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  1. tons of us already bought singles, combos and specials pizzas and not one had any issue with it. TRy to resolve issue with seller in private.
  2. Hi. Would like to buy 5 kg of standard blue dye and 5 kg of custom yellow-gold E4 . Feel free to cod it at any time to Almalexianova. Thx.
  3. Only low stone walls are not caped by skill when building on slopes at cave entrances . With 94 skill in masonry or carpentry, max slope you can build fence on is 39:
  4. Would like to buy : 80ql Stone Chisel 83 woa + 52 coc = 2s 22c and 80ql Pickaxe 72 woa + 86 coc = 2s 78c if still available . Cod to Almalexianova please. Thank you
  5. When I was playing on Deliverance, several times participated in search for uniques. There was dedicated team which penned them. Every time I was invited on private slaying and every time on slaying other uniques ( i was not participated in searching for ) I was invited, but cause of irl events and time zone difference, was not able to join most of them . It was not all the time same team. Players who leads hunts are expirienced ones with high skills and mostly high end gear which cost a lot time and premium spent money and if you help them in search will sure invite you to slaying . As i said, they spent tons of money and time to get there and they deserve best award on such events.
  6. WMADD LatLng(257.496701, 488.28125)=Vault X ; mayor name is Almalexianova
  7. Deed name : Vault X coordinates: 975, 725 Mayor: Almalexianova
  8. Tel Varon

    If it's even allowed to steal from own kingdom, then it is full PVP only server. No reason to adwertise it as mixed
  9. Server is awesome. Bunch of nice mods, fast skillgain and nice done spell sistem together with friendly community makes Scallywags excellent choice for players looking for creative server. Join us and enjoy with us . Electra.
  10. On PvE servers, guards are dying after some time, new set of guards should spawn soon. If you are on PvP server, could be also killed by enemy player.
  11. If it's not inside village, monsters can spawn inside cave . Mostly lava fiends, cave bugs, lava spiders and black bears.
  12. Any chance for client side mod which would enable to add clothing, armor and gear to personal merchant ?
  13. on adventure map you need to use lockpicks to unlock treasure chests. Just few are open by default. There are also few normal chests or piles of items on map.Most of them are inside guard towers. They contain hql and rare/supreme enchanted items. Like rare 2handed glimmer sword with 70+ flaming aura, supreme glimmer longsword, rare iron 2h sword, huge axes with strong enchants too.Rare dragon scale jacket (no model for it, so you look like without it ). Lockpicking is a thing on adventure map.
  14. Playing from first day of new server ( Azura in game ) and must say this is very nice map with excelent features. Skill gain not so fast, not too slow. Need to put some effort to collect coins from hunting, so you have enough for founding your village, but also not too hard. Comunity is helpfull and think will stay for a long time here.