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  1. Server is awesome. Bunch of nice mods, fast skillgain and nice done spell sistem together with friendly community makes Scallywags excellent choice for players looking for creative server. Join us and enjoy with us . Electra.
  2. On PvE servers, guards are dying after some time, new set of guards should spawn soon. If you are on PvP server, could be also killed by enemy player.
  3. If it's not inside village, monsters can spawn inside cave . Mostly lava fiends, cave bugs, lava spiders and black bears.
  4. Any chance for client side mod which would enable to add clothing, armor and gear to personal merchant ?
  5. on adventure map you need to use lockpicks to unlock treasure chests. Just few are open by default. There are also few normal chests or piles of items on map.Most of them are inside guard towers. They contain hql and rare/supreme enchanted items. Like rare 2handed glimmer sword with 70+ flaming aura, supreme glimmer longsword, rare iron 2h sword, huge axes with strong enchants too.Rare dragon scale jacket (no model for it, so you look like without it ). Lockpicking is a thing on adventure map.
  6. Playing from first day of new server ( Azura in game ) and must say this is very nice map with excelent features. Skill gain not so fast, not too slow. Need to put some effort to collect coins from hunting, so you have enough for founding your village, but also not too hard. Comunity is helpfull and think will stay for a long time here.
  7. Not sure if it will work, but try to open character window and hover mouse over weight icon in upper left corner. Will show you how much you carry on body, inventory and together, and how much is maximum you can carry. Compare max value before and after cast.
  8. BUMP ! Server is just amazing ! Playing one day and know will stay for a long time. Wielding magic staf and using combat pets... So much changes in animal behaviour. Village dogs follows you around your deed and defend you. Domestic cats running in your backyard. And that field mouse sneeking through my crops... =). All kind of animals moving in wild in packs, fight in packs. Combat with animals is a bit harder. When you attack one or attacked by one, other joins to help. Lucky, you can run into fenced area and use magic through fences. Can refill your favor by soulstealing from corpses. Or make soul crystals so you can use it later, like vesseled gems. Join the club and try something different !
  9. BUMP With 3k letters allowed
  10. Close plz :)

    Bump ...
  11. Close plz :)

    Playing on server from it's begining and it developed in nice world. Growing comunity, nice skill gain, not too fast. Map is just ...awesome. Bunch of mods keps keeps game interesting. Tried many servers and this one could keep me for a long time. Join our server and find your place in this beautifull world ! (playing as Angie in game )
  12. I tried your server,. It looks nice, but i was not able to play because it's eating my ram and halves my frame reate. Reconnected several times in half hour. Lag is incredible. No, it's not my computer. It runs smooth on any other server. Maybe it's due diverse materials used on buildings on spawn, i don't know.
  13. Playing as Alexandra on server and found it very, very addictive. Mods are amazing. Creating construction materials with spells is "must have" features for builders. Don't have too much time for game lately, but will try to be in game as much as I can.
  14. I was playing a bit as Django. Logged in today after about 10 days break and found my deed, Imperfection, disbanded by some other toon,. Don't know if it's gm, but seen it in 'area history' . All my stuff taken except merchant. Carts and wagon missing, not in my 'permission' list, so they are either changed ownership by gm or deleted from database. New deed already founded on my place. WARNING. Do not join this server. Absolute negative expirience.
  15. Did you tried low memory usage client?