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  1. Red Dragon

    Can boats get through that narrow trench west of Rainbow Lake into that little pond there?
  2. Achievements difficulty.

    But could you increase unicorn spawn rates? Or at least remove the "wild" restriction in that goal and allow player bred animals to count. This was a hard goal even before the rerolls happened, but now there are more people who got it rolled to them! I'd much rather get my "kill drake spirit and eagle spirit" back...
  3. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    I'd much rather grind carpentry on my priest for the 99ql item goal, with all kinds of penalties, than try to find 100 wild unicorns...
  4. Archaeology report management

    +1 I like that the process is automatic (after the "add page" clickfest), but I wish we could remove pages. Even if it means destroying the page, I sometimes just don't want that settlement information in this journal
  5. Rift 8. June

    For your local times -
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    Is it just me or does the deed search not work anymore? Dropdown, select deed, nothing happens.
  7. Rare treats for your dogs!! [Out of stock]

    Both bones have been bought. Shame on you, people! Is there really just one person in this world who knows what a dog's happiness is worth? If zombies attack, do you think your dog will help you? NO! Because it will remember this one time when you did not buy this magically delicious bone! Think about it, good wurmians. This bone can decide: your life or brainless death! One bone left. 19.99s + postal. If you order now, you will also get this very nice goblet for free. Perfect to fill with wine (not included), sit back, relax and watch your buddy chew on the bone. Disclaimer: if you actually give the bone to your dog and it does eat it, I will take no responsibility.
  8. lets talk about uniques

    Make uniques be able to break free from collapsed mines and give loot to killing hit. There, all problems solved
  9. Kalaheo Escape

    Screenshots do no justice and everyone needs to have this place as "must visit" location on their travel map. I've been there, I will go back. It can very well be called one of the wonders in Xanadu.
  10. Finality - life's good

    The final phase in redesigning our harbour and bridge was moving the village guard. Turned out to be a fun little trip Clickyy click on it. For the record, if you are worried about the final placement - his cohones are safe, we moved the fire bowl on the big stick further away.
  11. Rift 02.05

    If you come from Linton, go north at Mottistone Trading Post. Coming from Rome, you can ride off from Hellhound Trail and through the cherries. Visibility is not perfect, but terrain is friendly. for your local times.
  12. Floor tile texture- Carpet

    Activate a carpet, right click on a floor, "pave". Please yes!
  13. Step closer, ladies and gentlemen, dog lovers from everywhere! Do you love your Best Pal more than anything in the world? Do you like to snuggle and cuddle and spoil your fourlegged companion in every free moment? Do you see them look at you with the most sincere respect and trust in their eyes, a look that no human can ever do? With these rare bones, you can show your love. Buy now, and treat your most loyal buddy with a shiny sparkly snack! For only 19.99 silver + postal fee per bone, your dog will bark all over Wurmlands how good their hooman is! Order now, do not let your pupper wait no more! .. or you know... you can treat yourself with a rare shield or boot. I'm not judging.
  14. Mines.. the joys there of...or not

    Collapse is your only option for what you're trying to achieve. Remember the slope of that inside tile. Go outside, clear the dirt. Let your friend collapse it, while you're outside. Surface mine the corners of the outside tile down to match the flat tunnel tiles. Re-open.
  15. Priests creating altars

    Yes, a priest should be able to craft an altar for their deity. You give us the old "it breaks PvP" reasoning. I'll give you the old "so many things are different in PvP and PvE, why not just enable it in Freedom servers then".