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  1. Valrei International. 062

    Is there a limit to how many entries we can post for the stuff on stuff? I have lots of stuff on lots of other stuff. How many stuff on stuff pictures can I post?
  2. Fixes to personal goals

    yeah, Ive been fishing for a while now and Ive got enough fish to grind taming to 90 three times, I still dont have a fish big enough - a gold achievement so not one of the hardest ones, apparantly on par with catching 1000 random small fish. Also just found out that exquisite is a 99 ql gem and thats only a gold achievement - the same difficulty as a 90 ql gem. These goals - IMO - are supposed to be difficult and require a lot of effort. To me, random luck =/= effort. have me mine 100 gems, or a gem of each type, instead of a single 99 ql which is ever so random and tbh, nearly impossible. The 1k fish one is a good one - maybe change the 190 kg fish to "catch one fish of each type" or slightly lower weight (or, in general, make fishing more consistent with skill) For the wine, I would say rice wine and honeywine should definitely work. Ingredients for that are fairly difficult to obtain but not quite as impossible as picking over 9000!! grapes. Can definitely support some changes to that.
  3. Mirrors on Traders

    Well the tomes thing got fixed as far as I am aware... however you will always have the pity of gullible guys as female character Either way sometimes its just nice to shuffle things up! Let me be a guy or let me at least cut my ingame hair.
  4. Back Up Alert

    It actually slightly changes every day, and for some strange reason, xanadu has one big and one small backup lag (about an hour and some apart) Then not to mention summertime/wintertime offsets, etc, and people who simply don't know whats happening. Almost daily someone will ask "is anyone else lagging?"
  5. Counter for personal goals

    Correct, but there are some issues; the 10k actions achievements I have heard from various sources needs certain actions, over a certain timer. The f4 records anything from mining for 30 seconds to examining something as action, and I think it is either bound to your computer or your particular client, it is not server side.
  6. Please Lock

    You should, you absolutely should, if you find someone making false claims about items being the only one in an auction. It's the right thing to do.
  7. Suggestions to books and writing!

    Have you checked for silverfish? Joking aside, thats nuts. Its a shame to see a nice feature with a lot of potential added only to have it turned useless because of the high decay rate. Even my food on a table is outlasting books!
  8. Use Bees Wax for Taxidermy

    And wax candles.. even if nothing important, it gives it a little bit more use
  9. Lower table decay for food items
  10. The red cherry

    Why does an item exist that does literally nothing good, and makes your account worse, permanently. Outside of money value and pvp scenario, this is silly and should be re-balanced. Every tome should be roughly of equal use, wether it is through a great spell, or a useful resistance. Just like each armour has its pros and cons, (although its a bit better on epic than on freedom, please gib code) - you trade of defense for cost or movement speed. Weapons, you trade parrying ability for more damage output. It was very boring when everyone used longsword + large shield, its a lot more fun now that all weapons and shields are viable (and hopefully dual wielding soon too) - I don't see the point in having this item if it does nothing good. Just get rid of it.
  11. Damn, I was hoping to get away without anyone noticing...
  12. Suggestions to books and writing!

    I like where this is going....!
  13. With the new addition of books and a new journal for archaeology, I feel like this open up a whole new world of fun for wurmians to explore and catalog findings, including those not related to archaeology (archaeology journal) or botany (almanac). The starting point of this suggestion is that books should not decay when placed into a bookshelf. If more books are to be added and used, there should be a safe place to store them. Suggestions to come if we can safely collect our books into a library: A Bestiary - a comprehensive collection of information about animals in wurm, ranging from the small wild cat to the massive forest giant. Knowledge may be gathered by examining an animal with the bestiary (with an empty page in it) activated while it is alive, going based off of animal husbandry (or taming?) skill. It can reveal various interesting facts anywhere from it's preferred spawn range, diet, and other interesting behaviours like the love of chasing innocent newbies around. A second round of information can be taken of the corpse of the animal, with the amount of information based off of fighting skill. This could include it's rough fighting abilities, butchered products, etc. Would be super happy if this bestiary can include pictures like the almanac has. An Atlas - simple as is, add notes to your ingame map and use a filled pen to make a copy of the map with said notes onto a piece of paper to share with others, or to keep multiple interesting maps bound in books together. Fish Physiology - a collection of information recorded from the catches made while fishing. Same as with archaeology, when you catch a fish and have an empty report, it will try to add information to it. Based on fishing skill, this will give a description of your catch, including the maximum caught weight, minimum caught weight, and server of catch. This could tie in nicely with some simple renaming to make certain new fishes only found on certain servers; salmon in the north on independence, to lionfish down south on celebration. If possible, have these behave like the archaeology reports to help find back certain special fish tiles. I see lots more room for report books like this, but these were sitting in the top of my head today.
  14. Archaeology report management

    I'm glad you did it, becuase now I don't have to be that guy! I do agree, I didn't realise this at first and I have collected reports that I find interesting, like my own disbanded deeds, but also historically interesting deeds like Samling. They are in one journal together, and to add insult to injury, I cannot even read the ones that were taken on another server, so I really have a ragtag set of reports in one journal now.