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  1. The HTTP server options were move to the httpserver mod and are configured there. What exactly is not working? Are you missing some mods you would have expected to run? You may force them to load with a line "depend.ondemand=false in the respective .config file. Or are pack download to the client not working? You may have to adjust the settings in httpserver.config
  2. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Post full logs or we can't help you
  3. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    It should also create client.log. Please post the contents of this file.
  4. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    The lines only cover the shutdown process. If there is an error it must have been reported further up in the file. Yes. One is the server mod, the other the graphics pack that is served to the client. And to clarify this: The creaturemod is a server mod. There are no changes needed on the client besides running the client mod loader. If you added the creaturemod to the client, remove it as it won't work like that.
  5. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    the server modloader provides a replacement for the removed class. should still work the client modloader has the serverpacks mod enabled by default can you please provide the client.log from a client that fails to start?
  6. Did you install the 0.39-beta1 laucher? This is for the Wurm Unlimited 1.8 beta only.
  7. This is a pre-release intended to be used with the WurmUnlimited 1.8.0 Beta Version 0.39-beta1 modloader Adjust to Wurm Unlimited Add new properties to ItemTemplateBuilder
  8. The mod tab was from an extension to the modloader which has not been discontinued some time ago.
  9. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    This is not related to the modloader. Please provide the client.log file
  10. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    Version 0.9 modloader Update Javassist to version 3.23.1-GA
  11. Version 0.38 modloader upgraded Javassist to Version 0.32.1-GA
  12. Sorry, the digest from that day seemed to have been lost so I missed that message. I'll look into it
  13. Version 0.37.1 Modloader Handle NoSuchSkillException in requestActionForSkillIds on non-skills like Faith
  14. [RELEASED] Live Map

    The public server may hide the undiscovered ore in the data it sends as an anti-cheat measure.
  15. I checked and it works as expected. I'm unsure though if the large number is causing issues. # number: additional results from harvests extraHarvest=50 Make sure you removed the hashmark on the line and check server.log for the amount the server uses [08:54:09 AM] INFORMATION org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.cropmod.CropMod: disableWeeds: true [08:54:09 AM] INFORMATION org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.cropmod.CropMod: extraHarvest: 50