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  1. Thanks! But, uhm, could you rename it "Newspring Bridge"? (and the very short south part next to the tunnel "Friendship Bridge") Also, the west-east line seems to be missing (sorry, I'm a perfectionist)
  2. Better late than never, here's the location.
  3. Hey Do not know about Wombats, haven't seen anyone there to be active in the last 6+ months. But indeed we have a plan to finish the connection, right now it's waiting for some.. clarifications. Work in progress
  4. Xanadu, Q-R 10 All the reds there same damage, no change in 2 weeks. Note: I have applied some damage to a couple of blue catseyes there, but haven't touched reds.
  5. Nope. Nobody repairs them because I've been checking almost every other day for the last 14 days and the red catseyes are all smiling at me happily with Dam: 9.330873 None of them have disappeared. None have taken extra damage. There are parts where two red catseyes are end to end (just a pair of reds) and they don't decay.
  6. That's the thing.. not fast enough. In two weeks that I have checked they have taken zero damage. There seems to be one initial damage tick (9.3 something) on all that are red, but that has been the same for two weeks.. And blue has zero decay. Two weeks!
  7. @RetrogradeCould you confirm the decay rate of unlinked catseyes (blue and red) off-deed? How soon after planting should the decay ticks start happening, how much is the damage and how often?
  8. I support the above and would like to add 4) Let us embark them as passenger for extra random exploring trips (1 hitchhiker per wagon as usual)
  9. How much decay and how often? All the catseyes in the broken line (blue + red) or just the ends (red)? I've been checking on red and blue catseyes over a couple of days. Red has 9.3 damage, blue has zero
  10. Not often do I bump things, but this bothers me more than most things
  11. Please add combo-bridge 1317, -6664 to 1317, -6907 1317, -6907 to 1175, -6907 bridge 1174, -6932 to 1174, -6974 Tunnel 1174, -6975 to 1174, -7020 Please remove Misty Cove Stables 1170, -7023 (disbanded long ago Thank you
  12. Fairy-tales of flying nopes
  13. There have been many suggestion threads about sheathing swords and putting axes on back/belt if you do not "target" anything. I do think shields should work the same. If you're not "targeting", have your hands free and weapons/shields put away.
  14. Could also bring some realism into this and make the bridge collapse if supports are destroyed... /me takes shelter from thrown rocks