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  1. Two things about the fight window... 1. No special moves show - I assume they should appear in the empty boxes above the stance, but they stay empty with no tooltip 2. While fighting the target window, 'no target' overlay appears/disappears over the targetted mob image. There is nothing in the combat window that would seem to suggest what is happening, also I don't see the spell effect associated with being stunned. I also notice that I am still hitting and causing damage when it is showing, so...
  2. Dragging a pile of items into a container shows the name of the container in the tooltip, dragging a single item does not. With the toolbelt - the mouse over areas both to see the details of the item in the slot, and to select it, are not aligned with the graphics. This is particularly notable with the toolbelt size toggled to small. Probably associated with that, sometimes clicking on a toolbelt item will activate the item in the slot to the left of one clicked on.
  3. A number of error messages in the console: This one is being spammed a few times a second and when fighting a hell hound I did miss having the 'F' key menu, until I found the option to turn it back on. But I notice that there is no longer the alternative version shown when a key modifier is press - say for 'shift' + F key combinations. There is also a bug with the text in the 'F' key menu not getting updated when an 'F' keybind is modified.
  4. Probably worth reminding those running on macOS the "Choose client" dialog is shown by holding the `cmd` button while starting the launcher.
  5. at least from here in the UK - mtr (or traceroute) is showing that the route to the cdn used for updates.wurmonline.com is failing.
  6. As usual see Niarja for the rift time. So, still in much the same area as the last few weeks, but a little more off the beaten track this time. Best access is probably from the highway to the south and then north across an old deed site and then though the forest. The closest point on the highway system is 'Desert Plain' which is at the s.e corner of the desert lower left on the map above. For those in the Lormere area, the tunnel east from Castle Black and through P16 -> P19 will re-join the highway south of Desert Plain in P19. Katspurr visited this area earlier this year,
  7. Not quite the same spot as the last rift, which was about half a grid to the south east. It is however on just about the same spot as a previous rift, from back just after that section of road was completed by Yetian and myself.
  8. You may remove my vyn priest Astlyr from the list as she was linked for today's RoS.
  9. While that is good to hear, I don't suppose there has been any progress on getting the macOS client to use something better than legacy OpenGL 2.1 so we can see wurm in its true beauty?
  10. Just think how great it would be to have a pantheon of constellations I know there are/were things blocking some of the previous graphical improvements into the macOS client. Is there any news on which, if any, of this latest round will be coming to the macOS client?
  11. If you need to know the exact amounts in any ore veins, let me know and I'll call in have have a look.
  12. Iron Bows were one of the items you could collect in Spellcast's Maze.
  13. OK. Route has not yet been found to the rift... Map shows the approx. position. It looks to be very close to a rift referred to in I expect that the same route will need to be used for this rift.