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  1. Not to derail the topic, but I feel really puzzled by this. A big, really big project, someone is working on it for months and more, but then for some reason that person leaves and all/most of the work is then scrapped? I know you have limited resources and many/most devs are volunteers, but with big projects that really impact the game as a whole - shouldn't you have more teamwork backup and if one dev leaves, another can take over? Not coming to tell you how to run your things, but for a bystander it sounds really inefficient
  2. Just to confirm that it's not one person issue, I'd also like my unicorns to become colorful again
  3. Working on another deed, where I'm not a villager but have all possible permissions, I get this: [21:08:19] You may only plant one large sign outside your settlement per week. Please remove daily sign planting limit on all deeds where we have required permissions. I cannot see any harm in that, as I can plant all the signs anyway, just need to log in the other character, but that's minorly annoying.
  4. [00:06:25] Something seems to have gone wrong as Fo tried to create his manifestation. The thorns are not loving at all and it seems very aggressive.
  5. I'm just going to complain a little, on behalf of xanadians (self nominated spokesperson) We didn't have the traders available during the "money printing" era and it makes other servers have unfair advantage (please take it as derisive humor) What I mean - a player in Indy had enough time to place a trader on their deed, years ago, and milk it for all that time to get their money back tenfold. Xanadu didn't have that option. And since it was an unintended feature not caused by players (for sooo many years), then.. I want a free trader! *rabble rabble* But my honest opinion - as the hour drops, delete all traders outside starter deeds. After that, if anyone buys and plants one, the same person should be able to pick it up and relocate where ever they want; even trade to other player; just as personal merchant contracts.
  6. I have not noticed decrease in agressive mobs per se, but there are increasing numbers of sheep and unicorns, at least in the south areas. Honestly, there was a day I killed 70 sheep in a small tundra area. Last rift I was at, there was a swarm of unicorns (and their corpses). Counted "ram is dead" in February event logs. 107 matches. Should really be looked into.. Wasn't the increased unicorn birth rate temporary for the personal goal rally? I understood they were to become more rare again after it had ended. But right now, they are more common than horses or cows.
  7. The 3rd person head tilt/turn is only visible for yourself, unfortunately. Not sure if that's a bug or something not fully implemented yet. Especially noticable when riding a horse, because even if you think you are looking straight ahead (in 3rd person), for everyone else your body can be facing somewhere else. This also makes sound effects appear from "wrong" directions, when you're playing in 3rd person view.
  8. I hear that bigger Field of View also increases the zoom-out.
  9. I understand that. But... RMT basics - "send me xx euros via paypal and something via mail in the game for xx silver". In May, when I accept a potato from my other character for xx silver, do you guarantee the ban hammer won't hit me?
  10. Do xanadians get to buy and "install" Traders after that change? Will current Traders get the option to be relocated (or sold)? With RMT getting a ban.. some players have deeds in different locations and servers, with different characters. Does the RMT ban mean I cannot send silver to my own characters anymore via mail (or even direct trade)? Do I then have to buy silver from the shop for all my characters separately? I mean, how would you distinguish me sending silver to myself, from someone else sending me silver for a dollar.
  11. The following is from a PvE-only player perspective. * I did not include spells that are available for all the 4 gods, such as Summon soul or Bless. Looking at the list of spells, Magranon is going to be an outcast in Freedom once again, with only one useful, unique spell - Strongwall (and even this one is a niche spell). Disintegrate, let's be honest, so difficult to cast it's close to useless. Easier (and arguably cheaper) to settle a temporary deed. Sure, Mag has a few other spells (Focused will, Flaming aura), but I wouldn't put those in PvE equations because they have better versions available by other deities. Dear Wurm team, who speaks of balancing the gods and priests. Look at it! Vynora and Fo will be the to go-to priests for 75% of players/traders. Libila is for the 20% who want to "do stuff, but be different". Magranon... well, Mag will pay for premium, log in for a day or two, and be forgotten again. Is that balanced? Please don't dare to tell us "we probably have to look at balancing those 4 main gods in the future". Do not dare! You have messed and screwed with priests so many times in recent past, I rather have you remove all religion from the game than giving us another "in the future". You should be more than capable to work out balancing the four gods now, right now, within that upcoming change. I mean, some priests have changed their deity every year, how can they even believe in anything? Sorry for the rant. I like mining and terraforming, and I'm sad because I'm going to have to play/pay this one-spell-priest. Used to have Life transfer back in the day... I love this game.
  12. Every skill has a hard 100 cap and theoretically, in the end of the world, all players could be exactly equal We also need to ask the question - should the new players really be able to catch up with those who have spent 10 years in the game already?
  13. I guess my concern is what SmeJack pointed out. Without a merge, current WO is also very likely to become "the other epic". We may get some more content, but the most important what we need - new players - goes to the new cluster. What about making the Steam cluster a sort of new Golden Valley with some skill and content limitations? Remove premium from there completely. Their only expence would be deed and trader dinglins, if they so choose. Not too big limitations, they should still get about 80% of the real deal. Maybe skills capped at 80, no moon metals and uniques, maybe something else. But if they want to go full wurmian, if they want to enter the "old world", they need to buy the one way ticket to our cluster, where they can go premium. They can choose to remain free players here as well, but then there's still the skill cap. Although, some analyst can probably estimate the number of "wtf I quit" threads when a player from the world of 1000 joins the world of 200 and can hear their own echo for half a day in all chats.
  14. First of all, this is kind of an important thing and seeing the two main voices of the game not on the same page is a little off putting... In my humble opinion. If and when the new Steam cluster goes well and gets thousands of players, and then it doesn't get merged to the current WO cluster at all, we as the current population won't really benefit at all from those numbers. Or what am I missing.
  15. I would even go as far as remove deeds on Jackal. Lore wise, we are invading a hostile moon, who do we pay the upkeep to?