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  1. Remove rare speed traits and just give all horses on defiance a flat speed bonus, i dont mind the extra speed.
  2. The cost for spells with titles should be half favor, this works. But when trying to cast a 20 favor spell, while having 15 favor it tells me my favor is too low. So i still need to wait for 20 favor to cast only to spend 10- So the check for casting still checks orginal cost not actual favor i need to cast.
  3. 47.99 s gl with the auction
  4. Server is defiance, name of the mission was "Libilias test" last 2 times, time reduced for libilia moving on the valrei map gets updated but sleepbonus, karma and scenario points does not get rewarded.
  5. Bug has repeated itself last 2 restarts, So its not a onetime thing.
  6. Can someone trigger a mission for MR on defiance, its been 10h~ since last scenario was completed, other kingdoms had new missions spawn but not us.
  7. @StanleeI mean there is not much more to say. First mission completed after restart fail to give out rewards sometime.
  8. I cant confirm if its always the case, but its becoming a pattern when the first mission over and over does reward sleepbonus and scenariopoints.
  9. @pandalet I do not know what the code looks like. I im pretty certain sea creatures are turned off for some reason. But seems the valrei mission system was overlooked.or forgotten.
  10. So since the start of defiance we have added sea-creatures removed from the spawn table, no sharks, dolphins or octopi has spawned since day 1. This in itself is not a problem for day to day gameplay. But when we keep having missions to kill said creatures you can get stuck on a move (valrei map) for several days if unlucky. If you get these missions a few times during a scenario it can cause your kingdom to lose and as a player, there is nothing we can do about it. I see 2 ways to fix this problem Option 1 Add put sea creatures back on the spawn table Option 2 Take a look at the valrei missions table and remove the missions to slay creatures that do not exist
  11. Title pretty much says it all, not sure why they are not implemented yet.
  12. Sold me 2 huge axes, got them at 81ql, great guy
  13. when are the home server cr nerfs going away?