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  1. Ok so it's *really* clear, how is this any different then what you object to with "freedomers"?
  2. As is my wont, I got to wondering about A how this topic got reopened (doesn't really matter) and B a little something I like to call the pvp mindset quandary. Situation: Jon rolls a new alt and skills it up to 70fs on freedom while playing his main on chaos. He finds that his alt which he never had plans to use much has a large metal shield affinity (or cool stat aff) *_*!!!!! So he contacts his friend bob and asks for him to drop the alt over at the landing, for example. Now his alt is freedom kingdom and John is a pmk so he slaughters his alt and gains fs and affinity and after a bit invites his alt to the kingdom. Is it a win for Jon? Yes. Is it good for Jon's kingdom? Yes. Is it pvp? As much as freedom slaughtering their alts. Do we see anyone complaining from wild about such doings? No. Can anyone prove it was non legit pvp or some other bannable offense? Nope. So all is well and good and everyone walks away happy. Until people from freedom realize that they too can do this and suddenly shock and horror ring out! My concern: What's good for the goose should be good for the gander I feel like this thread has simply pointed out how to influence devs and change wurm if you don't like what other folks are doing. Oh and I can't see so well because my gas mask clogs up each time I try and view this thread
  3. So can we get this removed soon? I just started a grind and I expect to have trouble with this for a bit >.>
  4. That has nothing to do with what it actually counts it as, I just subscribed and got 29 days iirc last week. I chuckle and keep going. For years the website said you could ride dragons if memory serves (you couldn't), that was only amended somewhat recently lol. Wurm is kinda funny that way.
  5. You should know that a month of wurm prem time also is 29? 28? real life days as well It's some really random number decided on by Rolf? *Becket once told me he asked Rolf and was told the amount of days in a month of prem.
  6. Botanise could use some real help, go start another thread to utilize it!
  7. Hi all, I've got .38kg of white scale hide. Rather then just sell the stuff, I'd like to swap it for 18 sb powders. Hit me up ingame or on the forum. Pingpong
  8. +1 to woad farming 4 real.
  9. This why is why crazies oughten't to be allowed on road projects, they might finish them. WELL DONE
  10. The only possible use of /fatigue I can actually see is to keep a group of folks from running 1 toon round the clock, that being said, wurm is a sandbox, and I'm not sure why that's a problem ?
  11. I'd just like to point out that being able to stack 5 body affinities sure doesn't equal 1 pizza affinity Alt farming has and can provide a serious leg up over the "freedom affinity boost" that we currently have. There is a reason people do it. There is a reason people have done it for years. Anytime you see a wilder toon for sale with 4-5 stars on those stats you should compliment them on being so "lucky" when out pvping
  12. I dunno, I used to talk to folks who ran multiple pvp toons at once, no matter "what" skill/stat based measuring stick is being used, it's always able to be looped around. It will take either fresh ideas or we can go back to ignoring it like we the community (devs) have for over a half decade
  13. I can well sympathize with this problem as a member of the oft out of /fatigue myself. I'm in the -+1 opinion bracket. +1 Need a way to boost fatigue levels. -1 Paying to simply unlock our toons that we already pay prem for is beyond stupid imo. When asked about it Rolf said "Fatigue is there to allow the rest of wurm to catch up to people who have too much time to play". Perhaps he/the devs would care to reconsider that stance?