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  1. Snowball fight goal still appears to be bugged.....
  2. "Time until being able to breed" is just wrong... a ram was showing 123 hours, no problems using it to breed, and inspect after breeding shows as being ready... of course try to using it again and it is not in the mood.
  3. My first donkey is Raspberry
  4. Two more epic structures. 3164, 661 Running Backbone (Foundation Pillar) 3163, 661 Backbone of Island (Foundation Pillar)
  5. Really not sure about the 'Hay Stack' model, looks more like a bail to me... Description : "Preserved grass used to feed animals. Piled together for shelter from the rain." Made with 3.2 kg of hay, not sure if can be made with less. Can be picked up. Don't have enough hay left over to make a hay bundle. Also worth noting that when dropped into a bsb the name is 'bunches of hay'.
  6. or a weather house.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_house
  7. Did nobody think to logging into the test server and look? It was certainly there a day, or two, before it went live. But, I had no time to test anything.
  8. A few more Epic structures: 2042, 4094 Reliquary of Jump 2098, 4136 Victorial of Sorrow 2938, 560 Vynora Route 2938, 560 Abode of Luck 2666, 464 Fist of Jump 2665, 465 Mystery To Dreams 3179, 638 Remembrance Of Troll 3185, 680 Needle Of Dreams 3184, 678 Strengths Fist 3156, 358 Square Reliquary 3832, 324 Slitherings Victorial 3784, 294 Pathway to Low 3788, 293 Reliquary Of Dragon 3945, 273 Fos Shrine
  9. There was a demonstration of the problem with UI scaling and clicking on toolbelts and getting the wrong item in the latest Factional Fight stream. I've also added this link to the post over in client bugs. See https://www.twitch.tv/videos/992039985?t=00h43m18s
  10. This issue was demonstrated in the latest Factional Fight stream. See https://www.twitch.tv/videos/992039985?t=00h43m18s
  11. Watering them will remove the damage.
  12. just ridden past the rift site. Looks as if nobody has arrived yet.. there are plenty of playthings on the steppe for anybody arriving early - if not the rift mobs will have some playthings to keep them company.
  13. Once again we will be back to the south east. Rift times see https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Camp will be setup on the north side of the rift area, on the mound on the edge of the trees.
  14. Rift is located on the ridge to the S.W. of Greymead. for Rift times see https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Access via a steep ramp directly south of Thule.
  15. the model for a pile of wurm is missing.