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  1. Wasn't as much aiming to get those "rare" woods, just weird that bushes give nothing, while even a tree sprout drops a woodscrap.
  2. Just wondering, why are the moonmetals disabled in Northern mark shops?
  3. Chop any kind of tree, and you get at least one log (or scrap, if it's only a sprout). Chop down a bush, and you get nothing. Let those pesky bushes "drop" a shaft, or a couple branches.
  4. I think, if a player enjoys the game and wants to keep playing, they surely can find the 5 silvers necessary in game to buy 15 days of premium, at least once. In those two weeks, they should be more than able to get horse riding and crate loading stats up. As for other skills, 20 is plenty (hey, rhymes!) Bulk item creation these days is 100% success, and even if you get 1ql brick, plank or nail, they're still usable. Can create 30-ish ql armor and weapons, which means effective 50ql. Not enough for sale, but good enough for everyday use. Digging, mining, treecutting are available, just at slower rate, but you can still do lots of terraforming. Personal opinion, but free to play seems to have plenty of content already.
  5. Now would be a good time to add this feature, before all the new players wander in and start asking about it in help chat
  6. Cooldown timers (grass enchant etc) aren't really the same as fatigue though, you can't seriously compare those two... Fatigue as it is now, basically is telling you to "stop playing!" after a certain time. Even though common sense says that 18 hours a day might not be healthy, if player has paid for 24 hour days then they should have the option to use it all up 1 month premium time, that's what it says in the shop. To limit the game content by x amount for one player, because someone else might do macros, just doesn't look correct
  7. I'm sure if one wants to macro, they can just add this one click to it and get stuff sorted. Scripts don't care, one click here or there... The team should stop punishing good people because some jerks cheated. We didn't break the rules, we shouldn't suffer
  8. Every damn time I open anything, it's a mess! Don't say "just one click to sort it yourself". Do not say that. I have wasted too many clicks already. And while you're at it, do the same for inventory when first logging in.
  9. You get a professional artsy person do the art, and the art will be good. Very nice, Malena! But... Server names, no no no. Heartland - mainstream, generic, cheesy, nothing similar with the other server names. Heart of what? It's a safe go-to name for any sort of fantasy location, but Wurm Online could can do better. Rumble - hungry stomach; a light blue toy elephant for 5 year olds; is that name for Wurm Online server, really, what?? Both of them fit for Rose Online or some other glittery MMORPG run-around-gather-20-hornet-stingers. Not Wurm Online. I skimmed through the previous 140ish replies and only a couple of them expressed neutral or positive feedback on those names. There's about 100 replies with negative feelings, confusion and disbelief. All in 6 hours. Please do reconsider. Disclaimer: I did not play Rose. No.
  10. Maybe to keep the immersion in game, we could have a Notebook "bundle" item. Right now, there's the book, empty papers, ink/dye, pen. But if we could combine them all into a single item, with a single right click "use" option to read and write. Having to restock paper and ink is debatable, but even then it's 1 item to carry with you, instead of 3 or 4. Much easier to have as trade item as well.
  11. You worded very exactly what has been bugging me. The screen is full of boxes and other elements in different sizes and styles (buttons, borders, etc). This makes the screen look patchy and clunky. It's not really a critical functionality issue, but in my opinion it's pretty high on the user-friendliness ladder.
  12. UI scaling doesn't properly scale some text boxes, for example personal merchant Price management. 100% or larger it looks ok, but at 90% only the item names get smaller, price boxes remain at 100%. Resulting in very uneven rows.
  13. Rift progress is same as other missions, would be better to make it red again. In fight, when target is selected, the action timer bar doesn't show below the selection box; I guess it's hidden under the health bar. If target is not selected, the action bar shows normally. On that note, perhaps this action timer should also be displayed in the selection box, if the box itself is minimized/collapsed? Since special attacks don't show up anywhere in the new UI, I did a keybind for one (number 9 key). Somehow, got this stuck in the center of my screen. Appears to be a text box, able to put cursor in it and change the value inside.
  14. I feel that the target and fight boxes should form a more unified "whole piece" when docked to each other. With some quick photoshopping.. Perhaps add the collapse option on it, same as selection box has now. If nothing targeted, collapse the target window (toggle auto collapse on/off) And when expanded, same thing. Remove those unnecessary side margin spaces
  15. 70 and 80 % options to UI scaling would be nice. Scaling different UI elements independently would be the best option. Chat box hides the last bit of typed text: Add an option to toggle the chat Total members. Minimum chat box height I can do is 8 lines, could we perhaps squeeze it a little more? These little inventory filter icons are really hard to understand if they're on or off: Opening larders, bulk container units, or large storage unit, automatically expands all the shelves/subcontainers. The skill tracker resizes itself to fit the text (and can thus mess up the very OCD people's minds ). What is the green ball on the health bar? Separating a chat from the "main" group and then closing it - remains closed after someone types new text. If closing in the group, they pop open again when new text received. This also applies to private chats, cannot open the chat again even if I send a /tell to the person. They see it, but I don't see the chat. The Ranged fight icon resembles a hand picking something up rather than throwing. I'd say the old style bow/arrow would do better