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  1. The latest client (4.0.62) appears to have fixed this problem.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    It's not just unchopped veggies, it all the animal bits we have been using. The tunnels I've worked on have been strongwalled with favor from a mix of spider hearts and troll glands.
  3. I am having an issue with key bindings not getting saved completely: - Wurm Client: 4.0.59 macOS 10.14 Java 8 Update 181 I recently noticed that my keybindings were not getting saved between session, and at some point getting set to some mix of my settings and the defaults. I am using `exec` files along the lines of Daray's Keyboard Guide. I noticed that while doing individual key binds from the console get saved, using exec to set a number of keybinds the updated keybindings are not getting saved even though the console log has a line saying that they have been saved. In this session I have deleted the keybindings file, so we start from a known starting point. Client Console Log The newly created keybindings.txt file, created by the game launcher: I notice that after "PLAY" is pressed the contents of the keybindings file is altered. Appears to just strip out the commends and modify the case of the bind commands: I then open the console to run `exec base.txt` to set my bindings... base.txt: The console says that the bindings have been saved, but they remain unchanged, although the time stamp of the file is updated...
  4. Just got the Grand Duke title, been premium consecutively for 54 months since Dec. 2013
  5. Back in Niki lists some premium reward titles that in the WU code, but missing from the wiki. Just recieved "Grand Duke of Lomaner", having been premium a total of 54 months since Dec 2013 (and premium consecutively for 54 months since Dec 2013).
  6. Rift - 25 Sept

    For your local time: https://niarja.com/rifts Map doesn't show the new roads, there is a highway east/west through N18-N20 that connects across the pass in N18 to the road south of Rome. If using the highway system set Strathgeal, rift is south of there.
  7. Valrei International. 068

    Unless they are in northern Xanadu (and maybe other servers), where at time it seems like every tree has a troll behind it. Whatever happened to sorting out the mob distribution across the server? Or is it just that we still living with the problems caused by the old distribution, and the mob pathing changes bringing them down off of the mountains. Maybe those thinking that LT was nerfed awhile ago are thinking of the bug fix a year ago...
  8. Valrei International. 067

    Not sure about my memory either, for some reason I had a memory that the modern renderer didn't work on mac - or at least the setting changed back to legacy. Trying the modern renderer again now, I notice that it appears to work. I see "renderer_type = 1" in the console log. Hopefully this means that the modern renderer is working for me, and I am either miss remembering. And not that the logs are misleading and the client is really still using the legacy renderer....
  9. Meal and Pizza generator

    TeeeBOMB, maybe your character is bugged - there is a meal checker, https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/ , that should help test if you are affected by this problem. If you are there is an option on the profile to fix this problem - but this is a one way switch and can't be turned off.
  10. Eastern Canal Rework

    I agree with Thorin and Zethreal. I'll be spending my time visiting my deeds and on a few other projects - at least once I have visited the Labyrinth...
  11. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Thanks Brian and Adam - spent a fun few hours going round in circles - and finally made it to the end. Have a well deserved rest exploring back on Deli.
  12. Eastern Canal Rework

    Apologies for my sudden disappearance yesterday - we had a power outage that lasted most of the night
  13. Eastern Canal Rework

    [05:42:33] The concrete would only flow away. Plan B might be to close the right hand side and lowering the top right corner to keep things nice and symmetrical, keep it 2 tiles wide... or close it up, and the row behind, to level the top all the way across... Plan Crazy would be to surface mine the right-hand side and open the third tile on that side.... Zethreal's plan looks good to me - I had mined around the north side of the source building, this was in part to create a raised area to be able to reach the ceiling (and have max depth alongside) to get the ceiling to a height that is level the length of the tunnel but not too high. The central tile was levelled from there to the eastern entrance...
  14. Eastern Canal Rework

    It doesn't need to be that deep for knarrs - an even 5 dirt is good as a horse/cart/wagon can also be driven through. Just looked at the western entrance, again, this could be easily solved with a priest to collapse a few tiles. But, will need a few reinforced tiles removing - so please remove the reinforcement about the western entrance before disbanding the deed. If we don't have a priest who can strongwall on site, I'll reprem my priestess and bring her down. Be careful raising the ceiling that it is not raised too high and prevents lowering the floor all the way. There is a section of floor already lowered at the eastern entrance, which can be used to ensure that a mistake is not made... Not sure about the eastern entrance - it currently can't be opened wider than one tile, giving the error "The cave walls look very unstable. You cannot keep mining here." It is possible that is caused by some previous work to remove a reinforced tile that went wrong.... There was a lava tile at one time, I think this was where the flat rock tiles are beside the current entrance. With the recent erupt/freeze change this might be solvable with a Path of Power freeze on the correct tile (if there is somebody that can do that).