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  1. S11: Islet of Gondoa Atlantean's rest are both gone. I took Islet of Gondoa's place 1838,-7038 Kaj Blood
  2. That did it, thanks
  3. There are always people who prefer slower games, we had fast games 10 years ago as well and they were also very popular. And yes, maybe the game is just to expensive. A while back Wurm did not really have any competition but now we've got cheaper games like Life is Feudal, Ark, Conan exiles,... all with a focus on building a world (Ark and Conan a little less). Wurm does not seem to grow any more, maybe the new UI and tutorial might change that a bit, give us another spike but lowering the costs per player might help as well. Put all characters on 1 account and let em pay for premium/account not premium/char might be enough of a change. Just something that makes it look less expensive towards new/returning players.
  4. Hi, Been trying to play Wurm Online again, but my game client freezes a few seconds after getting ingame. However, my WU client that I also still have installed runs fine. Here are my log files, hope you can help me out. Oh and I tried a fresh install, still got the same issue.
  5. I was just wandering around lowering my settings a bit as well, because my FPS seems to not have increased. And then i got the exact same bug. EDIT: restarted the game another few times had this crash 2 times more in only 2 minutes. But then I started the game up again and my framerate got normal again and no new crashes so far.
  6. Got the exact same issue when i try to launch the unstable client.
  7. I finished the deed I wanted to build and I don't enjoy the wurm combat.
  8. The server I play on uses this mod, but when a skill hits 31 it stops working for that skill, this is only with the body/mind and soul skill though I think. The server hosts tried to re-add the mod, but nothing changed. Is this how the mod is meant to work?
  9. Well the problem is that once a while my Favorite list completely dissapears and I have to look for all servers I've played on again. History list seems to get wiped rather often as well.
  10. Great server, but it really needs more players. Come and join us!
  11. Both games share the same forum.
  12. Seems to be a nice server, i think i'll stay here
  13. Luck It's the server a group of players picked at launch i guess, and as biggest server back then people kept joining because it's the biggest server