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  1. Drawbridges

    Yes, for PvP. My deed has a moat and we considered using a low QL wood bridge for similar effects but umm yeah - this would be better though I can see how it might be difficult to code into the game. Perhaps a sort of tile with two different modes - sort of an unlocked and locked version of the bridge tile.
  2. [Bug] Unable to steal from house

    This is still a problem, and exactly as described by the original poster.
  3. [Epic] Circumnavigation

    I think the map is already too small in terms of how easy it is to travel between places.
  4. This has rebalance suggestion has nothing to do with the current scenario - although yes, it's another example of Magranon winning a fight despite odds should've been stacked against him afaic. You can still sail through the northern part of Affliction if you want a shortcut. It doesn't have anything to do with this rebalance suggestion
  5. Bump for balance. At least do something - either with the characteristics or the board itself.
  6. Time to support one PVP server

    I wouldn't mind Chaos if it wasn't for the fact that it's connected to Freedom.
  7. Epic, Complete 180°

    Bump for support. This is the way Wurm is meant to be played. Simple kingdom vs kingdom PvP with homeservers.
  8. PvP pretty much has an infinite end-game, because the fighting keeps getting more difficult as your enemies get better. I'm not sure about PvE though, the end game content there is basically unique fighting and it's not that difficult to get into. In terms of crafting and such, I'm not sure - I doubt I've ever gotten to end game in terms of that, and for me it always been a mean towards an end, which to me has always been kingdom vs kingdom PvP.
  9. A well-written post with some seemingly good maths behind it. This is definitely worth looking into. Regarding whether or not this is related to MR winning scenarios in the past - whatever. Make the game board balanced, please.
  10. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    I usually spend more money drinking beer whilst playing Wurm on a Friday night than I spend money on Wurm through an entire month. For 8 euros I can get two, maybe three 0.5L cans of beer. I'd rather have a month of premium. Cost is relative - whether Wurm is cheap or not is highly subjective. Minimum wage (we don't actually have a minimum wage) here is practically something around 13-16 euros an hour. I'd be glad to spend 20 euros a month.
  11. Proposed Features

    For the abandoned boats, maybe have it be possible to picklock things if they have a certain amount of damage. This isn't a problem on the servers with PvP/lockpicking enabled, not even the "soft PvP" home servers.
  12. Wild Foods and Herb Patches

    I was mostly refering to the latter part of the suggestion regarding the herb patches.
  13. Log Rack AKA (cords of wood)

    It's a pretty nice decoration, but wouldn't it basically be a bsb looking like a pile of logs? +1 for the sake of decoration though.
  14. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    I don't think the issues with regards to Epic is about PvP or anything like that - but rather the players being afraid to embrace it at all. I've always appreciated a good view from my deed and I've always at some point been fed up with my view - whether it be a couple of newbie shacks or a massive bridge stretching across the bay. If you don't mind stuff like that, you might as well stay on Freedom. However, I enjoy having the ability to smash down an ugly bridge - whatever the "social repercussions" might be. The alignment system is good enough for sorting out any griefing between players, and there's also some sort of monarch to reign over any of the kingdoms. Freedom seems like anarchy to me, despite having played on Independence for quite some time. If you want to experience the wilderness, fear and other stuff - Epic (or Chaos for that sake), head on over. The home server model is the best one for PvE, and as far as I'm concerned when I started playing on JK-H back in the day: the way the game is meant to be played.
  15. Wild Foods and Herb Patches

    Botanizing and foraging on Epic, the way the game is meant to be played afaic, is still useful. It's a skill mean to be used in fairly untamed lands and I think it's wrong to make it into something you're able to grind on deed. Botanizing and foraging is a skill that is supposed to make you explore the wilderness. It's still useful for gaining things like acorns (botanizing) and cotton in a pinch. -1