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  1. We just need a feature like "ignore threads by user X" and the issue will be solved.
  2. Yes please, drop the tax.
  3. Originally all were stone house walls, but she broke a couple and I didn't bother to fix it. I guess I'll try again.
  4. I got a pet troll. She lives in 2x1 cave room, behind 2 locked gates (which DO block her movement because she doesn't walk out of them to attack anyone). But every now and then, she just, somehow, magically warps out to the ground above the cave. I know she doesn't walk out from the mine door, because it has happened about 10 times and she's always above the cave room, which is pretty far from the doors. Never seen it happen, though. So I am not sure if your troll actually walks out, or has the same magic powers to warp out. Either way, the have something crazy skills.
  5. Some soons later, did I miss it?
  6. I put a yellow rune on my seryll maul, but it still doesn't really work...
  7. Yeah, this was my first thought as well.. The skin in itself is nice, at least on the picture. But to fully appreciate the skin, you probably have to apply it to some dummy hammer and then place it on the forge; and not forget to repair it; because let's be honest, how many smiths out there ever drop or equip their hammers? In other words, I think the monthly skins should be something more "visible". If you want to please the smiths, could give them a large anvil with that fancy logo, or even a forge. A skinned hammer is maybe just one step away from a skinned whetstone; which is just one step away from a custom skinned toolbelt
  8. Not necessarily more Mend items. Just breaking the item into pieces, as the pickaxe example I had - handle breaks off, you're left with pickaxe head, and you'd have to remake it. What happens with rarity, enchants, runes, imbues, that's all details TBD. But it would need imping again, and even that'd be a step towards more active market and services (hopefully). Fishing rods are kind of good example. Modular design. It's not one single item, but made of pieces. And those pieces can and will break individually and recreating or repairing requires different skills. Not just fine carpentry, as the old rods we had; now if string breaks, you need ropemaking. Smithing for metal hooks, and etc.
  9. First of all, I don't get this at all. When everyone can do everything, how's that not balanced? Many suggestions for new maps here almost every month; only way I can support this is Jackal-like instances. New map, for certain period to explore and do whatevers, then closed and recycled. Next, I don't fully understand the point about "control over resources". What is there to control, really? Iron, wood, dirt/sand, clay, rock. That's pretty much all you need for full Wurm experience. If you want to privatize a resource (which is what you will get with the biomes and limited areas plan), then no thank you. Also, why you all trying to force me to trade? I don't want to trade. I want to dig my own dirt, plant my own potatoes and chip my own bricks, g'daymit! However, here's a thought for you, if you want more value in trades. Slower skill gains. There, I said it, now think about it. Sure, it won't fix existing skills, but short of complete wipe, nothing will. To limit deeds and alts in one or different servers, I see no reason for that. Me having one giant place in Xanadu or three smaller deeds in various other servers, how's that disturbing your or any random persons game? And just to say, I kind of only live in Xana anyway, but imagine if I was actively traveling between Xana and Indie; and one day you take away my Indie deed, why would I ever want to travel again? The best suggestion I kind of agree with, is to increase the item and resource "waste", in some way. Some combination of critical QL loss or item damage, which breaks your rare pickaxe's handle and you'd have to "remake" it. Potentially losing the rarity and yes, I do think rare items should not be permanent and should have a risk of rarity loss or worse. Anyhow. If one doesn't enjoy this game and has quit and has no plans to return to the game _as it is_ then maybe, instead of trying to remake this game, find one that is what you want... It's like standing at the door of a 21+ club, demanding the people working there to dress up properly so that you could get in
  10. Nothing wrong with taking ownership of "public resource". Everything in Wurm is a public resource, until a deed is popped on it. But nobody cares if that resource is iron vein, because they're everywhere. Make dragons non-unique, and nobody cares either. Is that what we want? I've been hunting for scale for 5 years, through slayings that have been public (and one private, for whatever reason I got invited) and I still don't have my armor set. But I would not want it to be any easier to obtain. It's as end game content as it can be in Wurm, why would you want to walk in scale set just after 6 months of playing? What will be there for you to look forward to? Those that want private slayings to be stopped because they want more scale and hide - would you still care if you already had a scale set on yourself and every alt? Would you still care if scale was as easy to get as goblin skulls? Those that want private slayings to be stopped because they want more public events - would you still care if that'd be happening every weekend, on fixed schedule, with no other reward than "social interaction opportunity"?
  11. Not sure if suggestion here or bug report elsewhere... But I think a glow rune on saddle or bridle should work. Horses are people too, they afraid of darkness!
  12. New content is fine, in fact it's needed in any field of entertainment; but as said here and in other threads, new content in Wurm needs better testing.
  13. Yes. And at the same time, please change some of the Examine texts to be more gender specific [14:02:19] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Finality. [14:02:19] She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [14:02:19] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has been bred in captivity*. (this is not even needed here) [14:02:19] They are not hungry. [14:02:19] You can groom them again now. [14:02:19] Its colour is black. [14:02:19] Her mother is the venerable fat Eckerlightning. Her father is the venerable fat Fleacliff. It's ok to refer to an animal as "it", but why do we need to use "they/them" when we already know the gender?