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  1. Could be because there is no indication of location other than a large general area, so is likely to be a very long ride. Or that the camps are not worth the effort, the last one I took out had been there well over a year. As for interest in rifts, I noticed that the one last week was done solo by Oats.
  2. Thought I'd look and see what's happening over on the test server, and the client crashes after clicking 'Play'. Caused by: com.wurmonline.client.fgtPPuD8uC: Unable to compile vertex shader (shader.itemplacer.vertex): class.rCZWlYCQ3E: ERROR: 0:13: Incompatible types (vec3 and vec4) in assignment (and no available implicit conversion) Console log in spoiler. --- That crash was with graphics preset 'minimum'. Thought I'd try again with a even more minimal graphic settings, and I manage to log in. Doing a compare there are a number of differences, but probably the significant on is in the working version `glsl_enabled` is set to `0`. For completeness the console with these minimal setting are in the following spoiler But, without GLSL, the game is missing so much, and the rendering of animals gets really strange and spikey.
  3. Getting a macOS client that is not restricted to the OpenGL legacy version, so we can get to enjoy all those graphics enhancements that have been available on other platforms for some time.
  4. They ceased being fun long before getting my current 83 out of a 100 needed for "Destinations Unknown". So much so that the thought of the alternative treasure chest goal seems better, despite still not getting a difficult treasure map, or getting any treasure map seeming to be rarer than chicken teeth.
  5. They were truly horrid, and not just because they were often in very difficult places to get to, though a few were. I think the worst was the flat top that took a couple of days of mining to reopen a route to the top, only 3 people turned up, one with frequent connection problems, a day or so later the rift was closed - but we did give up and take a 12 hour break in the middle. That rift score doesn't look much different than some of the old rifts were once we had sniped enough mobs to get a reasonable score, and hearts to burn through all the remaining waves that is what we did.
  6. Slithering Stand (Obelisk) - 2048,3321
  7. the model is missing for a pile of 'clay ink pots'
  8. [16:12:25] Vynora sends you a vision! [16:12:25] You see... nothing. There must be no holy sites for her to show you. Not just you missing them
  9. Before I forget... A number of the orb maps have been for the site that was being prayed at, or at least seem to be. Is this intended?
  10. Unexpected crash, just riding into the area the original group of holy sites was spawned.
  11. Oh, so I recognise the spot identified with a vision orb, ride up there - from a distance I can see the glow of the holy site, but as I approach it disappears... and nothing is to be found... Looked to very much like the coast in F25 - but other than the distant glow, nothing when closer. But, did find one further up the coast in E24
  12. I understand the concept of life being so full that finding a space for Wurm is a problem. But being too old...
  13. Still appear to be in the wrong order, for me at least... [09:46:44] You should now continue recording by using a dioptra on the survey from the highest point of land nearby which is behind you. And get directed to the lowest point near by, at the bottom of a lake. Followed by [09:50:37] You finish noting the lowest point of land and decide that the highest point is what you'll need to record next. which directs me to the highest point... Also notice that picking up the range pole does not prevent a survey from being continued. Intended?
  14. The added opacity really helps with combining maps. Having wildly different contour lines on maps being combined is still jarring. Would be nice if the map image, rather than just the blank map, was displayed when trying hang on the wall. I find it far to easy to rotate them, at least with a magic mouse as the default macOS settings are far too sensitive to control placement rotation in the game while being just right for scrolling elsewhere... Would be nice to add a move rclick menu with rotation and move up/down, left/right options. A rotate for north up would be a nice start. Would also be nice if stamps were visible on a map when hung on the wall.
  15. The order of the locations, or the wording, is out of sequence. Starting the survey: But rather than directing you to the highest point, you are directed to the lowest point first, and then the highest