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  1. Again ty for all of the wonderful things that you do. I would like reserve if possible the cooking books for this Saturday again ty for all you do. Reason is that is my only day and sunday off cause I work 2 jobs during the week
  2. Need alot of black ink to write cookbook recipe 410 plus or 410 sheets of paper
  3. You are my go to person for all of my weapons and have help me alot. I will like to apply for this wonderful offer. Please give a few days to collect paper in game name Lordwoods but you should be paid for this service so how about I trade 2 lumps of glimmersteel
  4. 5s for the female horse in game name Lordwoods
  5. I am S11/12 in your area. I have not a priest yet.but willing to help you build up the area if you want. I can furnish some mats as needed if interested please let me know in game in name Lordwoods most of my skills over 60 carpentery/masonry .could build road to you deed With guard towers reroute from the water if people use their boat to protect people. Could finished carts if needed
  6. Thankyou so much for going out of your way to help . I want everyone to know what a great wurmian Haveblue is a very super person
  7. I am good on items sent. Recommend this merchant to buy from excellent service
  8. I have been playing wurm for over 10 years. On the old servers like rule of thumb was 1iron per action which equals 1000 actions per 1s/1k Did not matter if tools have cast or person needed the mats But 0n the new servers like melody and cadence. People wants prices to be higher because of mats they needed to get or cast on tools use. And to straight out greed I would agree with others on this post. People will get upset and the price ranges need to wide. Myself I play for the long game and get my own stuff as needed and for the skill But i do order cast since i have no priest. But that also would be hard to range. Since some but not all want max profit. And merchant also charge different price for different groups of people ( alliance. Friends .not liking the person but will do business with them anyways) how do you range that I would suggest your reference book is a great idea but you would need to figure out the number of actions it would take for each item.then base your price off that information example Dirt 1 action Brick (Type of stone does not matter) 2 actions. You mine the shar is 1 action then you turn it into a brick 1 action
  9. Great service very fast thankyou
  10. File Ql70 botd83. 1.86s Trowel Ql 70 botd 82 1.84s Stone chisel Ql 70 botd 89. 1.98s Free Fishing rod Ql 60 botd 1.68s Also need the following but nothing listed Cheese Drill Clayshaper Scythe Please cod to Lordwoods