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  1. Wtb 1male deer and 2 female deer deliver to cadence S11/12 Amberlynn deed. It is on coast with guard tower that has deed name.will pay 6s. No traits needed contact Lordwoods in game or pm here please if this deal is possible
  2. Greetings please cod to my wife Ladywoods the following items all 70 Coc / 33c Saw Butcher knife Craving knife Rake Sickle Mallet Thank you be well and blessed
  3. Kudos to you. You are a pillar of this community for that you do here.i have you on my friends list for this have excellent wares for sale. And you go above and beyond with no expectations of profit.i wish more would follow your lead. <Lordwoods> Cadence
  4. They cast Aosp on my steel chain set I asked for 80 .but everything was 88 or better and the price was still the same 6s. Wait it was cheaper 5.86 s and included price of mail. Very great work. This is my go to person now for all of my needs Great work
  5. Already got
  6. Already bought
  7. Hello I was so impressed with the order of white I Will take10kg please COD to Lordwoods
  8. Please cod a 90 stonestrick pick to lordwoods thank you
  9. well here we go again, i am on cadence, and spent 6 hours looking for donkeys in 3 different directions, went 1500 tiles outs, on steepe grass and sand and mountain, but hey NO DONKEYS< are they hanging out with the bison and horse on cadence since they are no where to be found either >?, just checking, suggestion, just give a noob the donkey in the starter kit, cause i have been on cadence for 1 year, and to this date , i have not seen a bison or horse in the wild, and as it looks now the donkey will some follow them, unless i want to spend high silver to buy it, but again what is purpose of the donkey except a faster ride for noobs. so just give it to them so maybe they will stay, or replace me at this rate, cause this game is going going gone for me
  10. Already bought PleaseClose