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  1. thanks for such a quick reply. I here checking cause its happened again. twittling thumbs waiting for my Wurm crack
  2. I have playing this game for many years and every single day I lag to the point where I have to log off and then can not log back on for about 30 minutes. It's not my internet connection, its not my computer, its my account. You need to fix this! No one I have talked to has this issue but me. I have multiple computers and 3 characters. I have tried using my other laptops and other characters, no help. Its my account. I need this fixed. I would be posting this in game as a ticket if I could, but can't log in to do so. This is what I get when I try to log back in...
  3. Make Mag and Vyn neutral. Fast easy way to balance religion. So I doubt it will even be considered
  4. Or …. make Fo the only WL, Lib the only BL and Vyn, Mag neutral. On Affliction WL priests are KoS so we are left with one option? One choice is not a choice at all While your balancing priests... All of Fo's healing spells are better than Lib yet the damage spells are equal, this is not balanced If your intention is to balance the gods for PVP , 3 vs 1 is not going to cut it
  5. quick addition..... add players shield bonus to the horse if its equipped. Just at a slightly lower %
  6. I finally got to read the entire forum tonight. Saw a bunch of good ideas for the game in general but most of them require way to much work for a short reset. Primary issue I have seen for Epic is the elitist group running together owning the server. Even highly skilled characters have no chance solo. So a skill reset is ridiculous since the people that stay or join will just gain skill and we are right back here in a year or two. After lots of thought all I got, for long term survival of a PVP server, is to diminish their skills when they are to close together. Force a highly skilled player to raid/travel with lower players to keep their skills current. 2-90 FS players are lowered to 80 FS each, that sort of thing. I can imagine this would be a coding nightmare and don't expect to see it implemented any time soon, just a thought for the long term. Need a way to draw players to Elevation from home servers.... Uniques and MM. Remove uniques from home servers. But while doing so make them pop more often on Elevation. It's another good reason for pvp while you got a group together anyhow. While doing so make the mm one way so there is still a reason for doing rifts on home servers for the noobs. Skill all you want on the home server but scale hide and mm only travel one way. No more stock piling it at your base on the home server. This would also allow those hard core collectors to gain some coin for previous efforts. Selling mm/scale/hide at a premium to new players on their way to elevation. For the current reset of Elevation... minimize the deed size. I believe this will fix a lot of the "dirt wall" "mine door" issues as long as mine doors off deed are weaker and reinforced walls are eventually mineable or not even possible off deed. Yes, It could make you less money if 10 people could live on a 12x12 deed but most likely it will do the reverse and cause folks to buy more deed locations. And what could it hurt, its all just temporary anyhow. And one final "to late to matter" thought...….. partial loot ! What's the difference between Epic and Chaos? For a noob that is...… nothing. Make it so one equipped item is left behind, totally at random, equal % to all items, so when you die instead of EVERYTHING lost you only loss 1 item. This should even be good for veterans with full scale sets as well. You want new players, don't make them loose it all every time some douche with a bit of skill jumps them. Want people to wear some of that hard earned scale or hide armor? make it so it cant be cherry picked from a corpse every single time you die. Hell horses, same speed as regular horses, same speed boosts, just speed is not effected by barding. Still a reason to have but not op. On that note though, all horses are to squishy anyhow.
  7. healing area is up, not to thrilling but it's here. right at the road as you enter. please add your personal spaces to the edges to keep the rift critters from going around it. No alters so bring mats if in need of one
  8. Looking to sell 3 armor sets Your choice of helmet. Looking to get 8s, 7s, and 6s More sets will be added soon
  9. 10 pm est............ back in from the fire pit in hopes to imp some plate and chat with folks. Sadly, no Wurm, what to do now.............grab a beer and add some wood or stare at the screen in hopes of my alternative live can be accessed
  10. I will be attending but not going to get there till sunday evening sometime. If someone can prep a healing area it would be appreciated. Pm if you need details
  11. new rift?

    ok, on my way to close to skip this one
  12. Don't know if it is against the rules for them to be an intermediate but I asked how to do it safely, on Daigu's behalf, and he offered. Very nice guy.
  13. Working with a group to redo the Fogshore canal opening and would like to mark it with a JK Guard Tower. If someone is willing to donate a tower and I will pick it up. Please PM me in game or here. Thanks
  14. Working with a group to renovate the Fogshore Canal walk path and openings, would you be willing to donate the JK Guardtower as a canal marker? PM me in game. Thanks