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  1. You can math. It's on its way. Thanks
  2. Watching to many Indiana Jones movies
  3. They are in the mail [15:59:16] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Domhnall in less than ten minutes. thanks again
  4. in the mail..... ty
  5. Running late, hope someone built a public camping area (enclosure for tents)
  6. CHEAP TOOLS and MORE Looking for the perfect rare tool with 100+ casts? You're at the wrong store. Don't want to spend 4 month of deed upkeep on a hammer? You're in the right spot! I rarely saw anyone selling "it'll do" tools, till now. Got a tiny bit of scale at a dragon hunt? Trade up here! Going rate is 70c per .01, I can do better in trade, pm me in game. Add the price of the tool and the highest cast together for final cost. 70ql tools can be imped to 80ql upon request. 6 slot tool belts - 30c 7 slot tool belts - 40c 8 slot tool belts - 60c Lanterns - 50c (pre dyed so very bright) TOOL QL CAST 70ql -25c 50-59 10c 80ql -40c 60-69 20c 70-79 30c 80-90 40c PLATE SET - 5s Steel plate set with AoSP casts More sets on the way, check back soon...... A WORD ON PLATE ARMOR Biggest complaint I hear about plate is "you cant run in it" Thats what horses are for. This is not PVP, monsters don't target your horses and kill them out from under you like players do. Is drake and scale better, of course it is, but not by much (steel adds +2.5% defense). If your looking just at base defense steel plate is better than drake, but drake has better glance rate. Armour - Wurmpedia The main difference besides price (drake 150s and plate 5s) , or when running, is that imping requires steel. STUDDED LEATHER SETS - 4s DYE I like to dye my armor sets. If you don't like the color (more will be added) you can request something else. Keep in mind, armor does not dye evenly. Find a color online, get the code, make it, add to armor and looks COMPLETELY different. For this reason I will not make specific colors but I also don't charge to add something close to what you want. May just be me but I hate doing all one color on armor. Break it up a little. Plain steel and black are neutral colors that work well for this. HORSE SETS I tested these sets on a few horses for speeds. The speed difference was consistent so I added it. Full set for draft horses 5.7km/h on cart - 5s (barding is classic colors and free) Want it fast? PM me in game. I try to check the post daily but forget sometimes. I'm adding items all the time so check back often Please leave a comment to keep my store active, I hate to "bump" it. Looks like no one is buying even when selling.
  7. caddy corner walls. NE corner to SW corner of a tile, incase you dont know the term.
  8. Use blessed buoy's to secure canals, give them a 5x5 area of effect. No decay (on the buoy) and can only be removed once a player raises them above water level. I never intended this to be a fast process. A plateau made with 250k dirt would take years to completely revert back, but within a year that giant cube would look more like a flat top hill. Another player can always reclaim it and with minimum work make it a deed again. BUT if no one else likes the spot it eventually reverts back instead of being an eye sore forever.
  9. This is exactly why I dismissed the idea of EROSION. The dirt is not lost, it is basically put back. Where ever you dug the dirt from originally (as long as it's not a deeded location) would slowly rise, adding a few dirts per month while a few dirts a month vanish from the location that was built and abandoned. This does not need to be used on all servers. Xan is HUGE and not even beginning to be trashed from settlements. There are many small servers that barely have any locations left that haven't been terraformed is some way. I expected BOTH of these ides to work together. CANT change the land till the decay is finished. Roads you add something like the catseyes to to keep them from early decay. Canals idea but i'm sure they could add something to keep them from reverting. If you think about it we already have this happening, caveins, you just add supports to stop it.
  10. my initial idea was a form or constant erosion but I realized eventually all the dirt on mountains gets thin and everything gets flat. So figured having a static form that everything slowly returns to would work better. Don't have a clue how hard that would be to code in though
  11. Whenever I check the forum I see folks talking about wiping servers. Older servers eventually just look horrible. Old deed sites, abandoned boats. carts and wagons. Roads to no where , flattened mountains, stripped dirt and holes everywhere..... You get the idea, like the background of every zombie movie ever made. Instead of wiping a server lets fix the issue. Faster off deed decay Very fast off deed decay. Buildings, walls and fences first, containers after that then the equipment it contained. Make the decay cumulative and fast. 3 months of so for the buildings to go and 1 month for the remainder. Allow re deeding to remove the damage. No reason to punish someone that forgets to add to upkeep for only a month or two. This also avoids all their gear taking a ton of damage to quickly. Add an item like the eyes for roads to keep them from being affected yet continue using the current decay rules as well (don't walk on it decays as normal) An idea for new players is add a "temp deed stake". Something that allows a 1 month temp deed that cant re deeded, unless you pay and make it a full deed. Land Restoration Once everything has decayed away have the land itself begin to revert back. I'm guessing the game has a memory of what was, actually I know it does. So basically reverse decay of the land. Dirt walls loose levels while surface mined stone regenerates and gains its dirt back over time. I have never been happy with the idea of building sites lasting forever, even after the buildings are gone its still forever ugly. Even temp healing areas for rifts are there a year later, way to long to decay. Just think this a good way to keep servers clean and reusable without having to wipe them.
  12. Closing all the servers and starting new with less servers wont fix anything is they don't fix the current issues. (well, would help with low population) There are some things that are broken. You all keep mentioning them. PVP.....major issues with PVP, don't think so? Then why does every PVP server start with a huge pop then slowly empty? Decay....major issue that the world cant correct itself and looks like a dump site. Don't just up the decay rate a little, make it speed up as the item decays. Have land that's not deeded slowly return to original. Just another idea that can be tested on Elevation To put it simply, wipe it and start over, wont fix anything. Make a new server with all the same rules, fixes nothing. Need to try some new ideas. Use Elevation to test it
  13. You wipe epic, boot all players, reset all servers and you might as well just remove it entirely. You talk as if the reason we don't have many players here is due to the high skilled few that are left. I assure you that's not the issue. When new players show up here we are as friendly as we can be to assist them and hope they stay. This "skill transfer" was 4 years ago, some of us came here after that. Wasnt this the concept of NFI? everyone start on the same level? within 2 months we had weapons smiths making 70+ql weapons. 3 months 90ql.... then a few were banned for macroing, shocking right. That sound fair? or maybe players know how to cheat and did so becoming the new ruling class on the servers. You bring your skills to epic, so why does removing the folks here make anything more fair? and who needs a new server, we are already spread thin enough. What we need are changes that ALOT of people agree with and this is the place to test these ideas. NOT the home servers but Elevation.
  14. You want to fight Uniques? come to Epic and help us out. We are short on folks to get ride of them as it is. Just cant take the mats home. They pop at the same time on servers and specific groups hunt them. (check the kill list on Niarja) Build your own group or spend the coin to buy the mats. It's a version of ptp, just not needed for more that bragging rights If they can sell scale or hide for silver, and people are willing to buy silver to get it.....what do you expect the gm's to do about it? What reason do you need drake hide or scale sets on a PVE servers anyhow?