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  1. Saddle Racks / Displays

    +1 Would look nice in my workspace.
  2. Scabards, sheaths, and holsters

    Was thinking of making a post about this, but there are plenty of em already. So +1 for this idea
  3. Farming Animation/Action

    I'm leaving it on as I really like it, but it needs to become a little more subtle. It's a bit too much now.
  4. Bought most of my leatherworking tools here and let her enchant others. Great service and fast deliveries
  5. It doesn't seem to make one :s
  6. Hi, Every time I use my spyglass since last patch the game crashes.
  7. 90ql rare butchering knife, iron woa93 coc93 4s -20% and if possible add a 10% higher gather QL, bronze to it. cod to Timoka please
  8. My alt thinks he's an airplane
  9. Kaj Blood Leatherworking

    The toolbelts and saddle have been mailed, still imping up the rest of the studded leather sets
  10. Kaj Blood Leatherworking

    Studded leather and saddles have been added to the store.
  11. WTS Lots a Stuffs

    I'm ok with that, COD the needle to Timoka please
  12. Kaj Blood Leatherworking

    Send, and it is a plain leather one Send. Thanks to both of you
  13. Kaj Blood Leatherworking If you're interested in one of these items, PM me on the forum, in-game under the name Timoka or leave a comment. Armour: Complete leather armour set QL81 - 1s (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL81- 1s20c (1 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL81 - 20c (10 in stock) Toolbelts: Toolbelt QL60 (6slots) - 30c (1 in stock) Toolbelt QL70 (7slots) - 40c (1 in stock) Toolbelt QL80 (8slots) - 50c (2 in stock) Saddles: Saddle QL 71 - 40c (4 in stock) Rares: Supreme catseye (does show rarity when placed on highway) QL30 - 50c Rare leather boot QL81 - 1,5s