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  1. Got the 5 alignment - but no joy on faith
  2. cool ty ill give it a try
  3. Trying to get 100 faith (well 99.999999). I am currently at 99.996193 and it has stopped dead - we have removed priest restrictions on the server so it is not a time thing. It was moving along this morning and the dropped dead - anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it??
  4. Is the a GM command to push X amount of Sleep bonus to all players currently on the server?
  5. Live map does not show the enitir map though - does it?
  6. Looking for a good map view program/mod what ever that players can view to see deeds roads and such - any suggestions please?
  7. anyone know of an anti macro mod? possibly one that boots a player after a set amount of afk time?
  8. I have recruited a friend to the game - but he is unable to create account here - fills in all fields, checks not a robot - bur keeps getting returned to the fillout screen - ???
  9. Has anyone redone the character skins - or attempted to?
  10. Anyone have a good template they would be willing to share for tracking variables in affinity food production?
  11. Is there a mod that allows this to be crafted?
  12. Coldies mods have what you are looking for
  13. Anyone know of a table showing hit points of animals and mobs? The one on the wiki has good data but not hit points
  14. Is there a table that lists skill gain on all skills, characteristics & Religion by speed of gain?