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  1. So take away for the rest of us is that we should avoid sitting in chairs until a bugfix is announced?
  2. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR I care about channeling and faith. I'm looking to use this as an alt to throw enchants on stuff so that's my primary concern. That being said if it comes with some really great great skills in other areas I'm still willing to consider that value but I may not value it as highly as channeling. If it's not useful to a Vyn priest then I don't care about it all other than possible resale value though, and I intend to have this character a long time. My one requirement is 80+ Channeling (The higher the better though!) but if it doesn't have that then it doesn't have a huge deal of value to me unless you're selling very cheap. If it is not Vynoran but is transferable that's just as good as a Vyn priest to me and I'll pay the same price. If it is not Vynoran and not transferable then I'll still consider it if you will cut me a deal based on that fact. Non-Vyn/No-Transfer essentially means it's a 0 faith account as far as I'm concerned. ________________________ Float me an offer and a picture or link for the stats if you've got what I'm looking for. I will update this topic if a sale is made.
  3. There is no information on characteristics for things under the Misc item tab on the wiki. That could very possibly be because none of the misc items give characteristics, or it may be an oversight. Unsure.
  4. I suppose I have a different perspective on CR? I'm at the level where I can solo a troll if I have good luck on landing and dodging hits but if the luck is against me or it has any positive condition I have to run away and heal up at least once. For me at least, when I received a +2 offensive CR from going Lib it made a rather notable difference in how fast I kill things. Scythes aren't per say a worthless weapon in that they are absolutely worthless for killing things as they are now, but they are worthless in that the halberd does the same general thing but is objectively better at it and leaves no valid reason to choose a scythe over it in really any combat scenario. If you go scythe you are nerfing yourself vs. what you could be doing with a halberd. The point of my suggestion is to provide a scenario in which the scythe is better without making it definitely better or even equal to the halberd in all or even most scenarios.
  5. I would immediately switch to a scythe if they got a CR benefit. In my opinion that would be overpowered. If it was just a CR neutralization (No buff or penalty vs. other weapons) for Libila followers it's merits would be more arguable as the decreased range and parry rate are much more weighable against the crit bonus than a decreased range, parry rate, and CR penalty. In that case I would say it's probably still inferior to the Halberd, but it would be close enough in power I would use it anyway for roleplay / character theme reasons. I will nerf myself a little for style and roleplay. Just not a lot.
  6. I agree. I feel like the new system makes them worthless. I had a source spring on deed for awhile and sometimes I would forget to check it. The quantities I was getting were so small it was easy to forget I had one right there. A worthwhile amount that went by either of your suggestions (one drain empties it and then it appears somewhere else, or you could wall it in for a month or two) would make me start caring about source springs again. As is when I see one, I get a level of excitement roughly equal to finding a 5c piece while foraging. In other words, it's nice but for the most part I don't care.
  7. I believe it was a response to people walling off source springs so they could collect and sell huge amounts. You used to be able to go around and put 1x1 houses around a bunch of source springs then check them very rarely to get large quantities of source for sale. With the new system it's not worthwhile to claim a source spring unless it's in a place you visit on a near-daily basis. I really wish they would make it revert back to the old system if the spring is on deed though as it's just far less tedious. I can understand why a 1x1 shack is cheesy but if you're willing to put down a deed on a spring then that's a different level of commitment.
  8. I don't think many people would be satisfied with the look of an actual historical war scythe who are not already satisfied with halberds unless all they really want is a 2 handed sickle, which would quickly become one of the most popular weapons in the game by virtue of having the highest potential damage output (not at all what I am asking for as it would be a slap in the face to people who trained things like huge axe). And it would require the creation of an additional model. The appeal is in weilding a grim reaper scythe like that of Libla. The grain harvesting scythe is already a grim reaper scythe for some reason, the only way it could be made more so is removing the addon to the handle and stylizing it a bit more like Libilas if we want to get really fancy. I'd be happy to use the model as is though. That's why I say, make it's virtue as a weapon magical. The scythe is a very symbolic weapon and Essence Drain lines up perfectly with what it does. Stealing additional health is a perfect flavor counterpart to "reaping souls". However I could agree is we really want realism we could have 2 models. The existing one would become the combat scythe and the new one would have a realistic handle / blade angle: If that's something people really care about. In a game with dragons and demigods I don't think it even scratches suspension of disbelief to make a semi-unrealistic weapon work better via magic. Not to mention a game where you create coconuts by adding cocoa to nuts.
