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  1. Hi, I've been playing on your server for some time now, and I'm really enjoying it. But one thing is bothering me which is the lag issue, at first I thought it could be the ping, but on servers with higher ping it works better, I'm facing delays and crashes to start or end actions; Could you check this out please? Thank you very much! Keep up the great work!
  2. the server is mine, the question is that the quantity of ores is coming 50 , the quality is normal
  3. Because on my map, when I prosper, a large amount of ore appears, but right after the first mining, it reduces to 50, and it is so in all ores
  4. Is it possible to modify the quantity of ores without the Map_Actions file? I don't understand much about WG
  5. I'm from Brazil, I play exactly in Sklotopolis, my ping currently exceeds 350, so I keep getting direct disconnect.
  6. I have a server off, and I am realizing that the perception of mobs is very low, I am 30 in all abilities, however, I need to go over the mob if I want it to migrate on me. I notice that almost all the servers that I entered the creatures migrate over a very long distance, is there a mod or a configuration that improves this perception of the creatures in migrating over greater distances?
  7. Pessoal, resolvi esse problema, não sei como configurei o servidor que deu errado, mas resolvi desabilitando a opção "# useAggressionForNearbyEnemies: True". ( Located in ARENA MODULE ) Coloquei "falso" e agora posso enterrar as criaturas além de poder saqueá-las.
  8. Dude, you're a genius; Now I just need to know how to bury the creatures with the Wyvern mod. Thank you very much!
  9. I am facing a problem with SpellMod, when trying to remove the limit and delay of the prayers it doesn't seem to work.The server starts normally, but does not have the effect of the mod
  10. I am not able to bury the creatures, nor get items from them. [16:02:57] You may not bury that corpse. [16:03:02] You are not allowed to burn the corpse of old greenish black wolf.
  11. Could you make a pack of the mods you use on your server and make them available to us?It would be nice to test all these mods on a disabled server
  12. Rift Mobs

    Does anyone know how I can put Mobs Rift on the map and those chests?
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