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  1. Must see places

    Aske's bridge, and the route over the mountain are well worth seeing, sad to hear that it is crumbling away. It would have been well worth turning north once you get over to the west side of the mountains and travel over the mountains to see the bridges over the pass that the Ageless Tunnel goes beneath (E20). The zigzags of the old path still exist alongside the bridges, and make an interesting diversion when returning south.
  2. 'checker piece' is missing a model, also missing a pile model.
  3. From KatsPurr's stream today - 'eyelet' is missing a model. There is also no pile model for 'eyelet'
  4. Not sure if the proximity bug here is the same as has been seen at previous impalongs. But, if a impalong helper moves an item from the original container to an overflow container, other helpers will not be able to retrieve the item for the owner as long as the helper that moved the item is in proximity. #4 is interesting. At previous events the person getting killing blow on the mob has been able to butcher and remove the butchered items - even if they have not been able to bury the corpse. Sadly I didn't manage to make the event, nothing to do with #7 though just another case of RL getting in the way
  5. I've always found way better hunting in forest Less visibility so there is less chance that others will have charged around to kill mobs more than a few tiles off the roads/paths... Local 'Get Info' is showing mobs down by about a quarter ( 250 to 190 ).. This is lowest number I have seen for that particular spot since I started about 5 years ago, the peak being over 500 back in 2015. Do you have a link to the post that had that explanation? I half remember having a feeling that having a mix of biomes/tiles types in an area had quite an effect, more so than vast desert/steppe area some people seem to like to create.
  6. Interesting... only appears to work in full screen mode!!! Resolution makes no difference. BUT, does not work in windowed mode, no mater what the resolution is set to!
  7. `LOAD_SKILL_TRACKER#`. See https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Skill_tracker
  8. If it's still green, it's not flat..
  9. The steam overlay is not functioning. None of the buttons or links on the steam overlay are working with macOS 10.15.6 (iMac, 27" Late 2013). This also makes it impossible to make any purchase from the store.
  10. That is the "Show old menu buttons (F keys)"
  11. Maybe http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/ , but for some reason Melody is not listed. The other status page I knew seems to no longer be available.
  12. I really hope this will not mess up any projects that have been started.
  13. It should still work - it is how I handle the different sets of keybinds that I use.