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  1. New Server Hunting Only

    A sea serpent on land, a dragon, and an avatar at once. Wurm unlimited is fun, but we're talking about wurm online.
  2. Make addy jackal runes show what color they'll apply

    can we remove the colour from runed objects yet? I have a blue canopy bed I very much dislike
  3. Horse speed vs. horse color - an experiment

    These sorts of tests are futile.. With other traits, and a variety of factors you cannot run a fair test on these things ingame. Your own fat levels, the horses soul strength and various other things all apply to the end speed of the horse - soul strength activates how often and how long traits kick in (which is why hellhorses and unicorns do not ever stop using their traits once they activate whereas horses with lower soul strength have random speeds). From the WU code, the ebony black would result in roughly 25% of the fleeter movement trait which is already a small number. The only way to "test" this - even then, it'll still not be 100% reliable, is to have a completely starved and fasted character ride two frshly spawned, same age, no-trait never ridden before horses, one ebony and one not-ebony and compare their top speeds, not their overall speed to complete a lap. If it is indeed percentage based like suggested, then the effect will be nearly unnoticeable in a testing setup, but fairly noticeable on a full geared horse. The real only way to prove or disprove this is to ask a developer to confirm or deny this.
  4. New Server / Islands / Region?

    The actual Challenge servers - which I think ran twice - were a lot of fun. I'd love to see them back.
  5. Shelves in wardrobes

    Like the title says, could wardrobes have shelves in them? As far as I know containers like backpacks do not go into them and if you have multiple sets of armour in a wardrobe it gets kindof messy.
  6. Valrei International. 067

    I would like to request that for animals with the baby stage, an age minimum on breeding gets removed. A young horse is the "adult" version of the horse, whereas a foal is the immature stage, so it makes no sense to wait till the "adult" version reaches adolescence.
  7. Supreme Strange Bone

    What kind of drinks will there be served?
  8. Supreme Strange Bone

    Starting Bid: 50s Min. Increase: 5s Buyout: 1G Sniper: 1 hour from previous bid Private bids will be posted here. (2PM, Saturday September 1st Central US Time) COD to winner, please post your account name when winning.
  9. Valrei International. 062

    Is there a limit to how many entries we can post for the stuff on stuff? I have lots of stuff on lots of other stuff. How many stuff on stuff pictures can I post?
  10. Fixes to personal goals

    yeah, Ive been fishing for a while now and Ive got enough fish to grind taming to 90 three times, I still dont have a fish big enough - a gold achievement so not one of the hardest ones, apparantly on par with catching 1000 random small fish. Also just found out that exquisite is a 99 ql gem and thats only a gold achievement - the same difficulty as a 90 ql gem. These goals - IMO - are supposed to be difficult and require a lot of effort. To me, random luck =/= effort. have me mine 100 gems, or a gem of each type, instead of a single 99 ql which is ever so random and tbh, nearly impossible. The 1k fish one is a good one - maybe change the 190 kg fish to "catch one fish of each type" or slightly lower weight (or, in general, make fishing more consistent with skill) For the wine, I would say rice wine and honeywine should definitely work. Ingredients for that are fairly difficult to obtain but not quite as impossible as picking over 9000!! grapes. Can definitely support some changes to that.
  11. Mirrors on Traders

    Well the tomes thing got fixed as far as I am aware... however you will always have the pity of gullible guys as female character Either way sometimes its just nice to shuffle things up! Let me be a guy or let me at least cut my ingame hair.
  12. Back Up Alert

    It actually slightly changes every day, and for some strange reason, xanadu has one big and one small backup lag (about an hour and some apart) Then not to mention summertime/wintertime offsets, etc, and people who simply don't know whats happening. Almost daily someone will ask "is anyone else lagging?"
  13. Counter for personal goals

    Correct, but there are some issues; the 10k actions achievements I have heard from various sources needs certain actions, over a certain timer. The f4 records anything from mining for 30 seconds to examining something as action, and I think it is either bound to your computer or your particular client, it is not server side.
  14. Please Lock

    You should, you absolutely should, if you find someone making false claims about items being the only one in an auction. It's the right thing to do.