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  1. Enchantment

    It is possible to cast a spell on a creature for more speed? And also some incantation to make them stay?
  2. Problem opening a mine

    Oh I understood, so no matter the direction that dig, and yes the height of stone tiles. Thank you. I'm planing around
  3. Problem opening a mine

    Look, I want this ramp to be in my direction, it's always forming against me. As much as I change directions it always opens to that side.......
  4. Problem opening a mine

    For example. I want to open the mine entrance to the north, only instead of opening it to my front, it opens to the South, and not the open walls, because I'm digging a tunnel
  5. Problem opening a mine

    I've been trying to open a mine for days, but I always dig towards the slope I want it to be, but it's on the contrary, I want to open it and leave the ramp to go down, and instead it opens to the back. Is there a way to rotate this block?
  6. Hitch Cart

    I tested, and it worked.
  7. Hitch Cart

  8. Hitch Cart

    How can I put two unicorns or two bears in the cart?
  9. Mine Block

    Ah, Okay, thanks
  10. Mine Block

    Well, I was able to restore with GM, but now, how can I change the QL of the block, for example, I created an iron block, and wanted to put it in QL 99, is there a way?
  11. Mine Block

  12. Mine Block

    You can redo a mine block? For example, I dug a wrong block in a mine, and I would like it to come back, could I create a spell or tool to restore or create a new block?
  13. Speed

    I put the file inside the mods folder, but it did not work
  14. Speed

    strange that this mod file does not come with the folder, only the file code
  15. Speed

    And how do I install Balance Bank? And how do I enable the command?