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  1. New lighting and fog seem to have issues with each other... not sure if my local issue or has anyone else experienced it? Picture with very low settings and other client with all the whistles Also, the distant landscape looks as if it's cut out on white canvas
  2. Scenario. Building with two floors, beds are on 2nd floor. 1st floor rooms are locked for public. Non deed member goes to sleep in a bed. He logs back in the game, but is placed on the 1st floor. Repeatable. Permissions of the building: no permissions set for "Freedom Isles" Bed permissions: none set, no rent. Bedroom door: unlocked. 1st floor door: locked. Issues (in my example case) - user logs in, but is locked in the 1st floor room (luckily there were no rabid wolves in that room )
  3. And in addition, rotation around X axis when placing items
  4. The warmaster turrets were kind of nice touch, at least a step in right direction. Same with the rift camps at random locations (although I have not found one myself as of yet, other people have). But I feel those camps could be expanded further, given a better purpose to find and destroy them other than the materials. What if.. for every camp the players shut down before the actual rift opens, there will be less mobs to slay? Or have the camps have some one-use blades or throwables that instant kill a rift ogre or something.. or something that helps in the final battle somehow? And maybe some spell or tool to locate them, I mean *cough* Xanadu *cough*... The 4th wave is unnecessary, we had just the same "fun" standing and waiting for them to die off with 3 waves. Now it just lasts longer... which nobody really needs. I mean, you only need 60 points for the highest level, but the end scores are usually just a little shy of 200.
  5. For one, permissions. There are rather many open communities / recruiting villages around, and sometimes you just want to show off that fantastic garden gnome in your back yard, but do not feel very comfortable to leave it on deed permissions. But also open doorways/entrances higher than just the ground floor. Let's take those huge cathedrals for example, right now you probably opt for an U shape building with bridges as ceiling. However, this means the center of the cathedral is actually not inside the building at all. Or ship factories, kind of same deal.
  6. Please let us have house tiles on ground floor without any walls or posts/columns/poles. In other words, let us remove the outer wall plan when tile has been added to the building. So that in the picture below, the two tiles would actually be part of the building.
  7. Edna's bedroom. We started off as enemies, became sort of friends (Stockholm syndrome), and lately she's been giving me weird hints like "U dhink fit bed big yes yes?"
  8. Attached a color rune to seryll maul, but it doesn't show the new dye effect when equipped. A large spiked heavy clump of metal on a shaft. Colors: R=219, G=239, B=37. It could be improved with a lump. When on floor, it shows the new color correctly. When equipped, it's still the default red. In addition, it also has A tin rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) and some enchants. The color rune was added as last.
  9. Thanks @Yldraniafor sorting the gate permissions, you can lock it up again. This was one the flattest rifts I have ever done btw
  10. The mission: After giving one pulp: Got it with two different characters, both had not given any items to her before (within this mission). One character gave 1st, other gave 5th of the 7 required. It counted towards the mission progress (both global and personal) correctly though, so just a little informational bug.
  11. April Events

    Far right looks oleander, I assume the red next to it is raspberry (got a raspberry boat, it looks very similar). Edit: although, it doesn't have the greenish.. so maybe not oleander...
  12. I will do a necro bump to this and add many of the same suggestions. Because.
  13. Auto holster when not in combat mode (nothing in target window). Auto unholster when targeting anything. ? Suggested many times, through many years Yes please!
  14. Ah, thank you Flubb. I knew I saw it somewhere, but didn't exactly find it again. I'm asking because, well, kind of wondering, whether the Steam server will be promoted as "recommended for you!" for the new player, or does the old world get equal chance. I hope there's at least some kind of introduction what to expect in both. Some may look for a fresh map, but there are definitely players who would be more intrigued by infrastructures and communities already established; to explore the old monuments and landmarks, not to mention archaeology which in new server will be.. um.. You can't find any traces of any abandoned settlements here. So as many current WO players are looking to start over in the new map, I'm hoping to see new players join our current servers as well.
  15. With the new Steam client, will current servers be visible for new players to join the same way as the fresh Steam server? In other words, if a first time player installs Wurm via Steam, are they automatically sent to the new server, or do they have a (relatively visible) option to choose the spawn in Independence?