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  1. I think it's "beyond necessity", which can give it a little more relaxed meaning, if we really want to Sometimes you just really need to display that fantastic slate brick or the supreme potato. Is it greed? No, I already have the item. Is it desire to show off? Totally! Well, maybe a little greed, because it's mine and I won't give it to you. Another step towards garbage collecting, but we've long passed that threshold. The hundreds of everlasting goblin skulls on my lawn speak of it. And makes little sense to have a steel shield decay on table, and a bone in grass - not. Remove decay completely, no from me. Waxing feels also "too cheap and free". But there have been suggestions to have display cases of all sorts, similar to magic chests. I think if one religiously wants to display their supreme potato, then to pay hard cash for such an item will be fair enough.
  2. Ooh, a shiny! Always like a shiny! 😎 But.. hm.. wait. Let's just check something... Yup! A bloody ambush, what it is! My shiny! Dislaimer. Trolls were harmed in this short story.
  3. There's a rather big difference in going out to explore and finding a fallen deed by chance; and running to loot a place on an out-of-game mass media announcement. If deed falls, I think for the alliance to get notified with "x has left the alliance" message is enough. It shouldn't even be server message. It shouldn't concern other, random players, in random far corners. But I'm also a fan of records and history, so adding a fair delay to those server messages would be middle ground for me. Had to edit and add a comment to this And that's all fine. There is just the plea to discover some more kindness in ourselves, to quote the OP: "take some time to find the player first. It's the kind thing to do." But, I mean... if you really-really had to sell that inscribed vase that Jennifer got from her grandmother, to secure your yearly mortgage... we can understand. 😏
  4. Auction ended, I remain the proud owner of this wingedly skin. The item remains for sale, message here or in game.
  5. September 2022 Winged Helm (Open Helm) Invented by R. Plimey in 908 after an unfortunate horseback collision with an eagle. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: 50 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Delivery to all SFI except Chaos.
  6. All rewamping aside, I think unicorns in wild should have their spawn decreased. More of them around than horses, makes no sense. It was massively increased for personal goals, years ago. No need for it anymore, so please make them rare again.
  7. Why's that? 10% cut on all sales that goes to.. where, kingdom pool? How does this help the local market deed? My votes: 1) branded and bridle'd horse able to "ride" without leading first 2) discard archaeology fragments 3) fix the slight misalignment when sailing with the "auto align" feature; last I noticed, it was inclined to the right. Bit annoying in canals.
  8. +1 Some extra decay gaphics on badly damaged ships would be nice. Holes in the hull, crooked masts, torn sails. Maybe even capsize a little bit.
  9. The cartography table is very fancy! And I love the option to put maps on walls. I really hope the "tilted" bug on maps gets fixed quickly. Something I kind of missed was any kind of indication for the number of "improve" surveys I had done. Would it make sense to add it to Examine info?
  10. Depends on how continous these auctions will be, but why not use that pot for some prized community events and competitions? Holiday themed screenshots, GM organized cow races, or even add some of those coins to treasure chests.
  11. From balance point of view, also worth keeping in mind, anything that can be considered "an item drop" can be farmed by 10 alts for one player. Say, the special metal lumps, most possibly with special properties. While (random) skill bonus most likely only applies to the very character that collects it. Just saying. It's all relative.
  12. I am rather surprised that the "bury" action has not been added to the list. Killing a rat makes little sense to get a casket, but digging a hole to bury the corpse... it's digging, isn't it.
  13. One could argue, this is thanks to the pointy sign "go here" for 20 months. If that sign pointed to Harmony, population stats could be different. From Niarja, April. Quick count, don't quote these to the overlords. Cadence, 75 new deeds, 72 disbanded, 50 by upkeep (66% of founded) Harmony, 39 new deeds. 37 disbanded, 28 by upkeep (72% of founded) Nearly the same ratio. Now, if the pointy sign were to point towards Harmony, one could argue these 36 extra deeds that Cadence got, would be in Harmony and you/we could say "it is the most active server..." Right? But I'm not arguing. However, I don't think one server deserves to get promoted over others like that. Especially with a 20 month old "new" label. If the idea is to funnel most new players to one server "for better community experience", then why even maintain the rest?
  14. Soil sampling augers are real things, they can go tens and tens of meters deep. Digging skill for action speed, tool QL for max depth? Similar to dredge +1 to idea
  15. Why do you want to bring more chores and maintenance to the game "Dead end" highways already have decay mechanic, so they are not "forever". If one end has no deed, the catseyes will start decaying.