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  1. I hadn't logged in since writing this OP on (my) Saturday morning. When I logged on this evening, the shed was removed. It could have been the creator. That email feature will come in very handy. Glad to hear something of the sort is being worked on. Becket's doing well for the grumpy old man that he is. Thanks for the well wishes, you've always been a stand up guy, Arch.
  2. I remember all that happening.
  3. I stated in the OP that I was disappointed, not mad. Besides, the stolen statue is not the issue here. The issue is that there are very little players left in this community and there are going to be even less if people keep continuing to completely screw people over just for some meager gains. I have a deed that I spent years building, that is now usless to me because I wasn't exactly active and happened to let my upkeep lapse (for 13 hours). To the others who have posted to coax me back, this situation isn't the only factor that is making me finally give up Wurm, it's just the icing on the cake.
  4. My deed dropped less than 24 hours ago and some upstanding player came along and built a shed 3 tiles from where my token stood, just to steal a planted HOTA. Now, they've got the HOTA and I am left with a shed in the center of what was my deed so that I may not deed again. I've already put in a /support in, though I don't think it'll go anywhere. I've read here in the forums from others with similar thefts that have claimed that the team considers using a shed to circumvent anti-theft mechanics on PVE to be "fair game". Whatever. Another ridiculous decision in the long list of Wurm's ridiculous decisions... Standing here at the location my token once was, I am now over 3 hours in waiting for a response for my /support call. And when a GM finally does contact me, in the off chance that they're able to help and remove this shed from the center of my deed, the question begs to be answered: Do I really want to bother redeeding? Honestly, at this point, no. There are many reasons, including the ever-dwindling player base. No, I'm not rage quitting over a silly statue. But I am finally giving up, disappointed. How many are left playing this game? And out of those people, how many are not even giving a deed owner 24 hours to redeed before hawkishly building sheds inside of the deed to swoop down on valuables? And how many of them are leaving their sheds behind, as a big middle finger to the person they just stole from, blocking them from redeeding over their hard work? Please, I implore you (the remaining community) to take one thing from my post: This game is dying and doing scumbag things like tossing up (and then leaving) a shed in the middle of a village that has just disbanded, just so you can acquire a 5s item, is going to leave you with nobody left to play with. To all of those who I consider my friends, I will try to see you one, last time in-game. Some of you aren't very active so I don't know if I will get to visit everyone. For all of those that I've had good relations with, thank you for the 10+ years of fun gameplay and a great community. If any of you would like to keep in touch, feel free to add me on Steam. Send a private message if I won't recognize you by your Steam handle.
  5. Astaria

    Well. if the rumors are true that its prequel, they may end up doing something like they did with that recent Will Smith movie where they mapped a CGI "young face" to an old actor's body.
  6. Astaria

    Get hyped for the new movie, though!
  7. All it takes is one post to facepunch/4chan/reddit and one afternoon... Seen it happen here before... multiple times.
  8. That's a call-to-action, which is certainly not the same... It's the difference between "I think LumpyGravy should die", versus "Someone please go make LumpyGravy die". To get back OT: Thanks to @Buddafor the work he's put in. Congrats to @Samoolon his promotion.
  9. So long as that player is still logging in and playing...
  10. The truth of it is, WU (and Steam) will exist long after WO. WO just sold for it's first time, but it's not the last. When this 'Game Chest' company (that no one's ever heard of) goes belly up in a couple of years, another publisher will absorb it. One of these companies will eventually say "no more, the overhead isn't worth the return" and the game will be taken offline. The only Wurm you guys will have left to turn to is WU, because there is no "overhead"; no staff to pay, no servers to maintain, etc. That version will continue to be sold, no matter which publishing company owns it.
  11. I had a huge, long winded post that most wouldn't have read and a lot of it was echoing things that have been already said in this thread. I decided to crop out the most important part: The Steam version of WO is going to need a lot of mechanic changes in order to be remotely successful. The biggest being: * Character subs are going to have to be removed (deed prices stay). * Action timers will have to be greatly reduced to almost instantaneous (while the amount of actions needed to get a skill tick will have to be increased to offset skillgain) The current WO clusters don't have to follow suit, but don't expect any new blood in the current cluster(s) from this if they don't also change. Quite frankly, I'm not so sure that this Steam idea is going to help much, even with major changes. WU is out there, it's a one-and-done purchase and you can play on servers there that cater to all types of playstyles, including the "instant gratification" types that are prevalent on Steam. With all that WU has going for it, while being on sale for 7.99 USD quite frequently, it still doesn't get much of a draw. I wish Rolf & team luck in their future decisions.
  12. I'm not gonna tell you "Nah, man! You can't leave!!!" because I'm pretty guilty of being MIA myself. It's a hard thing, many people have left and, socially, things aren't the same. I understand where you're coming from and perhaps if these were your feelings a few years prior, I would have tried to talk you out of it. For what it's worth, I've always enjoyed your posts. I also consider you a friend, even though almost all of our interaction has been through the forums. I also admire the fact that you stay true to your personality, even if a few people are giving you hell for it. Don't let those ass holes break your spirit now, their voices are only loud because so many other voices have disappeared. If you do decide to leave (the forums too), make sure to send me a PM so that we can keep in touch in the future. You're a good man.
  13. Yes!!! I was a spoon! I forgot about the gladiator event!! As soon as you mentioned it, it all came rushing back into my head... that was probably the most strenuous part of the impalong for me. I remember I was up to fight and it took me literally 5 minutes to log back in and load up the world. Then the computer would behave for about 2 1/2 minutes until it'd go non responsive and i'd have to use the task manager to close down the app via processes. Didn't much matter, though. I didn't make it far in the tournament. Niki was the only one who fell victim to me. I also forgot to mention the other "impalong" that you and I attended together. That was fun too. It was over at Aly and Xallo's place on Indy... it was either a halloween or easter event. I think halloween...