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  1. When I played on Freedom, I made a living as a wagoner. I don't want no auction house taking our jobs!!
  2. How is a new player unable to make a guard tower? To me, summoning the "king's guard" should take quite a few resources and effort. Mining out the rock shards for it is about 10 tiles of rock being torn down - not that hard. Making the bricks for it - another few seconds of effort per rock shard. Getting the clay can be difficult depending on your location, but the time required to actually gather it is quite low. Though it might be a pain on Freedom, none of this is especially difficult or complex. I'm not sure about the "rate of attachment" to a guard tower, as that's not something I've tried to do on a fresh account on the server cluster I frequent.. but that part might be worth looking into.
  3. Give me a tricorne so the BL coastguard can rise again, please.
  4. You can't zerg an entire homeserver, though I guess you could roam it like a horde. Come check out what remains of the dead Epic cluster before you deem PvP as something always devolving into zergs and ganks. There are plenty of catch-up mechanics - it still takes about a year to grind a good character if you're not super active, but after that you'll give most folks a fair fight.
  5. Champion crocodiles are tameable. They were used a fair bit last summer on Elevation. I think most folks who used them had at least 90 taming though.
  6. If you don't like other players impeding on an area you haven't deeded it's time to expand your deed. Shantytowns were a lovely part of Newspring that I'd love to see return. Though I probably won't, as shantytowns can easily be torn away on a PvP server anyway.
  7. If you want more depth in your farming there already are a ton of nature skills to help you bolster your delve into farming. The life of a farmer in the time and location Wurm is supposedly set in involved very little actual tending to fields - that's something for the summer and autumn. Farming already has a lot of depth: Animal husbandry, brewing, forestry and gardening to mention a handful of skills. You're not a farmer if you have 10 tiles of carrots. You need an orchard of apple trees, cider in the basement and an herb garden as well - and a corral of horses. Not to mention the herd of cows you have freely grazing about in your perimeter that you occasionally milk or slaughter for meat and hide when the time has come.
  8. As long as the PvP server is completely seperate from the PvE server I'll have a good time. Once the server starts becoming more developed, there have to be catch-up mechanics for newer players. The current system we have on Epic with catch-up mechanics work quite well.
  9. I'm sure @Trygveor @Seancarlon JK-H can help you out.
  10. I want all my stuff to be taken away and attacked. I don't want the PvE server connected to the PvE server at all. The map we had for Elevation recently was excellent, and I had a lot of fun with it until I bumped into the shortcomings of PvP once again.
  11. Map dumps 2020!

    Why is there a routes map for Serenity?
  12. 4 - just have it be a fully PvE server with Epic rules similar to how JK-H was back in ancient times.