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  1. Eastern Canal Rework

    [05:42:33] The concrete would only flow away. Plan B might be to close the right hand side and lowering the top right corner to keep things nice and symmetrical, keep it 2 tiles wide... or close it up, and the row behind, to level the top all the way across... Plan Crazy would be to surface mine the right-hand side and open the third tile on that side.... Zethreal's plan looks good to me - I had mined around the north side of the source building, this was in part to create a raised area to be able to reach the ceiling (and have max depth alongside) to get the ceiling to a height that is level the length of the tunnel but not too high. The central tile was levelled from there to the eastern entrance...
  2. Eastern Canal Rework

    It doesn't need to be that deep for knarrs - an even 5 dirt is good as a horse/cart/wagon can also be driven through. Just looked at the western entrance, again, this could be easily solved with a priest to collapse a few tiles. But, will need a few reinforced tiles removing - so please remove the reinforcement about the western entrance before disbanding the deed. If we don't have a priest who can strongwall on site, I'll reprem my priestess and bring her down. Be careful raising the ceiling that it is not raised too high and prevents lowering the floor all the way. There is a section of floor already lowered at the eastern entrance, which can be used to ensure that a mistake is not made... Not sure about the eastern entrance - it currently can't be opened wider than one tile, giving the error "The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here." It is possible that is caused by some previous work to remove a reinforced tile that went wrong.... There was a lava tile at one time, I think this was where the flat rock tiles are beside the current entrance. With the recent erupt/freeze change this might be solvable with a Path of Power freeze on the correct tile (if there is somebody that can do that).
  3. Eastern Canal Rework

    Those 4 iron veins are, starting from the west are, I have dropped a named Colossus brick with the details by each vein: 75ql - 151 remaining 66ql - 2657 remaining 20ql - 7315 remaining 31ql - 5708 remaining Yes, I believe this is one of the early tunnel, first mentioned back in 2014 -
  4. Eastern Canal Rework

    When I next pass that way, probably later this week, I'll pop in, and get the exact quality and quantity on those veins for you.
  5. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    A fun event - a big thank you to both those who organized it, and those attending that helped make it such a great event. And to the GMs that dropped in an provided some extra entertainment.
  6. Unfinished Eastern Canal - Map Complete

    It would be an idea to widen the tunnel around the "Future Underground Lighthouse" building. So that there is more than just a tile that slopes down into the water.
  7. Share your titles

    [15:43:54] Your title is now Knight Templar.
  8. Also might be worth remembering you can ride on 40 slopes. But, this is best not used unless you are very sure you will never need to walk up/down the tunnel or space is very restricted. With a serpentine mine, you can make use of drop shafts to provide a quick route down. This can't be stressed enough - there is reasonable chance that somebody else has already been there before, and there may well be a partly collapsed tunnel system to the top. By joining the surviving sections together you might be able to save yourself a lot of mining. But, you will have to deal with all the veins that have collapsed into the tunnel - probably with no option of mining to the sides if the previous miner created a serpentine mine.
  9. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    From Etherdrifter, it looks as if there may well be some changes on the horizon...
  10. Rift - 21 July

    Back down to the south east for this rift. For your local times - https://niarja.com/rifts
  11. How to sell at Glasshollow

    There is a bulk section at Glasshollow market - see
  12. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Thank you
  13. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    There is now a highway over Rifter's Pass. This cut some 3.5k tiles off the distance between Rome and the south east of the map - removing the need to go around via Greymead and the Whitefay area. In the west this connects with the highway south of Rome, and in the east is a continuation of the highway to the deeds in the area of the two lakes in N18/19. There is a safe house at the top of the pass. There is some tidying that remains to be done, and the short tunnel is unlit. A short video of the journey over the new section of road, from west to east.
  14. Rift - 12 July

    For your local times - https://niarja.com/rifts For those coming from the west, there is a partly completed highway over Rifter's Pass (N21) - the approach to the west side is still being worked on, but the road over the pass is complete, and catseyed from the summit to the east. While setting up for the rift, please try and respect the tundra.
  15. Proposed canal - one entrance open already

    Still the same after today's restart... From inside I get "The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here.", and tunnelling in from outside gives "The ground sounds strangely hollow and brittle. You have to abandon the mining operation."