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Found 8 results

  1. Could someone make a client side mod for custom timers.. Would like them to beep or flash screen or both when count down is done.. any help would be great.. thank you, Isaacrage
  2. Title says it all. Make large maul bashing timers affected by Quality and Wind of Ages, similar to how lockpicking timers are affected by these two criteria. If you want, add a third factor like body (oo, finally a use for Body?) skill. Pretty simple one.
  3. I have two suggestions that are similar, so decided to put them in one post. First, how about a sound when the timer finishes, to help alert us it is time for the next action. All too often I forget to look and see the timer has finished an hour ago,and I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. And put it in with the ambient sounds, not with the musical sounds, many of us have that shut off. Second, when we have less than a week prem time or the village has less than 30 days upkeep, how about a message that repeats every 20-30 minutes, instead of just once when you log in. The message often gets lost in the other messages and we don't see it. With a repeating message like the ones for ingame issues, we get more chances to see there is a problem with our village or accounts.
  4. I've got a dog that I'm breeding that's been stuck on delivering in 4 days for over a week. That's not the only problem, these breeding timers seem to randomly freeze and unfreeze for a day or two at a time, but at least they have so far started again. This one is just stuck. I know that's supposed to be fixed after a server restart, but it's been two days since the last server restart, and it's still stuck. I've been recording it for a week, though it's been like that for more like two. I should have had two new dogs by now; the 4 days one should have given birth and I'd have bred it again and likely gotten another. Apparently, the ingame support team can't make it give birth, I have to wait for the bug to be fixed. Firstly, let's get that bug fixed, but secondly, I think everyone who has had frozen timers should be able to send a request to the GMs to spawn the animals for them that they should have been able to breed. For example, say my timer is stuck for three weeks until it this is fixed, and then it's another four days until the dog gives birth. I should have had time to breed three dogs in that time. I'd like to send my data to a GM, tell them which animal I'd be breeding with which and have them spawn my three dogs that I've lost out on because of the bug, with the same probabilities of getting on conditions and traits from the parents, etc., as if I'd bred them myself. Here is my data so far:
  5. How to set up an auction: Step one - Start a new topic in the Auction section of the forum. Step two - Fill in the title and tags (usually the type of item and rarity is enough for tags) Step three - Add a timer and bidding guidelines For the timer, you want to click here The tool is very simple, pick the time you want your auction to last and click on create a timer. Step Three (Continued) - After you click on create a timer, this is what will pop up below (the time is up to you to choose, you're not obligated to set it up for 7 days this is only used for the tutorial) Step four - Flavor text, and bidding instructions ( you want to be as clear as day when you add bidding instructions to avoid confusion or bid withdraws) This layout is the most optimal, You can go ahead and copy this if you feel the need to, and place the timers' BBCODE below it (leave a space for less clutter) Starting Bid/Reserve: Min Increase: Snipe Protection: Buyout: This picture is an example of what your listing should look like. Congratulations on creating your first auction Few acronyms to understand when watching the market: WTB - Want to Buy WTS - Want to Sell WTT - Want to Trade WTA - Want to Auction OBO - Or Best Offer/Or Better Offer Special thanks to NESGamepro and his associates for creating the wonderful tool for us, original thread here
  6. So i've been doing some foraging/botanizing with my two accounts and noticed something with the timers. Testing was done with 99% nutrition, 90+% food, 90+% water, 100% stamina, no injuries or penalties, confirmed climbing off, flat terrain, on different days, in different locations, and so forth. And there are no tools involved in either action. Char 1 Char 2 Botanzie Skill 32.46 18.66 Botanize Timer 15.6 8.9 Forage Skill 34.8 19.58 Forage Timer 15.2 8.8 On the Wiki : Botanize = "Higher skill reduces the action timer, increases the average quality of the items found, increases the likelihood of finding more than a single item on one tile, and enables you to botanize on more tile types." Foraging = "Higher skill reduces the action timer, increase the average QL of the items found, and increase the likelihood of finding more than a single resources in a single tile." The char 1 does frequently get more than one item, so that part it working. But why does the account with the higher skill have the higher timers?
  7. Anyone tested these to see if they're really fixed?
  8. It would be really nice if the new custom timers had a noise that would let you know the timer has run out. Currently I still don't notice when the timer has expired unless I put it in the very center of my screen. Another idea ( but a more complicated one) is to have the timer automatically restart once the action has been completed. For example, I have a timer for lockng picking (10min). If after the lock picking action has been performed then the timer will start again.