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  1. update

    The scenic route between Vrock and Glasshollow has now been widened and catseyed - it uses the road that runs just to the west of vrock lake, and branches off by the tundra filled crater. But rather than using the tunnel from the tundra it rises to the west and joins an old section of the gravel path. This route is about 400 tiles longer than route along the route that Sila was working on, that runs along the coast. But, for those in C12/C13, provides a more direct route to the south.
  2. Always worth checking the widget - http://wurmonline.com/status-new/widget.php
  3. Not that hard to resist, at least while there is no Mac version.
  4. Lag certainly got a lot worse as the numbers approached and passed 200. I notice that the mrtg graphs are not working again, there are a load of tmp files in the directory on the server so hopefully the data is their somewhere....
  5. Ah, thanks that would explain it then. Not seen the 10k off deed mentioned anywhere, so was wondering with tundra needing a different amount if the others also were different.
  6. Do we have any information on the amount of different transmutation liquids to change a tile? The wiki give the removal of clay and creation of tundra, but removing tar need more than removing clay (the amount for clay only get over half way removing a tar tile).
  7. See Niarja for rift time
  8. The map is community created, see the post in the Xanadu section of the forums on how to add your deed (and remove any that no longer exist).
  9. However other corpses can no longer be butchered using the rclick menu But the keybind still works, so at least all is not lost....
  10. Also does not show in windows of folders/containers opened from the inventory.
  11. Nice feature, however if you are wearing a backpack the window it opens in does not show the damage color coding for damaged items. This also happens when opening a container in the inventory in a new window - be it a folder, backpack, etc...
  12. update

    From elsewhere... Good to see that progress is being made.
  13. Think that is the canal, don't see it any more - 'Rancho Relaxo' is still showing a long way off the map at 7869,4062 (or thereabouts). You need to zoom way out to see it.
  14. I'll help out with the carpentry/fine carpentry.
  15. See Niarja for rift time The latest rift is located in N19 - the beam is just by the tar patch that is just south of the sand tiles that form a path from the coast to the east. The easiest access is probably either along that sand, or the path that comes up from the lake to the north. Those from the west have the option of the mountain pass towards the northern part of N18.