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  1. First off, Gary, you're making a false assumption about my character. It's okay, but I will correct you on your error: I've never played this game for the market. Check my post history. Ask around. There are plenty that do, though. Recognize it. Second, I am going to stop engaging with you in conversation about this because, honestly, you're too worked up about it (which I understand, you have a lot invested) to really talk and think rationally about this situation. You've resorted to character assassination and are being super combative with anyone that has some issue with a straight up, unrestricted merge. You're evidently only concerned about your personal gain (or loss) in this and you're keeping your eyes closed to how it might affect the game/player count.
  2. I never said it was destroyed, it just never recovered to the state it had been. Had it been destroyed, you wouldn't even have a Wurm Online to log into anymore. And yes, the amount of moonmetal and any tomes floating around on epic would be detrimental to the Freedom economy. However many pieces you personally have is irrelevant.
  3. Better the game for who, though? Frankly, this game's livelyhood is somewhat centered around the economy. There are hundreds (not me), that would leave if the economy went to ######. Letting all of the Epic players bring all of their crap over, even if only one time, will saturate the Freedom (main) market. Sure, there are probably at max 25 current active epic players, but there are plenty of dormant accounts sitting over there, just waiting for an opportunity like unrestricted item crossing. So, who do we make happy? The 25 poor saps that chose a cluster that was doomed from the start or the hundreds of people playing this game because of the economy? Do you want an out from your prison, Gary, or are you going to get hung up on the fact that you don't get to take your meal tray and mattress with you?
  4. Gary, I am sympathetic to your plight, but ultimately, I am more concerned about the economy in the game. I saw it (and called it) with Chaos. They ended up bringing years worth of dusty enchanted stuff that they had accrued from the years when everyone and their brother was a champ. Tanked out the PVE economy, and quite frankly, it's never bounced back since. I hate to be cold hearted about it, but yes, you will have to give up most of your physical possessions to leave Epic. Let me remind you (and anyone else who may or may not remember) that the people of JKh and MRh had to leave behind tons of possessions when they were forced onto the newly created Independance map. We were only allowed to bring 100 items on person, 200 on boat. I sold off what I could but I left behind thousands of lamps, hundreds of tools, champ animals, the works. I had been a paying customer for years at that point. Sure, it was unfair.... but was deemed "necessary". You'll get reimbursed in full for your deeds (and I'd also say any PMK) and remaining upkeep, and the coin moves with you. You'll get over it. You say that, and I take you as a man of your word. But you're not every other player. Humans are very opportunistic. Especially when it comes to money. I wager you're not the only Epic player sitting on tomes (or moonmetal). Again, referring back to humans being opportunistic. You guys can all use your tomes up on your characters before you cross them over. Plenty of moonmetal on Chaos and PVE to be obtained, right?
  5. My two cents: I only play on the freedom cluster. I do feel bad for the remaining epic players and feel like they deserve a way off of that cluster. I'm not even really opposed to a 1:1 transfer, because at this point, how many of them are there? Not enough for it to really cause any type of issue for the Freedom cluster. What I am VERY cautious about is that the last time PVPers in this game wanted an "out" from their "dead" server, they turned their "out" into a "transfer back and forth with everything" situation and, in turn, completely ruined the PVE economy through saturation. Let them come, one way - one time, with their skills, titles, karma and whatever tomes they have already consumed. Let them come, one way - one time, with 50 items on their person, no tomes... no moonmetal.
  6. You can add Asidecay to the roster too.
  7. Yes. PM me with a timeframe best suited for you.
  8. Yesterday, @Alyeskaand I ran into an issue at the Pristine rift where some rift creatures were already butchered upon us killing them. It happened multiple times (more than a dozen) during wave 1 and it wasn't anyone ninja butchering because we were the only two people at the rift (at that time) . Corpses that fell appeared butchered. When right clicking, no option to butcher, only bury. Nothing in the corpse container either.
  9. I noticed that Xanadu (and assuming the other servers) has been up for 10 days and counting. I'm no expert either, but I have noticed a substantial decrease in lag/stuttering after a server reboot. If I were the one in control, I'd reboot Xanadu every 48 hours.
  10. 5s for the Boar vs Dogs HOTA, if you're interested.
  11. You still own all those Glasshollow deeds? Went there yesterday, I literally had 2-4 fps the whole time I was there. Part of your problem is all the crap you have lying around... and the 10 billion merchants. Your area has been a lagfest since the first few months of Xanadu's release and it's just gotten worse over time. Yes, Xanadu has lag issues but your deed(s) are a big part of your lag problem.
  12. My question (that wasn't brought up in the video) is what happens in an instance where a specific plot of land has been deeded multiple times? Is the data that comes back to you from "investigating" random in that regard? Meaning, will one "investigate" action tell me that "Deed X was here", while a second investigation of the same tile/area would tell me that "Deed Y was here"?
  13. In certain employment instances, I can completely understand utilizing your "down time" to do personal tasks (i.e. play games). Your profession is a good example of being able to do that and there are plenty of other examples in which it's completely acceptable. For instance, 20 years ago, a friend of mine was employed with a towing company and worked the 3rd shift. When he wasn't taking calls, or driving a wrecker, he had a "lounge" at the office that provided him with TV, movies, a couch to nap on, video game consoles, etc. Another good example would be my brother-in-law, who works for a call-in center of a retail store. If he's not getting phone calls, he can read, use his phone, etc. However, all jobs are not the same. Many places of employment don't have employee downtime, as there's always work to be done. This is where I disagree with your viewpoint that "any person(s) that can get paid to make bricks should be applauded". Sorry, I won't applaud the worker at the convenience store or the coffee shop that can't bother to ring me up because they are too busy on their phone... which is such a common occurrence these days. I've worked in (and managed) both food service and retail, both "professions" leave no down time. Bored? I can find you plenty of stuff to do (that you're supposed to be doing). Currently, I do contracting work. Building, renovation, etc. I see plenty of guys "disappearing" to go play around on their phones every 15 minutes (probably checking facebook). I won't applaud them, either. Contractual construction work is a lot like repairing cars: you quote a price (estimate) and that's pretty much what the pay-out is, regardless of the time that you, the contractor, put in. So, obviously, when employed in that type of field, you want to bang out a job as fast as possible to make the most money. If the other guys quit their phone nonsense and focused on the task at hand, we could probably get paid out for doing 4 roofs in a week, versus 3. It's the same amount of hours invested, yet more money for everyone. Besides, the title of this thread was "How do you hide Wurm at work?", which alludes to the notion that one is not supposed to be Wurming. This is completely different from your situation, where you have been given the okay to do so. (Now, I know I've used cellphones as the basis of my argument and not Wurm. It doesn't really matter, though. Same outcome.)
  14. Maybe i'm just old school but my boss(es) are paying me to do work, not play video games. I know i'm the idiot, though. I'm the one working while everyone else on the payroll is dicking around on their cellphones all day.
  15. Get rid of the whole "docile critters run away" mechanic entirely. . I know it was supposed to be an AI "improvement", but honestly, it's been nothing but a pain in the ass from the very start. We had a slope restriction years ago which ended up getting reversed. IIRC, the team set it so that it only checked uphill climbs only. What ended up happening was people started digging pits all over the place to capture as many critters as they could. This became problematic because people forgot about their pits, or they quit the game, and the critters had no way of getting out of their imprisonment. So, while the critter numbers for the server looked good (it was only Indy at the time), it was getting harder and harder to find any critters to kill.... unless you happened to stumble on someone's pit, which usually had 50+ critters in them.