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  1. I can help out if needed, but I already have the journal 100 faith 97 channelling
  2. According to the source Christmas is between 15:00 on the 23rd of December and 12:00 31st of December, so maybe check then or restart the server then.
  3. If you want to preserve the "rarity" of current rares to an extent rather than points wouldn't it be better to accumulate rolls, so instead of a chance of an item going rare you get a point to use on a future action of your choosing. The difficulty is that it would likely devalue the value of plain rares as it becomes easier to choose rares and would make it significantly easier to turn uncommon items rare, like moon metal items, which would significantly reduce the value of bones. Otherwise you could head down the route of a saved up moi could be used to give you 1 hour of an increased chance of an moi so you could attempt to get one doing something you want. You do have to be very careful with the levers on all of this to not make rares no longer rare.
  4. Congratulations, who should I cod it to? Edit: sent please close
  5. Get yourself a Red Tome of Magic, it grants the "Sorcerer" sorcery title and Fireball karma spell. It also provides 15% fire resistance for 10 % internal weakness. The red leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left. Start bid: 1s Min Increment: 1s No Buyout No Reserve Snipe protection: 30 mins Sold please close
  6. It makes a big difference, I saw about a 30-40% increase in favor per cordage rope at high skill with a 100 imbue (8-12 potions with a good natsub person).
  7. Sold

    Cod the rare lump to halas please
  8. I don't think this is a good idea generally, I'm not opposed to a progressive/pitty system to get a rare, but why not take the bait. Here are a few potential pitfalls that I'd think need addressed: How do you intend to interact with 3 items, there is no way to currently do this. I think this is a bit too slow, you haven't defined the amount you'd have to use each tool but assuming you could do all 3 in 1 hour per day thats 42 hours of usage to get a rare. I'd expect you should be able to get a rare sweet spot imping in less time than this from my experience. I assume you are thinking people will combine 3 tools they use regularly but I doubt this is the case. I'd expect most people would make 3 of the same tool to guarantee the desired outcome. Does this seem like a good gameplay loop to you. This would add a lot of upward pressure on the price of popular rares, metallic liquid and imbues. Since you cannot choose which transfers you'd need to recast at each rarity when you got your new tool, this would certainly increase consumption of those things and enchants but also people would buy up more of the base rares which makes them less obtainable for other players, is this a desired result? How would you balance rarity scaling, if you were to add infinite scaling you could in theory create armor with 100% damage reduction and higher level rarities could devalue exceptionally high skills like mining with the imbue changes. It is a large system with lots of pieces that need tracked, I imagine this would take a lot of dev time, is this worth it? I'd also add generally that bolting on "grr alts" to the suggestion, although somewhat relevant, is a whole other topic that is perhaps a little more intricate than you give credit to, bottom line is if the game is as slow as wurm and with restrictions like there are on priests, one way or another you will have alts. Making the game more tedious to play will not help this just increase the maintenance cost for alts, and put new players off sticking around.
  9. Fixing the meat price is easy, make pan filling easy. This would cause meat and veggies to skyrocket overnight. Ok so eve, cool, I know a bit about eve. Firstly eve is a big game relative to wurm, they have quite a lot of devs, and they are currently going through a period of scarecity and economic rebalancing because the economy got too out of whack it is hard to balance. "Don't fly what you can't afford to lose" is a very true mantra in eve and for good reason, you might die but you usually know the risks of death and the game isn't designed to randomly punish you or make you rebuy your stuff over time. In eve there is a stable market of goods, many professions are suboptimal or basically pointless these days but the game revolves around a very active economy. They do sometimes mix up the game to change the economy but the game is very much focused around players doing the most efficient activity to make the most money. The first and major point to this economic balance is they have control over the monetary supply, there are sinks and faucets in the game where isk is created through killing npcs and various other activities and consumed on fees. They then also have a secondary premium currency of plex that is used for gametime and can be sold on the in game market, this can also be used to monitor the health of the economy. The critical difference in eve manufacturing is that the majority of the value in ships and modules is in the resources used to build them. There is some value from researching blueprints but margins in eve on most production are below 30%. In eve manufacturing is automated, you start a job and it completes in a specified time period, you do have restrictions on number of slots but 2 people can easily build more than enough ships to support an active pvp group of over 50 people. Contrasting this to wurm the majority of the value is in the work put in to creation, with some owing to the skill. During the start of NFI there was a lot of value in higher skills but now a high skill mason could probably make more silver per hour making