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  1. Some of the original lines are very approximate (probably half a tile off), some (over marked in blue) are not highways. I have added the completed sections I know.
  2. I plan to be there - will float around as needed, and able. Would like a room, or at least a bed...
  3. At 60 after is like 40, or maybe even 30, from before the tweak.
  4. The checker is https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/
  5. For those coming to the rift. The map above shows the rift slightly to the north of its real position. I have created a safe area on the north side of the rift - access is off the gravel road, by the corner with the troll lair (greenish trolls), I have packed a short section beyond which just continue straight up the hill, and you will come to the safe area. There is currently no altar - so if somebody can bring the necessary gold/silver that would be good. The rift area is uncut, I had enough interruptions while making the safe area...
  6. See Niarja for the time --- For the tired traveller The Three Legged Troll offers beds and public pens for the horses.
  7. Looks as if there has been a restart - Xanadu is just last being back up and available. see,http://wurmonline.com/status-new/widget.php
  8. Same problem here, and also have a number of combined fragments that are stuck, in a satchel, in a permanent refresh - rclick just give the refreshing.
  9. There was talk about a quick bugfix on IRC, so all being well and nothing else is found.... who knows...
  10. The update is still in progress...
  11. Rode through Vrock Landing earlier, and there are two spots that look as if they are for waggoneers. But highways on Xanadu will take time, but that is partly why I rode down to the Three Legged Troll earlier.
  12. Also worth noting that the troll masks can take damage while fighting. Didn't somebody recently say that the decorative masks shouldn't, or did I imagine that?
  13. That's spooky. I'm not sure if it will do the trick, but if not we will just have to hold out for a treat
  14. I'll try Nexette and Speckled Jim, plz
  15. The north can be a really bad place to be, though some areas are not as bad as others -- the sooner that creature spawn distribution, and movement, is sorted the better. It looks as if Budda's experiments testing on Celebration is progressing... It certainly seems as if the aggro range on some of the critters is more than it was - and given the speed some of them travel out running them can be something of a challenge if not using a fast horse.