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  1. Congrats Smilingcat, you got yourself a nice little horse, contact Lotte ingame about last details.
  2. Prancecoffee 3 speed+ unbelieveable fast Start bid 10s Increment 1s Private bid no Buyout 40s Prancecoffee is a little pretty golden girl looking for a good home. Im going to auction her in hope to find that home to her She is third generation.
  3. Hey. I have a area of 20x17 tiles i would like to get digged down to a flat area and no high slopes in the back or the sides. So far on the area i already have digged out slopes are 92 slopes high. The 20x17 area isnt started yet. What im looking for is someone who would be intersted in digging it down, i dont think theres rock there and if so its very little. Anyone would have interest in doing it for payment and if so contact Lotte ingame or Hebs here on forum.
  4. Im so sad to hear these news, i talked to him friday when he was at my deed pick up a horse he did buy. He was in very good mood and happy. My thoughts will go to his family and hope they will know how much he was loved in our community.
  5. Lovely white little princess for auction, hope to find her a new and good home. Pick-up/delivery can be arranged with Lotte @Ash Lake Home Starting bid: 50s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: 1g Sniper Protection: None Private Bids: No
  6. Contact me on lotte ingame pls and gz on horse