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  1. This balancing is severely needed. Path of Power shouldn't have one of its major abilities locked behind a religion unattainable by members of a BL kingdom.
  2. Do you really think we PvP turbonerds are letting unused sleepbonus on the Harmony server just sit there? Nah, I'm training swords and woodcutting in the woods of Harmony.
  3. It is likely due to the server lagging, so it doesn''t manage to poll as frequently.
  4. Like a lot of people, I will be losing out on the Freedom experience when this feature is removed. Skills cross. Playing on both sides of the portal should give advantages.
  5. "Purchasing" an affinity on a PvP server shouldn't be the intended reason for anything.
  6. The entire map is loaded all the time anyway. Client crashes are going to happen with 1500 people all on GV.
  7. I see 4 here:
  8. Steam players can take a portal to servers in the Southern Freedom Cluster surely, where you can get some money from yourself and put it in your bank - then take the portal back to Steam. No need to sell/buy in between from what I can foresee.
  9. I know this is an old reply by now, but as someone who doesn't feel like PvE isn't for them I feel sorely overlooked by this comment. PvP is about community, and you won't find better communities than those who are found on the PvP servers of Wurm Online. I've never found the equivalent, not even on the PvE servers which you would think are very similar. Wurm Online was founded as a PvP experience - a completely open world where only guards or the local militia could stop you from violating the law and stealing from your fellow villagers. That is why we have the alignment system, and why toggling lawful and unlawful is still in the quickbar. If you killed and stole, you'd be thrown out of the kingdom and get shipped off to the Horde of the Summoned.
  10. I would love some more stuff added to make the seasons more interesting than snowballs and harvesting seasons, but I don't think adding a variation of a cart (sleigh with deers) is what I'm looking for. Sloping down a mountainside into a group of enemies however..
  11. It has suggested plenty of times before and there are still plenty of reasons as to why it should not be implemented. When I played on Freedom, I used to make my coin from running a cog between various "urban areas" on Independence. You can't do that anymore. In Wurm, we need more reasons to travel to each other and stay close - not fewer. Trade used to be regional for a reason.
  12. Cap mine door QL to 50 instead of disabling underground housing. All removing it is going to do, is make people live inside a mine without any walls and floors.
  13. Wurm Online Steam

    You belong on a PvP server. It'll be like your 3rd time, except with more players this time around.. I hope?
  14. Skills shouldn't cross at all. We already know what it has done to Epic, and the bad outweighs the good.