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  1. If you want to have sermons, you need a community. In my alliance we decided to move all priests to one deed when we wanted to grind faith, we still do the same whenever we get new players trying to grind up. You shouldn't be able to pay your way out of making friends in a game that is primarily (in my opinion) about building communities: villages, alliances and kingdoms.
  2. I have a large deeded area too, and I only allow certain people access to anything. I play on a PvP server for the most part, so I may have a different perspective, but even if somebody's way outside of my deed and perimeter boundaries I will still "punish" them if I feel they are taking more liberties than I feel like they should have. You own the land. You can do whatever you want with it. That is how I remember Freedom.
  3. Can we have any staff response to this and have this be looked into? At the current situation, it is faster to take a knarr across the border to any of the home servers to make bricks than it is to make them on Elevation.
  4. So now only WLers can interrupt spell casts? That doesn't sit alright with me. Why not just remove it altogether? Passengers have no stamina loss and they're supposedly rowing the boat or helping tacking or whatever. I don't mind boats taking a long time to stop, that's just a change in meta and people can adapt to that.
  5. Bump. Reproduced... not on purpose. The troll on the nearest tile attacks through the window. I can not attack back. It attacks when on the ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor. It can only attack the tile straight through the wall. No issue with the 2nd troll away from me. Additionally, the pile of items where I am mining appears to be bugged - only appreaing when more than 7 items are on the ground, not 3 per usual. Might be unrelated, might not be.
  6. King abdicates if he loses the challenge. At least that's what I always thought.
  7. The combat system in Wurm is poorly understood. There is a lot of depth underneath those few moves you can do.
  8. What happened with Desertion today around 4:10 PM server time? I was with a group of players and we all lost connection for a few minutes. Is this what can be expected from Desertion in the future?
  9. What about improving the template kingdoms? We're not that many, but there is still a dedicated playerbase of people on the Epic cluster that bring life to the template kingdoms. Too many responsibilities are put on a single person, when the reality is that for most kingdoms the hierarchy is actually quite flat.
  10. No lag on Affliction or Elevation for me personally, and I've not heard any others in my kingdom complaining about abnormal lag.
  11. When I played on Freedom, I made a living as a wagoner. I don't want no auction house taking our jobs!!
  12. How is a new player unable to make a guard tower? To me, summoning the "king's guard" should take quite a few resources and effort. Mining out the rock shards for it is about 10 tiles of rock being torn down - not that hard. Making the bricks for it - another few seconds of effort per rock shard. Getting the clay can be difficult depending on your location, but the time required to actually gather it is quite low. Though it might be a pain on Freedom, none of this is especially difficult or complex. I'm not sure about the "rate of attachment" to a guard tower, as that's not something I've tried to do on a fresh account on the server cluster I frequent.. but that part might be worth looking into.