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  1. -1 Rifts are not where you go to train when you're new. The FS from 100 CR creatures is crummy and the amount of ws gains is crummy at any point compared to the amount of time spent hunting mobs. Warmasters are considerably harder to kill then dragons or any unique, one of the last rifts I went to everyone ran out of cotton yet a few people insisted that they had to kill the WM to finish the rift rather then saccing hearts. I have no idea why. Lastly, at this current time, saccing hearts is the ONLY way to close the rift (unless you want to waste source salt), whether the mobs are dead or not. So your point is partially invalid on that point alone, rifters have to sac hearts anyways. It just sounds like they won't do it when you want them to?
  2. I'm picturing a modern art rendering of "how many trolls fit on a tile"
  3. Greetings again all, today a small incident occurred Since there was no title that popped up or anything on the wiki for 100 sc I guess I get to name it. In as much as I felt like I was starting to get a clutter of these things I've decided to let mr. posh name this one and he chose "Chiseled to perfection". Great choice posh. Thanks to all my allymates for putting up with my ramblings! Pingpong
  4. Please return rifts to 3 waves only and stop mobs from teleporting, this has done nothing to "enhance, make more fun, or add to the pleasure" of rifts, but has instead served to annoy, aggravate, and waste the time of 95%+ of the players I have talked with at rifts. For example, the typical rift: wave 1+2 take 15m, wave 3+4 take 90m+. This is HORRIFIC game balance not to mention design. Why should I bother showing up to anything but wave 4 for the journal ach which is what most people attending rifts need. Why are rift mobs so incredibly difficult to hit even with good to great combat skills? What was the reasoning for giving rift mobs 100CR ? When summoners don't teleport away from us at rifts and we can kill them without needing to chase them down at least once or twice, is this a bug or a feature? When will rifts be revisited/fixed/done?
  5. I was erm testing my GM trap and it proved successful. Also you can see the infamous "zingzing hotseating" area in the background
  6. Yay Bookwurm has been found! Thanks wurm staff
  7. Lost 1 100 title, A small cute adorable title known as "Bookwurm". Possibly mistakenly quarantined due to covid 19, not paying taxes or looking like Jimmy Hoffa. If found please contact Pingpong so that retrieval can be arranged
  8. Thanks for the help NeeNee I was more hoping that someone from the wiki team could find out what triggers those two achievements as there seems to be no way to figure it out from the text.
  9. For sure If they don't show up properly just yell at me. and
  10. 1. The poison and venom pages contradict each other with how the venom spell works. 2. On the achievements page I don't see "own the rift" or "ghost of the rift warmasters" on there. Please add NEW
  11. So I messaged retro over a month ago about a new 100 title, and was told it'd be no problem. [16:17:19] Papyrusmaking increased to 100. I ground out 100 papyrus making and chose "Bookwurm" as the new title. "Odds on favorite" was a close second. I can't say I've ever had this much trouble getting a new title into the game. I wasn't told anyone else had reached it first. Almost 2 weeks ago I was assured it would be forth coming. I assume the delay is not because I told retro I wouldn't supply him with high ql paper? Help?
  12. Whats the eta on moving over to AWS? Right now I can plan on what time in the day/evening I will be unable to log in due to hetzner's shenanigans, for an MMO this is really unacceptable.
  13. Nope, the bugged items were made years and years ago. Iirc at least the axe goes back to the start of rares. The picks I've had equally as long I believe. All items are made from iron. The axe and picks are rare, the sickle is non rare.
  14. All items are made from iron. The axe and picks are rare, the sickle is non rare. Update: The sickle now shows as the jackal sickle skin. The other 3 items (the rare ones) don't show yet.
  15. I've got the same? bug i think. I added jackal skins to 2 pickaxes, 1 huge axe and 1 sickle today. None of them show up. All list an alternate skin in the examine text. I've relogged multiple times and tinkered with gfx settings without result so am posting here via gm direction