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  1. New updates, but no love for winemakers. Can't get personal goals done!
  2. I had this happen due to an "unintended feature". I lost 20+ 5 speeds and numerous 5sp hell horses. Nothing was done, because it wasn't a bug, so it's safe to say that it wiuld continue to happen if these things would be on freedom. I think new creatures are fun, but these things are really damn strong, destructive, and fly through walls. I think suggesting a few new mobs that fit better within the parameters of freedom may be more sensible. Something that doesn't literally fly through walls to kill you. Fyi we did have valrei mobs on freedom a long time ago but they were removed after complaints of them being too strong.
  3. That's not supreme fortune. That's putting effort into it. These "cartels" team up, work as a group instead of as single players, have fun together and spend a long time searching servers, casting spells, sharing maps and having a laugh together. Find friends, make friends, try it for yourself? These things don't come flying to your door on a silver platter, you'll have to go out and explore wild lands to find them, which is I believe how it's supposed to be. Not a big blue beam COME HERE FOR LOOT IN THREE DAYS. You've got one big red beam already, little bit for both the people who want to have the fun of hunting uniques, and those who want to just show up for free stuff. Anyway, remove the public scale/drake distribution to every premium in local, and you will see more public events. Right now there is none; if you host a public slaying, you'll be lucky to get maybe 0.01 weight of hide or scale; if you do it with a closed group, you get up to a kg each, and a few slayings will make you a snazzy armour set. There lies what turned so many unique fights private. Before the local distribution dragons were almost always public and nobody minded that, but somewhere it turned into what we have now.
  4. +1 If the game could figure out when a lake is connected to an ocean that'd be even more awesome, with specific salt and freshwater species of fish. Distilling ocean water should yield very high ql seasalt which would make for a nice and very reliable salt source too
  5. yes and craftable standing mirrors you can use to change your appearance on
  6. Is it me, or is the difference too subtle. I really think they should stand out more; same between white/grey. I've got both the piebalds and jets but I need them side by side to really tell which is which.
  7. I'm not concerned about what others do and don't let it bother my fun in the game. I still do my thing that I was going to do, regardless of whether or not an account was bought, it doesn't make any difference to me. If someone purchases a super account with all 90+ stats and skills and kills me with it, what's the difference between the person who bought it, or the original owner doing it? There's none to me. The only time I'm really affected by an account being sold, is whenever I had that person on my friends and they changed hands without me knowing. I think if sales were banned and move away form the forums, this would happen even more. It would impact people who don't sell or buy accounts, and that would suck, so -1
  8. bumping for a fix!
  9. Yes, yes, no. Yes, because your grind was easier, and therefor it should transfer 1:1. Comparing the actual time that it took to get that skill and applying to Freedom, would be better. Yes, because someone put in that effort and didn't have an easier 2x increased skillgain, but that has nothing to do with accounts transferring as a game mechanic. Partially, I am not against transfers, I am not in favor of 1:1 transfers without looking at how easy or difficult said skill was compared to the cluster you are bringing it to. Hopefully that clears up the confusion you are having.
  10. Comparing actual effort of grinding vs buying an account is quite the dumbest argument I've read so far. Surely you could just play WU instead and then it only costs a single dollar on humble bundle and you can set all your skills to 99 instantly! Sorry on behalf of all the freedom players that don't really want their accounts and efforts to be devalued because you picked a server with 2x faster skillgain, and then decided that you don't like it anymore? Again, the whole point of this change is for epic to survive, not freedom. There's not that big of a problem with player numbers on that side of the cluster. At least try to come up with a better argument than "just buy an account". I'd say that figuring out the skill that would've been gained for the same amount of actions on the cluster you are trying to transfer to, seems fair enough. You don't have to start from scratch that way while abandoning the servers that they're trying to revive. There's nothing petty about throwing numbers if the whole suggestion is literally to have numbers transfer
  11. From what I understand the whole point of this is to let people join epic without being held back by the regrind, since epic's playerbase is so narrow. Increase the playerbase there and get some action. If the current residents don't even wanna play there and move to freedom, maybe there's an deeper problem than a skill transfer can solve. Either way, grinding on epic IS easier, up to a certain point, where the difficulty becomes hard to achieve for an efficient grind; but if you know how to raise the difficulty it is a lot faster. It's just a matter of figuring out how to raise the difficulty, which because of the higher effective skill will be different than on freedom. There are ways to increase difficulty of just about everything but if you're just purely going on he said, she said, then you don't have a good solid way of comparing the two clusters and their skillgain. With that said, let the current half dozen active epic players with their skills come over to freedom, it's not like there's hundreds of them. As long as it's a one time thing that's limited to a certain time or date I don't see a problem. As long as it doesn't become a way to quickly get that 2x skillgain bonus on epic and then pop back with your skills to freedom.
  12. Since the cooking update and the change in how wine is created, the achievements for making wine can no longer be fulfilled. I have created 45 barrels of unfermented wine and have left my account online nonstop until 20 of the barrels have fermented into actual wine, and no achievements were given.
  13. No, there no animals there that could've ate the corpses. Each rift mob was lured and killed individually on regular horseback, with no other fit mobs being nearby to eat them either. There was also no event messages that would indicate that (it would say xxxx eats the corpse of xxxx) It happened multiple times and the model changed to butchered the instant the animal died. No time between it.
  14. I've done it in the past, unless it got changed it is possible. I used to breed champ crocs on chaos and Ive gotten them with just the male being champ, but the % would be rather quite small.