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  1. Uniques might be impossible to kill with very few people, but you can lock one up very easily with two people.
  2. Making it toggleable would be a nice QoL improvement. I want to find out where the enemy is hiding their beeswax.. sometimes
  3. Let me get one thing straight: You don't need to abuse any bugs to have 99+ in any of the skills this time into the server. Especially with the current state of the world and a lot of people being able to be online most hours of the day. 90+ woodcutting especially is fairly easy for an experienced player. I've really enjoyed the new servers, though I have spent almost all of my time in the north on one of them: Defiance. I never really spent any time on Harmony, and instead I hopped over to Melody when that opened and now Cadence if I ever feel like playing on the PvE side of things. All of the new servers, even Harmony, seem a lot more alive than the proper old servers and there's always someone I can wander into. It's not packed like it was in the beginning, but I'm sure nobody wants to have their deed literally surrounded by other deeds. Help me understand what you're trying to say. The Northern isles are still a lot different from the Southern isles.
  4. Through science, it has been proven that the Valrei board is biased towards Magranon winning. I think Alexgopen made a few posts on it some time back.
  5. Having to travel over long distances are one of the appeals of Wurm for me. It's not fun, but it facilitates "local artisans" and such.
  6. A great initiative I'm looking forward to seeing the result(s) of.
  7. Shouldn't this be in ?
  8. Problem still persisting. Seems to apply to young horses.
  9. Disease adds fun to tower construction and bashing alike. Does it even do anything other than the status effect?
  10. My upkeep is 5s and 22c and it has plenty of space for the villagers I have here. Been a while since I counted but there's usually 10 people online. Keep in mind I'm paying for a few guards as well, as this is on a PvP server. edit: I have 50% off because my deed is the capital of a kingdom oops
  11. You already can, sort of. /random 1 will give you a value of 1 or 0
  12. "They didn't do anything bad!" - about the TREACHEROUS converts
  13. Why not? You could always just sail over during the 24 hour window and pray there to get the sleep bonus, if you don't want to live there permanently.