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  1. Look at the method getRealHeight of BridgePart
  2. @Battarequest of keeping separated champions is done. New release -added champion mobs color option to keep it separated from conditioned mobs (championmcoloralways in config)
  3. New release for 1.9 Beta -Fixed water renderer.
  4. Both will be taken into account, but i am very busy atm.
  5. you don't have to relog to make changes into the properties file anymore, you can do esp reload to reload properties. I will make it an option, sorry i have been very busy. EDIT: Pushed a test release. -conditioned mobs colors option(now you can set if conditioned colors are shown always or not)
  6. No lol, it's for the custom timers @Wurmhole This kind of "timer"
  7. This mod plays a sound once a timer finish. Source: Latest Release:
  8. [RELEASED] Live Map

    with your permission @bdew, there is the hax version with latest updates @Adambean
  9. add ambushing names to uniques and will be listed as unique
  10. Pushed a test release. -color for each mob condition -new item category -sound for uniques and items
  11. Will add to OP @bdew. -------------------------------------------------------- Changes will be made: -Will be added another category for items, specials will be used as that, specials, im sure noone want to hear a sound everytime you find a mushroom. -Conditions will have each a color, that will be set by config. Feel free to suggest changes or additions.
  12. Pushed a test release. -now tile command can be called w/o parameters, if called this way will take player position instead -visualize tiles not rideable, by default 40, can be change in settings -added modelname to specials, not only for search feature -command "esp reload" to reload mod config in-game, no need to restart game -now when finding a special a sound set in config can be played, can be turned off by config
  13. Yes, instead of buttons.