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  1. Hey McGarnicle We found what the issue was on Mystic Highlands and fixed it just now. Its working fine again. Valiance and Kaylie.
  2. Hi McGarnicle Yes this is an issue still with WU, hopefully we will get fix at some point. However you can store chopped veggies in a larder. At least we do, around 500 at a time. Valiance and Kaylie
  3. Hi all, we just set up a small test server with Pingperfect to do a few small tests.... However, with no mods at all installed, we make a GM, and go tunnel into a rock tile, then we choose set data on the rock tiles, they are ALL set to 65,535. Now if we mine just one time on them, they chance, but they changed to 4000ish on one and 6000ish on another.... Also when we first check Set Data, some of the tiles have flags ticked for forage, some not. We are full on puzzled and stuck with this, can anyone shed any light please ? Thanks. Valiance and Kaylie.
  4. Thanks for the kind words folks Winter is upon, it is cold and settlements are being attacked by hungry bears and wolves ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  5. We have just added the Treasure Hunting mod, tweaked for Mystic Highlands style, it works amazing is a lot of fun ! Dig, Mine, Fish or Hunt and have a chance to find a Treasure Map, 10 different tiers of map difficulty to find, then the map will lead you to a spot where you dig up the treasure, but beware it is guarded and guardians will attack when you dig it up ! Really is great fun, several people have already dug up treasure and are very happy with the contents ! Thanks to Ulviirala for releasing this mod to the public Valiance and Kaylie.
  6. Hello again Shylo, check our map out on the site I linked you, scroll to the bottom of the main map to the link and check the deed map out, tons of untouched room still on Mystic highlands You just make a character, log in, say hi, and watch a lot of people greet you Valiance and Kaylie.
  7. Greetings Shylo. Mystic Highlands have several ways to make coins, that is not even including trading with other players which happens an awful lot, we do have a strong economy. Stop by and check us out, as I said we have quite a number of ways to make coins, yes 1 is also the bounties, but its certainly not the only way ! www.mystic-highlands.com Either way, all the very best in your search for a server ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  8. Thanks for the kind words again folks Yup we have just implemented a lot of new stuff, a PvE Arena, and a new outdoor dungeon called The Perilous Paths, as well as other new things See you on Mystic Highlands !
  9. Sounds to me like its a server ID issue, if i am reading it correctly, you want to move the same characters from 1 map to a new map you made. If so its a server ID issue. You need to edit the player database and change the server ID of her character to that of the new server.
  10. You also dont need maxtime at 10 secs, if its simply to spawn an item leave the timers all at 0. Valiance and Kaylie
  11. Lots of new things on and happening around Mystic Highlands ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  12. Yes you can create focus zones so that when you enter the city of trinsic, it will say, you enter the city of trinsic. Valiance and Kaylie.
  13. You need to delete it in the database, that will get rid of the stone and the "you enter the west lake area" We "think" it is in the Zones part, but was months ago we did it. It is quite fine to do so, but as always, when editing the database, back up first Valiance and Kaylie.
  14. congrats Zephyr Storm for getting your video of Mystic Highlands highlighted You did a great job there ! Thanks Valiance and Kaylie.