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  1. It's absolutely ridiculous how huge amount of food animals eat from bowls. It's a joke, not update...
  2. Would like to order 5 kg of black dye. Cod to Almalexianova when you catch time please. Thx
  3. I inspected my dog, says not hungry. As soon as i filled his pet bowl with meat he ate 6 pieces in a second. So, actualy, you didn't fix anything except you wrote that you are.
  4. Would be nice if we could be able to rotate item on all axes when trying to place them . Like my pitchfork, shovel or scythe would look nice if i could lean them on barn wall, not to lying on ground.
  5. Hi. Would like to order one 85ql iron carving knife. Please cod to Almalexianova when available. Thx.
  6. I don't prefer hell horses so my cart does not goes so fast. And maybe you and some others don't want what i suggested, but you don't need to use additional parts. We would like to use them.
  7. Would be nice to have ability to improve carts with addons, like iron wheels or iron bands attached on wheels which would add some speed to vehicle. Let it be hard to make and install. Like needs to be high ql, let's say 90 ql to be usable and 90 carp to install it. So blacksmith and carpenter can sell new item and service. And we would like more speed on vehicles.Give us 3-5 kmph addon.
  8. Put bucket filled with food on ground and they will eat from it. My animals do. Or build that Feeding Trough. Can also make hay stack for grazers
  9. Don't understand. What rights? You buy something from webpage or ingame store or from trader with ingame coins to claim ownership ?
  10. Easy workaround is to set up uniques not to be able to enter cave. No chance to trap it and hide it from others... And that would add a little joy to dragon hunting
  11. For steam version of Wurm, you do not have to register account. It uses your steam credentials for it. Just enter new name in client and press play. If it tells you that is linked with a different steam account, that means someone is already using that name and you need to choose another one. Your name must be unique. Just one can exist in whole wurm universe, both steam and standalone client version. One you created on website is for use in standalone client . Premium time for steam client can be bought directly from ingame and steam game overlay must be turn on to use it (it's on by default). Premium for standalone client players can be bought through website shop only.
  12. Please add village Harmony Central Intelligence Agency [2261, 2436] , just above Vault X. Mayor is my alt AustinPowers. Thank you ! P.S. Should consider making deed names on map showing just few letters, expanding to full name when hover mouse over it.
  13. Second time is happening to me in few days that some keybinds and UI buttons not working.Again same things: character window, crafting window, hud settings and quit button or keybinds not working. Logged in , played for a few min then tried to open crafting window and it does not work. Need to force quit game from task manager and log back to fix it. This is console log, noticed some "no position data stored for..." messages
  14. Please alter the road on north side of Vault x, west of Harmony bay. It goes straight line all the way fro Zum Steinofen to Few tiles north of guard tower in Harmony Bay north perimeter. [2254, 2454], [2366, 2454]. There is connection from it to south from Vault x east side {2276, 2454], [2276, 251]. Thx
  15. tons of us already bought singles, combos and specials pizzas and not one had any issue with it. TRy to resolve issue with seller in private.