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  1. LOL, thank you Launcelot! I visited your door after the patch and it seems to be just the stone door now. TeeeBOMB and Zorako, I did a drive by on your cave openings after the patch and they now seem normal again. Thanks for checking and double checking.
  2. Thank you for the details. This issue is different than the 'holes' referenced above. Your example is actually a valid mine door as you can examine it. However, the graphic seems to be a door over a door. I'll have a dev take a look at this issue as well.
  3. Attempted fix #2. Both ghost doors are gone again. Please let me know if they return
  4. I've fixed the two reported by Teeebomb and Zorako. If anyone else runs into these, please post the server and the approximate location (nearest deed). In the meantime, the information has been forwarded to the devs.
  5. Information gathered and forwarded to the devs for investigation.
  6. Thanks for the location. I took a look and verified that there is an issue and will pass the data along to the Devs. Go ahead and make what changes you need in order to navigate your path.
  7. I've gathered your data and added it to the bug details. Thanks for your report. All issues seem to be the corner joint between an abutment and bracing or abutment and support.
  8. Thank you Nacciwa, Shyruban and Finndar. The data for your issues has been added to the bug report.
  9. I'll monitor and do some testing on this tower for a few days. I've checked all the badge numbers of the guards, so if they are no longer performing up to expectations, they will be terminated.
  10. I grabbed the information from the lamps and will add it for testing.
  11. This medallion happens to be made of diamond and does not have a graphic yet. Please add to the list of graphics needed.
  12. Spoke with Odynn while I was in the neighborhood. Saw some slight glitch, but not as much as his image. I mined one rock from the ceiling inside the cave and his spikes went away. Will pass relevant data along to the devs.
  13. Closing as no bug and will keep one eye on Elizarya's wine.
  14. Hughmongus - or anyone else who has this issue with locks - would you please identify the locks that you cannot reuse by renaming them to HESTIA and leaving a note here as to where they are? Either keep them in inventory or indicate a deed/building/container where I can get some information from them for the devs. I just need to gather data, I do not need nor am I replacing the locks. I already have the information from Arakiel. Thank you.
  15. I spoke with Punishlife who was willing to run some tests with me regarding the manage citizens issue. I've added my tests and findings to the bug opened and asked Punishlife to open a support ticket which I forwarded to the Devs as a reminder for us to check back when we have a resolution.