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  1. i would also agree that since RMT is coming and people cannot sell silver for real money alot of people will stop making bulks or selling cast or imping services, who need a surplus of silver that they can never sell,( but i do agree that the games needs to a New RMT cause it will make a better experience for new player so i suggest another way to help the in game economy add more NPC's to help improve equipment, cast spells and sell bulk items, let the game become the new supplier of services , have trading post around on the servers at different locations with merchant that do different things, like smithing and priest and sellers of bulk items and farm aminals, for i would buy silver from the game store and use it to support the game since everything will stay in house
  2. myself i am so glad that Wurm is getting rid of the money issues here, and let all of the people who just come to this game to profit just leave, i know i have had issues with player who bought all of the land around starter towns just to build a market, and killed the experience for new players, this game will grow in time ( add NPC quest so people can skill up ) you have a chance to redo and improve this game to a fun experience again, please do not waste it, and with the merchant gamer gone and the money/silver issue gone i see the drama gone also, i will be here to this game goes away, i am a die-hard wurm player, here is a idea make treasure drops from critter fights or have NPC we can fight for some kind of treasure and let us be able to sell sale stuff they we get in drops to merchants . or have more towns on the maps with quests
  3. i have done bussinees with Snarkin several times this vendor is very good and fair price everyone in this game should use this merchant if needing anything, (kudos to you my friend keep up the good work and thank you for your help and the service you provide
  4. was reading the forum, does Deli have any rift in the future ,is looks like the last one was a while ago
  5. please add my deed Amberlynn to map 1470, 1826 thankyou
  6. LOL what a bunch of victims we have here, you pay what you want to pay for the alts, deeds ,services of others, premium accounts, or whatever cause that is what you want to do, nobody make you buy or pay for anything in Wurm, this is a very good game at a very fair price, so what if the OWNERS of this want to go to stream, it is their choice to do that,, you should be grateful that they wanted to make you part of the update ,asking for your input (most places would not have care about the customer service Rolf and the crew just have shown to you) they would have just made the changes and moved on not caring about you as a customer would think), if you want to show support to the Dev team and all of the great people at Wurm please do so, but to complain is very childish, so now let all of the haters full my box with messages so I can delete them, cause people here is making my head hurt with your foolishness, but I will say what ever the Wurm team does I will forever support them, cause of all of the good years I have had in this game
  7. Since you are changing some of the mech in the game ,how about the intro to teleportation, from each starter town , that way people can move around over large distance easy, and have deeds in other areas ,instead of many in the same area ,and with out the long ride, I know being on xanadu the rifts are so far from me, just the travel time is a turn off going to them, , I have 3 deeds and several alt accounts plus my main toon, but the idea of joining deed and premium time might not be a bad idea either . but once a deed has been abandon all of it disappear, buildings and all , I hate waiting for stuff to decay , or just start completely over in stream with new ideas, like NPC dungeons with rewards, or quest to complete either solo or group
  8. thank you very much for the help that did work,
  9. Wurm launcher changes With the coming changes to JNLP ending support we will be shifting to an exe launcher. This will ensure a lot of Java issues will be resolved as it will include our own recommended version of Java. This will also enable us to bring the preview client to Mac! So lots to look forward to there! ok i went to play the game but my java saids the certification's is not the same and i deleted the old java and reinstalled java but still nothing what am i doing wrong to get the game to work, is there a new launch button on the main page, cause i copmplete4ly deleted the old java and old wurm start up, and as i said i reinstalled both, nothing is working
  10. Want to Auction Green drake set (1boot is rare) 90ql with a Rare Great Helm 90ql .Silver only I am looking for.
  11. I would like to say I totally love all of the new items added to the game, But I have a suggestion if I may, I have my tackle box and fishing net, in my cart and at a time in my inventory, if possible could they fit into the fishing rack, so all fishing items are in 1 location when they are needed, Again love the new items and keep up the good work ,You have my support and blessings in a job well done ~ be well and blessed~
  12. I am off RL work for the next 2 days what would be a good time to meet you online, in the game and what name should I be looking for so I can send a PM