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  1. But what is the goal you are trying to achieve? A tough boss fight? A loot pinata? A vending machine? Each of these have vastly different outcomes for solutions which have all been suggested over the years and they range from, things are fine, make penning harder (been tried a lot); to the other extreme of, everyone on server gets the same loot no matter what. What most people do not understand that is *drama* is good for cc and was even helped along by rolf, especially in the cases of uniques because it gave the community a reason to keep playing. Don't like someone? It's good for cc, because the player now has a reason to log in, form their own group of friends and be at odds with player B who is likely to form their own group of friends. Now you have competing factions with their own agendas who both think that the other group is out to "get them". But both groups of players have reasons to keep their subs going, and sometimes add to more subs because "they won't let the other guys win". On some level it's an ingenious level of internal marketing.
  2. My understanding from previous posts made by devs is that unique slayings have been up for "consideration" for over a year now from the last post saying they were being rethought. Has any progress been made @Pandalet?
  3. One of the things that has been tried in the past is actually making most slayings public (for the space of about a year and a half), all that did was make 200-250 toons in local "mains" for loot rolls, which ironically lead to the system we have now of everyone in local is rewarded. This only leads to lag because of the poor optimization that wurm has. I've found lots of uniques, both as part of a group and while out searching on my own, just from roaming the landscape, but it took *hours*. If you want a show up and kill dragon to get loot style "dragon hunt from the skye beam". Then yes rift style will work. If you want a unique boss fight, then that's something else all together, uniques have a long and very troubled past, from the time someone whispered rolf and told him they were too easy, and the next weekend no one could hit a dragon, to the penning that has been patched, ninja patched and still goes on. The history of uniques and the bickering, fighting and greed tends to go with them is as old as wurm. However people need to decide what their aim is in "fixing" the problem, do they want to reward every prem account in local? Do they want a hard fight? etc. Before they can know how to go about providing a good solution, the irony? In a game as big as wurm, you will have sectors of the populace that each want different things. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "i deserve dragon loot for being a wurm player", regardless of who else went to the work, expense and so forth of penning and locating said creature. I can't tell you the amount of times I've encouraged people to make use of the mechanices to actually go out and look and been told "i can't be bothered" because "everyone else is better". This tells me that a lot of folks in wurm simply don't want a better system, they want a vending machine style system for "valuable" loot. Pingpong
  4. So how about enabling warhammers for 90% of wurm's pop...ya know...combat overhaul and all? Orrrr we could call it the combat overhaul that wasn't and go back to call it long over due bug fixes
  5. [08:00:36] You need to get into the fight more first. 1.Why is this still a thing, why can we not just focus up at the start of a fight?! 2. Hitting a mob with an axe did stun dmg, which was cute, but stunning a mob for 1s~ is not even remotely useful in pve. Why is this even in game? 5s would be much more useful. 3. Why is my screen shaking for taking wounds that deal LESS then 1 dmg? Talk about no threshold.. (same would go for hits that remove levels of focus)
  6. Could we get warhammers on freedumb or just remove the dumb skill?
  7. @SamoolHow about loaning out a warhammer for "raise a skill to 20"
  8. Just out of curiousity, you'd added in crits for pve, but....absolutely no where has been mentioned, crit rates, what affects them, or anything the player can do to boost them etc. How will we know to report if they're bugged or not, the same could be said for *most* of the patch notes.
  9. I'm quite saddened by the prospective "overhaul" as well. This is not an overhaul. This is a bug fix that should have happened years ago. Crits working on pve? Lets see, most games implemented....20 years ago. The fact you couldn't actually score a crit hit on a pve mob made wurm stand out ironically. What wurm combat is in modern terms is an autobattler with a click button for focus and direction. And the click buttons are pretty much useless, the only interation that matters is when do you run away from the mob/can you run away. I'm terribly unconvinced that wurms dev team will be able to balance mobs CR (rift mobs anyone), and it's been known for years that mobs had essentially infinite stamina, so you could special move them to death, it would never bother their stam and reduce their combat effectiveness on that front. These are flaws in the game play design. Simply removing the glaring flaws doesn't make it an overhaul if you don't add productive, beneficial, worthwhile player agency to combat. Orrrrrr you can remove the glaring flaws and leave wurm at it's autobattler finest (even if it tends to bug out). One of the things I find fascinating is that people like to hate on the wurm combat "log spam" and thats fine. But one funnest games I ever saw do this was dwarf fortress, because the it gave the impression it was telling a story. It was quite easy to read the log spam of a fight and feel like you were getting "into" cheering for your dorf, or watching it die miserably to a kitten. Wurm's combat logs haven't changed in the 10 years I've been playing and have afaik no actual bearing on what happens in a fight, if you glance an attack it picks from 1 of 2 or 3 "glance messages". Things like this kill any immersion for players in even reading combat logs as they scroll by because all you need to look for is green and red lines. Wurm combat is the worst in any game I've stuck with, but once I realized it was only automated combat and all I needed to do was to watch for when to run away, because mostly skill and gear don't really matter, combat made *so* much more sense.
  10. Just as a curiosity, why are "rabid hyenas" a passive mob? Perhaps this update would be a good time to make them aggro. On examine it says : Normally this doglike creature would act very cowardly, but some sickness seems to have driven it mad and overly aggressive.
  11. congrats, you know the title comes before the final tick right?
  12. Who "exactly" decides this? @Retrograde. The same could equally be said about many things we now take for granted in wurm. Skills, rare items, how skilling works (or doesn't). Also I find your quote about "giving everyone the ability to work with them equally" ludicrous in the extreme. The "devs" who decided on this change have give alts and low skilled players the ability to massive boost their ore and wc ql gathering while they have removed the same ability from the people who actually have ground out the skills IE played wurm. Do you even consider wurm a skill based game anymore? Also, it takes very high skills to gather rift materials (or did previous to this patch), is this now not a requirement? Or are you expecting high skilled players to supply the low skilled alts and players with imbues? Because at that point your whole idea of supplying low skilled players with their imbues falls apart because they are unable to gather said materials, create runes and imbues on their own.
  13. Please bring all gathering skills into line IE mining/forestry/wc/farming. If you will not allow 100ql items, then allow 99.99ql for folks with 100 skills. To selectively allow folks to gather 100ql items~ because they were in an unaffected "gathering" field is very unfair.
  14. Please bring all gathering skills into line IE mining/forestry/wc/farming. If you will not allow 100ql items, then allow 99.99ql for folks with 100 skills. To selectively allow folks to gather 100ql items~ because they were in an unaffected "gathering" field is very unfair.