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  1. Im missing the option to copy link directly from Deedplanner as in old versions is that option removed ?
  2. Sry i gave you wrong coords, i placed marker wrong. its the Cove at 627-1865 next to Lone star harbour
  3. Could you add Hidden Cove at 892,1394 Ty
  4. Hey. Can you add Moonstone Bay at Y21-X35
  5. Looking to buy Seafarer hat or skin. If you have one for sale pls pm me
  6. Must say its a nice server and several nice people and ye i must agree with some of those who mention lag i experienced the same but can accept it since its not that bad. Had to stop there due to some other stuff but GL anyone.
  7. WTB 500 Marble bricks, 500 Slate shards, 300 lavendar sprouts. Im located on Release, delivery needed. My deed is Ash Lake Home X7 Y15.
  8. Hey.

    What would your price be for lvling down a 6x12 area with around 70 slope high on some tiles?

    Im located on release and you can either contact me here or ingame on lotte.

  9. Really nice server full of nice people. Nice map with still alot of unexplored land. Can only recommand joining the server. Hope to see you on Drageheim
  10. is correct ty alot.
  11. My deed is Ash Lake Home and located next to the road at X7 Y15.
  12. Hey. Your deedplanner looks awesome but i do have a question, Steam announce that there will be Deedplanner in Nov/Dec i was thiking what is the difference between those 2 versions, yours that are available on forum and the coming Steam version. Ty