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  1. Odd. So I bought a cheap laptop for video editing and for my YouTube channel. I decided to attempt Wurm Online on it anyway. I completely forgot the password, so I have sent in the reset request. Says that an email was sent. Nothing.... Not in main or junk. Then I dug into older email. Looks like I have been hacked.
  2. On my way south towards civilization. Now that I am fully vaccinated, ready to find a job. Blogging helped me survive the pandemic, however I will still need to find work until I get more patreons. Once I find work, I will be able to buy a laptop for Wurm. I really miss playing.
  3. I am currently looking for a laptop for wurm. Any recommendations? Considering this one or similar budget. Thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SC6HG74?tag=lvsl-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1
  4. Want to see hideous? 20 months of living on a sailboat. I might need a haircut. For those that say I never smile. Can this face woo any ladies? I haz a boat. 😜
  5. I hope you all are doing well! I miss playing with my friends, it gets a little lonely out here on the lake in the middle of nowhere. I keep writing on my blog, not much else to do currently. Looking forward to the day when I can get a new PC and rejoin the fun in Wurm.
  6. I've started a YouTube channel. A tour of my little home. It's been a year since I launched the vessel in Chicago. It's been a long journey.
  7. Started blogging about the journey if anyone is interested. I have found a spot on the Kentucky Lake to stay and write at. https://svnowherequick.wordpress.com/
  8. Well the pandemic hit. Without enough information about how bad it would be, I have been staying on water on my way to a lake for the summer. I am currently restocking supplies for my stay on the Kentucky lake for a while. At least until the end of hurricane season. Today I picked up more fishing equipment, a machete, knife and hatchet. Noob starting gear? I plan to find a cove to set up in. I will have to find a good location and set up a Wurm Offline deed. Then I can start writing up my adventures once I find a spot I want.
  9. Everything is going great now! Found a job middle of last month in Peoria, savings is growing quickly. I spend about $30 per week on food (when I go to the grocery instead of eating at restaurants) so the rest is going towards buying a new computer. I will be back in Wurm very soon. Current plan is to stay here until summer of 2021, getting all the equipment that I want along with a very healthy savings. I might stay longer, as I have no need to rush anywhere. I am in a very good situation. Free dock with electricity, this state is raising wages annually for the next 5 years. The longer I stay and work here the more I can save. I do want to take a welding course to have a trade that is in demand in many countries. See you all ingame soon! ❤
  10. That would be awesome! Line that with solar panels. Very cozy boats from what I have seen. Follow your dream, I have not regretted it even when things are uncertain. 🙂
  11. Well the adventure is at a standstill at Peoria, Illinois. Essentially stranded. My free trial for my navionics app expired. It would be risky to continue down river without that. Unexpected costs along the route hit into my fuel funds. Fortunately I am at a free dock with electricity so I can run my heater and stay warm. Putting in applications for work everywhere. Hopefully I get something soon. My concern is that I will be here when the river freezes. So looking at hiring a trailer haul service to get south when I have the funds. Perhaps I should list my backup outboard motor for sale on craigslist or something. Though it has a crack in the cover, it still runs fine. But that would devalue it, perhaps can get $200 for it. Got it for $600, but a barge hit me and cracked the top of the cover. However a diver who just changed out the props on a river cruiser that ran over a channel bouy suggested that I keep the spare outboard in case anything happened to damage the one I have mounted. With my absence from wurm for a long time, I am not sure if I have anything in game I could also sell, I'm sure I would not get much for my scale set now days. I would have to get Aristia to login to my character if I get to the point where I need to sell items in wurm. I really need to get to a warmer climate and settled in long enough to get setup, find long term employment and get the electronics for my boat. Then I can return to Wurm once I get a new computer.
  12. Very slow. Took me until 4 PM to get through Dresden lock. I followed the barge down to Morris after dark. Used his navigation lights to get through the channel to a safe dock. I try to never travel at night.
  13. So it's been a while since I have been able to play Wurm. After the computer issues I had, it's been a busy summer and autumn. I bought a sailboat in Chicago in April, have been focused on getting it ready to live aboard. At this time I am heading south, very slowly. About 5-7 knots with my little 6hp outboard motor. A very good day I make about 30 to 40 km between daylight with so many locks and dams on the rivers. Often times about 20 kilometers because the commercial traffic gets priority through the lock system. Current location is just outside of Ottawa Illinois where I will stay in harbor until weather permits on Wednesday. Brutal cold, icy decks are not exactly safe conditions to proceed currently. I post my updates on Instagram along with photos of my adventures. Joseph Ogburn on Instagram if anyone is interested in my crazy river cruise. Been interesting so far, nearly came to an end on November 5th when a barge hit me. Several groundings, my built in depth finder (keel) likes to find 5 feet. 😂 the channel is narrow and not always marked well.
  14. Cabins? People use those instead of just using the tent? ? perhaps using the emergency cabins for extreme weather. The boats on the other hand, yea need to be sure that I am there in an open season. So many lakes. I'm going to go insane waiting. Can barely stand being stationary this long. Winter sucks.
  15. Will be landing in Stockholm then heading to the Kungsleden after that. Weather wise looks like May is a good start. Not too hot for the hike.