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  1. Thx for help on the horseshoes they are really nice, was a pleasure buying from you and great imping
  2. Thx for contacting me for the runes i been searching for, for a long time, was a pleasure buying from you, fast service and good price, will def come back
  3. Want to buy Electrum rune of Fo 25 ql + Contact me here or on Lotte ingame
  4. Must admit Archaed is good at doing this. My knarr, Bloody Mary. And my sailboat Pegga Pig
  5. Ty for making the auction for me Bratty and gz to winner, pls contact me here on forum or ingame on Lotte for pickup/delivery. And thx to all who showed interest.
  6. [20:12:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Tilda in less than ten minutes. And key to pen i mailed you earlier. Then you can pick them up when you want or pm me if im on then i can also bring them to you.
  7. Ty tilda i put them in same pen. i Cod you a cotton for those 2 extra. Ty for buying
  8. Updated with new draft babies
  9. Can i get you to add Lordaeron at 1618/1180 and remove Lavendar heights, ty.
  10. Updated with more 4 Drafts.
  11. Thx for buying Bratty.
  12. Sure Bratty, i put them in a reservation pen for you.
  13. Ash Lake Home is located on Release G/H 10. Coastal access from canal at red mark on west coast. I can be contacted ingame on Lotte or pm here on forum for more info about available horses atm. Atm several 4 drafts available. Token location marked with blue pointing signs. Token is at the eagle statue. 4 Draft horses 1s.