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  1. Personally I often start auctions at 1s because I'd rather the bidders set the price but as a result its almost necessary that someone bumps rares by 10s at the start otherwise you'd need pages and pages of bids, and there are also just more people who try to quickly get to their limit because its what they are willing to pay so why not offer it. I think the bigger difference with nfi auctions is the scarcity of rares compared to the old cluster along with normal fluctuating demand, when two people on nfi with some coin spare want something specific and it comes up they often will bid it up over the "normal" price, which is to be expected.
  2. Congratulations [20:30:53] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Achillis in less than ten minutes.
  3. Hey sorry I missed this, I wasn't following this thread. I'm still active but Dokhida (who was running the thread) isn't. I can sort that out for you if you send me a pm, the prices in this thread are probably out of date and I'll try to update it in the next few days.
  4. 90ql Enchanted Rare Hammer [00:52:20] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [104] [00:52:20] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [105] Start Bid: 1s Min Increment: 1s Sniper protection: 30 mins No reserve, buyout or private bids
  5. The movement is another thing that makes it tedious but yeah those are the 3 biggest issues.
  6. 5% size runes increase the size by 5% in all 3 dimensions so logically increase volume by 15.7625%, volume only increases the internal volume so makes containers bigger on the inside but not outside.
  7. I thought I'd chime in as someone who has recently started to play on defiance a little. My background: I've played wurm on and off before but never really committed to the game as much as I have since the release of NFI. I played on SFI, and on epic but was never active in pvp much. I played on challenge and was very active in pvp there. I've played a lot of EVE Online, ran a pvp wormhole corp for 4 years. I like playing pvp based games but more often matchmaking than mmos, often due to barriers of entry. NFI: I dived into NFI at launch feeling the itch to play wurm again. I'm not the best grinder but know where to look to read about things and spend a reasonable amount of time in game. At the start of NFI I was initially unsure if I should try playing on defiance but I joined a community deed on Harmony and started grinding there since I had people to chat with. I'd read a fair bit about how priests worked and so I got started on priest and weaponsmithing grind, from there I quickly started playing as a merchant. I have never been the best at anything (maybe the highest channelling, actively selling fo priest at one point) but I got my skills fairly high and prices low and I quite enjoyed doing it. Eventually I burnt out a bit and a few friends left after bouncing around deeds for a while, I got back to grinding skills a bit over trying to sell actively and took the game at a slow pace again. Defiance: I was chatting with someone from defiance and they persuaded me to give it a go, I didn't have great pvp skills but thought I'm looking for something more to do so eventually gave it a go. The following thoughts are from someone who is still fairly new to pvp and defiance so take everything with a pinch of salt. The first thing that delayed me going over is the slightly daunting task of knowing what I'm in for. There is no way to sugar coat it, there are significant barriers to pvp in wurm. From body stats, weapon skills, shield skill, archery, restarting my faith grind it did seem like a bit much so I hesitated for a while. Now that I've got started I do have renewed motivation to grind, and have mostly got past the feeling of being overwhelmed by what I need to grind, and now my faith is going up the high channelling is useful. The second hesitation was about feeling like a burden. This is not really a thing once you join a group since the community spirit seems pretty strong within kingdoms, at least within mine but I think a lot of wurm players, especially freedom players like to be self sufficient and there are a lot of skills I'd need if I were to provide for myself (and I did already have 90+ ws and pas before heading to defiance). Overall I've enjoyed it so far, the gap between me and others is quite large still but that's to be expected given the lack of time I'd put into fighting in the past. I'm still not sure I like wurm's approach to balance where account matters far more than meaningful choices around gear, there seem to be too many variables and I like min maxing so having to figure out numbers is not fun to me. I was much more of a fan of eve's style where the strength of an account could be overcome using counters (sometimes), and you really felt your gear mattered. I'm not saying a 1 day old account should beat accounts with years of skilling but if they could beat me naked with a belaying pin, irrelevant of what I have or do then something feels off. I'm obviously not in a position where I can comment on the effect of skill in pvp.
  8. Isn't this just the wishing well but with extra steps and room for people to complain, and paying fees to someone else.
  9. I think you misunderstand what I meant, if you queue 5 actions, filling your queue then click the button again 5 seconds later and get a "You're too busy" if a rare window started after the initial queue but before the one that doesn't fit in your queue you would waste a rare window. Its unlikely to happen too often since it would pretty much have to occur while filling up you queue exactly as it ends. It still seems bad to me though.
