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  1. It would be great if genesis could target it but making it negative would mean any breeders who use stationary would have to remove any fo domain over their herd otherwise the next holy crop would ruin the herd.
  2. I think this feature is not really my style of gameplay but I'll give some feedback on it, given I've completed the journals. I was a bit surprised to see how free form it is, I sort of expected that it would auto place or at least suggest where a structure stamp would go. For combining maps some opacity on the one you are moving would be nice so you can more easily line up overlaps. I couldn't imprint the village stamp, is this due to perms? As above, is linking to the world map completely manual. 10/10 would stamp Edit: Maps can be burned, amazing Edit 2: Erasing all markers seems a bit brute force but maybe thats fine.
  3. Removing the random shatter would be a bit much but cloak sounds cool, another option (perhaps for a lower tier or in addition) is double the pending favor pool size.
  4. I'm running on the assumption that each creation is essentially an entirely independent trial, so the chance that each is in a rare window is only affected since the time since the last action. As such I ignore the "W" data as it is untested, in theory you could calculate the chance for each action, which would be 30s in any period directly following a "W" where the others would just be the time between the two periods. I think that breaking down each action is probably too much work and makes the stats a bit more complicated, the simple approach would be just 3 numbers: Average time between queueing actions, Number of rare rolls, Number of actions. If you wanted to get really in depth you could output each action with the time since last action and the result (rare roll/not), we could then break down the total number of potential rare seconds and use that as the test stat, but I think this is easier to understand. The probability used would be 0.3599% if you assume 25s per action, and 30s can be a bit sketch as your action could fall just outside the window or not, so 29s is probably the best chance per create. I don't think this is really timeseries data, other than that its interesting to see your breaks and things :P. When looking at timeseries data its usually only relevant when the data is dependant on the previous point (like stock prices which move from one point up and down) by treating your data as independent throws the time element becomes less important other than to clarify how much time you've spent trying to figure it out.
  5. Ok so stats time: Assuming you did exactly 1 action per 30 seconds in your "X" or "R" period you had 986 active periods. The chance you are in a valid rare window, assuming 10s deed bonus is 0.4316% = (1- (1-1/3600)^30) * (1- (1-0.5)*(1-0.04)*(1-0.000103) Huzzah this looks binomial to me. Number of trials: 986 Probability: 0.4316% Successes: 3 From the binomial distribution you achieved a bottom 38.46% result (i.e. 61.54% chance of a better result) So we cannot reject the null hypothesis of the stated rarity chances at any reasonable confidence level. Edit: for context often a reasonable confidence level would be 0.5%-5%, so you'd have to repeat this with 0 rares to claim below a 5% confidence level or get around ~1200 datapoints with no rares to hit 0.5%. Please do continue to update your sample if you keep testing though, larger the sample the more reliable the testing.
  6. Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  7. In pvp maintaining a target on a horse can be important, and often it would be untamed and unbranded (not technically hostile)
  8. Unbranded horses would be the edge case here but just make it a setting should be the workaround for this.
  9. Just due to regen mechanics surely bless is still more efficient with a neck wound, same favor/second but lower favor per cast. Its not as good at opulence at 2s per favor or morning fog/light token at 1.8s per favor, if grinding as lib is the goal I'd push for something like truehit being dropped to 5 favor (which does have some balance implications) or a new low favor lib spell (5 favor, 10 diff, 9s cast) nothing flavourful comes to mind though. This would push lib to be the best channelling grinder though, and some people already say lib is good given the animal parts saccing, in spite of the worst spell selection.
  10. Vynora is the best generalist, covers most bases well. And most people I see in wurm like to be somewhat generalists doing whichever skills they see as useful so selecting just a small subset to get 15% skill in rather than 10% in all is not the best option, and rerolling a religion takes some time which I don't feel people want to redo regularly. The other gods are more situational, for example switching if you want to grind fighting and weapon skills mag could be a good choice, and its worth noting that the different gods get different stat bonuses and given stats are some of the slowest things in the game it is definitely an option to pick based on the stats you value.
  11. This would be nice, you'd probably want to move runes and salves to the end too. I agree the better solution would be either targeted dispel or a rework of the recast bonus. Edit: Thinking about it again the recast bonus is only one side of it, targeted dispel would still be needed to swap out enchants.
  12. Seems like some really nice things to get me off deed!
  13. [18:41:14] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing!
  14. Should be fine on favor now just waiting on a couple of people who need the journal to get online. You're welcome to join if you need the journal.