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  1. bc everyone wants to live in own deed and lots dont want someone live in their deed. Hell, people even want to have cross server wagoner to not leave deed. I never had own deed, always live with someone, and i like it. Seeing activity not only on rifts or slayings is cool. Maybe if there was some kind of deed bonus if it have lots of villagers, but it can be abused by lots of toons. But again, is it a problem? more toons - more premium, more cash for devs - they work more.
  2. since you can now find valrei items just on ground - its not worth it. Maybe new tool "grinder for fragments" that will create "fragment powder"? shoot idea what you can do with it, bc i havent one. maybe craft random fragments from it or new layer of statues? like 10k fragment powder for statue, material of created statue - "ancient shards" something like this. So it also solve issue with storing them - powder will be stored in bsb. How to combine 10k powder in statue might be a problem. Another tool xD powder press xD sounds like archaelogy rework How can look material texture for statues called "ancient shards"
  3. this kinda like one of my ideas for shipping "nondrop" items by mailbox. Separate window in mailbox where you can chose item from inventory to send without droping it. For sleeppowders, skins etc. Not really neccesary, i just havent any idea why i cant drop sleep powder.
  4. Nodachi - Huge sword Katana - longsword Tanto - shortsword Thoughts?
  5. after that - make a taxi. I dont like the idea.
  6. greenish one looks like thorn, but is there a way to get thorn plank? only shafts i guess red one looks like lingonberrywood, but same to thorn, cant get such plank
  7. it will be cool thing if there was another reward by reaching 50/70/90 skill besides title. Lets say for for ropemaking, 50 skill - bronze statuette of ropetool, 70 silver statuette and 90 golden statuette. For huge axe skill - huge axe statuette and so on. its mass ammount work to create models for all skills i guess, but its cool to collect those on shelf in house.
  8. sounds fun, and seems not to be big problem to implement, some RGB work maybe problem will be to add those in existing worlds, but im not sure how it was done with sandstone
  9. dont know what about other ideas, but watering is to much, some people have quite big fields, and i think they dont want to x2 daily actions
  10. we must find out what disease cause infinite love for tundra xD
  11. next time it will be real alarm but no one expect a thing, stupid reasons to test every week
  12. 6k mortar - 10s 6k sandstone bricks - 10s Free delivery and bsb, pm here on ingame
  13. i thinked of DNS ban in my region, but this topic confirms that it isnt only my region after all and no packet loss bc i pinged it, and no packet loss occur