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  1. without stamina you still getting small gains which is ok for afk, but yeah, that breaks it a bit
  2. its came to my mind - there is another problem why such chat cant be added currently. Its not about wurm engine or smth. Maybe some day it will be added, but i think not now.
  3. Depends on what you want to achieve. To be honest you dont need to contest other players by skills or something. You want to build cool settlement? just go for it slowly.
  4. that would be hell to implement And where that location must lay? no way it will be personal locations for every ship
  5. even comrade babushka says weight doesnt matter, maybe backpacks can have some other function?
  6. maybe if rare+ backpacks, satchels on the back - why not, some items need get benefits from rarity. But not regular ones. And actually, why? you can hold felled trees in inventory, why need to reduce weights of something.
  7. when you have encountered such? ive seen no difference week ago (on Old servers)
  8. +30% gain for random skill would be cool, weekend of repairing for example
  9. whats the point? you will anyways make flat 100x100 from that wild areas. 80% of people doing that.
  10. GM's never took my stuff from me. You probably took someones boat, to do that you need to play on pvp server. And subscription price never was issue. Not long ago it was 2 sivers for first month of subscription, and it doesnt increased playerbase at all. Snowball effect is why im here. I dont want throw my stuff in trash can when new patch comes in.
  11. small population of this game (how weird or not it can sound for veteran players) is bc difficult and complex it is. I can argue for hours how stupid and braindead fresh mmos nowadays, but its out of topic. We are like heavy metal boys in hip-hop culture age.