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  1. Mist is a Small town in the far north with some space available for new Citizens, we are apart of a medium size alliance with many helpful people. fill to message me for more information
  2. The clothing in the game is really limited, kind of makes people shy away from making them. Would be nice to see someone willing to expand on it.
  3. How hard would to to add more clothing and furniture to the game. As well as a music system to allow for Bards to be a thing. Honestly I'm almost willing to commission it. With clothing more clothing based on the era, dresses, tops, pants, capes, etc. Furniture is would be nice to add more for more decor, themed stuff would be nice. As for the music nothing grand or complicated would be needed just something that would make you able to play as a bard (so basic instruments, songs and music from the era) would be nice to have something similar to what can be found in mabinogi but there is no need to go that far with it.