  10. This is something really quite interesting, and totally correct from the wurm unlimited code, whenever an action is sent to the server is when the polling happens on the rare window. The worse thing is that it also polls rarity before adding it to your queue so any "You are too busy" actions also consume your rare roll. At least from a brief readthrough]
  11. Code is a code block, so you can put in code and it will show it nicely with syntax highlighting not adding html code.
  12. I had a difficult map to find, I forgot to screenshot it but it was just inn the middle of a forest with no discernable features while running around, the map had some dark spots but I couldn't relate them to any obvious terrain. I found it by using the distance indicator which is quite easy tbh.
  13. That's a really nice write up and it made me think, which is actually better. So I grabbed the simulator code and I've run some simulations. These could contain errors but I thought I'd publish my results. For a 90 channeling without bene priest targeting 90+ Scenario Simulations Total Favor Total CoC Casts Total Dispels Shatter Rate Channeling Bene DispellThreshold Bonus TargetPower ItemQL Count Mean Standard Deviation Mean Standard Deviation Mean Standard Deviation Percentage 90 FALSE 120 70 90 90 1000000 1884.80355 1927.13903 37.696071 38.54278059 0 0 0.024078 90 FALSE 80 70 90 90 1000000 1771.81036 1760.328537 34.702979 34.46202375 3.666141 4.892349651 0.021769 90 FALSE 70 70 90 90 1000000 1747.20379 1722.91571 33.163638 32.63694912 8.902189 10.17218008 0.020778 90 FALSE 60 70 90 90 1000000 1785.29259 1754.824708 32.64765 31.97002326 15.291009 16.51151645 0.020743 90 FALSE 50 70 90 90 1000000 1886.67903 1854.613106 33.222097 32.48616683 22.557418 23.72838891 0.020938 90 FALSE 40 70 90 90 1000000 2029.96437 1998.969093 34.556729 33.82767713 30.212792 31.30089483 0.021989 90 FALSE 30 70 90 90 1000000 2207.1165 2181.822823 36.562311 35.92449874 37.900095 38.97977077 0.022964 90 FALSE 20 70 90 90 1000000 2393.23206 2370.727933 38.840981 38.24951658 45.118301 46.15945039 0.024163 In these results it looks like dispelling at between 70 and 80 is optimal here, although the favor saving is relatively minor at ~7% but the variability drops too, all this lines up with my experience. Next I decided to look at my use case which is usually targeting 100+ with my 98.8 channelling priest with bene, cutting down on scenarios to save time. Scenario Simulations Total Favor Total CoC Casts Total Dispels Shatter Rate Channeling Bene DispellThreshold Bonus TargetPower ItemQL Count Mean Standard Deviation Mean Standard Deviation Mean Standard Deviation Percentage 98.8 TRUE 120 70 100 90 1000000 2886.3844 3000.008491 57.727688 60.00016982 0 0 0.013358 98.8 TRUE 90 70 100 90 1000000 2548.98228 2545.011081 49.8092 49.71814994 5.852228 7.083256003 0.011675 98.8 TRUE 85 70 100 90 1000000 2473.30198 2455.686937 47.541414 47.16263779 9.623128 10.86668899 0.011018 98.8 TRUE 80 70 100 90 1000000 2440.47793 2417.195517 46.047765 45.53853218 13.808968 15.05200888 0.010539 98.8 TRUE 75 70 100 90 1000000 2444.37644 2418.256861 45.218352 44.62989261 18.345884 19.60044113 0.010506 98.8 TRUE 70 70 100 90 1000000 2484.23439 2455.592028 45.033647 44.38502273 23.255204 24.46384952 0.010455 98.8 TRUE 70 70 100 90 1000000 2480.2323 2452.238948 44.964092 44.32027778 23.20277 24.44914453 0.010416 98.8 TRUE 60 70 100 90 1000000 2625.29794 2592.566541 45.771267 45.01729748 33.673459 34.81578814 0.010475 Here it seems that 80 is about the optimal dispel point (15% favor saving), with a slight improvement in total aggregate shatter chance at 70. If anyone is interested in other scenarios let me know.
  14. Sounds interesting like an interesting concept, and seems like a nice alternative to dispel changes, and more intuitive for priests. One small thing to be considered: Isn't the improve cast done after the power roll is greater than current power, so you'd have to change it to calculate the recast bonus beforehand. (Otherwise you could never recast a 105+ if thats the intention) Dispel works on different code, the dispel power required is a random number between 0 and power+difficulty on a uniform distribution so on average half the power + difficulty so shouldn't be too hard to remove.