mortar than a 90 skill weaponsmith imping weapons. All products in eve are not unique, there are no rares, signatures or qualtiy a ship is a ship, there are tiers of ships and unique ships but they are a uniform product with a functional in game market. The modular nature of ships also helps this as you have a large variation on which enchants, runes etc people want on items and once added they cannot be removed. Please propose working ui for an in game market that would work well for wurm, this is something I'd genuinely love to see. Eve has destruction, in eve when you die in pvp or pve your ship explodes, it is gone and all you get for it is insurance and salvage and 50% of the modules equipped. If you die in pve you can usually (except abyssals) recover your stuff that dropped but you will still take a loss. That being said there are very few pve deaths caused by pve alone, sure there are some risks in abyssals but the majority of the pve is ratting and the danger there is that you are doing it in space where hostile players can attack you, PVP is fundamental to the loss balance of eve. If you wanted to create an eve like economy in wurm, in my opinion you'd need: A market Consumption of goods In an ideal world I'd advocate for a loosely coupled new currency, but none of this is really achievable in less than several years anyway of full time work when the game just needs iterative changes, fixes and improvements with some new features imo. As for consumption I get that you are trying to achieve this but I feel all of you ways of doing this are making the game harsh and less fun to play or at least more tedious. If deeds costed bricks and mortar or planks to maintain through an upkeep chest or something this could be a way that you could bring in consumption. If you are so desperate to increase food usage make it so the upkeep chest of a deed has to have food in it to gain sb overnight or to feed guards. Try when you think of ideas to realise most players like the grind and want to focus on that though. When games add tedious or overly punishing content players either don't interact with that content or quit if they are forced to.
  10. You literally said the time to get a skill is irrelevant. I also have agreed that without destruction wurm will have a deflating economy only propped up my new players fueling demand, I just don't think wurm is well set up for a high trading volume economy due to the lack of an in game market and the time require to make 1 end game tool. You clearly have never made a 90ql item or done a 100+ enchanted weapon so why do you profess to understand them.
  11. There is no point talking about economics who refuses to accept that both supply and demand drive the price.
  12. What you are missing is that once you have high crops and ingredients you can make a pizza and it is high ql. To compare this to armor smiths you'd have to make it so I could just create 90ql armor with 90ql mats and tools without imping, or imping would at least have to be much faster, and then you need to redesign the effective ql system for armor to basically ignore damage. Otherwise you'd be creating an "economy" which flows to armor smiths or everyone who wants to fight just has to grind the skills for their armor type. Again you are saying the price of resources would go up but which resources? You can breed for animal parts or use rods to make 99ql veins on deed. You routinely claim to be in favor of newer players and yet this would almost certainly lead to higher geared and more experienced players getting more of the higher ql resources. You also seem to miss that there is a dangerous part of wurm, the pvp servers, and they are much less populated because people prefer a more casual relaxing experience. I get you want to test it on a disruptive area but I think if you want to create a true "economy" in wurm then yes trying to balance creation vs destruction is one element but in my opinion a purely cash shop seeded currency is not going to make things easy to balance. It might be but if you were entering some content, like going to pvp, knowing you are llikely to lose it you'd use appropriate equipment. This doesn't then completely devalue rare or expensive equipment just means there is a time and place for it. I'd agree if you were to completely rework the game to work on finalizing tools and then they decay you'd likely want things like rarity, enchants and runes to work on a slot system, potentially using gems, to transfer them from one tool to another, or completely change these systems to make it easier to get them with the expectation that they will be lost when the tool is exhausted.
  13. I know you don't want people to play the game and grind skills but you must appreciate that this idea of making pve dangerous and have huge losses would further encourage people to never leave their deed. As for the idea of making armor, or items in general finalise and then decay untill they were gone could be an interesting mechanic in a game but it would require a complete rethink of wurm, almost all things would have to be able to imp quicker, otherwise there would be no way of keeping up with demand for tools and armor. Enchants would have to be easier for the same reason. Assuming you keep your idea of you can recreate a rare when your rare breaks or is heavily damaged solves one issue but then it becomes very risky to reenchant rare armor as it will eventually shatter. If you wanted to test out a loss based economy you'd want a much more trade heavy game with more tools to support it. IMO things like instanced dungeons where you don't get your stuff back when you die would be a better way of testing this as the players are consenting to losing their stuff. It sounds like you want eve's economy?