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  1. Welcome to The Foundry, providing high-end tools and enchants! In-Game Info Location: S17 Cadence - Mokum/The Spot Contacts: Leammas, Fadden or Forbes. Current Professions: Mining: Asmodeuzz up to 90QL Blacksmithing: Leammas - up to 98QL Leatherworking: Fadden - up to 50QL Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 80QL Fine Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 75QL Vynora Priest: Forbes - Benediction 86 channeling Fo Priest: Coming soon ON DEMAND CUSTOM CASTS Pricing for each range is a set charge, the final cast is guaranteed to be at or above the power listed for that range. If cast power is higher than requested range there will be no additional charge. Price is for any item that can accept a cast (tool/wep/armor/etc) SHATTER RISK Casting is based around RNG and there is a chance of shattering an item. If the item is important please imp to 50QL before sending to reduce chances of shattering. Any common (none rare/supreme/fantastic) item that is above 50QL that is crafted by any profession listed in the "Current Professions" section will be replaced free of charge. Outside of what is listed above we will not be held responsible for any shattered item. BLACKSMITHING SERVICES CARPENTRY & FINE CARPENTRY SERVICES *** CURRENT INVENTORY (Blank & Pre-Casted Items) *** GENERAL DISCLAIMERS Any item turned rare during the imp process is at no additional charge to the customer. Any order involving items that can not be sent via mail is subject to additional delivery costs, which will be handled/priced on a per order basis. CUSTOM ORDERS/REQUESTS/FEEDBACK Requests and orders can be submitted via in-game PM or posting here in this thread. We would love to hear any feedback you have good or bad just drop a reply here in this thread.
  2. Rite of Spring

    Perfect, thanks! got the final roster updated.
  3. Rite of Spring

    Great thanks Ennis, looks like we are doing. Final Roster: Caster Forbes - Faith 97.75 | Channeling 77.53 Link Priests Justy - Faith 55 (35 Favor) Sinnjinn Vynora Priest - Faith 66 (Favor 46) Ennis - Faith 75.2 (55.2 Favor) Aldurair - Faith 79 (59 Favor) Mantas - Faith 44 (24 Favor) Oversix Vynora Priest - Faith 30 (10 Favor) Craft Vynora Priest - Faith 100 (80 Favor) Caolon - Faith 80 (60 Favor) Total Favor Pool = 466.95 (includes - 20 per link priest)
  4. Rite of Spring

    Caolon you just filled the last priest slot! Anyone else is more than welcome to attend the event and/or be put on back up. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback hope to see everyone tomorrow!
  5. Rite of Spring

    As of right now I have 77.5 channeling and if understand correctly so far. it is (channeling/10 + 1) which would be 8. Leaving 1 spot left first come first serve, if you posted and more than one spot was needed or I miss understood your role in this event please speak up now. Anyone who wants to attend as a backup you are more than welcome. Roster: Caster Forbes - Faith 97.75 | Channeling 77.53 Link Priests Justy - Faith 55~ Sinnjinn Vynora Priest - Faith ??? Ennis - Faith ??? Aldurair - Faith 79 Mantas - Faith 44 Oversix Vynora Priest - Faith 30 Craft Vynora Priest - Faith 100 ?????? Total Favor Pool = 305.75 (includes - 20 per link priest) So we should be good once the missing two are identified.
  6. Rite of Spring

    Unfortunately, we do not have summons. But you are more than welcome to bring the Vyn to join in as of now we are not full.
  7. Rite of Spring

    Ennis sounds good. Sinnjinn we do still have room!
  8. Rite of Spring

    Ok, great. Thanks Wurmhole! I have some sac items we can use and 77.5 channeling at the moment, and hopefully higher by then as well.
  9. Rite of Spring

    Yes Wurmhole as of right now we should have enough, thank you for the help!
  10. Rite of Spring

    Now that a time has been established if everyone who needs/wants to come regardless of attendance could put a +1 with their faith skill that would be extremely helpful. Thanks everyone!
  11. Rite of Spring

    Thanks Bloodreina for the input. I have pushed it to the end of the weekend to try and give people plenty of time to prep. But I wanted to keep it within the weekend time frame as well. Hope this works for everyone See location details in edit above, if i left out anything let me know or contact me in game!
  12. Rite of Spring

    Ok, sounds good thank you to everyone with all the feedback so far. I will have a time set very soon!
  13. Rite of Spring

    Ok great, thanks for the feedback so far everyone! I don't know the accepted delay on scheduling one of these but can flex on time if needed to get people here.