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  1. I feel today would be a fantastic day to remove rare horses, its what defiance wants as a whole. If not can we get hellies instead? Quicker and easier to breed.
  2. if template kingdoms has to be different why is there 2 identical white light kingdoms?
  3. @dadler do they have to be diffrent from hots? You want balanced pvp servers right? Why not let every kingdom have access to everything? Same rules, same spells, same options and so on...
  4. @PnutpBut the only difference on the whitelight kingdoms and hots right now is that we can treb buildings. So if that is the pvp mechanic you feel you lack to make it fair that seems like an easy fix and then we can put the npcs back.
  5. @PnutpLike i said in a post earlier. Pmks should have been in the game 3 months after launch. The reason its brought up now however is disrespectful to every other player besides your group having struggled for roughly 18 minutes before having the gms move the lady for you. The mechanics overall are horrible since any kingdoms with more then 2 groups can make sure there will never be a king on the throne for more then 6 weeks roughly. So adding pmks now is just an easy fix for your group and then you double down on this meme asking them to wipe the towers for you. SO you wouldent have to bash to expand your pmk. Im not sure if i should be impressed by your boldness or disgusted. But arguing on the forums i doubt we will get anywhere, if any players+dev/gms would like to join in on discord some night im sure we could have a much better discussion on the topic.
  6. If you all come to bl instead of complaining about being outplayed by a guy on starter you can have the devs fix the somrigare outdated system on how kings are chosen and removed.
  7. @vor bringing the real problems up
  8. Bl can’t drain same kingdom deed tokens how is same kingdom pvp any more enabled for us? Pmks should have been added 3 months after launch. But again some grouped sure do seem have their voice heard louder. Was not long ago same group said the bl capital should be removed for hota and now sits there themself. And why should jk get the luxury of not having to challenge rulers no longer logging in?
  9. +1 again, be damned if leading chickens into pvp gave me an advantage.