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  1. Whats the eta on moving over to AWS? Right now I can plan on what time in the day/evening I will be unable to log in due to hetzner's shenanigans, for an MMO this is really unacceptable.
  2. Nope, the bugged items were made years and years ago. Iirc at least the axe goes back to the start of rares. The picks I've had equally as long I believe. All items are made from iron. The axe and picks are rare, the sickle is non rare.
  3. All items are made from iron. The axe and picks are rare, the sickle is non rare. Update: The sickle now shows as the jackal sickle skin. The other 3 items (the rare ones) don't show yet.
  4. I've got the same? bug i think. I added jackal skins to 2 pickaxes, 1 huge axe and 1 sickle today. None of them show up. All list an alternate skin in the examine text. I've relogged multiple times and tinkered with gfx settings without result so am posting here via gm direction
  5. I'm curious why a cast was needed to bring everyone in wurm up to a lvl 99 miner. From Retro- here's been a few comments about this leaving magranon underpowered, and we've been working on that. So far we have a pickaxe enchant that increases the chance of successful surface mining (still capped at the 50% chance that 99 mining has though, so more beneficial at lower levels) What's next? WC skill casts? HFC skill casts? It seems very odd to add this in and not have it actually benefit the people who have done the grinding to have high skill mining skill. Please add a buff to 99+ miners using the cast
  6. I raised an anchor today from a ship kept on deed, the anchor simply vanished. I would assume there's a bug running about.
  7. Would be sorry to see you finally hang up the hammer mate
  8. Whats the difference between how WU is treated and how ogwo is slated to be treated in the future? Sounds eerily similiar.
  9. Right, thanks for the heads up, sometimes the best plans go awry. Keep calm and impalong!
  10. Greetings, I installed the new launcher without difficulty but have been unable to actually launch the game with it. I simply updated my java links and carried with the old method. I'm uploading an error that I zipped, hopefully it helps. Also the picture of what happens when I attempt to use the new launcher links that installed. My firewall and AV are not flagging wurm, event logging shows nothing so I'm a bit perplexed. I can't find anything on my pc that is blocking it and yet it's very obviously not connecting to the net. I've installed and uninstalled the launcher repeatedly. Tried 2 different locations on the hard drives. Any help would be lovely Pingpong
  11. What's the difference between champing up and all the freedomers who ran over to epic to boost skills after the announcement of the merger? Afaik none of them ever faced sanctioning.
  12. I noticed that mind attack from meditation was blocked from noxious fumes when fighting uttachas and then I had the normal CD timer on it. Other then that much fun
  13. Well I had a look this morning and seems like there's been a massive perim expansion since I dropped that flop hut down. If anyone is hopeful, there is no trader in the building lol. So if anyone is hoping to pop the building to find one or anything nicer then a bed then they're sorely mistaken.
  14. I put the stop over hut down 3~ years ago and just used it as I needed. It certainly wasn't my intention to block the pier. I wasn't aware anyone was using that pier since the surrounding area was equally decayed and good for docking at