission is to find the stone with a skull carved into it. --- Part two - search for the stone The stone isn't easy to find. You must examine rocks scattered throughout a forest in order to find the skull rock. Then, search around for rock foundation, and dig. Dig downwards, not up. The ruins will not be close to the top. Miners know well of the threat of caves collapsing when digging. Players may risk losing their lives if they can't dig safely while searching for the ruins. The hidden tunnel leading to the ruins/temple will reveal itself by the telltale signs of statues and alters hidden underneath. Players may also encounter a fountain. But above all, they'll encounter an old monk--now dead. Now searching for fresh blood. --- Part three - fighting off the undead The problem with undead monks isn't the strength of one. The problem is they spawn in groups. If players go in the temple alone, they may very well die trying to cut a path through the mob in search of treasure. Fighters may realize this too late in their lust for gold. Players are advised to go in groups. It might be another problem altogether to do so, depending on how greedy group members are to get to the treasure... When all monsters are dead, a chest will appear after so many are slain. The cave will remain open afterwards for those who want to descend into it to level their fighting skill, but the treasure chest will spawn ONLY once. Rare items can be expected when the chest is opened. --- Part four - do you want to follow Gan? There's one more thing in the ruins players will notice. In the back towards an altar will be an open book on a pedestal. Upon reading the inscription will be Gan's statement and the request to follow him. To follow Gan is to respect death and revere it, for death is what keeps order in the world above all else. To follow Gan is to also uncover the secrets of necromancy. Players may accept Gan as their god. With a high enough level in faith for priesthood, they can learn necromancy and use the power to summon the spirits of monks... under the promise that one day, they may find themselves among the undead army too. [the end]
  10. Your lore thread on your site seems to be gone. Did a search for it and nothing's coming up except for story rules. Do you have a link? edit--found it. Don't know why the section was hidden like that.
  11. Thank you! Glad I have locks. I'll just be cowering in my house during invasions, then...
  12. Just wondering--if a wave attack happens on a server like, say Xanadu, and I run into my house, can anything follow me there? Sorry for asking, still new and not sure how enemy attacks work in that respect.
  13. I recommend this town, they've been totally generous and helpful to me. Very happy settling here.
  14. Haha! Well I'm happy to do 'engraving' drawings for anybody who's got the silver.
  15. Hey there, still accepting entries?