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  1. Wait till you realize that this wooden arch requires just as many planks to build as a full wall
  2. Tested it right now in Xanadu, same result. As the owner of a boat, I am not allowed to repair it on deed if the repair/improve permission on that deed is not allowed for me. Moored or not moored, in the boat or out of it - no difference. Same for wagon (didn't test carts).
  3. My thoughts as well. Halving the saccing timer was a good idea, but the pending pool addition leaves me with a "meh" feeling. Was it needed? Why? As people have already tested, the numbers make it rather useless and wasteful. Tweaking those numbers should've been a thing for test server. From the feedback thread to release, in such a short time (in Wurm terms), it feels unneccessarily or even desperately rushed. I mean, you've got reports that Holy Crop is bugged, but choosing to fix the unbroken things first is strange. Below is just a conspiracy theory.
  4. Just another quick personal opinion. Wurm does not need new content every 2nd month. Fixing some critical and/or long term annoying issues would be much more appreciated. Animal spawns and disembarking bugs jump up and down on suggestion and bug forums, for example, effortlessly not getting enough attention.
  5. I agree with this. Would be a great way to public test major mechanics changes and new features, without dangering the ever continuous Wurm life where "fairly reimbursing everyone after things gone wrong" is close to impossible
  6. Thanks for the update! (no sarcasm) It's simply wise to rebalance things in North that have proven problematic in the South. Glad to see that on the priority list. However... Regarding the favor reworks. From that feedback thread you should have read out - don't make things more complicated. It was the basic, successive idea through most of the replies in that thread. Now we learn the rework is still coming as planned. You may have tweaked a few things in the original design based off the replies, but in general you still did what you wanted and the public majority opinion "this is not needed, keep it simple" was disregarded. At that point, why even ask for feedback... could just make the changes as you see fit and then fix/balance the problems after having it in public TEST server for a while. But now, as I understand, it comes with a bang to live servers, with a label Done*. In my humble opinion, you just created a cheap "we wanted to be transparent, we had a thread" excuse for later to point at. * Feedback thread closing note was: "Several valid concerns were raised with the proposed changes, so we'll definitely be making some adjustments to them. We promise that these concerns will absolutely be taken into consideration prior to any changes actually being implemented." This proves the original idea had flaws that you had missed. How many flaws in the adjusted version would you find through feedback? Are you in a hurry? Will the issues and consequences be easier to fix once it has been released? Food for thought.
  7. Do iron, sandstone, salt and other non-rock tiles spread?
  8. There will always be a skill that's harder and slower than the rest, let it be, don't open a can of "make all things easy". But hey, if you want to go there... meditation, channeling, prayer.. all worse than WS in my book. And compared to many other skills out there, WS in it's nature is way easier to grind. Just stand there, and imp stuff. Only concern is keeping the forge hot and not scrap the last of your lump. For example natural substance, coal making, animal husbandry - in a way they are harder than WS.
  9. Like: ability to offer solutions to unexpected problems. Genesis, strongwall, summon soul, etc. Utility spells. Dislike: priest mechanics constantly changed without a clear vision of what the end product should be. Btw, all of you complaining about saccing, think ahead. If saccing is removed, farmers will come at you with burning pitchforks
  10. You should be able to mine the V vein, if you stand on your T tile. At least this scenario works for me. Other angle could be from the other T's. But again, mining the vein from inside the first tunnel tile should still work. X | X | X X | T | T X | T | V S | S | S
  11. My first question, is this something that really needs time and resource any time soon? Current system works, we're all used to it, haven't seen complaints about it. I mean, sorry, but there are so many annoying bugs and "features" that should be addressed... For someone who does not exercise spam saccing/casting, this would actually add confusion. I sac, I get favor, I get to cast a spell, it's a simple and reliable process right now. I can just set those actions in queue and check back in a minute. Because let's face the truth, most priests are alts and while doing casting, we play other character(s). With proposed change, priest window requires more attention. Next bump is linked casting. Not as much of an issue if one player controls both/all links, but with different players linking up, it gets more complicated as well. Currently, the main priest sees from event window if the batteries have finished saccing and knows exactly when casting is possible. With proposed changes, the exact time becomes guesstimational or needs active communication (which translates into more hassle). Effect on linked channeling grinds needs a profound evaluation too. In conclusion, I think the proposed mechanic would not improve priest play. Personally, I could see it as improvement, if saccing fills all usable favor instantly (as it is now) and in addition there is the "pending" pool. I can also see how this gets a not_going_to_happen label. If the main goal is to decrease time spent on sacrificing, then yea, just halve the saccing timer, job done.
  12. Missed my point... if one does ugly and sloppy job, why should anyone else fix it. There's also the question "who actually has to live with it?" If a road builder from far west goes to the east coast, builds a rough highway through a tundra which took a year for locals to expand... I'd be pissed too as one of the locals there. Anyway, in the end it all comes down to sooo many things to consider, pretty much as in real life, so the "be nice" rule is pretty much the only proper one to follow Diplomacy at it's finest. I don't advocate for either party. I'm not even here. /shrug
  13. There is some truth and reasoning in Andru's thoughts. In many cases, a highway does not destroy the surrounding environment. When planned properly and designed according to the nature around it, it can and will improve the landscape. However, way too often the highway crew just wants to have a road from A to B, they want it done fast. Once the road is done and functional, they're done with it. What's around the road, is none of their business and not of their interest. It's nature, it will adapt. That's when "green people" have the right to riot. Sometimes, building the road around a steppe is a better solution than through it. Sometimes, a highway can narrow down from 3-wide to 2-wide, if it's in the middle of swamp or "no where". I've also noticed, way too often do people build those massively wide roads when there's not really reason for it, other than "it's highway". 3 tiles paved, extra 1-2 tiles at the sides for sand or moss etc. And then this highway ends at some small village, barely sees any traffic. I understand deed owners want their place to be connected to the "route" network. But 2 wide is also highway. Even gravel can be highway, and sometimes looks much better than fancy pottery brick. Highway can decay and it may be modified. If you're not happy what was built in your back yard; or if you want to place a deed on a highway, you are allowed to re-route it through other areas, as long as the connection remains active. Highway can also decay on it's own, if the deeds connected to it are disbanded. Not likely to happen when the road connects starter towns; but again, you can modify the trajectory, if you really want to. Official highway rules in effect, from this thread.
  14. I'd like to ponder on that topic a little more. A /balance or /bank command would be fine, since we already have many of those to tell us many of things. However. While there is ongoing work in UI improvement (I'd like to think it is ongoing and not left as is) - should those chat commands become actual UI components? /weather, /time, maybe even /almanac, many of us use those daily. It has been suggested to add the /time to character's healthbar, where we currently have FPS and speed shown already. Perhaps add bank balance to the health bar mouseover box, and weather icon to status effects. Just example ideas.
  15. Opinions and play styles may differ. Many of the vocal opinions on the forum here (and in game) point at old servers, predicting death and desertion; saying there is nothing for new players to do amongst the veterans. But they all assume, that a new player always wants to be part of thriving economy and have a chance to be equal to everyone else. 5 years ago when yours truly started, I didn't care about any of that! I joined the game, I joined a village, and I got to meet some people who I never knew before and today consider my best friends. Never cared much about money or market. For a year, I didn't leave the village because I didn't need or want to. I did not care that everyone was 50 levels above me in everything. In fact, it encouraged me and now I outskill them! Hah! What I am trying to say - have an open mind. Not everyone looks to be "in competition". Some want to terraform wild untouched forest, some prefer to re-settle old ruins to bring the neighourhood back to life again. /shrug