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  1. So why the ###### did you start comparing Wurm to real life in the first place?????? Also since you said that “servers that are more than a month old are not worth your time” does this mean you will be leaving soon? We dont tend to get new server releases for years.
  2. They have said it several times that its not possible to track down individuals who have had this issue. There will be no specific, case by case compensation, we will all be getting the same 10h sleepbonus Why are you people still beating a dead horse, bumping month old threads, especially when the last thread was locked?
  3. Kings Coffers

    Its not like this whole thing is some easy magical way to make money to pay for premium like many people believe. You will be lucky to get maybe a handful of coppers
  4. And how do you pay the penalty if lets say you have no money to begin with?
  5. Coal making is not smithing. You dont need to use the charcoal, you can sell it
  6. Not really no. Maybe if you stopped making suggestions
  7. But lorewise Fo is a tree and nature loving hippy, and followers being able to do special stuff exclusive to said follower that priests cant doesnt make much sense.
  8. LMCs also burn down in a forge if not locked
  9. Its a joke but with the poor monetization and non existent business model for WU you really couldnt expect it to be paid for by the people who pay for Wurm Online forever. Because lets face it, its a cheap (1 dollar even) one time buy and you get the mostly full albeit slighty outdated game now forever. It just really isnt fair on the people paying money each month for WO but have no interest in WU yet at the same time the devs are expected to also work on WU from the money of WO players. Then there are even WU server owners who make money off of donations and other pay to win stuff that the company gets nothing of. Now this is partly thanks to the short sightedness of the developers, the game being dirt cheap in bundles and their inability to come up with a way for WU to make money and instead just abandoning it. If i was them id even remove it from the steam store at this point and just let those who already own it keep it. Its just splitting the community up more and gets confusing for new players by having two Wurms on Steam. Nothing lasts forever folks and you cant say that youve invested so much money into it. All of this comes from someone who has over 2k+ hours in WU and played since its launch
  10. Wasnt this done to stop players using merchants as their food storage by simply pricing the food at insane amounts?
  11. Tbh an fantastic item should immedietly become an artifact
  12. Shearing sheep is extremely good animal husbandry gain though
  13. Just add gl freedom to the discord like WU servers do
  14. Its not an abuse or griefing but it is an issue. People do make alts and deeds at good places to either sell them later or just to claim land for later when the servers connect or for other reasons, while having no intention of really playing there
  15. Libila gives bonus to body str depending on alignment, while vynora gives bonus skillgain only for mind logic The current system is fine as it is.