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  1. Congratulations on getting the game Grendel43 ! Mystic Highlands is always open and always busy. You are very welcome here. Valiance and Kaylie.
  2. Later this evening we are going to totally re-install the test server again to basic vanilla, then will watch the memory and see. Valiance and Kaylie.
  3. It does not eat all the memory right away, it leaks over time, 3 days it leaks for until its all gone. Valiance and Kaylie.
  4. No there was no Out of Memory error, server simply shuts down due to us overusing our allotted amount of RAM we have at Ping Perfect. Valiance and Kaylie.
  5. Ok, we will pas this info onto Ping Perfect today. Our server has no lag either, just runs out of memory. Thanks. Valiance and Kaylie.
  6. Ok so we spoke to Ping Perfect, and this is what they gave us. -Xmn256M -Xms1024m -Xmx12288m Valiance and Kaylie.
  7. We do understand where you are coming from, we really do, however, we posted the entire wurm log, maybe we should post just the stuff from a fresh boot early this morning (about 13 hours ago) where the modloader is not even there. So this is the log started from a fresh reboot this morning, no modloader, just vanilla wurm. It is still creeping up in memory. https://pastebin.com/cSrFAm8f Valiance and Kaylie.
  8. Very odd then....since test server has zero mods running on a ping perfect server, so all it is on there is vanilla WU and nothing else, yet it still loses memory since 1.5, pre 1.5 identical setup the server could stay online for weeks, now its 3 days. Valaince and Kaylie.
  9. Those are nothing, those are when we tried to run the server simply with the modloader running and no mods, was simply looking for some mods we have installed and created items. Valiance and Kaylie.
  10. Thanks but we will leave it for now, as we said, test server is identical to Mystic Highlands, both are online and both have the same memory leak, so we see no difference at all as to which log we posted as they both do the very same thing. Oh and its not when this happens, it constantly happens, slow but sure eating the memory non stop, its not an intermittent thing. We start either test or Mystic Highlands, or both, and they just keep eating memory until after 3 days they are out of memory. Valiance and Kaylie
  11. Because they are both actually live servers, test and Mystic Highlands......Test has zero mods on it, yet the memory just keeps going up until after 3 days it runs out of memory, same as Mystic Highlands does with or without mods. Valiance and Kaylie.
  12. No, there is no lag at all (when we actually log in with a GM). Valiance and Kaylie.
  13. Ok here is the wurm.log.0 from our test server (which is totally empty, no mods at all running) which is constantly going up and empty. Put it on paste bin since its large. We rebooted the server yesterday, so this is from yesterday up till now. https://pastebin.com/jDi0CHzm Valiance and Kaylie.
  14. Hi all. Since 1.5 on Mystic Highlands we have had to reboot our server every 3 days, before 1.5 we were able to leave it online for, well we had it online for 2 weeks at a time sometimes with no reboot, now though it runs out of memory. Before 1.5 we had a very small test server that only 3 players can log into, again that was online for weeks without rebooting, now, again its just 3 or 4 days. So we took EVERYTHING off the test server, no mods at all, not even modloader, and the memory used is still constantly creeping up every few minutes, that is with no one even logging in on the server. Anyone else noticing this on their server please ? It is kind of making us pull our hair out to find out why this is happening. thanks. Valiance and Kaylie.
  15. Hello Palgolak Yes we do paralyze players with inappropriate names, we have had a huge influx of new players on the server recently, and we do have naming rules due to it being a roleplay server, as you said yourself, Starveling is a surname. I am sorry no one answered you in CA Help, but as you said, you saw the message in Freedom, as a new player, new player buffs are given for the first 24 hours in game, but on occassion they bug and are not granted on first login, so if you log out, then in again after 60 seconds have expired, you will get new player buffs and be immune to the cold. You are more than welcome to try again with another name, if you prefer not to then we do wish you all the best in Wurm Unlimited Valiance and Kaylie.