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  1. I don't think the issues with regards to Epic is about PvP or anything like that - but rather the players being afraid to embrace it at all. I've always appreciated a good view from my deed and I've always at some point been fed up with my view - whether it be a couple of newbie shacks or a massive bridge stretching across the bay. If you don't mind stuff like that, you might as well stay on Freedom. However, I enjoy having the ability to smash down an ugly bridge - whatever the "social repercussions" might be. The alignment system is good enough for sorting out any griefing between players, and there's also some sort of monarch to reign over any of the kingdoms. Freedom seems like anarchy to me, despite having played on Independence for quite some time. If you want to experience the wilderness, fear and other stuff - Epic (or Chaos for that sake), head on over. The home server model is the best one for PvE, and as far as I'm concerned when I started playing on JK-H back in the day: the way the game is meant to be played.
  2. Botanizing and foraging on Epic, the way the game is meant to be played afaic, is still useful. It's a skill mean to be used in fairly untamed lands and I think it's wrong to make it into something you're able to grind on deed. Botanizing and foraging is a skill that is supposed to make you explore the wilderness. It's still useful for gaining things like acorns (botanizing) and cotton in a pinch. -1
  3. Libila will be waiting for you when you return.
  4. Just stop living on Freedom and get over to the wild, wild lands of Epic.
  5. So they really do have to be hot to be sharpened.
  6. Do /support in game.
  7. I'm 16 years of age and what is this?
  8. I'd rather see some type of monastery on Epic.
  9. Just go to Epic and join a village.
  10. The characteristics link is wrong, as the wiki has been changed since the old link was posted. Here's the new link:
  11. N/A

    You're not a spy, but you've recently converted and you're planning to convert again rather soon? Huh.
  12. I predict that nothing's going to happen.
  13. I thought 3rd party tools were against the rules.
  14. I hope you've been premium before, as you can't get a ref without having been premium previously.