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  1. I have recruited a friend to the game - but he is unable to create account here - fills in all fields, checks not a robot - bur keeps getting returned to the fillout screen - ???
  2. Has anyone redone the character skins - or attempted to?
  3. Anyone have a good template they would be willing to share for tracking variables in affinity food production?
  4. Is there a mod that allows this to be crafted?
  5. Coldies mods have what you are looking for
  6. Anyone know of a table showing hit points of animals and mobs? The one on the wiki has good data but not hit points
  7. Is there a table that lists skill gain on all skills, characteristics & Religion by speed of gain?
  8. I agree Ayluin. If you look up the chances for success on a 1/100 setting you have about a 63% chance in 100 attempts. So 500 fails seems a bit out of wack for a 1/50 setting.
  9. Kingdom Sails?

    Im sure that made sense to someone with far more computer knowledge than i, could you perhaps explain that a tad more?
  10. No, I made it - no wand involved. I am guessing it just needed a reset, since it now shows. The only thing I did was log off for the night
  11. Kingdom Sails?

    Is it possible to get the Kingdom PMK sets on ship sails?
  12. where the heck are these saved?
  13. I have 2 QL 60 studded leather chest pieces - on one the 24.5 QL red dye (paint) is working and showing just fine, made a second one, same 60 QL same bucket of dye - no color shows. Any clues as to why?
  14. Anyone aware of issues with this mod? We have players that have sac'd less than 100 items and have 3,4 and 5 bones. We have others that have sac'd over 500 (verified) and have not gotten so much as a potion? Seems a tad off. We have it set on 1/50.
  15. what is Lots of RAM? 32 ? 64 ? more?