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  1. Rift - 23rd June 2019

    See Niarja for the time for this rift. For those sailing the closest place to moor is the west end of the Darq Canal, and use the tunnel south that starts just to the west of the boat tunnel.
  2. Demi-gods cannot cast globals

    Any news on the fix for this? Something that will be included in the end of June update????
  3. Valrei International. 086

    The underlying issue most likely is MONEY, and anything that generates it is all part of the mix.
  4. Valrei International. 086

    I'm really not sure that reducing the amount of scale/hide would solve anything. I don't see any of the previous reductions in amount dropped having had a positive effect. Some years ago I was at a drake slaying with only nine characters, local was empty, using the size of the hide scrap from that kill and some simple math it would appear that it takes the hide from between 2 and 3 drakes to make a compete set of armour (I very much hope that figure is wrong, but...). Is it any surprise that there is drama? Over the years the amounts of scale/hide dropped has been repeatedly reduced... I remember the comments about how many sets of armour the leather from a single drake gave... Couple this with the journal goals that require equipping a set of drake and scale... People can do the maths and realise there is zero chance of making either, if they are not part of small group that actively hunts. Leaving the only option to either have a friend who trust them enough to lend a drake/scale set to wear for a few seconds to get the achievement, or they are prepared to spend money/silver to buy a set.
  5. POI map for epic structure missions

    Been meaning to add those I know of, but not had the time, so here goes... Strengths Fist - 7514.25, 3187.25 - Obelisk Needle of Dreams - 7509.5, 3188.25 - Obelisk Remembrance of Troll - 7554, 3179.25 - Shrine Manys Rest - 7729.875, 2698 - Pylon Fist of Jump - 7729.875, 2665.125 - Obelisk Mystery To Dreams - 7727.75, 2665.375 - Spirit Gate Ascendants Memento - 6087, 774.5 - Pylon Spear of Cherry - 5876, 622.25 - Obelisk Enlighteneds Pathway - 4580.5, 5764.75 - Spirit Gate Also accessible on request, in the mines at Linden Cove are the Foundation Pillars - Running Backbone, Backbone of Island, and Symbol Of Innocent Demon Walls - 5834.375, 2685 - Temple - inaccessible in an incomplete donut building, the two missions I've seen for this structure have don't been done, so assume whoever has access no longer plays.
  6. How to kill your own game tutorial

    And it is more silly to ignore, or deny, the fact that is exactly what happens. It can only be speculation that a fatted alt. might also be involved following the discovery of a tent in the cave of a hatchling that had been held captive for several years... Just make any unique that finds itself in a cave teleport to some other random place on the server...
  7. [Bug] Lead Lunchboxes

    This fix appears to have become broken, creating a lunch box for the current mission on Xanadu, and I'm getting "lunchbox, lead"
  8. Rift - 15 June 2019

    See Niarja for the time for this rift. 
  9. Valrei International. 085

    Only if the problems with decorations placed on surfaces other than the floor is fixed.
  10. +1 A decoration should count as such irrespective of where placed, and so take no damage when placed on surfaces other than the floor - such as on a table or in a bookshelf. Little point in trying to keep things tidy, by displaying things on surfaces if they are going to take decay. Might as well just scatter them on the floor...
  11. Valrei International. 085

    That is really good news. Really looking forward to getting those things that being stuck with an old compatibility OpenGL version has meant we have not had on Mac. It will be really nice not to get rained on indoors, to read those signs, and (hopefully) all the advances that the modern renderer brings with it.
  12. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please add Astlyr - Nahjo (Fo) - Holy Crop Channeling: 70 Journal:
  13. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    Worrying... I get "[06:48:21] No hostile creatures found below ground." from by the tents...
  14. Demi-gods cannot cast globals

    There appear to be some differences between test (pve) and live. On test Holy Crop appears in the spell list for Fo 'waning crescent', and also in the the Nahjo list 'brimming with power'. It looks as if the sermon is only reporting on individual god/demigod pool rather than the combined god/demigods pool, while the spell list and rclick lists is doing something different.
  15. Demi-gods cannot cast globals

    Same as this bug? It was also raised in the Priest Overhaul Testing thread. On the test (Oracle PVE test) server, with a Nacho priest I see "You sense that Nahjo is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow?", meanwhile with a Fo priest I'm seeing "You explain how Fo is in the waning crescent and needs you to do a lot more for him so that he may manifest his powers." Both priest (Fo and Nahjo) see Holy Crop in the spell list so I'm not sure some of the earlier comments made when I raised this originally about it only appearing when it's possible to cast are true...