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    I'd really like to get into archery and dabble a bit with cycling again.

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  1. I'm not gonna tell you "Nah, man! You can't leave!!!" because I'm pretty guilty of being MIA myself. It's a hard thing, many people have left and, socially, things aren't the same. I understand where you're coming from and perhaps if these were your feelings a few years prior, I would have tried to talk you out of it. For what it's worth, I've always enjoyed your posts. I also consider you a friend, even though almost all of our interaction has been through the forums. I also admire the fact that you stay true to your personality, even if a few people are giving you hell for it. Don't let those ass holes break your spirit now, their voices are only loud because so many other voices have disappeared. If you do decide to leave (the forums too), make sure to send me a PM so that we can keep in touch in the future. You're a good man.
  2. Yes!!! I was a spoon! I forgot about the gladiator event!! As soon as you mentioned it, it all came rushing back into my head... that was probably the most strenuous part of the impalong for me. I remember I was up to fight and it took me literally 5 minutes to log back in and load up the world. Then the computer would behave for about 2 1/2 minutes until it'd go non responsive and i'd have to use the task manager to close down the app via processes. Didn't much matter, though. I didn't make it far in the tournament. Niki was the only one who fell victim to me. I also forgot to mention the other "impalong" that you and I attended together. That was fun too. It was over at Aly and Xallo's place on Indy... it was either a halloween or easter event. I think halloween...
  3. Eir

    Rest in peace, Janice. You were a great human and had an amazing heart. If it weren't for Corey, we wouldn't have crossed paths and formed the friendship that we did. I only wish I had kept in contact with you after I ditched facebook. You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
  4. EDIT: I just noticed this was in scribes corner and not wood scraps. I've edited lyrics for each song in. In high school we used to cruise around listening to a ton of different things. One staple was Ministry's Psalm 69 album. Another was Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power. Now, if I take a track off of each album that got everyone going (and maybe sing-songy), it would be: Lyrics: Lyrics:
  5. I am only okay with name changes if there is a public, up-to-date list on the forums (provided by staff) of who's name has been changed to what.
  6. @Willow's events over at (old) Festival Cove. My favorite might have been the last one that she held in the 2012-2014 era. It was my first time dueling with people outside of my village and I was victorious (probably thanks to some real shiny head cover loaned to me by@Xallo). Rolf also showed up for a bit and lit up a festival beacon. Aside from Willow's events, I really enjoyed myself at@McGarnicle's event over on Deli. It seemed like everyone showed up for that one... which was great. @Aerisand I kept cruising back and forth in a large cart through the southeastern Deli desert between my deed and the event location and I remember one time a hellhound chased us the entire trip... like 1000 tiles. The one downside that I remember to that event was that the deed was so built up that it was quite laggy. I haven't been to many in the recent past. I think my last one that I attended was when MR (think it was @Nadroj, but could have been @Emoo) held one over on Exo. The deed was super impressive and everything seemed to be running super smoothly. Unfortunately, at that period, I was playing on a really crappy laptop and had to leave the event early because my rig was melting.
  7. We also haven't mentioned in this thread that one of the biggest problems with GV (in its prime) was that people were quite content there (no matter how many premium features you dangled in their face) and many had no interest in going premium... let alone abandoning their already existing compound they had built themselves there to then have to start fresh on a new server. It fragmented the playerbase and was a bad business model. That's why it's no longer habitable (unless you have a "grandfathered" account there).
  8. Every time I see your name I think of an old BLer who everyone just called Wheel. Then I think about Siege and Eir,.. my favorite BLers. I miss them and hope they're doing well.
  9. Goddamn Overkill... Pacer and I were just talking about bake sales a month ago.
  10. No. Wurm has lost too much history as it is. The wipe of '07, the forum wipe of '08, the forum rebuild that happened a couple years later, the revamp of the wiki (removing all player/village lore)... You would be removing the last "proof" of some amazing people that used to play this game. Some of those people aren't even alive to play anymore.
  11. It was Cadillac in Bar Harbor. Next week is a small section hike of the AT from Saddleback to Sugarloaf.
  12. Transferring my skills from the Freedom cluster to the Reality cluster was a solid move. There's far more land to explore, the textures are vastly improved... and it's waaay more populated (if that's your thing). My strength stats and climbing skill have been put to good use over here. Just two weeks ago, I went scaling the mountains in search of uniques (to pen), Here are a few in-game screenshots: The search for uniques was unsuccessful that day, but more climbing skill was gained. I have another expedition in a set of taller mountains next week. Wish me luck!