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  1. As someone who has a bit of experience in the alt heavy usage of priests now I could give you my two cents. I feel that if you want to encourage group gameplay you might want to consider alts may not be the problem, I played eve online for quite a while in a group of about 50 real people with an average of 3 accounts each. There were group goals which could only be achieved with having more than could reasonably be multibox, and there were benefits for everyone to being in a group. An alternative here would be to look at making more cooperative content that allows people to work together, is difficult enough to make multi accounting harder (you won't make it impossible but that is ok) and rewards the group. That style of content is probably difficult to do in wurm's setting given the vast difference between a low and high skill player but that might be a different topic. As far as the idea of smaller losses that can be recouped, when enchanting you want to both have enough favor for things like life transfer and also keep you enchanting bonuses maxed, one of which is 100 faith, I don't think anyone would be too keen on messing around with getting their faith back to 100 when they next want to cast. As far as access to skills I think you are aiming a little too thematically and not pragmatically, the most popular priest playstyle seems to be enchanters on the pve servers so it would be good to support that across the board. You could go down the route of allowing them to grind their saccing bonus skill but I think this is a flawed idea since locksmithing can't be done with imping, yoyos have 2 contributing skills, butchering isn't an imping skill and cloth tailoring is left as the only one this addresses. I'd say you'd potentially be better off making sure that there is an equivalent skill for each of them. You could go down the route of adding an imping route to a couple of skills or shifting bonuses around or give them all access to ropemaking (and probably farming too). The next area where alts are significantly useful is in sermons and linking for priests, if you wanted to reduce alts I'd suggest making it significantly easier to hit 100 faith. As for links you'd probably have to completely rework channelling skill gain or remove skill gain when linked since the best way I know of to grind channelling pretty much requires links for maximum efficiency.
  2. It can be sent it would be 8.20 S as in the table and the cod is 1c which would be included in that.
  3. 75 Buyout cod to Lethyria please
  4. The immense amount of work to develop a client side modding api, which would be the only way that this would be achievable with limits would be not worth it when it would inevitably lead to some advantages. If the ui needs improved lets improve it for everyone, if external tools are required maybe including them in the client would be good (in game skill timers plz).
  5. This is just a basic liner transformation of a normal variable. To in its general form let X be our random variable where X~N(µ, σ^2), and Y is another random variable where Y = kX + c. Y can be represented as Y~N(kµ+c, k^2*σ^2). So in this case rollgausian is a standard normal i.e. N(0,1). k is (w+|slide|/6) and c is slide. So our result is Result~N(0*(w+|slide|/6)+slide, (w+|slide|/6)^2*1) Simplified Result~N(slide, (w+|slide|/6)^2) So your mean is slide and variance is (w+|slide|/6)^2 And standard deviation (σ) is (w+|slide|/6) I don't know what sigma refers to exactly in the python library you are using but usually it'd be standard deviation. A source for more reading on normal transformations: https://web.stanford.edu/class/archive/cs/cs109/cs109.1178/lectureHandouts/110-normal-distribution.pdf
  6. Without enchants you will have several factors you will have to decide, defence vs offence is key though how much do you care about each. That will inevitably depend on skills, stats and cotton supply. Then next with the combat overhaul coming you may find that you prefer a different set of special moves. If you are getting at the highest dps, the huge axe and staff tie at 100 skill, at lower skill the huge axe will be marginally higher dps. Without lt you also don't benefit from smaller more frequent hits so may also be more inclined to go for the slower swinging weapons. Also if you care about which metals are the best without woa the highest dps would be glimmer> ada(/silver)>iron.