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  1. Samling Pass & Samling Span are now open!

    wohoo im in history!
  2. steam trains

    its not proven he was back then in medieval times. They are gone 10k years ago
  3. oh ok, you are silver seller enemy guy, whatever then
  4. dont get line about "gold sellers generally scummy" seems you dont get what happened this week with "suspicious silver" thing
  5. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    i clearly said im delivering things, dont tell me "try living on xan" when actually right now im delivering to inner xanadu with light breeze in my face. This is part of the game, i will waste 2-3 hours for it. About wife, its your own thing, my wife knows why im staring at monitor for hours when winds are bad.
  6. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    im not forcing people to waste time traveling, im delivering things for free myself, which means wasting my time but why we need so much automation in wurm, ive seen suggestions to make sawmills and such, so if sawmills will be added, and "wagoneer ship transport" also, why would we just not add auto loader and not come online?
  7. "Elevated Account" Status for wurm players

    5eu subscription cost will not bring old players back, they dont leaved game bc its 10eu now, looking from my sight new players not going to shop in first place to check subscription cost, so it will not attract anyone, maybe, just maybe will keep somepeople who just joined
  8. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    will not downvote here, but dont like the idea, people need to leave their deeds sometimes atleast
  9. WTS 6k mortar and 4k pottery bricks

    6k mortar - 10s 4k pottery bricks - 10s Free delivery and BsB's PM me here or ingame
  10. WTS 6k Mortar - 10s

  11. WTS 6k Mortar - 10s

    as title says, free delivery everywhere except chaos
  12. Transfer rarity

    -1 then, serious enought i hope
  13. SOLD

  14. Simple. remove fsb legs and put them on 2 shelfs like on bsb unit. Will be big structure but thats how it is
  15. SOLD