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  1. A demo of an issue similar to this was just demonstrated for a developer so it's being looked into. If anyone else has a similar issue, please provide details so that all situations can be investigated.
  2. [Fixed] Generic Mission issues on freedom

    Mission reset on Xanadu and needles will be removed from the mission item list next update.
  3. [Fixed] Problem unloading animal cage

    Ekcin was kind enough to give me a demo of his issue, so I've combined the two reports.
  4. A long time ago there was a change to the deity statuettes and some of the older ones didn't get the memo about the new dress code. Statuette replaced.
  5. [Bug] Tiles collapse even if walls are reinforced

    Did your issue also involve lava tiles?
  6. cookbook missing recipes / named

    Ekib, please open a support ticket today when you log in and reference this post. With today's patch, we can hopefully address your issue.
  7. Saddle sacks issue? [Fixed]

    For some unknown reason, your saddle itself was bugged. It thought it was a saddle with saddle bags. If anyone else has this issue, please post here. If you have a saddle that appears to be a saddle with saddle bags when equipped on a horse, post server, deed and horse name please. In the meantime: I'd suggest keeping your leatherworking supplies away from your wine cellar.
  8. [Fixed] Scenario Rewards Bugged

    If this scenario applies to you, please open a support ticket and reference this post so that your ticket can be forwarded to Dev for resolution. Whykillme has a link with the twitter information in the original post.
  9. [FIXED] Mine doors have no code

    LOL, thank you Launcelot! I visited your door after the patch and it seems to be just the stone door now. TeeeBOMB and Zorako, I did a drive by on your cave openings after the patch and they now seem normal again. Thanks for checking and double checking.
  10. [FIXED] Mine doors have no code

    Thank you for the details. This issue is different than the 'holes' referenced above. Your example is actually a valid mine door as you can examine it. However, the graphic seems to be a door over a door. I'll have a dev take a look at this issue as well.
  11. [FIXED] Mine doors have no code

    Attempted fix #2. Both ghost doors are gone again. Please let me know if they return
  12. [FIXED] Mine doors have no code

    I've fixed the two reported by Teeebomb and Zorako. If anyone else runs into these, please post the server and the approximate location (nearest deed). In the meantime, the information has been forwarded to the devs.
  13. Information gathered and forwarded to the devs for investigation.
  14. [Bug] Cannot ride a 40 slope tile

    Thanks for the location. I took a look and verified that there is an issue and will pass the data along to the Devs. Go ahead and make what changes you need in order to navigate your path.
  15. I've gathered your data and added it to the bug details. Thanks for your report. All issues seem to be the corner joint between an abutment and bracing or abutment and support.