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  1. Rift 13 Oct

    Right next to the Hellhound trail, ingame map K-L 14 for your local time.
  2. Archaeology, add plank fragments

    .. but.. but... I cannot make barrels with pegs or shafts... I'd rather lose the peg and arrow fragments, because they're derived from shafts. Also, who in their right mind would gather and assemble branch fragments IRL.
  3. Yet another topic on that.. topic We have shafts, nails, bricks, lumps, shards. Let there be planks, too.
  4. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    I located an abandoned deed. Got the report to show me "get directions". I found the stash and mini token. Then continued to investigate the area and soon enough I found the same deed again, message said: But this time the report doesn't give any "directions". The report itself says "Perhaps investigating around the village area some more will provide more location clues." I assume a person cannot get two of same cache, which is completely reasonable of course. However, I would like the report to give me directions to that deed nonetheless. Could this be done/added somehow? Or does it mean I need to investigate more, and the "you know exactly" message above in the quotes is not the final part?
  5. Archaeology Help

    A little off topic question: I'm 75+ both archeology and restoration and I have yet to find a mask fragment. Are they near impossible to find in general, or do they just require really high skill?
  6. Steel and metal staff fragments, not combining

    Ahhh! That explains. Would be nice to not get the "combine" option then, but not a big issue. Thank you.
  7. Is this intended? Anything with "iron" and "metal" seems to combine into "metal". I haven't found any other steel fragments, just the staff.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Lurkers in the fog, they not as sneak as they think they are...
  9. It has been asked quite a lot to get an email notification if the deed is running low on upkeep, similar to current premium expiring mails. I think that should solve the "I forgot" things 90%
  10. Would it be too "out there", if activated support beam would show if the mine floor is flat or not, same as activated pickaxe? Having this paranoia while reinforcing... and always have to use the pickaxe to double check And while we're at it, concrete could/should show the flatness for the whole tile as well. Currently it only shows for borders.
  11. Shoulder Pads and Plate Armor

    Bump to this And please let us dye them...
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Nobody lived long enough to complain after eating it
  13. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    A name on a fence does not help you bash it faster; does not help you fly over it, or walk through it; all it does is tell you who that ass was. And then what? You curse them in chat? You're still going to have to bash it old style, or open a ticket. Same as now. Nobody's defending the griefers. I'm defending my freedom to remain anonymous when I want to build a fence around my deed and not have people know I live there.
  14. Rift 16.09

    For your local time: P15/16, near Lormere
  15. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    With all the alts in this game, how do you really tell who the structure belongs to? If I build a shrine and fence, is that ok? If my alt builds a shrine, but I fence it with main, is that ok? What if I sell the alt, can I keep the fences up? If I deed over a shrine I had not built, is it ok to fence off my deed and the shrine within? Point being, the griefing rule is in place and if you find yourself in a "I'm being griefed!" situation, then each case should be reviewed separately. You can't generalize it like "This fence is not allowed because I want to get to the other side, now!" Besides, if someone really wants to grief you like that, then the name on the fence is really not helping to solve the issue. Off the top of my head, build the fence 99% and add last piece with trash alt. What would the name label say?