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  1. Heat sources: I understand that they work to 5 tiles? Can you get benefit from more that one heat source in range? Has anyone ever tried to use heat sources to get a crop tic in winter? If so does it work?
  2. I have seen several posts where players design a map in paint and then bring it into Wgenerator - can someone please tell me how to do this?
  3. I am confused as to how I add ql bands? I can add items, for example a Diamond and buy a 1ql for say 10 iron, but I do not know how to add a 10ql diamond, when I select "new item" I lose the 1ql - looking for some help pls
  4. I would rather not use PingPerfect - looking for host provider recommendations?
  5. Anyone aware of a mod that allows this - or able to make one?
  6. We have a deed mayor who has left - unreachable - Is there a way to GW transfer ownership to another player?
  7. As I said - "On Default settings" I felt this acknowledge that I know it is configurable - so in "Default" the server does not matter. Ausimus - Great suggestion - had to actually cast it before it appears in the list of enchants (as courier) - but cannot set the level, nor can you cast Courier (Bag of Holding) from the enchant menu
  8. LOL Thank you for the Doubts in my abilities Tristanc. You may have not read the Original Post - as I never said that I had, or had not seen a black dragon. I simply asked if they could swim. For the record - at the time of this post I did not see, nor was I being chased by a Black Dragon, OR a Sea Serpent.
  9. Can 2 (or more) Kingdoms form alliances in PvP where they can use each others merchants without Guards killing them -?
  10. Does anyone know what the minimum cast is, in order to load a BsB in a Large Cart on default settings? (Also for a sailboat)
  11. Is there a way for GM's and/or Server owners to see what client side mods a player has active?