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  1. Well yea, that seems to be the least silly option right now, to run two lines parallel. Just thought to give this topic a nudge to see if we should do that or hope for some proper solution
  2. @Retrograde Do you know if it's at all on the dev-team's table to look into this situation or is it something that we, the players, should not look forward to and just roll with what we have?
  3. Gonna do some shameless referencing
  4. Another report just here
  5. 1) In the settlement Citizen management window, would be nice if we could order the people by name, role and last seen date. 2) when adding a role to non-citizen (individual player) or other settlement, we have to create a new role every time (one-to-one relation). Just a minor issue really, but would be nice to have a select menu with pre-made roles. Or with the same effect, create an empty role and then be able to add/remove people to/from it. This would come handy when having alts, or deliveries from merchants, or temporary outsourced labour. Thank you. /Shmeric
  6. Hi When I pry a catseye that has been planted by myself, shouldn't it return in my inventory (with some applied damage perhaps) instead of completely "falling apart with a crash"? It's a crowbar, you sqeak things out of other things with it.. you don't bash them into oblivion
  7. Hi. Sorry, but I feel like ranting! Somewhat constructively. *gesticulates heatedly and puffs hot steam out of nostrils* We (a group of three wagons) just lost 3 x 12 x 15 dirt/sand when we loaded our wagons on deed and then went to work on a highway, off deed. (large crates from crate racks straight into wagons) This is not right! I don't know the exact moment when the decay tick hit us, but the journey was about 5 minutes and during that time we lost almost two crates of supplies. And it's not the first time. Dirt, sand, mortar, bricks, everything can and has gone POOF! Same thing for ships. Who thinks it's fun to lose several crates of mortar as soon as they leave the safety of the deed? Nobody does! Think about traders, think about those hardworking highway builders. Resource equals more than just money; it's life, it's time, it's... mental health! Please address this issue, I am sure it's not unknown and has been reported before. Thank you! /Shmeric
  8. To me it sounds that you'd be pretty OK to drop all skill requirements and just build and craft eeeverything available in the game *snaps fingers*. But why change a good game and not find an already existing version of what you wish Wurm to become? (not offensive tone) If we lose all skill grinds, you would power through all the content in three months, six if you have some "real life" or whatever that is called All landscape would be developed, all items on market have zero value, everyone can create everything. It'd be a map and character editor, "god mode". That's what I eventually see happening if things are made easier and easier. I'd rather see more options for low skills rather than new additions demanding a "previously aquired experience". I mean, a lot of new additions in the game are quite hard for beginners to create or obtain. I would see more new beginner friendly content rather than making the skillgain easier in general. Anyhow, there are as many opinions as there are people and then some. I've expressed mine, good luck with your suggestion (but no, really, I hope you fail miserably!) PS. My example about mining, digging and 'mortaring' was just a rough picture. If piles can't be changed in size, then make them drop to next tile, and the next, creating an area of piles. Whatever, someone will always come up with another idea about how to make it work Same for stamina, someone will certainly come up with a suggestion how to make it work.
  9. tl;dr Big NO to any additional "automation". I can bet my knarr on it, if your suggestion on this "automation" goes through then sooner rather than later a new suggestion will surface and ask the pile limits to be removed. When creating mortar and inventory/carrying capacity gets filled, "just drop the rest on the ground." And digging - just drop it on ground as we do with mining, instead of collecting to inventory. These kinds of suggestions will never end, there's no "people are happy now" moment that won't snowball any further. Personally I think, every suggestion to make anything "easier" in Wurm is another step closer to the game being "no fun at all". You set a goal, and if you get there you can cheer \o/ and shout in chat "Carpentry 50 wheeee!!" and people go "gratz!". With (infite) action queue, what will be left of that big part of the game, the feeling of accomplishment, the satisfaction of completion? Grinding the skills is not what this game is all about. 70 in every skill is not necessity. It's what the players chooses to pursue. I know of people who play priest as main character and they don't even try to "grind" channeling. They don't participate in month of semi afk sermoning. Instead, they logged in, did their prayers, raked their fields, tended to animals. In other words, the game can also be a normal game where you live as a normal person doing normal daily tasks. One can argue that new players and their gameplay are limited by skills. Fine, let's say that's true (well, it is, to some level). But making it easier to gain skill is not a solution. I'd rather see more options for low skills rather than new additions demanding a "previously aquired experience". Signature rant. I am still very much dubious in the "set course" option with ships. Yeah, it has made sailing less time consuming. Less... real. Now people want "autopilots" for their carts and horses when on highway. Others desire less clicking for easier skill leveling and crafting. If this continues, in 2 years - what does the player have to do? Log in and ... "mhh, this game has no content, boring..." and log out.
  10. Perhaps give us a "fake" green catseye to plant alongside a straight line of real ones?
  11. Yeah, "two rooms connected by single arch" thing.. unfortunately that doesn't work. It is still one building, because you planned it as one building, and it needs outside walls on every four sides. You need to work it into the design. In other words, if you put the layout into paint, then you need to have a properly bordered area to use the "Fill" tool Left not possible, right possible. My elite paint skills, sorry.
  12. Looking at the picture, it seems to be the outside wall of ground floor? If that's the case, then ground floor cannot be "onesided". In other words, it looks you're trying to do this, but that's not going to work (actually, any floor needs outside walls, not just ground) Also, if you're planning to add floors, then ground floor area cannot be smaller than any of the top floors.
  13. Thanks! But, uhm, could you rename it "Newspring Bridge"? (and the very short south part next to the tunnel "Friendship Bridge") Also, the west-east line seems to be missing (sorry, I'm a perfectionist)
  14. Better late than never, here's the location.
  15. Hey Do not know about Wombats, haven't seen anyone there to be active in the last 6+ months. But indeed we have a plan to finish the connection, right now it's waiting for some.. clarifications. Work in progress