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  1. There is an 'Unstable - Test' link on the wurmpedia homepage, if that is what you mean...
  2. Sure this has been raised before. There is a boat tunnel shown on the map, between E14 and D19. This does not exist, so please remove.
  3. The only problem I've been seeing with the unstable client is it appear to be more susceptible to travel problems - getting "Your position on the server is not updated. Please move slower." fairly frequently. Sometimes this will improve by starting the client, but sometimes the only thing that seems works is to go back to the old client. But, yes the shadows are amazing - I well remember stilling in a boat on the old test server watching the shadows play on the water surface. Really need to turn them (shadows) back on now that the brightness has been tweaked, but turned them off as living in the shadow of a mountain the early mornings were a little too dark during the early morning.
  4. Nice update but... The map does not fill the browser window - only using about 2/3 of the window when going to the url. Changing the window size the map will grow, but will eventually get to be taller than the window, and have a scroll bar appear.
  5. These trying to understand the new highway system, and have not seen the earlier post, might find the following two post of help. The second post contains a link to a google doc containing the original Highway documentation that has some diagrams that will help make things a bit clearer.
  6. Would have probably help if I loaded the game this morning before writing some of the above, but would not changed much. Where is the setting to prevent "Allowing highways to be built or connected on deed or within 3 tiles of the deed (in village perimeter)."? I see a setting to allow 'citizens' to make a highway to village, but nothing specifically affects non-citizens being able to build highway within 3 tiles of the deed. What am I not seeing? Or has something else changed in the last few days?
  7. Where is this setting set? It doesn't appear to be anywhere obvious....
  8. There is quite a significant change between the old and new rules, the section on KOS from the current highway rules: and from the new rules: Spot the difference? Under the old rules the the highway could be on the first tile outside the deed, under the new rules it needs to further away. For some situations this difference will be a big deal - it might be difficult to move a highway due to geographic restrictions (squeezed between the deed and mountain for example). I also the village setting: I hope this now defaults to prevent highways - otherwise it is highly probably a mayor who is currently away, and has people on KOS, could return to find themselves with problems caused by somebody upgrading an existing highway that runs within 3 tiles of their deed. Just noticed rereading the doc that there should be a message to prevent this from happening, if there is a KOS list, but still think the default should be to prevent the building within 3 tiles.
  9. That issue is caused by the update being rolled back, and your client being updated before the roll back. See https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/announcement/35-client-connection-issues/ You need to launch the 'Java Control Panel' to remove the updated client - and then re-download the old client from the website.
  10. Can't you just use the permission system to deny access on your outer gates to prevent those not wanted from entering your deed?
  11. See Niarja for rift time The latest rift is located in J13 - see http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=2474&y=-3437&z=6 The rift area extends over the northern part of what was the Siberian Forest deed. ---
  12. Just so I understand, someone can plant markers in anyone's perimeter? Just not in (or within 2 tiles) of their deed? I notice that somebody has removed a catseye next to the waystone by "A Long Name To See How Signs Cope With I" - trying to plant a replacement gives You do not have permission to plant a catseye on (or next to) "A Long Name To See How Signs Cope With I". Which is I guess to be expected, but should it be possible to remove a catseye in a location you are not allowed to place one? The tile corner in question appears to be between the 2nd and 3rd tile outside the deed, in the perimeter...
  13. There were certainly a lot less monsters than normal. But, the score is more a reflection on how we closed the rift. The first wave we only killed enough to get the hearts to close the rift wave, at which point we dragged the monsters away from the altar while Kanmin burn the hearts. We got to the same point with the 2nd wave, after about 3 hours, but Kanmin suffered network problems that prevented doing much causing us to effectively be down to just two - and the group split up (I was also having problems staying awake, it was now about 6:30am (UK time)). I sailed home, and returned later in the day with the intention of setting up a camp at the base of mountain while trying to get a team together to close the rift - quite expecting it not to happen until the weekend. As it happened Loetuw/Kanmin was in the area when I got back, with no network issues, and Oats arrive soon after I started backup the mountain. We eventually restarted fighting the second wave just after 16:00. The rest of the monsters from the 2nd wave were killed - giving us enough hearts to close both this and the final wave. I don't remember killing many in the final wave, but just dragged everything way from the altar and burning hearts. This was only really possible as the rift layout gave us the opportunity of being creative in closing the rift. The groves that are seen on the 3d view have 60 dirt slopes - we were very lucky the the rift altar was on the same raised flat area as the safe area, otherwise these tactics would not have worked. So, 15.5 hours to close this rift, but 10 hours of that was the mid-rift pause. So, only 5.5 hours of fighting. I don't really want to think about how long the 3rd wave would have taken - but probably another couple of hours. As can be expect from such tactics the loot was quite light, just one pad and necklace in addition to the bits of seryll/ada - plus the rift mats.
  14. A big thank you to those who managed to attend.