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  1. Hi, I have some fire protection rings silver/gold and a rare for sale. Rings available are listed below, please contact me if interested in any of them either in game (Dannyukk) or here on the forums. The quality of all rings are 50QL. Rare silver ring (FiProt 90) 4s Silver ring (FiProt 96) 2.5 s Silver ring (FiProt 85) 1.5 s Silver ring (FiProt 84) 1.45 s Silver ring (FiProt 83) 1.4 s Gold ring (FiProt 95) 2.6 s Gold ring (FiProt 92) 2.2 s Gold ring (FiProt 92) 2.2 s Gold ring FiProt 83) 1.6 s
  2. 3rd person view

    I've been playing Wurm Online and only just come to Unlimited and noticed there is no 3rd person view, I can't play without it I don't think. Is there a mod or something to show the characters on the screen?
  3. Is it possible you could make me a wagon please and deliver it to LakeView Oasis on map G15? I am right in saying 4S as stated? Let me know in game please or on here Dannyukk. Please forgot this post I have it sorted now thank you.
  4. Ignore this I have found tools I am looking for, thanks.
  5. That is ok I will look around for a cast on mail box then thanks. I'm also interested in buying a needle and shovel at least 70 quality with around same CoC cast on it, could you give me some prices please for these 2 tools if possible?
  6. Hi, are you still doing casts on mail box? I have a spirit cottage that I would like to have a cast on please, must be of high cast though if possible 80+ could you give me a price for this please? My deed is LakeView Oasis on community map if you would like an idea of how far it is from you. You can contact me in game also if I am online Dannyukk
  7. Thank you very much that is very helpful to me. I will certainly do those things then.
  8. Thanks for the information, appreciate it. I will probably have to work on channelling to grind it into the high 30s then before I start doing these casts. I would struggle to improve tools to 80s right now, I would get around 40 at best as i've only been playing about 6 weeks. Something I forgot to ask what kind of things would I sacrifice to gain more favour again?
  9. I have recently started a Priest Vynora so far I am faith 54, alignment 100, channelling 26. Can anyone tell me what level I should be using Circle Of Cunning on my tools please? I have tried many times but they all shatter on quality 1 tools. I've been casting Opulance on vegetables to increase channelling but it goes up so slow and not sure what level it should be to at least get a couple of casts here and there.
  10. Apparently you can't get alignment now between Libila and Vynora sermons which explains it. A Vynora Priest did a sermon and it has increased so issue solved.
  11. Hi I have just started a Vynora Priest on Cadence and joined a sermon group. I was under the impression you gained alignment for listening to other peoples sermons? I get nothing, I have been doing sermons and listening for the past 3 days now and I am stuck on 2.00 with no gains. When I do my 5 prayers my sermon resets the timer so I can continue but my alignment has been the same whether I listen to someone else or sermon myself. Could this be a bug of some kind? I'm not sure how I can raise alignment by listening, it does not seem to work for me. I have asked others in sermon group and they have told me I should be getting alignment.
  12. Hi, I'm UK time GMT I will be on today I will be on 10.30am until around 4pm then back on around 7pm until 11.30pm.
  13. Hi, fairly new player here wanting to buy Courier cast at a high level for fastest possible mail. I'm on Cadence, village is LakeView Oasis on community map. Looking to pay around 1 silver depending on cast. If you can do this for me please get in touch as I have spirit cottage with no cast on it yet. In game name: Dannyukk Thanks.
  14. LakeView Oasis [1691, 1104]
  15. Yes some kind person helped me by sending me silver coins for the loss. Such kind people playing this game.