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  1. Playing

    thank you very much. I've been looking for this for a long time.
  2. Playing

    How do I decrease the prayer time on my server? Example Image
  3. Online Map Viewer

    I click on the file, but nothing happens, how can I make it work?
  4. I am making a modified server, and I am trying to leave the trunks of the trees destroyed after the cut, is there any mod or configuration where I can change it?
  5. Now, how can I put a map image to open with the M key or on some website?
  6. how can I build two cities, and put the players to choose where they can spawn?
  7. thank you very much, it was perfect, you send it very well!
  8. can be 2% of common ores, 1% of gold and silver and 0.2% of glimersteel ore and adamantine, I would like the map to be similar to what I posted
  9. I would like them to create for me a map in the form of this attached image, and possess biomes and snow deserts, as well as minerals scattered like clay and sand, I would also like to leave the characteristics of the basic minerals like iron, slate, sandstone, marble, zinc, tin, lead, cooper in 5%, gold and silver in 2 and adamantino and glimousel in 1. Could someone do this for me, please? Image
  10. map refresh

    How do I open my custom map to open the M key? or online?