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  1. There was a demonstration of the problem with UI scaling and clicking on toolbelts and getting the wrong item in the latest Factional Fight stream. I've also added this link to the post over in client bugs. See https://www.twitch.tv/videos/992039985?t=00h43m18s
  2. This issue was demonstrated in the latest Factional Fight stream. See https://www.twitch.tv/videos/992039985?t=00h43m18s
  3. Watering them will remove the damage.
  4. just ridden past the rift site. Looks as if nobody has arrived yet.. there are plenty of playthings on the steppe for anybody arriving early - if not the rift mobs will have some playthings to keep them company.
  5. Once again we will be back to the south east. Rift times see https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Camp will be setup on the north side of the rift area, on the mound on the edge of the trees.
  6. Rift is located on the ridge to the S.W. of Greymead. for Rift times see https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Access via a steep ramp directly south of Thule.
  7. the model for a pile of wurm is missing.
  8. Probably any skill, just pick one below 20 (if you have any below 20) and raise it. I managed this by raising a weapon skill.
  9. Have got more than 10 frags in a number of places on Xanadu. Looking for places deeds were created in the early days of Xanadu will likely give more than 10 frags per cache.
  10. That will be good. Though, unchecking 'Show in-world combat log' currently has no effect, even after a client restart. As an aside, it might be an idea to look at launcher and in game settings and bring them inline with each other. There currently appear to be a number of differences. --- Looking at the saved gamesettings file, unchecking the setting does not change "combat_world_text=true" to "false". Also manually changing it and reloading has no effect on the text showing.
  11. Nice to have the option added, but I don't see this option in the Mac client (4.2.36). Did find a setting that disables the critter health bar on hover, and while fighting, but that is probably not something new... I see the old blood effect has returned to the Mac client, but is toned down so that it is not that noticeable even a very low health. Probably needs some tuning so that it obscures to the same extent as new effect.
  12. My initial though was "I hope there is an option to turn that off". But, sadly there isn't. Think I would have preferred to have any text remain in the combat window, but have a way of filtering what is being shown there. Even more irritating is that the text from special moves is not integrated in with the combat text, rather than overlaid separately across the screen, and obscuring the combat text.
  13. The only thing to add to what others have already said. Neither the new blood vignette, or the old blood, effect is visible on the macOS client. I guess getting the new effect is locked behind the old legacy openGL.
  14. Is it my imagination, or have some of these changes been release in client 4.2.35?