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  1. [closed] supreme statue of Vynora fragment

    Looks like in 18 hours and 30 minutes I will have to build me a nice supreme Vynora statue. Nefer will not be happy about!
  2. Major issue with rude people

    Nobody has to like you. You don't have to like everyone. Everyone likes what you do. Learn to accept and let go.
  3. Rift - 5 December

    /me runs to investigate the mysterious blue dot Can't ignore it!!
  4. End of 2017 Map dumps

    ... aaaand did you?
  5. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Either way, someone had to know, but they didn't say anything or were overruled for reasons we're not told (maybe that's why they left the group, or were made to leave?) Even if you, Hailene, had no part and are really a blue eye'd justice seeker for your "rules" (unfortunate for you), I stand to my judgement - greed. *pokes the horse one more time* I only see one other person kind of siding with Hailene. *yup, dead as dead*
  6. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    People still do nice things. Impalongs, newbie recruiters, public infrastructure projects. Those are selfless, nice things for community. But come on, you're talking about "helping the community" when there's a group of people who take it up to themselves to decide, who gets to take part in slaying the dragon and who is not welcome. Once someone is "in", they're not allowed to attend public or other out-of-group slayings (in P&R) anymore. That's not helping the community; that's dictating. If your group really wanted to help the community, all slaying were public and all loot was always rolled to everyone on the kill list. I find it hard to believe not a single person in your group knew of OR's origin. Someone must've known it was "against the rules", he hasn't exactly been living quietly under a rock. But he was allowed to join and several people left (your words) due to that. You haven't explained that part, I guess there's dirt you don't want to reveal. You should start shaming those that didn't say "Wait, doesn't he live in Independence?"
  7. Can close, auction ended, I'll have to build it myself! Drats!
  8. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Just curious, isn't OR mostly Indie habitant? What made you accept him to the PR group? It just has "greed" written all over it. You let OR join you, because him being a rival was not good for "business". You let him join, even if it meant losing several of your current members. Loyalty and group friendship was sold for more uniques. Shame on you. Wouldn't expect much sympathy.
  9. Mail Item Expiry Time

    Make the expiry time selectable when sending the item(s)? 3 days, 7 days, 28 days.
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    No hate, just minor dislike. Having popular and perfectly sane requests by players being ignored without reasonable explanations. Not big changes, but small fixes and improvements. Examples? Get Info in the Nature submenu Beehive green spam toggle The letter K on game map More frequent map dumps Change gate opening direction Appearance change (mirrors) Snuffed lanterns decay in inventory Mayor of a deed able to "insta-pop" any house Woad planters Yes, for some of these we're given kind of excuses. Month after month, even year after year, we wait for some small improvement or fix that "will get done with this-and-this BIG UPDATE". An update which, for what we know, may not even be half way done on drawing boards. UI overhaul will bring new menu! Mirrors and much more available in web shop! Don't get me wrong, I love those big updates! I do notice the small things that get fixed with almost every client update as well. It just annoys that a black coROOSTER pops up out of no where and a couple of pixels on map border go "Oh bollochs!"
  11. End of 2017 Map dumps

    @Retrograde How's the enquiry coming along?
  12. I'm not sure if the following is intended, but I find it kind of annoying and just want to complain out loud. Some items I assemble make me facepalm. Maybe I can understand that someone in the old dark days, while making a pottery planter, double runed it with 10% "improve rate" before heating it; or put Bloodthirst on a shaft because they had no better weapon against that darnish goblin; or they enchanted small nails with Blessings of the Dark, because... Wait, no, this is where I lose the thought! I can accept the double runed planter (even though I cannot replace the runes on it, which is rant for another day). But the fact that I cannot throw the nails or shaft into BSB, really? (yes, yes, I can make pegs and still store them as normal, but I want the shaft!) I have yet to see an actual weapon with a battle enchant. I've had hammers, carving knives, saws with bloodthirst, frostbrand and life transfer. But no mauls, no swords. Restoration and archaeology are 90. Don't make our ancestors look stupid! /Sorry for ranting/
  13. You have a moment of inspiration...

    Golden light flashes on screen, a quiet drum roll blitzing to a strong and overly loud climax. - What? What now?? "You damage the huge axe a little." - Oh.. okay then. Rather disappointing... derp... is this what half the ladies out there experience week after week? Shivers. A moment of inspiration. /sarcasm Meh. I leave the forge be and step outside. Another day goes by. What if I leave all the things be. For a moment. I try to clear my thoughts. You fall into a trance. Nothing but frogs? Or... is there a whisper, hidden in the last rays of late evening Sol? Remember. - Remember? What should I remember? Remember, when... And suddenly I remember! Ah yes. The moment when I realized, that in some complicated way, everything is possible in this game. A moment. I let my eyes daze off into the mysteriously flowing fog and listen again... And she did, and we soon had a desert on the island. This was the moment that led me to understand - the borders are just in my head. A moment. I can barely let go of that thought when next one hits. Yes! I do remember! This was the moment when the first seed was planted, the first seed which grew up to be a rather magnificent looking construct. A moment. Sun has set, fog has rolled in, frogs have gone quiet. But I am standing here, staring into darkness, and it is not silent. From all directions, whispers bombard me with moments. The moments that make me enjoy this game, the moments that throw me into new shenanigans, the moments that I value above any shiny axe. Moments of inspiration. And I sincerely thank you, everyone, who has been in those moments with me. (wow, that's slushy, as if taken from an Oscar winner's speech)
  14. Speed up the process!
  15. @Gheenmade some pictures of various metals. I'm sure he can make them out of moonmetals too, you just have to send him lumps