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  1. Wurm has improved a lot in a short time and this latest change is just ... wow ... awesome! I will be back for the steam release! I won't mind it as much if later on the old wurm servers get merged with the new ones, now that a part of the old accounts will slowly dissapear. New players might be able to participate in the economy again besides brickmaking and other tedious shores, great! I'm sure that if the new UI changed will make the game easier to understand for new players and something gets added to the combat, combined with the removal of RMT, the game will grow again in population.
  2. Because this is the only game I know of where I can just live in a mmo world, do my own thing without being forced into anything. There are a few other games where I could just do my thing but they all lack Wurms house building system. Also the game gets updated often, every time when I come back from a break there's new stuff to do. And the community is great at times, better than in most other mmo's.
  3. Hi, I read in a recent Valrei International that we'd get an email 1 month and 1 week before your deed disbands. My deed disbanded about 5 days ago and I never got the email. Went through my spam folder and deleted emails, couldn't find anything. greetings, Thimoka
  4. Redbubble was a great choice, got some shirt from them and they keep up really nice, even after washing em many times.
  5. I'm selling leather bardings as well now, all 81+ QL, can make lower QL ones by request.
  6. I'm back from a little break, my store is open again
  7. So The Lord of The rings Online is having music festivals all summer long. They're great fun and they would fit this game even more! We could have bands perform at our impalongs, people dancing (animate that emote please :P) and cheering along. It gives players a new thing to do and crafters new instruments to make. It could even be a new subskill for carpentry, making and tuning instruments. I know that it would be a lot of work to implement something like this but I think that it would be worth it and with the new update schedule it should be possible I suppose. We could use more fun-features in this game and this would be one.
  8. Where you got of your ship there's a lot of free open land. Not all too many people live there, but there are a few people a bit more south on the big island and the surrounding islands.
  9. So, Will the Valrei International post also be only once every month or still every 2 weeks giving us teasers and community stuff? I really like those posts.
  10. Ahh yeah, misread that, the armour looks nice, not a fan of the rare glows on it if I can't turn em off.
  11. Great update, and the blue rarity glow on armour being gone is nice!
  12. -1 Keep it as it is, the world is already colourful enough.
  13. Not sure if it would be great if epic is the first thing that new players would get to see in Wurm. I have nothing against epic, I lived there for some time and had my fun there but it's so different from the rest of the game. Might give a bad first impression for quite a lot of people.
  14. Could an option to turn off the rarity glow be added. I really dislike em a lot. I'd like to use rare items but I don't want half my deed to glow. Love the other updates, great job!