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  1. As far as I know, when trying to resize a deed, the mayor does not need permissions to every house already fully on the deed. However, this seems to be different when a house is in the mine (underground) and mayor has no permission to it. In that case, the resize is blocked (expanding and shrinking, both). Does this sound like a bug, one way or another?
  2. This is only true for one server in Wurm. One large, laggy, mountainous server where people willingly choose to live. Those people can also move to smaller server and reduce their travel times from 120 to 20 minutes to any corner of the map. The quoted argument is really weak in any case. "Hey, give us magic wands so we can make 10k bricks in a second and those who want to do it the old way, can still spend days and weeks on it".
  3. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest name: Bluegiraffe (Nahjo) Main contact: Shmeric Location: Finality, S10 Time: 4-10PM UTC most days Gimmicks: bed, mailbox, highway; horses and food negotiable. Notes: our island has "clothing optional" policy.
  4. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    Aaand everybody's counting the whitespaces, capital letters, looking for odd dots and dashes and extra styled letters
  5. Channeling Locked Features

    I like that idea. Similar to "You now feel confident enough to steal things"
  6. The idea is well presented, but personally I can't jump on the wagon with it. I just can't see that any other server but Xanadu is big enough for such a request, and a "powerful" item like this should not be added only because of one server. After all, we choose to live on this huge island. Nobody forces us. Additionally, any price you put on an item will eventually be cheap enough for every gawd damn deed to have it. Prices drop, people get richer Instead of asking for more instant travel options, players should take the most out of what is available already. Priests. The day "summon soul" spell was announced, I said to myself "wow, that's a whole new service sector". A server wide group or association of priests. Make a list with names, locations, map, usual gaming times. Set up some basic guidelines, agree on the price and conditions. There's our portal system! That's what Wurm is all about. From players to players.
  7. The Screenshots Thread

    For those who can't catch any fish these days, a little proof - there is still fish out there. Keep trying!
  8. Using crafting window to build marble brazier pillar and adding mortar to it. After it's finished, and the item is created on the ground, crafting window still shows one mortar to be added. "Continue" button doesn't do anything. Haven't tried if bricks as last components produce same bug.
  9. Ideas for Electrum runes

    I believe this too. Runes are a very good and interesting addition to the game, but insufficiently thought through. Some of the runes make me ask, has anyone actually used them for other than "I just want to try"? Most of the spell runes (morning fog, mole senses, sunder) and split bonus runes (% and %) in my eyes are not worth to spend the materials or money on. If I have the options of 10% gathering bonus or 5% gathering bonus with a slightly increased improvement rate on my sickle, then why would I choose the latter? I can see the idea behind this, but the improvement bonus does not make up for the 5% gathering lost. Not to mention, a rune with 5% gathering bonus and OK glow.. why? The spell runes look like they were put in simply to "fill a slot" - out of good ideas so let's just make a rune that gives me a Light token With the scavenger runes introduced by archaeology we can now have multi-runed items. However, in my experience, 95% of restored items have useless runes (I've already ranted about it somewhere). But why are players limited to one rune per item? I would really like the whole rune system to be overhauled before it becomes too big of a mess to fix later, instead of casually adding new (random) options.
  10. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Keep in mind, renaming a deed does not show in in-game or out-game public records, so you can get a lot of missing names this way. For example, Turtle Island was originally Dragonstone, but recently renamed (and actually it was mention in the map thread too)
  11. PC fantastic seryll lump

    Hello, good people! Would anyone be able to predict a price for this shiny thing? A ballpark figure without auctioning? Thanks in advance.
  12. When you're out in the forest, cutting trees, then you have the chance of a hell hound walking up to you. Even if you wear no armor, even if you're out of stamina. Does it stop people from cutting trees? No, they simply know there is possibility for a small tickle fight. Current suggestion is not a "spawn a million ways to die" while mining. Just a small chance of a small tickle. Hell, tie it to the miner's fight skill. Disable it on deeds and perimeters. Have it similar to current mining events and spam event window before anything actually happens: "You hear muffled creaking and scrunching sounds behind the wall. What could it be?" Here you are, already saying, half the players quit. Could you be more dramatic?
  13. The building of Haven's Landing

    I think it was the Discruntled Husband from Katnip's stream, who said something along the lines of "Not many people get the idea to "read" houses and there should additional signs." Might be true, a new player could simply not notice the house names, while a sign would be a more clear "hey, look here, I'm a sign and most usually I have something to say"
  14. I also like this idea of an "infestation" event. Bugs or lava fiends in mines. Spiders or trolls when woodcutting. Sharkattack or fierce octopuses when fishing. Hell hounds when digging. Perhaps it could check the miner's skills and adjust the spawn... but that goes a bit into the instanced event category. Still, love the general idea