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  1. Every skill has a hard 100 cap and theoretically, in the end of the world, all players could be exactly equal We also need to ask the question - should the new players really be able to catch up with those who have spent 10 years in the game already?
  2. I guess my concern is what SmeJack pointed out. Without a merge, current WO is also very likely to become "the other epic". We may get some more content, but the most important what we need - new players - goes to the new cluster. What about making the Steam cluster a sort of new Golden Valley with some skill and content limitations? Remove premium from there completely. Their only expence would be deed and trader dinglins, if they so choose. Not too big limitations, they should still get about 80% of the real deal. Maybe skills capped at 80, no moon metals and uniques, maybe something else. But if they want to go full wurmian, if they want to enter the "old world", they need to buy the one way ticket to our cluster, where they can go premium. They can choose to remain free players here as well, but then there's still the skill cap. Although, some analyst can probably estimate the number of "wtf I quit" threads when a player from the world of 1000 joins the world of 200 and can hear their own echo for half a day in all chats.
  3. First of all, this is kind of an important thing and seeing the two main voices of the game not on the same page is a little off putting... In my humble opinion. If and when the new Steam cluster goes well and gets thousands of players, and then it doesn't get merged to the current WO cluster at all, we as the current population won't really benefit at all from those numbers. Or what am I missing.
  4. I would even go as far as remove deeds on Jackal. Lore wise, we are invading a hostile moon, who do we pay the upkeep to?
  5. Can confirm, cannot priest from the Freedom Beacons. Standing on the beacon tile: [23:33:30] You must be close to the huge altar in order to become a priest.
  6. That was a fun ride for a few hours. Happy 10 years, Independence! ? Sidenotes. * Be careful "giving" any item to the NPC's when they ask for it! If you have several of the same item in your inventory, it may not take the one you are actually activating and you can lose your good imping tool! * The /mission command will show the last NPC text. However, if you happen to examine some other object that has been involved in some other, older event, then the /mission text can and will be replaced with that event, and you can't see the NPC chat anymore. @Retrograde perhaps that first issue can be fixed before more people lose their enchanted tools ?
  7. Pretty damn useful if you're a professional cage fighter! I think I'd pick Path of Power, assuming fire immunity includes protiection from sunburns and also assuming trap immunity works on random holes anywhere and everywhere, not only intentionally set up traps meant to catch humans.
  8. I agree, bridges need some attention. They are great and they work, but they could be better Tricky mount/vehicle interaction and glitching through seem to be the most frequent and very annoying. I have successfully pushed crates, carts and even a colossus on and off a bridge from land tiles. Have not tried the same on a bridge connected to a building. Perhaps I've just been lucky.
  9. I want to bump this. [nudge] Done.
  10. As far as I remember, bridge cannot be on a mine entrance or on any tiles next to the entrance. Same from wiki: A cave entrance is one factor. Make sure to build the bridge at least 2 tiles away from the opening.
  11. I liked the "wtf, there's a tent here" discovery after the slaying, when you were exploring the dragon's cave! (from watching the stream replay)
  12. +1 for taming overhaul. It's too silly that a person can only have one pet.
  13. Although it would add some reality to the terraforming aspect, it'd be close to impossible to implement and not worth the trouble. Probably would break the game more than it would help. Two examples. What If, there's an area of 50x50 tiles, raised high above "original" height, flat, surrounded with fence, not deeded. How do you want to play the erosion there? If fenced areas don't erode, what happens to the center of the flat area (which is still high above the original height)? Would it sink to the original level? How do you explain the loss of dirt there? Does it not erode, why? Because it's fenced? Ok, what's the biggest fenced area that doesn't erode? What about natural hedges? You suggested a road would prevent erosion too. See the issue? What If, there's a steep sloped area with a structure of any kind at the lower end. By your logic, the higher end of the area should erode and dirt should flow down the slopes... but where does it go? Into the structure? Just disappear? And if that doesn't paint the picture, google for Castle House Island (fake in real world, but would be the real future in Wurm) All the "what if's" we can come up with.
  14. +1 to bashing owned vehicles/ships and those with 'Manage' permission granted. To non-owned vehicles, at least give mayors the option to drag or embark as commander (if the owner has not been online a certain amount of time), if bashing is too "risky" to implement. Add "Give directio to" option for the owner (I don't remember if it's already possible or not, I know branded animals have it) Also related, allow mayors to take ownership of structures on their deed (a repeating suggestion on these forums already).