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  1. Greetings everyone Last night saw Mystic Highlands have a hilarious Ironman/Ironlady race, it began with a medium distance run, followed by a long horse ride, then a brief swim, into a sailing boat, a long sail then back onto land and a long run to the finish line, was a lot of fun and many folks joined in, congratulations to our winners Ashlund, Josho and Dixie! Looking forward to our Royal Archery Tournament next week! See you there!
  2. Winter has just begun on Mystic Highlands, but there is still an eerie warmth in the air which leads to no one seeming to get too cold, interesting times... Mystic Highlands has seen many people returning in the past month, things are picking back up rapidly... Valiance and Kaylie
  3. Another cold winter has passed, as the inhabitants of Mystic Highlands emerge for the Spring, something in the wind tells of an exciting year to come! Valiance and Kaylie.
  4. The Christmas village is now open to all Look closely at the Christmas tree in Safehold and make a Christmas wish! Have fun everyone Valiance and Kaylie
  5. With Winter over, another fresh spring is upon us, the green grass is in abundance and the creatures are out of hibernation. Valiance and Kaylie will be doing a duo stream this Sunday at around 7pm GMT, stop by and say hello if you wish, all are welcome! https://www.twitch.tv/valiance_streaming Valiance and Kaylie.
  6. Aye, but if the deed does give those permissions, then horses that are branded to that deed can be lead by anyone, anywhere. Valiance and Kaylie.
  7. That is actually a WO bug....or glitch, im unsure. But to do that, the horse MUST be branded to your deed, a wild unbranded horse will always be unleadable on someone elses deed. Valiance and Kaylie.
  8. Tonight we have a double unique hunt at 8pm BST! It is time to bring down the reign of the Troll King and the Black Dragon, it is time to stop their menacing of the Western area's of Mystic Highlands.. See you there! Valiance and Kaylie.
  9. A cold Winter is fast approaching on Mystic Highlands...are you ready for the challenge? Valiance and Kaylie
  10. Mystic Highlands is running 1.9 and many people bustling about. Stop by and say hello to the Highlanders living there, they are a friendly bunch! Valiance and Kaylie.
  11. As we move into our 3rd year, we have some amazing plans for Mystic Highlands, stop by and say hello to the community, maybe stay a while ! Valiance and Kaylie.
  12. Happy Birthday Mystic Highlands, Mystic Highlands has been open 2 years today. Tonight at 8pm GMT Mystic Highlands Christmas Village will open, stop by for some fun !
  13. With the Halloween event over winter looms right around the corner. Are you prepared ? Valiance and Kaylie.
  14. Mystic Highlands is now running Please Enjoy. See you in The Highlands ! Valiance and Kaylie
  15. Hi McGarnicle, Me and Kaylie are so sorry we missed your stream, I gave up and went to bed at 12.10am, Kaylie is more hardcore than me and stayed up until 12.40am, but then she too came to bed. Looks like your stream went live at around 12.57am for us. I hope it went well and maybe you have a video of it we can catch. All the best. Valiance and Kaylie. P.S Thanks for posting our stream here