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  1. Depends on how continous these auctions will be, but why not use that pot for some prized community events and competitions? Holiday themed screenshots, GM organized cow races, or even add some of those coins to treasure chests.
  2. From balance point of view, also worth keeping in mind, anything that can be considered "an item drop" can be farmed by 10 alts for one player. Say, the special metal lumps, most possibly with special properties. While (random) skill bonus most likely only applies to the very character that collects it. Just saying. It's all relative.
  3. I am rather surprised that the "bury" action has not been added to the list. Killing a rat makes little sense to get a casket, but digging a hole to bury the corpse... it's digging, isn't it.
  4. One could argue, this is thanks to the pointy sign "go here" for 20 months. If that sign pointed to Harmony, population stats could be different. From Niarja, April. Quick count, don't quote these to the overlords. Cadence, 75 new deeds, 72 disbanded, 50 by upkeep (66% of founded) Harmony, 39 new deeds. 37 disbanded, 28 by upkeep (72% of founded) Nearly the same ratio. Now, if the pointy sign were to point towards Harmony, one could argue these 36 extra deeds that Cadence got, would be in Harmony and you/we could say "it is the most active server..." Right? But I'm not arguing. However, I don't think one server deserves to get promoted over others like that. Especially with a 20 month old "new" label. If the idea is to funnel most new players to one server "for better community experience", then why even maintain the rest?
  5. Soil sampling augers are real things, they can go tens and tens of meters deep. Digging skill for action speed, tool QL for max depth? Similar to dredge +1 to idea
  6. Why do you want to bring more chores and maintenance to the game "Dead end" highways already have decay mechanic, so they are not "forever". If one end has no deed, the catseyes will start decaying.
  7. The skin itself does not really have any "loyalty" value, because it (or the skinned item) can be traded freely. Artsy and devsy people have spent time to make those skins. This work deserves to be more widely available than just a month. We're always happy to see more visual variety, so I fully agree these skins should/could be in cash shop, or even in the marks shop, for reasonably increased base price.
  8. Never going to happen. Have you seen AI pathing? I think, if you're going out on a cart or wagon, you must take into account the trip back. With the examples of rift or slaying ending late - you just log out and return the next day. I've done it, and it always works. My view of any kind of automated travel - your character is played by you, and you alone, and should not be turned into part time NPC.
  9. There was an attempt in Xanadu, but not too many signed up. Also, the thing with forum based lists is, as always - if OP goes active, the thread becomes cold
  10. If the issue is with toggling sleep bonus in the last moment of meditation timer, then just disable SB toggles during actions. Problem solved, and I'd call it fair - want bonus, pay for the full action.
  11. Hey! Would a nice flying GM please float across the different winter worlds, and take some screenshots of this extremely odd but beautiful red-white landscapes and -marks? @DemonaNightshade Please, this right now is the only winter that I actually like looking at
  12. We just need a feature like "ignore threads by user X" and the issue will be solved.
  13. Yes please, drop the tax.
  14. Originally all were stone house walls, but she broke a couple and I didn't bother to fix it. I guess I'll try again.