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  1. While most of the armours did update properly with the new dyeing system, my black scale set still shows as it's old colours (the metal parts look just as they always have.) Other black scale sets do show the dye properly so I believe this is an issue with just this particular armour set. [18:50:54] A heavy jacket made from dragon scales. Colors: R=10, G=10, B=10. The black dragon scale jacket needs some holes punched with an awl.
  2. suggested it a while back myself, will still +1 it today, although mine was harvesting fruit and crops from cart I'm guessing the two are tied together.
  3. Anyone remember the scene from 101 dalmations where all the dogs coming down the street look precisely like their owners? I love it! We can finally do this in wurm with our favorite horses.
  4. There's a couple bugged goals and it would be great if those were fixed. With that said we all know about this and it's ridiculous to accuse staff of playing favorites whatsoever. Some people are not in it to have fun and balance the game, they're only in it because someone else has something they do not. These are also the people that will write snarky forum threads and assume the world is against them because they lack the proper skills to just message a person and ask them stuff. Congrats on your win - the system is plenty transparent by announcing winners - AND their prizes.
  5. Also these
  6. +1 for more variety to getting plastered
  7. Just do it, I mean just make one, its not like it is totally by complete random chance or whatever! seriously though fix the broken ones (defeat another player using an xxx, make wine etc) and get rid of the epic only and chance only ones (demigod, planeswalker and fantastic, supreme items). I don't care if it's really difficult to do, but it should be possible with effort. Plus if you have one to gather a certain set of tomes it shouldn't look for that title, it should just check if you have used those tomes at some point in the game.
  8. I was reading this thread and I stopped here is having fun in the game now a bad thing? Why are you dismissing the fact that many people on freedom do not run around in full scale with rare addy weapons, but that there are also newer players wearing chain or studded, and they actually really benefit from having wounds healed quickly mid combat? I used to use LoF in pvp when I was Fo before they added player gods and it was never really a game breaker. It occasionally helped to get someone out of a sticky situation but hardly any Fo priests were in pvp at the time because quite frankly, fo sucks for most other things. It's only when we got playergods with numerous other useful spells that it became a problem - I don't think it's the spell itself that needs adressing. It's probably too late to adres playergods but there is always the interesting option of making a lot of these issues in pvp only nerfed or buffed when you get the message that you feel something (enemies) in local. Whatever nerf you ask for, make sure you specify for it to be on whatever pvp server you play on though. Im still dealing with hellhorses unhitching from carts because someone got their panties in a twist about champ troll carts, and generally, animals untaming very quickly and being utter useless as companions. Get someone with a frostbrand axe, get someone with a flaming aura copper maul. Two hits, 5 seperate wounds. Fix the offhand swing time being 7 times slower and you could it alone by dual wielding. I imagine it could be quite interesting if you think out of the box and may actually encourage the use of various weapons and metals.
  9. +1 and +1 to hauling in occasional junk, including the elusive kelp, random adventurer hats and leather boots, and other stuff from the deep. Maybe pearls.
  10. I think the animation is ridiculous, Id love to turn it off
  11. Only if there is an ornate, gilded version availble.
  12. If an affinity is lost, it should always go to one of the killers. It seems particularly double to combine it with the overkilling mechanic, which already does hurt legit players. I remember killing enemy players dozens of times in a matter of hours - tonygreen - . Why can't gms just keep an eye out like they do for champion players to look for alt abuse. The death tabs show if someone gets killed a lot.
  13. +1 Also in favor of a new pendulum spell altogether available to all priests. Doesn't matter either way.
  14. Yes, add this option to the chaise lounges!