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  1. Pretty damn useful if you're a professional cage fighter! I think I'd pick Path of Power, assuming fire immunity includes protiection from sunburns and also assuming trap immunity works on random holes anywhere and everywhere, not only intentionally set up traps meant to catch humans.
  2. Current state of bridges

    I agree, bridges need some attention. They are great and they work, but they could be better Tricky mount/vehicle interaction and glitching through seem to be the most frequent and very annoying. I have successfully pushed crates, carts and even a colossus on and off a bridge from land tiles. Have not tried the same on a bridge connected to a building. Perhaps I've just been lucky.
  3. Precision Perimeter Control

    I want to bump this. [nudge] Done.
  4. As far as I remember, bridge cannot be on a mine entrance or on any tiles next to the entrance. Same from wiki: A cave entrance is one factor. Make sure to build the bridge at least 2 tiles away from the opening.
  5. Public Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    I liked the "wtf, there's a tent here" discovery after the slaying, when you were exploring the dragon's cave! (from watching the stream replay)
  6. Animal Taming

    +1 for taming overhaul. It's too silly that a person can only have one pet.
  7. Terrain decay

    Although it would add some reality to the terraforming aspect, it'd be close to impossible to implement and not worth the trouble. Probably would break the game more than it would help. Two examples. What If, there's an area of 50x50 tiles, raised high above "original" height, flat, surrounded with fence, not deeded. How do you want to play the erosion there? If fenced areas don't erode, what happens to the center of the flat area (which is still high above the original height)? Would it sink to the original level? How do you explain the loss of dirt there? Does it not erode, why? Because it's fenced? Ok, what's the biggest fenced area that doesn't erode? What about natural hedges? You suggested a road would prevent erosion too. See the issue? What If, there's a steep sloped area with a structure of any kind at the lower end. By your logic, the higher end of the area should erode and dirt should flow down the slopes... but where does it go? Into the structure? Just disappear? And if that doesn't paint the picture, google for Castle House Island (fake in real world, but would be the real future in Wurm) All the "what if's" we can come up with.
  8. [QoL] Bashable carts, wagons and boats

    +1 to bashing owned vehicles/ships and those with 'Manage' permission granted. To non-owned vehicles, at least give mayors the option to drag or embark as commander (if the owner has not been online a certain amount of time), if bashing is too "risky" to implement. Add "Give directio to" option for the owner (I don't remember if it's already possible or not, I know branded animals have it) Also related, allow mayors to take ownership of structures on their deed (a repeating suggestion on these forums already).
  9. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    To all the brave slayers - if at all possible, try to minimize the damage to the tundra. Thorakkanath, the owner of Thunderstorm, really loves his barren backyard
  10. As far as I know, when trying to resize a deed, the mayor does not need permissions to every house already fully on the deed. However, this seems to be different when a house is in the mine (underground) and mayor has no permission to it. In that case, the resize is blocked (expanding and shrinking, both). Does this sound like a bug, one way or another?
  11. This is only true for one server in Wurm. One large, laggy, mountainous server where people willingly choose to live. Those people can also move to smaller server and reduce their travel times from 120 to 20 minutes to any corner of the map. The quoted argument is really weak in any case. "Hey, give us magic wands so we can make 10k bricks in a second and those who want to do it the old way, can still spend days and weeks on it".
  12. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest name: Bluegiraffe (Nahjo) Main contact: Shmeric Location: Finality, S10 Time: 4-10PM UTC most days Gimmicks: bed, mailbox, highway; horses and food negotiable. Notes: our island has "clothing optional" policy.
  13. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    Aaand everybody's counting the whitespaces, capital letters, looking for odd dots and dashes and extra styled letters
  14. Channeling Locked Features

    I like that idea. Similar to "You now feel confident enough to steal things"
  15. The idea is well presented, but personally I can't jump on the wagon with it. I just can't see that any other server but Xanadu is big enough for such a request, and a "powerful" item like this should not be added only because of one server. After all, we choose to live on this huge island. Nobody forces us. Additionally, any price you put on an item will eventually be cheap enough for every gawd damn deed to have it. Prices drop, people get richer Instead of asking for more instant travel options, players should take the most out of what is available already. Priests. The day "summon soul" spell was announced, I said to myself "wow, that's a whole new service sector". A server wide group or association of priests. Make a list with names, locations, map, usual gaming times. Set up some basic guidelines, agree on the price and conditions. There's our portal system! That's what Wurm is all about. From players to players.