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  1. If you think they are overpriced dont buy it or make your own and sell it at a lower price
  2. Good to know that as a non steam user on defiance i am not a priority
  3. It might be a good idea to buy or trade for mass quantities of food and invest in a small or large magical chest where they can be stored with no decay
  4. If you wait a few months more, you will be able to buy high ql tools and enchants that will greatly speed up building or skilling
  6. Who told you that runes won’t work on the new servers? We’ll get runes as soon as we get rifts, hopefully sometime this month
  7. We had a few people causing trouble at launch in BL. We took care of said people and there have been no reports of kingdom infighting since then. We leave same kingdom members not part of our alliance alone and usually try to recruit and help others out. Griefers, trolls, kingdom infightings, (at least in BL) is simply not true and we look out for each other. We had a guy killed who wasnt part of our alliance, by MR, and we went after the guy and took care of him.
  8. You don’t If you registered trough the website you cannot use Steam for that account, only the regular client
  9. You cant claim land with tents... Just deed over them
  10. You need to found deeds in your kingdom influence which means tower building and you need to chain towers from your spawn to where you want to deed Have you tried building a guard tower as a fresh character? Even in a big group it takes a long time
  11. There are a lot of different bundles and options to buy premium + silver in the shop Have a look there
  12. There is and has been a steam page for Wurm Online for quite a while now
  13. He hasnt been feeling well, and since this is Wurm we are talking about, one guy gets sick and the whole PR “team” dies
  14. Yet they have no issues with me playing the game, as they have told me i can play on another character. So clearly its not about them not wanting the banned players to play or believe that the game is better off without them, otherwise they would be chasing them off or re-banning them if caught
  15. Ive sent rare items in the mail that werent rare. Of course they didnt know that until they received the mail since item rarity wasnt shown back then in the mail until they received it and paid the cod.