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  1. Amazing looking map, keep up the great work On our last Mystic Highlands map we actually used 100 dirt drop, worked out well. This time will be a little different....maybe Valiance and Kaylie
  2. Lovely map again Brash The only thing I would like to see is some higher mountains, looks quite flat That is just me being picky though, I do like some high mountains.
  3. I agree with MordosKull, a nice tapestry that would make for sure!
  4. I like the skin, but maybe it should have been a little less marks....maybe 2500
  5. Seems to work ok for me. The wife and I did a hunt last night, 3 clues in all, took us about 1 hour, was fun really and the rewards were worth the time spent. We will do more when we get the chance.
  6. Autumn Glades

    Well, you never know!
  7. Food and water are dropping super fast, 40% in 3 minutes....nutrition is also dropping without fasting. Valiance
  8. Autumn Glades

    Seems rather harsh of the GM to me..... Maybe someday we will make Mystic highlands Rediscovered Valiance and Kaylie.
  9. As the title states, food and water are not going down since the patch, I dug 1k dirt and still both are at full.
  10. I also did not see this stated anywhere, that is why I asked