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  1. OK, objects are in graphics.jar in DDS format, so I can extract then and save as PNG. In Deedplanner though entries have both PNG and WOM files. How do I create the WOM files, and are there scaling issues for these files, do they need to be fixed sizes? I'm not a coder but I have a reasonable amount of IT experience, is this something I should be doing..or just wait? (@Atlas - fine mate)
  2. Is there a way to add objects into the database? In particular I'm missing beds - normal & canopy, fireplaces, bookcases - large and small, and coffers.
  3. Did you ever find the issue with Granger age reporting? I too have just noticed that young/adolescent horses are still showing up as foals when they shouldn't.
  4. Since when was Soul a bad affinity?????
  5. Something like this should never have been released live....it's totally unprofessional. The forum doesn't match the front page...or anything else at all. Makes it look like the whole thing is being run by a bunch of amateurs. Oh wait.....
  6. And major cities world wide are well on their way to becoming the 21 centuries centres for the ongoing hot one.
  7. I imagine so. I found mine analizing shards, but I don't see why they wouldn't show on the surface as well.
  8. Lord... Where can one win when it's all insane? EVERYONE needs to put it down. EVERYONE. There is no justification......none. Practice feeling really small....it's the best you can do......because as small as you or I feel...we are FAR smaller.
  9. So lot's of people have been getting excited about the possibility to have these veins in their maps. Today I found one.... [2015-11-18] [13:38:12] You start to gather fragments of the rock. [2015-11-18] [13:38:16] You would mine adamantine ore here. [2015-11-18] [13:38:16] It is of very good quality. [2015-11-18] [13:38:16] You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore. Between 1-3K? Sweet! So I mined 6 to see ​how much lump an ore made.....and later went to prospect it again to let another villager know.....but..... [2015-11-18] [15:12:51] You start to gather fragments of the rock.[2015-11-18] [15:12:54] You would mine adamantine ore here.[2015-11-18] [15:12:54] It is of very good quality.[2015-11-18] [15:12:54] The ore will run out any hour. It was gone nearly. (that message means between 1-100) Now someone looked at the code and it appears that there is a hard cap on both these things of 50 ore. It doesn't matter what it tells you is there...as soon as you mine it...there's only 50. Bummer.
  10. Well I still can't find what the issue is. This runs fine on my desktop at home, but I still can't get it to run on my laptop. The launcher seems to run updating correctly and finishes with no errors that I can see....and then nothing.
  11. Neither was George Elliot.
  12. People seem to be getting highly selective about the bugs they want fixed.....freaking out if it's a bug working in their favor that is being removed. A bug is a bug and in the end the less there are the better. As for the claim earlier that this was just the bum on the corner (nice description of all the players who don't own pans btw), complaining about the rich kids driving around in their nice cars......it seems to me more like the rich kids complaining because Henry Ford came along and now EVERYONE is going to be able to have a car and enjoy the benefits. One thing is certain in this game though......people are going to complain whatever happens. This isn't the worst decision I've seen though by far - at least it is a obviously real attempt at a compromise. As for Retrograde making the decision - I'm pretty sure he didn't unless Rolf suddenly gave him the final word. Getting all personal and accusatory at one person here seems pretty low. You bought pixels ffs.....it's just a game.
  13. Well - I downloaded the stuff both from the dropbox location, and direct. It does the first windows with all it's updating etc...with a couple of errors that go too fast to read - then I *think* it tries to load the actual tool - but comes up and blinks out so fast I don't see anything - I'm guessing that should be the first screen where you tell it where your steam wurm dir is etc.
  14. I'm trying to open WA3 Unlimited but the window seems to crash each time.