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  1. Entering a cave canal can still cause a few tense moments, was only the other day I got throw out and stuck in a teleporting loop. How about that moment back in December 2018 when you could get a flying boat after leaving a cave canal?
  2. A small selection from over the last 10 or so years... https://imgur.com/gallery/ZG5e8u3
  3. maybe getting blue cheese if aged in certain ways
  4. Good to get tea, and coffee, into the world of Wurm. Looking forward to all sorts of coffee related recipes to be discovered
  5. Hold down the cmd key when opening the launcher, and select 'Test - Preview' from the pop-up.
  6. Not sure if it is still possible to board a cart through a ladder opening, as a way of moving the cart between floors. At one time I remember needing to not have a floor on the ground floor for this to work. If that no longer works, the easiest way would be to have a bridge to the upper floors, so you can ride the cart up.
  7. A painless blood transfusion completed, thanks to Stanlee and the medical team.
  8. Also directly related to content on the test server.
  9. While it would be expected that the steam statistics only show those who are using the steam client. As has been stated many times, there is no restriction on which cluster those using the steam launch can connect to.
  10. Rift 6th Sept 2021

    Interesting place, right on the highway, close to -> http://xanadu.yaga.host/#5488,5070
  11. It might be worth saying that apparent reduction of the max in each of the spikes in the historic MRTG graphs is simply down to how the reporting, and the underlying 'round robin' database (RRDtool) has been configured. You will see in the titles of each graph that is described as the average over a certain time period, with the max/min being of those averages. It is possible to configure MRTG, and its RRD, to collect, store, and report a true max. value for each time period as well as just the averages (and the max/min of those averages), BUT would have needed to be done in the original configuration.
  12. [ insert witty rejoinder ]
  13. Rift 18 August

    If I remember correctly, the route to the top was reinforced all the way up, so will just be a matter of killing any mobs on the way up. I probably don't remember the correct entrance, but I think it was the eastern of those two cave entrances The route to the top, is via the eastern of those two cave entrances. It is reinforced all the way, so no need to mine. Safe area has been setup on the west side of the rift.
  14. Snowball fight goal still appears to be bugged.....