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  1. Servermap keeps the pack for the map in memory. This might have tipped the memory usage it over the edge. But the extra gb of heap should have fixed this since the jar is usually around 200k. I don't see anything in the changes that could have such an impact and I've not experienced any lag on the test setups. Can you please download a fresh server, install just the modloader and check if the Creative map has the same issues? If it does not then please add the mods one by one until it lags. There could be issues with a combination of mods.
  2. The server is running out of memory. It seems you're running an 8k map Try increasing the MaxHeapSize setting in LaunchConfig.ini to MaxHeapSize=3072m or the -Xmx parameter in modlauncher.bat to -Xmx3072m LaunchConfig.ini is used when you start via WurmServerLauncher.exe.
  3. I already replied to your PM that you probably run an older version of the game, I also sent you the link to the last client modloader for the 1.4 client. What do you want more?
  4. Validate the game data in Steam. This will redownload the modified files and revert to the latest unpatched version. you can also rename client-patched.jar to client.jar.
  5. Version 0.32.1 Modloader Fix incorrect "The X will not leave the server." message
  6. # Award the spyglass # You can use item ids or names from ItemList #present2015=spyglass #present2016=spyglass #present2017=spyglass #present2018=spyglass #present2019=spyglass #present2020=489 This is the default config. The file should be automaticly extracted from the jar if you start the server with the christmasmod present for the first time. Remove the comment character "#" from each line you want to configure. You can use item ids or the names from the ItemList It's usually not possible to hand out the same item as the WO server since it's usually a brand new item which is not available in WU yet.
  7. In short: The default options will automaticly create the map dump and set up the server pack (both without saving it to disk). No further work is needed. The created pack will fit the servers map name so it should be displayed on the client without any configurations. Unzipping on the server and having the modloader v0.7 on the client should produce maps with zero configurations needed. There may still be network related issues that would require configuring the httpserver mod though.
  8. Unzip and have httpserver/serverpacks configured. If you'd share where you are confused I might help you at all.
  9. You can start the server once and it will create servermap.config with a template for the options. Or you can manually extract the file META-INF\org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader\servermap.config from servermap.jar. You can also add the options directly to or a newly created servermap.config
  10. In the jar files.for example at META-INF\org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader\bagofholding.config
  11. Yes. This is exactly what happens. A mod without a .properties file in the mods folder has ondemand=true set. This can be overruled by a packaged .properties file (client side serverpacks and custommap do this to enable them by default) or in a .config file in the mods folder. EDIT: I just checked the old posting and i wrote it the other way around. I just edited it. Autodiscovered mods are not activated unless they are required by another mod or they have ondemand=false in the packaged .properties.
  12. Always activate custommap and serverpacks by default With this change you don't need the .properties files for the two mods anymore. Connectionfix will still need a separate install but I don't want to enable it for all users by default.
  13. As with the loader feel free to use my work in class. The ore will only show up when in mines but not on the surface map.
  14. I did the following steps: extract into WurmServerLauncher folder ran patcher.bat in WurmServerLauncher renamed WurmServerLauncher-patched.exe to WurmServerLauncher.exe. The client launcher calls this file and will now start the modded version. Starting WurmServerLauncher.exe should now produce the file server.log which starts with [05:27:46 PM] INFORMATION org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: ModLoader version v0.32-8965aa6 [05:27:46 PM] INFORMATION org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Game version and then goes on to list which mods it found and which it will load. Starting the server from the client launcher would then run the modded version.