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  1. I mean, you can dig on a corner with 4 surrounding tree stumps and they melt away like butter. If we're gonna play wogic, let's make it quality of life wogic, eh?
  2. I don't know of a good reason why tree tiles would hinder terraforming with a shovel. If you do, please enlighten me. To me, it's just a hindrance to quality of life, so I am putting this suggestion out there.
  3. Bumping this because I think this idea needs more attention, now that I am distilling a large amount of spirits with my array of stills. Could change the hue of the fire from red to orange to yellow depending on the amount of fuel.
  4. Please CoD QL 73 Carving Knife w63 (55c) and QL 91 Mallet, Oak c68 (65c) to Blakd.
  5. Please CoD QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c71 (32c) to Blakd. Grazie.
  6. < Still here! Unfortunately I am unable to offer any lifts from other servers, but it's now quite easy to make your own way here due to the completion of the highway connecting this deed to Linton Highway. The junction is just south of Fogshore.
  7. My offer is still up for any players down for a buddy kind of experience.
  8. Emerging from the Epic cluster with a newfound taste for peace, I am looking for one or two players to accompany me in my foray back into Wurm Online. The village is located here on xanadu, and the map can be accessed via this link: http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu/ Old and new players welcome! As it currently stands, the deed is still in its infancy, but I am of the opinion that this phase of the game is the most fun. PM Blakd ingame.
  9. I need a priest to collapse a mine entrance at my deed on Xanadu located here: Willing to pay 1s for the one tile.
  10. Hi, do you still offer cave entrance collapses?

  11. You can make a pile of items on the ground, open the pile of items, and directly drag the items from the container to the pile.