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  1. It is quite beyond me how the rifts scale for low numbers... currently at my second rift after coming back from Jackal, and the rifts have become so tedious... With small numbers during the week we seem to be looking at 5 hours plus... Something is very wrong. Only 2 of us here after the earlier restart for the first and second waves. Another joined for the start of the third way, and I have lost count of the number of summoners and ogres the third wave has spit out. Hopefully there are some stats being collected on the servers, so the devs can see for themselves how hopeless the size of the mob spawn is scaling when very low numbers attend a rift.
  2. This rift is on the steppe in the southern part of K21, see Niarja for the rift time. To the south of the rift, by the guard tower in the trees is a hedged area with gates that we used as the safe area at a previous rift that is still usable. So not really any setup required this time Access is via the highway that runs N/S to the eastern side of J/K 21, and any of the paths.
  3. Not sure if this affects all the different wood types, but shows up particularly well with lingonberrywood.
  4. Just hopped onto the test server to look at this.. CENTER_VIEW ('V') cycles though first person and 2 distances out of third person. Is there a keybind that does what CENTER_VIEW did before? It is extremely useful for returning the view when something strange happens and you end up looking in some unexpected direction. Might have been better to create a new keybind 'CYCLE_VIEW'(?) for cycling through first and third person.
  5. Retro did make a comment about this, but as it was in the same stream as the comments about the bedroll taking damage.... Probably best to wait for a definitive statement, rather than repeat something that might have changed... Thinking about the loyalty system, are there going to be any changes to the premium reward titles? Will they still be for premium since Dec. 2013?
  6. This rift is just to the east of the desert in s.w. corner of P18, see Niarja for the rift time. Access is either by boat and mooring by Pineview Harbour and using the path up to the desert. If coming by road, the P16 <-> P18 tunnels provide access to the area.
  7. And please remember to do the 'routes' dump this year... the last one was what 18 months ago? There has been a lot of work on highways since then.
  8. May be intended, but feels so wrong.... Previously we could choose if we wanted to boost the sailing speed by activating autorun, with the associated stamina drain, or sail by the wind along and not have a stamina drain. Now when sailing we loose the ability to choose if we want autorun on or not.... I assume the issue with the bottom of the FPS/Speed text getting clipped has been raised....
  9. It felt a bit like the mobs were getting steamrollered. The stronghold is a number of layers, so you only missed the first fight after the outer walls crumbled. The next layer will crumble in 217 hours from now, which I think is sometime around 11 Dec, 15:00/16:00 UTC. The turrets have also re-spawned, so those who missed those will have another chance to get them. No idea if the next layer also includes the central tower, or if the tower is another layer.
  10. That is strange... I've also notice that the lag get noticeable when I've been imp'ing beacons, and have had others in local also complaining. Though not so bad to get kicked out, but then I'm not imp'ing beacons to such a high level yet. While the lag graphs don't show anything significant, I wonder if the changes in status of tiles is getting updated by the server, and the changes sent to the client, with each imp/repair action. The server traffic graph shows some spikes, but... So, maybe something in the way the client is handling the checks for the change between desolation/freedom as the beacon quality increases, and so the area being checked expands. Maybe doing this check with each imp/repair action, and not able to keep up...?
  11. This was, maybe, dealt with by Maybe it was the case I didn't have any points... looking through the logs again, I see less than 20% of the hearts burnt at Jackal beacons register as having given a bonus point. This seems wrong on a number of levels, and probably in part explains why beacons are not always getting destroyed (any reward is both small, and random, and in any case the rift mats can be collected without bothering). As well as affecting group dynamics, at least for some - why give others a chance to burn if there is a chance they will get a bonus point and you probably won't.
  12. Not too sure if this is a client bug, or something else is happening, but here goes... Client: 4.1.79 OS: macOS 10.14.6 Was going to post this elsewhere, but I get a feeling it is more likely there bug - even if it is only that I'm only seeing the option to 'redeem rift points' when on Jackal and that option does nothing... OK, I give up, so time for a stupid question time. Where the heck do you access the Jackal Shop... I've seen both and but all I see in the right click on the a Jackal Lodestone, on Jackal, is 'Redeem Rift Points' but that does nothing... I'm fairly certain I have seen a message about getting some Jackal Points, but that aside should I be seeing an option to redeem rift points that does nothing.... Console Log: