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  1. We dont have a bone altar or any libila priests either and no avatar of libila up either. Anyone have a idea what we can do to remove the libila domination to get the white light back ?
  2. Hey. Having a problem with our altar of three. We moved it to a new location and got black beam instead of white. With this text following : [23:30:55] It is enchanted with Libila's shielding, and has a protective aura of Libila. We have tryed restart server also tryed destroy and make a new but doesnt change anything. We dont have bone altar on server so dont see where the domination comes from. Hope someone can help us fix it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v7vqtuljgjibbm/bugged altar of three.jpg?dl=0
  3. New website https://melori.zapto.org/melori/index.php So many have joined server now and still see many join day by day. Also a place for a spot for you Nice big server full of nice and helpful players if needed.
  4. Hey. Looking for the update for WU should be today, any idea what happened ? Cant find any answers on what time release is or if its not happening. Hope someone can help with some answers.
  5. Almost a year have passed and its a pleasure to see how many nice people joined us here. Still plenty of space so come by if you look for a nice server to play on, link to website for more info about server http://www.melori.enjin.com/home Hope to meet you at melori
  6. @Aldur Not sure what happen but i got it to work now
  7. @Aldur When i try add animals to granger i get this message and i have tryed restart both game and assistant several times i have even downloaded a new one to get it to work. The message at bottom about server name Wyvern Reborn i have no idea where it come from. I play on Melori The Unborn. But here is the message. on Melori the unborn - pve - free deeds and mods (dedicated 10x skill - 10x action): [16:58:20] > Warn > WurmApi > .ServerParsingHelper: ServerHistoryProvider found 'other players are online' log line, but could not parse it. Character: Hebs Entry: Timestamp: 22-02-2017 16:48:25, Source: , Content: These other players are online on Melori the unborn - pve - free deeds and mods (dedicated 10x skill - 10x action): [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Sounds Manager [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Log Searcher [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Calendar [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Timers [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Triggers [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Granger [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Crafting Assistant [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Reveal Creatures Parser [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Skill Stats [16:58:20] > Info > FeaturesManager > Feature initialized: Combat Assistant [16:58:20] > Info > WaVersion > Parsed WA version: MinorVersion: 3.3, BuildCode: beta, BuildNumber: 164, BuildStamp: 17-12-2016 23:26:56 +01:00 [16:58:40] > Info > GrangerFeature > smile cond: You smile at the adolescent Briskace. [16:58:40] > Info > GrangerFeature > attempting to start processing creature due to line: You smile at the adolescent Briskace. [16:58:40] > Info > GrangerFeature > extracting object name [16:58:40] > Info > GrangerFeature > object assumed to be a creature [16:58:40] > Info > GrangerFeature > processing creature cancelled, AH skill or server group unknown for player Hebs (skill: ; server: Name: WYVERN REBORN, WebStatsUrl: , ServerGroup: SERVERSCOPED:WYVERN REBORN Hope you can help me out, i have added the server i play on the way you mention earlier in this thread. After smiling i have double clicked horse to add it as normal.
  8. ty
  9. Sunnivas Corner x 9/10- y19
  10. Will it be available on WU at same date ?
  11. was thinking is this timer specially made for wo forum too or can it be used outside on other websites too ? doesnt seems to count down when i try test it.
  12. just found out that was the reason but ty.
  13. Im having a problem when leading animals i have tryed both normal ropes, halter rope and from cart. I activate rope as normal and choose lead animal as normal too but animal dont follow even that i get the message "you start leading ...." anyone noticed the problem ?
  14. Talk to Makarr in game he offers wagons at exceptional deals a MR i am not sure but worth a try mention i sent you if he wonders why you are pming him..

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    2. hebs


      if you talk to him before me will you tell him to pm me here on forum or ingame on lotte...

    3. Psalamon


      okay sounds good i am away from deed on my way to horse race but i'll keep pming him give him heads about your interest..

    4. hebs


      Ty so much. Maybe he have disabled cross server chat then i will see him as offline too.

  15. Anyone have a MR template wagon for sale to a decent price pls contact me on forum on hebs or ingame on lotte.