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  1. How is Wurm?

    A lot has changed in the last tree years and the best sandbox mmo got even better And the WO and WU population seems pretty even right now.
  2. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    My rowboat and cog seem to have had a little increase in range but my Knarr can be opened up from 3 tiles away now, is this intended?
  3. I'd rather not have more loading times, so not a fan of the whole cutting the server up thingy. Also I don't think people would like having deeds their cut up in pieces. The lag ain't even that much of a problem anyway. You get a lag spike once a while but we used to get those too on the other servers some years ago.
  4. Increase draw range for objects

    +1 if the engine can handle it, my pc is fine with it
  5. Book Improvements

  6. Table decor

    yup, that would be nice +1
  7. Future of Wurm

    I don't think advertising is the biggest problem, the game has never really advertised itself and we're all here. A new server would bring back older people but no new ones. The whole account selling this might be damaging the game as it does damage the economy, high skilled accounts don't go out of the rotation to make space for the new ones. But the main thing I think is that now we've got competition from other games like Life is Feudal and all those fast past survival games, and our UI is difficult to understand plus the graphics don't look as good. I like the visuals but other people I try to convince find em to bad. and for the UI, the tutorial explains things but you won't remember em all, and a lot of things don't seem to make sense, they do for me but I was watching a streamer play for the first time and he did not know how to light a fire in an oven. He knew he needed a kindling, but did not know that to do with it. I helped him out but he got pretty frustrated with it all. And there were many more things like this. Therefore I think that the game is nearly unplayable without the help/explanations of other people and not everyone likes to ask other people about nearly everything as in other games people find that rather annoying. So in my opinion, advertisement might work in the long run but now there should be a main focus on the new UI, so that at least the few new people we get stick with the game and don't get frustrated with it.
  8. Foreman - New Skill

  9. Mayor Circlet

  10. Wurm Online Steam Release

    Does WO have a .exe file, because you need one for steam I think. And they take a big chunk of all money that gets made there
  11. Action size of rowboat

  12. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    I think that it may look very expensive for a new player. First it gets called free-to-play then it ends up to be just free-to-try where you then have to pay 16 euro's for a subscription. Yes it's 2 months, but still it's 16 euro's to start. Then you are forced to join someone's else village which many people don't want, so add another 10 or 16 euro's for the coins you need to start a deed. Then after a bit they will start asking about enchants and priesting where they are told to make an alt which then also needs a sub, so again 16 euro's. And yes I know you can gain coins by grinding foraging but that ain't fun for a new player who just started. and they can't sell anything because they have no skills. I guess we're in need of new players, not? This might be something that needs some change.
  13. Animal troughs