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  1. A one way transfer after a while for those who want to leave could work.
  2. Problem is, i know plenty of people who would want to play there, but only if The servers stay permanently seperate. This whole “may or may not be connected” mindset turns them off completely however and they wont play.
  3. How about bring back the dark nights from 2010
  4. Nah its not ocrea I went online and asked for the map in chat and they linked it I did tell them its not showing up here properly but they havent said anything
  5. -1 You can easily find some wemp from foraging, and get crops and other useful stuff in the process as well
  6. There is little point in using steam for wurm The new server that will come with the Steam release will be available for everyone else, and you can play there without steam. You will be able to launch the game several times exactly as you can now. tldr: Nothing changes whatsoever
  7. You talk as if people are absolutely and must make their own deed. It is completely optional. What is stopping you to join someone else’s deed? What is stopping you from grouping up with friends or strangers (like in a proper MMO) and making your own deed, splitting the costs? What is stopping you from trading with others and making your money ingame, both for your deed and for premium, allowing you to play completely free? Please consider all the available options someone has when it comes to deeds and premium
  8. I think that the focus shouldnt be on making the beginning easier, but rather making the mid/end game more fun Its the after the you made your deed or house or homestead part is when most people quit the game.
  9. The whole “attack citizens” permission is just... pointless, misleading and stupid? You cant attack other players on Freedom, and im pretty sure you can just attack anyone on a PvP server on the same deed even if that permission is disabled for said deed.
  10. The most ironic part is is that this new update will do absolutely nothing to attract or keep players. People will still leave in droves once they built their first house and the grind sets in
  11. Then what about those WU servers where you buy items for real money? Sklotopolis, etc... At least in WO you buy silver which has a wide variety of uses and you can also earn it ingame without paying real money
  12. The same type of people who would charge someone coins as “taxes” for living at their village
  13. Why would i want to play here if you will just decide to randomly reset everything especially on a 1x server
  14. So it seems like so far you guys still dont know anything for 100% certain. Just like 4-5 months ago and all we hear is “i’ll have to clarify” and “I’ll have to find out” Is this thing even gonna happen this year? Because so far it seems like a setup for disaster and we have not heard anything thats set in stone only what is being planned However knowing Rolf, his word means nothing when it comes to the future