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  1. >When a forum mod falls for the bait epic
  2. And how exactly would this “trade blockade” be enforced. You have heard of alts, yes? Especially PvPers, who are very fond of them. Even if the trade window is disabled, what is to stop them from simply dropping the items on the ground or using other means to trade? It’s like you never played this game before
  3. So you want to spawn at a specific location? You have to manually make deeds as a GM and set them as default spawn then
  4. It would certainly save you and the dev team a lot of headache and allow you to start fresh and focus on a single, normal server
  5. Wurm seasons have nothing to do with real life seasons and work independently of them
  6. I agree it isn’t Demona’s fault and all this pressure isn’t helping either. But there should have been someone else to continue with it, and they should not have left it for a single person to do.
  7. I am just curious as to what was the point of the partnership with that esports company then? Samool said that it was done for this contest So where were they in this? And while its understandable that you had RL issues, but for any other product that we pay for, there are replacement persons and plan Bs for this sort of scenario and one person isn’t expected to do everything in case something happens to them. Which it did. So yes, the dev and management team IS RESPONSIBLE for not planning it out better and having no alternative replacements for over two months to carry this out with. For any other paid product, a secondary person would have publicly come out by now and carried the contest on, while apologising for your absence.
  8. Its strange that they partnered with an esports company just to get help in organising that contest, yet still fail to live up to it and have nothing going on for it after months. What was the point then? We had plenty of other design and whatnot contests before and none needed the help of other companies.
  9. It should be appealing to brand new players and easy to start, while also appealing to end game players and veterans. Right now fishing is neither It went from a reliable, safe, easy and generally quick way to get food for a brand new newbie, and a relaxing part time activity for veterans, to having to grind for ages and gather all sorts of stupid materials before you can reliably catch a fish that can actually be cooked and eaten and will give you food. It’s also not relaxing anymore for veterans as you have to pay attention to all sorts of stuff, and once again gather a bunch of materials. Spear fishing is a joke, and in general the whole thing is buggy and not well explained. It’s way too time consuming RNG filled and interactive for what it is, while giving you very little in return. A brand new player now might as well starve or ask others for food, or just simply start hunting because he/she will waste hours on gathering stuff and fishing up garbage that they’ll just get fed up and leave. It does have some neat ideas, like different types of fish that can be caught in specific waters and at specific time or day. Depth is fine but the rewards need to be useful and worth it. And as others have said it needs to be clearly and thorougly explained on how it works and supposed to work and then communicated to us if something is intended or not. But of course that’s like asking for god to come down from the heavens.
  10. I believe it’s not Samool who is doing it, but rather they got a new external 3rd party dev team to develop it. At least i think that’s what they said or implied. And yes this is 100% Gamechest trying to be “innovative”. It wouldn’t surprise me that when the team got wind of it, they all got sick of the stupidity of it all and just left, hence the lack of updates. I mean VR is finnicky, difficult, time, money, and resource intensive. Just look at the new medal of honor VR game and how bad it is, and that was developed by EA a multinational, multi billionaire AAA company for a popular franchise Meanwhile here we have a random noname company pushing VR for a random niche noname MMO that’s coded in Java and is notorious for being terribly coded and optimized.
  11. Wurm VR?

    Wurm on stadia?
  12. The “evil” vets don’t kill weak mobs for the sake of it or to take them away from new players, but usually because they want to grind weapon skill or butchering, or need some animal parts.
  13. Its the summer. Holidays in sweden. Rolf going on holiday has been a running meme even decades back
  14. Funny how we have received 0 word on anything thats been said last october.