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  1. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    please cod the 42ql rift crystal and the 33 ql rift stone please and the 25 ql rift wood
  2. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    please cod the 42ql rift crystal and the 33 ql rift stone please and the 25 ql rift wood
  3. WTB rift material

    Please close
  4. Cod the ql60 silver ring no locate 55c to me. But wagoner 1k of cotton for 80c and 1k of tin for 1 s and 1k of wheat 85ql for 1s to my deed Amberlynn please
  5. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    As tag said I need rift material 30ql or better. Please message here or in game Russwoods. Be well and blessed
  6. WTB Electrum rune of Fo

    ok I will take 20 please or as many as you can make please cod them to me please
  7. WTB Electrum rune of Fo

    I need several runes 30~40 ql please. Let me know what you ate charging for them
  8. Rune attaching service

    do you travel. I have 2-3 unicorns that are variable and they need the rune to reduce their age, can you dod this service and what would it cost to get them back to mature stage, I am located at glasshollow market, c-10. I also need a rune for my sailboat to make it go faster, we could do all of them together if possible
  9. WTB rift material

    as post said I want to buy rift material, wood, shar, and crystals, please message me in forum about prices. be well and blessed and good gaming
  10. Zorako's Burial Service

    I agree I wish more people in this world. Had the level of humanity that you very excellent people have shown. You have my praise and admiration .kudos to you all and well done
  11. WTB Bloodthrist for bows

    As title said looking for the cast bloodthirst for my bows please pm here cost thank you and be blessed
  12. Cheap garage sale

    Saw ql83 [94coc/80woa] 30c and botching knife 28ql 80coc 15c please cod to me
  13. Recipe Shop and House Goods

    Shrimpiie gumbo / Ham sandwich / Bangers and mash / Meatburger / sub items Bacon / Biscuit mix / Dry pasta /Meatballs / Meatbroth / Fire Roasted meat = 58c total please cod to me
  14. good Moring all. I would like to make the suggestion if possible, since there is a issue with animals cages being allow to go cross server. could we be able to allow wagoners be able to sell farm animals ( horses, cow, bison, sheep, pigs and things like that). that would solve people issues about getting animals on the same server, cause cows cannot swim nor bison. If possible could this please be done ( be well and good gaming my follow wurmians)
  15. Valrei International. 059

    Here is a suggestion. Could wagoners be able to transport animals of the farm kind. Cause most places I see selling horses are like many kilometers from me on Xanadu. And people could then sell more then just horses. For there is no bison around glasshollow. And if I could buy them from a wagoner that would be great