  9. If it's the realism angle we're going to argue about I'd like to refer you to a couple pictures: That is a mundane grain harvesting Scythe in Wurm. That is Libila holding a scythe. Notice the strait handle and the angle of the blade in both depictions. He did an analysis of a realistic scythe. Wurm does not have realistic scythes. If seeing people use them as a weapon will ruin your suspension of disbelief it should already be ruined as the scythe model used in Wurm would probably be very inefficient at cutting grain. However from the realism angle, you'll notice I suggested a bonus to a magical enhancement granted by Libila rather than enhancing the base weapon stats. That's actually because I was taking into account a Scythe isn't an ideal weapon, but it's one favored by Libila.
  10. Anyway, while it seems like we'll have to agree to disagree on whether or not all weaponsmithing items are intended to be used as weapons, the more important questions are: 1. Would scythes as a viable weapon be fun? 2. Would it be hard to implement? 3. Is there a good reason not to? 1. I think a lot of people, especially followers and priests of Libila would get a kick out of wielding a Scythe. 2. The animations and skills already exist. It is simply a matter of adjusting stats and/or adding a bonus like I suggested. 3. Other then the potential to make them overpowered I can't think of any.
  11. We've been able to equip a weapon in our offhand slot for forever but it hasn't been viable in years. Knives had their own special attacks but have never been viable. I'm guessing the two are related. Seems like features that were added in preparation for coming updates that were put on the backburner (Much like the cape slot in your inventory right now). There is a lot of evidence they've been planning to do more with knives for a long time right down to the fact they have their own weapon category parent skill like polearms, axes, mauls and sword. It all hints to me at a major dual wielding update that Rolf just never got around to.
  12. That's because special moves have been updated to work specifically for broad categories of items (Slashing, Blunt, Pierce) Back in the day they worked for limited categories such as sword, axes, mauls... and knives.
  13. Like I pointed out. Carving knives and butchering knives used to have special moves that required you to be wielding one. That's why the carver is called the carver. It used to be done with a carving knife. I think THAT disproves your assumption they aren't meant to be used as weapons. You don't make special attacks for tools. On that grounds I would dismiss your evidence. Sacrificial knives are just butcher's knives, the even use the same skill. All we have left is scythes and sickles. Sickles are a viable weapon. So my takeaway from that is CR penalty does not automatically mean it should never be used as a weapon. It seems more to be a measure to attempt to balance the fact you can skill dual purpose weapons by using them as tools (For instanced sickles are my 2nd highest weapon skill and I've never used one as a weapon). It's also worth pointing out the Butcher's and Sacrificial knives have a CR penalty of 1 and scythes, sickles, and carving knives a CR penalty of 2. High compared to pure weapons, low compared to most non-weapons.
  14. All you really need to understand the difference between weapons and tools is this: The hatchet. The hatchet did not used to exist in game. When I started Wurm it was a small axe. It functioned as both a weapon and had every function that hatchet currently has. You actually got a small axe as a part of your newbie toolkit, not a hatchet. Later on they were separated into two items. The hatchet and small axe. The small axe retained weaponsmithing as it's governing skill. It kept it's combat stats and lost it's function as a tool. The hatchet, having been nerfed in all stats that made it a semi-viable weapon, became a blacksmithing item now improved by blacksmithing. Despite "having a blade" and essentially being identical to a small axe in every way except function. Small Axe > Weapon = Weaponsmithing Hatchet > Tool Only = Blacksmithing If it is improved with weaponsmithing, one of its intended uses is to be used as a weapon. If it is improved by blacksmithing it's purely a tool.
  15. Carving/Butcher's knife are weapons like the scythe, just very underpowered ones as well. If the blade were the defining factor a leatherworking knife would also be a weapon. Which it is not, it improves with blacksmithing. Carving/Butcher's knives on the other hand used to have special moves specific to them back when special moves were determined by categories like sword and maul rather than blunt and slash, and even their own weapon category (knives). I imagine the reason they are so underpowered is they were meant to have application in dual wielding, and then dual wielding got nerfed into oblivion. But scythe, carving knife, and butcher's knives are really all just just underloved weapon/tools that were meant to be viable but forgotten. The sickle is the example of what they all could and should be.