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  1. CreatureTypes, ItemTypes and MiscConstants are just classes with protocol constants. It's not useful to modify those classes but using the constants from those classes is extremly useful. This means there is little risk when those classes are frozen for edit but the benefits of using them are huge. After all it's just a warning to determine which mod is responsible if a class was frozen. While I fixed a a compatibility issue with creaturemod and the newer servers I don't want to pull in all the work of maintaining the mod. That's why it's not listed anywhere. From the code it seems like the last messages appear when a player sends a lot of commands. The message is printed if the player sent more than 10 command in a second.
  2. You need to save the file with UTF-8 character encoding. And you missed one "ü" message = "Einstiegs-Guide für neue Spieler:";
  3. One of the reasons for adding scriptrunner was to allow users to add some customizations to their servers without needing to build full Java mods. A case like Ejects login message can be done with just an editor, without the need to get into Mods, Java, Eclipse or IntelliJ and Maven or Gradle. I had a ton of inquiries about how to setup an ide or how to get from a .java file to a mod. Scriptrunner reduces the number of those questions. It gets the people straight to stage two: Why doesn't this piece of (javascript or java) code work. Nevertheless its highly recommended to use at least an editor which understands JavaScript syntax and can check the code for errors and other pitfalls. If the editor can't do it use tools like jslint. And check the logs. Many of the issues users have are actually visible in the logs. Most mods print the configuration settings in the logs. Scriptrunner complains if the scripts folder is not present and errors in the scripts will produce huge ugly stack traces.
  4. The hitchingpost behaves like a vehicle and uses the same logic as a cart: Option 1: * If it has a lock you must have the key * Otherwise: If it is in a village you need permissions to take items * Otherwise: You can unhitch the animal from an unlocked hitchingpost outside of a village Option 2: * You are the owner of the hitching post or it has no owner * Or you have command permissions on the hitching post With default permissions on a village I was not able to unhitch an animal from the hitching post, neither via the hitching post nor via the animal. There is currently a shortcoming with branded animal. I can possibly hitch it to a locked hitching post but I can not unhitch it anymore. I will add a check to allow unhitching animals if the player would have lead permissions on the unhitched animal. Edit: the game won't let you hitch to a vehicle you can not access. So for now this rules out a public hitching post which allows anyone to hitch and unhitch their own horses.
  5. This is part of the modloader and no changes are needed in the mods.
  6. I can possible add such an option but this is global. No player on the server will be able to get the benfits of the second state of ripe. This seems a big pill to swallow for purely aesthetic reasons. I'll see what I can do about this. I guess there will be some way to replicate the unhitching permissions of a cart.
  7. The global surface data is very low res and is not suitable to render a map that resembles coastlines or terrain. A map using this data is very inaccurate and looks like crap.
  8. They are supposed to stay on the second ripe state and never go to the last stage, rotten.
  9. The map name is store in the field "MAPNAME" in the "SERVERS" table of the "wurmlogin.db" database
  10. rename the map in the database to something else than Ocrea. The markers in the client files are for the Ocrea and Heavenord maps only.
  11. If you have access to the game folder on the server you'll find the log in a file called server.log. This will overwrite when you restart the server so the errors won't be there right now. It would help if you could enable the lines in the config file, start the server, copy server.log from the server, comment the lines again and restart the server to a working state.
  12. Version 0.33 modloader Added hasHands, keepSex, maxPopulationOfCreatures, paintMode, bonusCombatRating to CreatureTemplateBuilder BagOfHolding Add an option to allow BoH to apply to components in items (e.g. bulk storage unit) (bdew) ServerPacks Fixed VisionArea being stuck in un-initialized state if serverpacks refresh command comes after it was already initialized. (bdew)
  13. Can you please provide the server.log of the crash? What do you mean? The crop mod does not handle any specific crop type. It just prevents aging to weed state and optionally adds a fixed number of extras to the harvesting result.
  14. It crashes your LAN? Do you have logs? It's probably best to extract the'll contain the latest modloader and mods. With 0.32 the serverpacks mod had some changes which are required for the servermap mod. I don't know if you already had that installed.
  15. Version 0.32.2 servermap Performance optimisations for the map renderer Added isometric map renderer as default the old one can be selected with the config option renderer=shaded Prioritize the map pack to overrule the artistic Ocrea and Heavenord maps The isometric map renderer looks nicer but displaces objects on a high altitude. An annotation with the coordinates of a mountain top would display closer to the base of the mountain. The performance optimisations are only in the map renderer used in the mod. The server commands to create the mapdumps (#savemapdump, #dumpcreatures, #dumpmarkers, #dumproutes) will still use an insane amount of memory, especially on larger maps.