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  1. Already talked to you in well and blessed
  2. I have 2 of them please PM in game Lordwoods or contact me here
  3. Do you still sale knarr how much and will you deliver to overture on Melody and what ql
  4. You know what after 3 days of waiting I want to remove my deed being on map. You need another mod in charge .and before anyone can say there was no coordination I remove them from last post
  5. I have extra sprouts do you plant the grass also.if you do I could hire you for 30 tiles at 15s .my deed is about 200 tiles from overture but not on highway yet. Work in progress please let me know if you agree to ingame name is Lordwoods and the deed is Annapolis Landing
  6. I would agree alot of that also around overture. Since we are playing on steam now there should be a mechanism in the game if wild animals are hitched if not attended to after some time they should have a auto release so other players can claim them but branded or named aminal should not be included
  7. Yeah went thru that also it is a shame that noobs and people that want to gain skill just destroy everything in their path. Have patience those people will get bored quick and just leave the game .lock everything up and wait out the noob storms. As the weeks past things will get better and more enjoyable
  8. My goodness really people are fighting about getting penny's I mean coins from the token or rare coin. To support your game time or deed. When I mean I am a old player from deli. And have a deed on Melody. And the over inflated price of in games items. People should be millionaires by now. Why count on coins from the to token. Lol got a wild horse sell it for 2s .you got a small deed that covers a month or so. Just saw in want to sell section 100 support beam 10s I mean really. I will give the honest price 4s. And if you are a fair and honest merchant you will never have a problem buying your premium time or deed upkeep
  9. Melody is having same problem it took last then a few hours for me to travel the entire island. But no horses no bison and hardly any critters. Just we will just have to wait it out for a few more weeks until things self clean themself
  10. Just a shot out I am a experience player from the old servers. And Davih has mostly refitted my kit since I forgot what being a noob was.But anyways quality equipment at a quality price.i recommend every one should buy from this merchant
  11. Please cod the following item to Lordwoods ~1QL stone chisel blade, iron Woa54 - 67 copper ~1QL scissors, iron CoC40 - 29 copper ~1QL butchering knife blade, iron CoC60 - 94 copper 32.47QL rope tool, oak CoC46 - 41 copper 31.51QL mallet, oak CoC40 - 29 copper 34.26QL fruit press, oak CoC50 - 51 copper