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  1. could anyone upgrade to the latest version?
  2. How do I download and use a populated map with buildings and highways on my private offline server?
  3. Oh, obrigada, então devo me concentrar em cavar, vou ver se recebo alguns serviços de terraplenagem, obrigado!
  4. I've been playing on a PVE server for a while now, and I'm getting discouraged, my stamina is too low, every 2 mines I have to wait for it to rise, and my boldy stamina doesn't increase anything. I wonder if there is any mod to use in loadclient or some way to quickly increase this stamina.
  5. I don't understand much about it. I would like tips for armor and weapons, and know which material or ore is best for each thing;
  6. How can I change the QL of an ore tile using GM 5? I'm also trying to change the amount of minerals coming in adamantine and glimmersteel, but I can't get more than 50 items per tile.
  7. I always have problems trying to remove the daily limit of prayer gain. I try to use these mods, they solve some other things, but they don't meet the daily limit, I don't think I can configure, someone can set one up for me and send me a link. because I tried a few days and couldn't remove this limit.
  8. I can't make it work, I can't clear or check the checkboxes.
  9. Playing

    thank you very much. I've been looking for this for a long time.
  10. Playing

    How do I decrease the prayer time on my server? Example Image
  11. Online Map Viewer

    I click on the file, but nothing happens, how can I make it work?
  12. I am making a modified server, and I am trying to leave the trunks of the trees destroyed after the cut, is there any mod or configuration where I can change it?
  13. Now, how can I put a map image to open with the M key or on some website?