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  1. Excellent worker had him remove dirt from deed.would use again of needed
  2. If you want to improve your strength I need dirt removed and you can keep the dirt for free and I will supply large crates free also if you want them.i am on deli server.and have a deed so no worries about critters and will feed you full meals of ccfp as needed the deeds name is annapolis landing.ease let me know if you are available
  3. I was the owner of that deed it has been disbanded old location on deli s21 by the guard tower that I made also no other deed of that name has been made I am a wandering hermit now be well and good gaming lol [ lots of love ]
  4. wtb 500 slate shard please pm here for price
  5. please remove amberlynn deed in S21 i am going back to glasshollow it was nice on deli,
  6. Please add Annapolis Landing for my daughter it is located at 705/1834
  7. [12:31:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Necklace of Protection and Snowman sent ty for the sale Zarame and Mar;on
  8. WTS items

    Want to sell these items / Seryil necklace of protection 75 ql / Seryil Artisan necklace 75ql / Seryil Artisan necklace 75ql. / ( yes i have 2 of them) /Mask of the Ienlightened /Pale mask / Troll Mask / Seryil Artisan ring 75ql / Skin for large chest / If interested please leave message here
  9. Need a person to cast MS. LT Coc and AD .Nim on several weapons. Long sword. 2 handed sword. Spear. Halbert. Axes and mauls.all weapons will be 85ql or better
  10. Or we can trade I need some armor and weapons improved
  11. My old building at glasshollow market on my old self is still standing it has several thousand of everything there if you want you can have access to the building to take it. Let me know so we can meet up. I am on deli now so I guess it would be 7s for everything .if interested ease let me know
  12. I have 2 blood but I have no idea what they are. Once I ID them I will send you a message
  13. I have no idea Brash. I was on Indy bout 6 years ago then moved to Xanadu when it was a land grab in 1st month about 5 years ago and now on deli with a total population at anytime of 12.i love the solitude