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[Bug] Branded animal death, no permissions as mayor

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As a mayor of my deed, I brand a sheep. Open permissions, remove everything, as seen in the picture.

I am still able to lead, breed, and do other things with this animal, even though all permissions are removed (You start leading an old fat sheep.)



I kill the sheep (science needs sacrifice, sorry).

Now I get no options at all anymore. Keybind with "push" says, "You may not move the corpse as you do not have permissions."



This feels like a bug.

Either mayor of the deed has hidden permissions to all branded animals, which they should not have (but then it's very likely to cause issues with accidentally removing all permissions);

or as a mayor, you should be able to interact with branded corpses too (makes more sense)


Companion in crime against animals - @Hestia(killed two bisons and tried to steal my dog)


Thank you :)

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Added to the list - thanks for the testing and the report.



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