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  1. I could see why you might want it to be optional but it shouldn't be removed it is very useful to priests not having to examine every time you want to see the cast.
  2. There are two things at play, I was referring to the tickrate, that is standard across skill checks (most skills) the size of the skill tick is determined by a few things but the key ones are: timer length, skill "difficulty", current skill and creation/non creation. As to the exact skillgain amount its a little complicated but the difficulty is a straight divider, so blacksmithing and carpentry at 4000 have 5 times larger ticks than weaponsmithing at 20000, and mining is between the two at 8000. Creation actions give 1/3 skillgain with some exceptions. Fighting, weapon and shield skills are calculated differently and I haven't fully read that part yet.
  3. I hope you come up with something, as you correctly point out its not just a simple truncated normal distribution unfortunately, you have to find the probability that the result is within the cutoff parameter and skillgain range. I don't have the time to work it out right now but it should be at least somewhat possible. You'd have to look at when the default result of +/-(90-95) is relevant after 100 failed tries. If it helps here is an explanation with sort of mathematical notation I did a while ago. Edit: above is just the skill.rollgaussian you'd have to factor in bonus etc as well
  4. Sent out thanks, the whetstone was a bit damaged so I've mended it and discounted it, feel free to send it back if its no good to you.
  5. Sent, thank you. I've added a few multi cast weapons, I'll add some more of other weapons over the weekend
  6. Thanks cod to Lethyria please.