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  1. Valrei International. 077

    really juicy, green grapes in the north
  2. Adjusted??? Both the idle standing and walking are far too excessive - more like being very, very drunk. But otherwise I can now see what is lurking under my bed while meditating... The floating around does not appear to happen while sitting in chair, riding, or on a cart, so just remove it while standing idle, or moving on foot might be all that is needed... Really not sure about the other head bob, as I have to leave to recover... Not seen the fruit trees yet, as I had to leave the game to recover from the nausea. So, for the time being I will have the head bob firmly turned off...
  3. Missing Rainbow

    A chance remark earlier to day made me wonder what has happened to rainbows. I also don't remember seeing one in a very long time, and others in chat commented that they had never seen one. I suspect something more than the missing texture mentioned above is involved, as that texture looks to be there in graphics.jar now.
  4. Holy Crop was not visible to my Nahjo priest a short while before the spell was cast on Xanadu. So, either the spell is missing, or if it only shows when available, it's not showing because of the favor pool issue.
  5. Paved cave exits are slower than paved cave tiles

    This is probably the same issue, which also for me happens with gates and mine doors, as
  6. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest Name: Astlyr (Nahjo) Main Contact: Wulfmaer Location: Linden Cove - C14 Time: UK, varies Gimmicks: runed mailbox, highway
  7. Well for Nahjo on Xanadu, I don't see Fo's global spell (or any other global spell) in the spell list. This may be related to above issue, or something separate... It was said in Emoo's stream earlier that all the demi-god priest should have the global spell of their god, so...
  8. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    maybe morse code, maybe the l's are dashes....
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    And good luck casting a global spell if you are a priest of a demi-god - they don't have the rite spells (at least Nahjo doesn't)...
  10. [Fixed] Bill Sheep Gruff Stew Recipe gone after hotfix

    I had learned this recipe some time ago, and it has gone. While I have another copy of this recipe, I am reluctant to re-learn at the moment....
  11. Reworks of Darq Canal

    I forget if you have a 90+ prospector over there. We should be able to sort something out, now we have 'Summon Soul', if you need some prospecting done down there.
  12. Let us not forget that the journal is new, and is aimed at providing progression, and some achievable targets, for new characters. For those of us that have been around for any time will more than likely be able to tick them off in double quick time at least until we get to our place along the path the journal maps out. I don't see any of the journal groups that don't contain more than one task that requires a conscious effort to complete, so you are always in control of when you complete each journal group and get the title/SB/other 'prize'. As the next level is unlocked when have completed 6 tasks, so it should be possible to find at least one task you could be using SB on before completing an earlier group.
  13. Slaying - Red Dragon

    Thank you for the public slaying.
  14. This is still an issue. Noticed this morning that a single maple tree log, it can be examined but not picked up, is appearing when I login. Console Log: Update: Just noticed that this ghost log, today, only seems to appear when I login on the 2nd or above floor of a building (above ground). Console Log (from login outside): There appears to be a few "WARNING: fake add on missing window 6426006705409794" lines when logging in on upper floors that are not present when logging in either on the first floor or outside. Also, having logged in outside, if I then go inside and climb the stairs a maple log appears at the top of the stairs... nothing appears in the console log at this time, so above 'fake add...' message might not be related. This only appears to happen at the top of the first set of stairs that are climbed. If I login an alt (with different, low graphics, settings) they don't get an item appearing at their feet, either when logging on or at the top of the first flight of stairs, BUT do see a log on the tile my main was standing on when my alt logged on if my main was on an upper floor of building at the time.... Console Log, from alt.. If I login an alt with the same settings as my main, while my main is logged in, they don't see an the ghost item.
  15. The building of Haven's Landing

    Maybe Haven's Landing could do with a map. Probably better than cluttering the place with too many signs. Maybe something like one for the Wurm Academy (on Pristine). https://wurmacademy.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/chapter-18-a-stylish-map-of-the-academy/ Might also be an idea to add a hint somewhere in the tutorial about the names of buildings sometimes being important/helpful - like a guard tower with the map grid square in its name, or a 'safe house'...