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  1. +1 I find it udderly rediculous that gravity only applies to wurmians while mobs are immune to it. Even if all the mobs "fell" while on the steep slopes, the wounds they got would then kill them and should in theory repopulate the servers in other non sloped regions.
  2. thanks for the fun
  3. Lets just yell at anyone who disagrees and further enhance the pvp reputation? I do get kingdoms wanting to control who's making their wagons for sale, so I'll give this a +1 in the short term and a -1 in the long term ( I'd like to see all items craftable in the long term). I'm still laughing over how many times I've seen "Pve just cares about their monies only". Riiiiiiiight. Edit: After further coffee I feel that giving PMK's a 3 month monopoly on their goods would be a nice window on which they could recoup their startup costs (which is silly high) and after the window has run out all items could be crafted across wurm. This would allow both sides to benefit.
  4. +1 to more fishing options, also more fish would be nice
  5. A brilliant idea, it's quite doable if you're observant and a bit lucky. I suggest you take the E/W highway and do walk across xanadu, it's well worth it!
  6. It's not just runes, but runes are notable for it, i gave up counting at 4/54 succeeds on a 30% rune try. I mean why even bother giving a %?
  7. Really an interesting idea! Not so sure about permadeath on a toon tho.
  8. bump!
  9. +1
  10. Congrats Samool. Looks like beautiful progress is being made, perhaps not the mammoth job I was hoping for but it looks fabulous!
  11. I'd throw thatching in there too.
  12. +1 would be nice to have a colored event tab message too.
  13. I do miss the "Stuff fixed" patch notes.
  14. +1