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    Xanadu deed is on hiway system please use wagoner if possible

    Sorry I will give 20 silver for it

    Wagoners all of it to Amberlynn deed and cod the cost. U will give you 20silver for it
  4. Valrei International. 067

    thankyou so much for the foul unicorns and hellhorses, I got about 5 breeding pair of unicorns when they spawned around glasshollow, have some named unicorns now, and just in time for the fouls,, talk about good timing, job well done Devs, be well and blessed wurmians
  5. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    After action report of my experience of buying horses at the market, after I got mats to tame 4 horses, thinking I would be able to lead all of them, I could not for the deed does not allow animals to be lead at all after you tame them, I had to take them off the market deed 1 by 1, I live the 1st deed west of the market just 10 tiles thur a perimeter ,but total trip was about 40tiles no big deal, but I had to fight every time with critters just inside of the market perimeter, and save the horse I just bought from being killed until I got it on my deed, (just saying I do not like doing, all of this work just to buy 4 horses at 20c per horse, which is a good price BTW, just to have 1 killed after just buying it, so buyer beware this is what you will go thur if you buy horses from glasshollow market,( I am not hammering on owner of the market I am just telling my experience from buying horses at the market.)
  6. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    this is just my experience with the market buying horses, Yes in the past I have had my issues with Rockybalboa and his crew ,but this post is telling about my experience buying horses from the market, 1st you have to figure out the layout of the stalls, they are in disorder, you have no females only males, which is not worth it if you want to breed your own horses, has very limit type color of horses. but the worst thing is have seen when after you buy the horses, is that you cannot lead them, but have to tame 1st to get them off deed, ( so now you have to go forgrging on the deed for something to lead them off, for he does not allow forging on the deed which is extra work on the buyers part., yes I did buy 4 horses before knowing what kind of difficulted I would have, I think I will stay with the other seller of horses in the glasshollow market area, (HERE IS A SHOUTOUT BUY FROM SHEWOLF) this experience was just bad all the way around. but saying that the market does offer a lot of other things from different venders who are more honest in the way they trade
  7. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    please cod the 42ql rift crystal and the 33 ql rift stone please and the 25 ql rift wood
  8. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    please cod the 42ql rift crystal and the 33 ql rift stone please and the 25 ql rift wood
  9. WTB rift material

    Please close
  10. Cod the ql60 silver ring no locate 55c to me. But wagoner 1k of cotton for 80c and 1k of tin for 1 s and 1k of wheat 85ql for 1s to my deed Amberlynn please
  11. WTB Rift material 30ql or better

    As tag said I need rift material 30ql or better. Please message here or in game Russwoods. Be well and blessed
  12. WTB Electrum rune of Fo

    ok I will take 20 please or as many as you can make please cod them to me please
  13. WTB Electrum rune of Fo

    I need several runes 30~40 ql please. Let me know what you ate charging for them
  14. Rune attaching service

    do you travel. I have 2-3 unicorns that are variable and they need the rune to reduce their age, can you dod this service and what would it cost to get them back to mature stage, I am located at glasshollow market, c-10. I also need a rune for my sailboat to make it go faster, we could do all of them together if possible
  15. WTB rift material

    as post said I want to buy rift material, wood, shar, and crystals, please message me in forum about prices. be well and blessed and good gaming