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  1. You already can, sort of. /random 1 will give you a value of 1 or 0
  2. "They didn't do anything bad!" - about the TREACHEROUS converts
  3. Why not? You could always just sail over during the 24 hour window and pray there to get the sleep bonus, if you don't want to live there permanently.
  4. In the past you used to be able to right click on players and go "what's this" and it would send you to an in-game wiki. You'll see some pages like Player:Ols for instance as well. I'm pretty sure you could right click on tokens as well and you'd get up a page for something like Settlement:Silent Hill.
  5. We already have zones similar to the yellow area in your suggestion. They are called the starter areas and they're pretty safe - especially if your deed has people online during the 2 hours your deed can actually have its buildings damaged.
  6. Would be fun to have some tours with the mayors of the larger settlements on the NFI servers - even Defiance if you can get someone to agree to that.
  7. On PvP servers, the reward for exploring is treasure chests. These contain items ranging from high QL leather to strange bones. I'm not sure how well a similar thing would work on the PvE servers though, but you do have the rift scout camps.
  8. Being part of a village in WO and seeing a lot of progress on whatever project the deed is working on is always quite nice, even if you can only "afford" to log in for a few hours every week. You're not missing out, you're just laying back and watching others do the hard work
  9. I want to clarify: You don't lose skill when dying in PvP - only fight skill and body strength. So it's not for PvP.
  10. Some sort of "everyone goes here and we have a rumble" would be fun. The new HoTA is more tactical, and I like it more than the war deeds of the old HoTA. But I do miss the rumble.
  11. We're about a month into Defiance now and none of the kingdoms have a ruler. If the devs want to see rulers, something has to be changed. Ideally a mechanic with less randomness should be introduced - preferably PvP related as the king's main power is a boost in combat.
  12. Surface mining is boring, but that's not a bad thing. The impact is pretty much permanent - your reward is your mark on the world and the ability to flatten mountains.
  13. Would be cool to see some caravan raids on the PvP server. I like the idea of hitching a horse to a horse, but have it be stuck on a timer so we can still use it for PvP without the 1000 backup mounts. Have the amount of animals you can have in a caravan be restricted by animal husbandry.
  14. Kill a tower guard. That's a human corpse.
  15. Make it so people with "manage item permissions" can manage the names of buildings and gates too while we're at it.