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Found 5 results

  1. The rift is about where the X is, I suck and got lost a lot, but I can give directions! (I would have posted signs, but I didn't have stuff with me, so I named logs and dropped on the floor! :D) From the crossroads on the Great South Mountain Highway and "Highway", go east and stay on this road until you find a cave/tunnel with crude fences outside. Go through this cave/tunnel (it's mostly linear) and turn right when you get out, go up the hill and it's on your left. Good luck! Honolulu Sunday 9:34am Anchorage Sunday 10:34am US Pacific Sunday 11:34am US Eastern Sunday 2:34pm Sao Paolo Sunday 5:34pm London Sunday 7:34pm CET Sunday 8:34pm EET Sunday 9:34pm New Delhi Monday 1:12am Beijing Monday 3:34am Tokyo Monday 4:34am Sydney Monday 6:34am Auckland Monday 8:34am BONUS FUN FACT! There's some nice raging huge spiders around there.
  2. This is the Isle Labyrinth located at I-11 This project has taken me the last 2 years to design and complete. There is over 30,000 brick and mortar in the structure and the maze is 37x42 (so far) Your adventure begins with the "Mine Maze" consisting of two parts each with their own key puzzle. You then move to the second section, "The 10 Towers." Here you traverse a 3-dimensional maze through 10-7 story buildings. To complete it you must find and complete a key puzzle as well. Look out for the false exits! Running through one of these may require you to start all over! Horses are prohibited since you can not lead them through the towers! The rules to the Labyrinth are simple, keep all keys till your finished and don't take any keys with you! There is a well marked chest to deposit the keys in when you are finished. Don't bother to copy the keys or map out the maze, I created it to be changed occasionally. Upon completion there is a chest provided with parchment, pen and ink, please sign a sheet and include how long it took for you to finish. This is just information for myself and will not be shared. If your interested in holding a group events at The Isle Labyrinth please contact Gunnbjorn in game. Donations are welcome Token is located at the top of the hill
  3. Welcome all! PUZZLE PLAZA MARKET AND EVENT DEED: LOCATION: 25X 32Y DELIVERENCE SERVER Hello all and welcome to the Puzzle Plaza thread. The Plaza is up and running, The event section should be open in time for a Christmas event. After wroking long hours, Puzzle Plaza is now the main MarketPlace for the whole Deliverence server. I would like to Reach out to all the players that helped with DMP and watched as it fell. The DMP was a place built by many good players all with the right intentions. The reason it was built and the person who birth the idea may have been alittle less forth coming of why. So to all that helped I hope Puzzle Plaza will be in your travels for the future. Accomplishments: Since opening the Market has attracted over 50 mercahnt and has Hosted 2 major events: The server wide god spells were successfully casted on the 22nd of september 2012 and the Troll king was slain one week later on the 30th of september 2012. We are working toward a great place where the whole community can meet up and have fun, make friends, and celebrate this wonderful game we all love to play. Something new: Webbler, Monctonclown, Tep and Snoo have been working on a desert and when complete will be 16,500 tiles in total, making it the biggest desert on Deliverence server. It is located Just west of the main entrence of the Plaza. For all new hunters and all old, it should prove a nice hunting ground and centeral locations for all. The Truth behind the events. After hearing of a place called Puzzles labyrinth, I quickly contacted these Players. Griphyth (also see blog) Faeran (Maze Designer) Nicilie (Building Champion) We Lassoed the Idea together in Fusion of a game/event deed, Comperhensive Market area and a Well designed Puzzle/Labyrinth, in a compact area. The Puzzle: Monthly events ( 1 week on 5-6 weeks off). Games, Mini quests designed by us for the players, Team events with preists needed to complete tasks inside the Labyrinth (challenges for older players) and a 4 day event timer, for starting events at maximum players online ( Sermons between thurs-sat) While players gather for a Sunday event time. The Market: Mini map, Colored sections, Player name and description, trader, mailbox and altars. The Grounds: 8 Bed Inn (perplexed Pillow), Working church with water (Priested pietism), Stable and parking area (Puzzle Parking). Puzzles crew and design team: Faeran, Nicilie, Griphyth, Lizabeth, Snoo, Wulfgar. Mapping and screen shots by Foreverskyz Special Thanks to: kaih, Snoo, Lizabeth, zuperman, Sandyar, Wulfgar, Gumbo, Zivrit ,Raycg, Despise, Clifford, Fig, Bonehunter, Jamesp, Metaldragon, Drago,Willow, Order of Black Rose and all others from Christmas event 2011. ZA|!F3A® Clear, Build and Own the Land!
  4. Saturday. November 3rd, only mere days after the restless spirits of champion trolls and raging crocodiles have ceased to haunt the poor inhabitants of the wurm world, you find yourself on the northeast coast of the celebration server. A good look around tells you where you are; Northern Sanctuary. Many boats paint the scene, in the background a long wall of high hedges dooms up. People are anxious to set sail in their ships and conquer the prizes out of the maze. I hereby announce Halloween at Northern Sanctuary! Okay, so it's a few days after halloween since the actual halloween is on a weekday. Instead, I would like to invite everyone who is interested in having a good time, meeting people, and maybe even winning some prizes, to attend the halloween events the weekend after. Saturday november 3rd, around 5PM GMT, I would like to hold a small sailboatrace. Details about the route will be announced at the site. Prizewise, the winner of the boatrace will receive a halloween-style bloodred painted cog! Second prize will be a 70 ql compass, and the third prize will be a lurker in the deep pendulum and a set of fishing rods. (rare, supreme, or fantastic sailboats are excluded from this race. If you want to participate but do not have a regular sailboat, let me know and I can borrow you one.) 6:30PM GMT that day I would like to hold a maze competition. I have set up a maze with tall hedges, and will hide a stack of items within. Find the stack, take one item, and hurry back to the exit. The person who makes out it back out first with the item, will receive a nicely casted Lifetransfer weapon of their choice. Second prize will be a lurker in the wood pendulum and a 90 ql lantern, and the third prize will be an enchanted meditation rug. The same day, around 7:30PM GMT, I plan on a lottery style horserace. You will have to pick a horse, but will not see the traits. You have to be lucky and pick the good guy out ! The person to make it back through a course first will receive a drake jacket in the colour of their choice.The second prize will be a set of 80 ql 70+ woa horse shoes, and the third prize will be a 90 ql toolbelt. After this, every visitor will receive a lovely surprise souvenir to enjoy the rest of the evening. Thanks Laiwyn for your kind donation! You can find Northern Sanctuary on the Celebration server, at BH 48 on the following map; http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebL.png I have not officialy organized more events, but who knows what might pop up Beds, altars of each god, meals, and other amenities are all available on the site. A headsup if you're planning to attend is appreciated. Just leave a reply below Hopefully this will be a fun event! Happy Halloween!
  5. As stated Post your dispute here. Deliverence only please. New thread about Puzzle Plaza Market is here: [/size]