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  1. Question but first let me say thankyou for creating and maintaining such a great addon for Wurm. Now my question, is WA granger supposed to remove animals when they die? If so not working for me. Thx in advance SL
  2. And to you and yours also. Happy turkey day one and all. Gobble Gobble
  3. Was it really all that bad way it was? I mean your not really saving anything but time since you burn SB faster as you use caffiene. Even if you could stay hyped up on caffiene 24/7 and had the SB always available what would take 6 months to skill up could be done in 3 months. Since you only get a limited amount of SB each hour your asleep in your bed even thats not possible unless spend enormous amounts of silver buying SB potions. How long does it take being in bed to gain 5 hours of SB? I just dont see the problem being able to occasionally use up 5 hours of SB in 2 1/2 hours and save couple hours of skilling. What am I missing that makes it where have to nerf coffee use to where isnt worth the bother/cost?
  4. so how much now does it take to get the 10 minutes of SB?
  5. My horse is branded to my settlement. I get this message..."[02:09:41] Adolescent fat Websterpick is too unruly. It must be tamed or branded.", when i attempt to move items to saddlebags directly from butchered corpse to saddlebags when there is not enough room. If i move the items to my inventory then to the saddlebags i get the normal message.."[02:14:12] The saddle bags contains too many items."
  6. Well I have no pictures to show what was there to compare to whats there now so cant give any evidence proving spread unfortunately. To transmute some of the 400 plus tiles of peat i have now on my deed will be costly
  7. well then everyone saying it has must be wrong then I guess.
  8. Seems the spread of peat has stopped or dramatically slowed but, the recent map dumps (early Oct 21) don't show how much had spread from when first started back before 1 July. If the spread has been stopped, is there no plans on helping revert our tiles back to what was before the spread?
  9. I can work with that lol, thankyou Only reason didn't ask for steel is my metalugy is way low so cant make steel lumps for when need to imp as they wear down for awhile. Just too many things to raise lol
  10. Hmm i checked my mail ig and nothing there yet. Also went back and checked list of what I requested (still had the window open to your listed items at the time). List was correct, unless some got sold/removed from time I started looking and sent my request. It did take me awhile to go thru em all so very possible.
  11. Clay Shaper - QL 6 BOTD 64 - 64c (oakenwood) File - QL 70 BOTD 61 - 61c (iron) Hammer - QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron) Leather Knife - QL 70 BOTD 66 - 66c (iron) Metal Brush - QL 70 BOTD 67 - 67c (iron) Needle - QL 70 BOTD 64 - 64c (iron) Spindle - QL 10 BOTD 65 - 65c (oakenwood) Trowel - QL 70 BOTD 60 - 60c (iron) Send to Striderlongshanks please Also looking for Carving Knife, Rake, Scythe, Sickle if/when get any in stock
  12. Sorry i had forgot to add my ingame name, im on Cadence as Striderlongshanks