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  1. Good points from previous posts that I can support: alt (zerg) armies to mass up the unique drops just by sitting in local range needs addressing. Bringing 10 alts in local range should not be rewarded. Hard to fix, sure. If we make it hit-for-reward, they just equip some armor and run up for a hit. If we make it damage based rewards, then new players will still be unhappy. But maybe just adding the hit-for-reward is one first step in right direction anyway. Add some more AoE damage from the uniques, increase risk for low levels. Sure, new players suffer too, but here we get to the next good point: uniques should remain high end goals. A new player can attend the slaying, they can get rewards, but there needs to be a risk for the value. Increased AoE damage, frequent target swapping. It's a dragon, you should be afraid to get close to it. That's why I lean towards damage based rewards; or better yet, time based rewards for staying in "contact" with the unique. You can't imp a hammer to 90ql with 20 skill, why should you get same reward from unique as a 90FS fighter? scheduling uniques, adding points, aka making them similar to rift system - just don't. Takes the "unique" out of everything if you can plan 2 months ahead. unique spawns and behaviour should be more random. Have them roam around the whole server, maybe a slight interest towards nearest spawn town. Being able to predict the next spawn time and "hotspot" areas is not unique. Also, if any random user creates such a thread in Town Hall, it'd get moved to suggestions
  2. Xanadu, T19 Not exactly on topic of mission creatures, but just showing the horse spawns in ocean.
  3. Has anyone actually found those "random" eggs, following those damn wabbits? It's been an hour, I've tried threats and I've tried carrots, killed a wolf to protect the egg bearers.. nothing has dropped.
  4. wiki is not officially part of the game; it's player maintained. Thus shouldn't be referred to as proof of game mechanics, really. Does the "examine" on the crown say "it could be improved by... "? If yes, then I guess good lawyers would win the case to give you the rare bone back Although I do agree that the improvement icons should be removed, I think that crown is not the only thing with such "bug". Sorry. I just woke up and I'm grumpy. But hey, on the plus side, you have a nice and shiny crown! All I've got is a slowly appearing bald spot.
  5. Might have been reported or asked previously.. but the difficulty indicators seem to be bugged. I ran into a couple huge spiders, they all showed "impossible" red icons for me. Unequipped my armor and equipped it again, next spiders were all "green" easy (as they should be) And a question about the targeting icons and combat "defend up/down/left/right" logic. Does the "defense directional bonus" help only with active target, or with anyone that's in combat with me? In case of the latter, could we have the targeting icons show on all mobs in combat with me, rather than just the one I've got targeted? For example, if 3 trolls are attacking me simultaneously, they all "attack up", and I "defend top", does it only help with my active target or all of them?
  6. Bump - a - Meditation "Enchant grass" has been moved to Nature submenu, please move "Get Info" there too. Just look at the timestamps, it has been requested for years.
  7. Wurm Mail in general needs a lot of work, both visual and functional. It is an essential service in wurmians life and really awaits improvements. Clearer overview/confirmation screen. History of sent items, accepted items, pending, rejected, to who and when. Able to accept in all servers, not just where you got the delivery notification. Custom return delay if not accepted. All the other suggestions over the last many years. I'd like if the devs don't start fixing single issues one by one, and instead they lay out a good plan to improve the whole package. I can imagine that Wurm's mail code is one of those things no dev really wants to touch, but it's from stone age and needs to be addressed.
  8. I got diseased a couple days ago, while riding a horse and targeting/killing two sheeps on same tile
  9. Isn't an open discussion about presenting your point of view, and accepting that other opinions may exist? You say time is the reason rifts are "empty". I say it's the lack of incentive to go there. The first months of rifts were packed, even at 3 at night. Nowdays, biggest reason to attend for many players is the cape, the occasional restock of materials or just tagging along because nothing better to do. So yea, the time circulation as it is now, is fair for everyone. One day it's 8pm for you, some other day it's 8pm for the lads down in kangaroo land. Everything is fine.
  10. As I understand, they need to remove all "icky" QR codes and other inappropriate features one could be sued for But I am also very curious, why is it too soon for NFI? I would love to see what has been done there... If it's because of Defiance, then just exlude it.
  11. Yes, please. This has been requested many times since the bees were introduced more than 2 years ago. All kinds of chats and options have got toggle option meanwhile, but not bees
  12. I had the same kind of thought last week, when I dropped another 10 skulls in one of many piles. Don't even need a fence, just a simple skull on a stick decoration, as we already have flags and banners.
  13. A public slaying does not always have to be well organized in advance, announced a week early and set up with flags and whistles. It's very nice if it's done that way, but there's also the simple alternative. I'll take an example from not too recent past, in Xanadu. The Death Tab popped up for everyone in server, announcing that someone had just been burned alive by a dragon. Now, there is room for speculation, if that player did not have death tab enabled whether or not things would have rolled out differently. But anyway, the word was out. The finder (and nobody questioned who was the owner/finder) decided to have the slaying publicly, and have it the same evening/day. In about 2 hours time, since the death message popped, near 20 players had already gathered in the village of this player. More were streaming in, even from other servers. Priests were doing summons. For the size of Xanadu, this was impressive, really. The dragon was killed [link], near the location it had been found, within a few hours since the word got out. No penning, no deeding, no complex organizing. And honestly, it was the best dragon experience I have had and I think that's what a dragon encounter should be in ideal world.
  14. Despawning and random respawns - fine, but it really should check accessibility in some ways. Perhaps no higher than [x] dirt above water level. Or alternatively, give them slow decay, similar to mob lairs, so they'd poof in a while and respawn somewhere else. Also, more karma use options in PvE would be nice. Everyone keeps asking for portals of all kinds, and since there's already town portal, why not add Starter Town Portal, or Teleport to Rift, or heck why not even Teleport to Friend. Just examples, doesn't need to be anything teleporty, but we have this nice "currency" that is karma and nothing really to do with it, other than summoning worgs for "cool points"...