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  1. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    Version 0.14 serverpacks add ability to reference local pack in overrides (bdew) This lets you write something like that in mappings.txt model.transports.medium.wagon.molr=~graphics.jar/transports/Wagon_main.wom?tentMat.texture=~[local]/wagon_SA.png Which will load wagon model from graphics.jar but override one of the textures from the current pack. [local] will be replaced by the name of the pack at runtime.
  2. [RELEASED] Client mod loader Version 0.13 serverpacks Fix client lockup when trying to reference a non-existing cross-pack resource (bdew)
  3. [RELEASED] Client mod loader Version 0.12 serverpacks Reference resources from other packs in mappings (bdew)
  4. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    I left it out because the client beta branch already includes the modlauncher and there'd be a conflict if people would install both. However, for people not on the beta branch there's currently no "latest" modlauncher. I'll include it in the next version again.
  5. [RELEASED] Client mod loader Version 0.11 serverpacks Reload additional XMLs (budda)
  6. And to follow up from the PM: Java 10 is crashing because its missing the JavaFX libraries. This exactly what I was expecting. WU is not prepared to run on Java 10. Someone with some skill can probably get it to run by adding the missing libraries to Java or WU. But I don't plan to sink any time into tinkering how to get WU to run in Java 10. Hint: Search for how to get JavaFX on Java 10
  7. [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=true JavaPath=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_231\bin\server [Memory] InitialHeap=512m MaxHeapSize=2048m [VMParams] JvmParam0=-XX:+AggressiveOpts JavaPath must point to the directory with jvm.dll or on linux I haven't tested it with Java 10, just the Java 8 i had installed anyway.
  8. LaunchConfig.ini allows you to override the Java path [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=false JavaPath= patcher.bat uses the Java that is shipped to every WU user by default. I don't think there is any hard dependency on Java 8 in the patcher. So you can replace the path in patcher.bat. Going to Java 10 or 11 may break some mods however. At least the scriptrunner (server) mod and anything that depends on it may break because Oracle decided to deprecated the integrated Javascript runtime. I'd advise to first try to get vanilla WU to work by adjusting the path in LaunchConfig.ini. If this works properly you can try to get it to run with the modloader.
  9. By default the version is read from the Implementation-Version field from the jar manifest. But you can override the getVersion() method on the WurmMod class and return any version string you like.
  10. I'm aware of the issue but did not have a chance to look into it yet.
  11. contains the modlauncher and all mod but it does not contain any .properties or .config files. This is to update the mods but will not activate any that has not been active before. If you want to activate one of the mods it's best to download the mod only packge (e.g. Those contain the .properties file for mod and activates the mod. Documentation for the mods is at
  12. When did this happen, was it critical to the server/cluster? I think the first server poll will actually run before the server startup was completed.
  13. Version 0.43 modloader Update to Wurm Unlimited
  14. This is a pre-release intended to be used with the WurmUnlimited Beta Version 0.43-beta1 modloader Update to Wurm Unlimited [bdew]
  15. Best way is probably to run modlauncher.bat The other option is to patch WurmServerLauncher. Run patcher.bat. This will modifiy server.jar and create a modified WurmServerLauncher-patched.exe. You can run this or copy WurmServerLauncher-patched.exe over WurmServerLauncher.exe and run WurmServerLauncher.exe.