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  1. Substituting Xanadu into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy definition of Space seems to fit. You can fit 16 of the smaller servers into Xanadu. Is probably going to help if you cut the map up into smaller chunks to keep things manageable. Esteron is an interesting area, plenty large enough for a single episode, for a long time it was cut off from the server, at least for easy land access. The first easy road out is via The Shire and Clear Lake. But, other routes have been worked on in the past, no idea of current progress of those.
  2. And it is back to M21 this time. Just off of the highway. For those sailing, the east end of Fraggle Rock canal tunnel is just a short distance way along the road. For local times https://www.wurmnode.com/
  3. Slijmbal 962 (Amsterdam Tower 1) 4400,1495
  4. Rabbits Hole Canal

    I'll be heading over in a little while. --- Have arrived.. moored on the east side.
  5. This was archived in the wayback machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20220901052819/http://rockcliffmuseum.com/
  6. There are few problems with walking scouts around Xanadu, but other than the distances involved they are much the same as the other servers. Been doing it to pinpoint rifts since there were added. Looking forward to seeing what trouble your scouts manage to discover.
  7. Appears to have been fixed in the 23 August update. Thanks.
  8. And the southern slopes also have a 'green' path going up there - though it does take some finding and is not obvious until the ground gets steeper....
  9. 3623,1066 Killerspike 122 (Tunnel to Vrock Lake)
  10. 2595,516 Morkai 722 (Mol Rehan Silo)
  11. 2740, 557 Merina 34 2654, 552 Kenshi 610
  12. Not a problem, I ended up revisiting both those towers to double check when I spotted them. Also Greyfox 690 is not at 1639,1451 (on page 24 by Wulfmaer) - I guess I clicked on the map to bring it back on top, rather than alt-tab, and didn't notice the marker had moved. Just ran an alt down by PineHollow Station its builder/number is Numdain 394
  13. Some old tokens, and also new tokens, no longer show deed details - or direction. Instead showing as being "distant lands" even when they are for deeds on the same server.
  14. Noticed that some old tokens, that before this latest update showed the details, now show This token details information for a village in distant lands. Both are in reality just along the coast from my deed, and not in distant lands! On test the same problem was reported, but claimed to just be down to deed being bugged. See Looking back through my logs, from the live servers, from before the latest update I find the following examine text, for the tokens for the two deeds I was investigating this morning. From August 2019: [06:39:04] A small village token from investigating the history of a deed. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Zuri.h'. Ql: 60.4409, Dam: 0.0. [06:39:04] Black Mirror Palace was founded by Zurish and was inhabited for about 9 years, 1 month. It has been abandoned for roughly 35 years, 2 months and was last mayored by Zurish. From June 2020: [09:42:20] A small village token from investigating the history of a deed. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Kogs'. Ql: 60.4914, Dam: 0.0. [09:42:20] The Wonderdome was founded by Kogs and was inhabited for about 5 years, 11 months. It has been abandoned for roughly 20 years, 11 months and was last mayored by Kogs. [09:42:22] The small The Wonderdome token doesn't need repairing. today, the reports from investigating give all the expected information. BUT, examining the token from the chest gives Also, examining the tokens that were discovered before the update now also give this distant lands text. This problem appears to affect a significant proportion of my collection of deed tokens. ---- Probably totally unrelated, but... Just noticed that the report, and the previous token text, for Black Mirror Palace are giving different inhabited duration... Niarja reports the dates of the founding/disband via tweets - see https://niarja.com/universes/online/settlements/Black Mirror Palace Using the twitter dates from Niarja, Black Mirror Palace was abandoned 2269 days ago (54.02 wurm years), and was inhabited for 692 days (16.47 wurm years) - this is significantly different to what archaeology gives... maybe this is expected?