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  1. Honestly, I don't know if this is a good suggestion or not because I don't understand exactly what it is you're suggesting. A second kingdom on Freedom Isles/PvE - why? It's barely a kingdom anyway. I get that the "tiny deed mechanics" are interesting and perhaps worthwhile, but small deeds on Freedom are already very cheap - and a price worth paying at that. What benefits are there from being a "settler" - branding animals perhaps? I'd rather just have a "personal branding" system instead then. As for PvP, if I am even understanding what you're suggesting: Please no. The last thing I want are new players setting up a nice 20ql set of walls in a 5x5 area playing solo, only to log in a few hours later to see their entire creation reduced to piles of copper ore. Wurm PvP is not a solo experience, even for the most dedicated and skilled players. Not to mention how the privileges of a deed can be abused if you have an alt "settle" a 5x5 deed with a minehop at a strategic location. There is already a Freedom Isles kingdom on Chaos if you wish to be unaligned, and Horde of the Summoned is supposed to offer you many of the freedoms of not being in a kingdom at all, including attacking your fellow kingdom members.
  2. I know plenty of people with plenty of alts, including myself. I don't think anyone ever feels like they're in their own little instance of the game when they're getting bombarded by 80kg projectiles sent from over 300m away. The co-operative experience is out there, if you want it. It would be nice if there were more "coop requiring" aspects in the game on Freedom, where most folks spend most of their time, but I don't think heavily discouraging or making alts superfluous is the way to go. I want to make bricks and bows at the same time, and a second character is a great way to fulfill that desire. You can make a village on your own, for you and your alts.. but you can also join a village if you want a more co-operative experience. Nothing is stopping anyone from doing that. I live in a village on Harmony, whenever I cross through the portal: The mayor has a nice collection of alts, and most villagers enjoy having one too, for whenever they want to put in double-time to finish that insanely long tunnel we've been planning.
  3. I personally think a small skill bonus to counter-balance the power of PoK on NFI PvE would be fair. Frankly, it sucks knowing that to truly min-max your efforts for the best results in PvP involves grinding a lot on PvE when it comes to NFI.
  4. I frankly don't have a problem with this. None of the unique rewards are neccessary to enjoy the game. If you want the "cherry on top", you're going to have to fight for it. If a new system was to be introduced, it needs to reward appropriately according to skill and effort. If you want to dedicate time in this game to track down, pen and kill unique monsters - good for you. If everyone can't have drakehide or scale, it doesn't really matter: The strongest thing you really run into on Freedom is a champion troll. If we were to make some changes for uniques that were to include PvP servers, I'd rather have things like scale and acid imbued weapons removed entirely.
  5. This man is the greatest blacksmith I've ever ordered from. Surprisingly fast delivery when I made my order, considering the circumstances.
  6. Chaos was never the default for PvP. Epic was a great addition, but I feel like it's more of a classic now than an addition.
  7. Would be nice being able to pick up and/or load rowing boats specifically. Not just for carrying it across a bit of land, but would be nice to be able to put a rowing boat inside a corbita, cog, knarr or caravel.
  8. I'd be happy to see some of my skills being transferred from Epic to Freedom, though I'll still keep my Epic character where it "belongs" most of the time - unless there is some "must see" event that I'd like to check out on Freedom.
  9. My favourite is the large maul. It does decent damage and has decent accuracy (compared to the huge axe) - with or without enchants. Like AlmostSolitude said, all weapons have their pros and cons. I'm sure the staves and other polearms might be better, but those didn't exist when I started playing and I've just kept grinding with the same old weapons I've had for years.
  10. I think the biggest issue is trying to explain what has taken players years to master. Sindusk has made an excellent attempt, but it's a lot to digest: Postes has also made a guide for the basics of PvP, which also apply to PvE (sticking to a single weapon, how to grind up your FS and some other nice links). There should also be some recent videos showing off people fighting, which will at least give you a good chance to see what experienced players do in combat in terms of positioning, aiming, focusing, spell casts and changing stances: I hope that's at least of some help.
  11. For PvE, you'll be fine with a few simple things such as getting the correct distance (depending on weapon) and trying to get a height bonus. You can't outflank an NPC as it will always turn towards you when it's fighting you solo. PvE in Wurm is easy (or at least it gets so once you get to a certain skill level), and time spent trying to optimize a single engagement is more likely to be a waste of time as whatever you're fighting should be dead or dying by the time you have the time to change your "aim" back and forth.
  12. Yes, you need to download the test client in order to connect to the test server. Some info from the wiki: Test client : This is a complete, separate testing system, with the latest test versions of both the client and server codes. There's three islands (clones so they look similar), and they are periodically reset, so it's not a good place to actually play and try to build in. Often, newer changes are only partially implemented, and encountering bugs is to be expected. That said, it's a way for players to look at and test the newest changes that are being made to Wurm Online.
  13. Who said dragonslayings are supposed to be a public event for everyone across the entire cluster to participate in? It's a competition: Form a team, dedicate some time. Learn the patterns. Beat the competition. It looks like there is a lot of people who want slayings to be more public, so I think it's a great time for you all to team up. Wurm can both be competetive and co-operative. Keep in mind I'm heavily biased to "the current situation is fine" as I've participated in 40+ unique slayings without any issues of people "sniping" uniques due to playing on very low population servers (Affliction, Elevation and to a lesser degree Defiance). Killing a unique isn't hard, and it has been done with as little as 6 people on Chaos. Finding them over and over again is the hard part, but it's not impossible. Most of all, it needs a lot of effort from a dedicated group of people.
  14. If only a community manager's opinion mattered. That would be so cool.
  15. That has been possible forever, has it not? It's standard procedure for most folks PvPing. And in general, some customization for what appears in events tab is a great idea.