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  1. Please cod a 90 stonestrick pick to lordwoods thank you
  2. well here we go again, i am on cadence, and spent 6 hours looking for donkeys in 3 different directions, went 1500 tiles outs, on steepe grass and sand and mountain, but hey NO DONKEYS< are they hanging out with the bison and horse on cadence since they are no where to be found either >?, just checking, suggestion, just give a noob the donkey in the starter kit, cause i have been on cadence for 1 year, and to this date , i have not seen a bison or horse in the wild, and as it looks now the donkey will some follow them, unless i want to spend high silver to buy it, but again what is purpose of the donkey except a faster ride for noobs. so just give it to them so maybe they will stay, or replace me at this rate, cause this game is going going gone for me
  3. Already bought PleaseClose
  4. As topic said looking for professional fishing also deep water reel for toon on cadence
  5. If personal merchant is still available I will take on may 7 if possible for 6s Lordwoods ingame on cadence S 11 / 12 PM here in forum also
  6. Are you able to make a 9 piece glimmersteel set and how much mats would you need and the cost I am on cadence 80ql is what need my ingame is choose helm
  7. Really what server and map grid .you know so I can see for myself.if your info is accurate .myself I am at s11 and 12 on cadence. By all mean come to my place and see if I am not looking hard enough
  8. hello 1st of all I want to thank all of the devs for the great work they do, and making Wurm a great game, But here is my beef, I play on steam on the Cadance server, before we add new animals to the game, how about fixing what is wrong 1st on that server i travel over 3000 tiles just to fight any critters ( either low or no respawn areas), and cannot find any Bison. Wild horses or female sheep in the wild. If i want them i have to buy them at a high price from players, So from my point of view the new addition of a Donkey would be the same. and what would their purpose be. I mean let us be practicable would they carry extra supplies as a pack animal / pull a small cart/ let noob ride them. just saying it is wonderful for the new animal but i would love to see more wild horses and sheep and bison, before got more of the same, having to buy from players if we want them
  9. it was not so much a disaster but more of a inconvenience , i come to this game to relax after a hard day of work and real life, and i do not looking in a field of corn or enchanted grass for hours looking for animals,i i want to do my daily chords and then decide to stay on and play more or move on to something different since my RL down time is very short to begin with, yes it was a joke i get that , but jokes only last a few seconds not 24 hours plus, give me the options to op out of this joke if i want to, yes change the skills to something silly, or make the armor look silly, but to cause extra wo0rk is not funny, or to get people upset, is not funny, i hope next year u do better planing, i have accounts on both the old server and on steam, and i have been a loyal member of wurm for 7years plus . after a very bad BS day i justed wanted to play wurm, but you guys killed that experience , and make my day more drama , so i quit for the day in this game, that is the frist time i ever did that, , again please put more thought into what jokes you want to play, not every1 will think it is funny,, other then this you dev do beautiful work and you should got kudos and roses every day, so kudos to you, if you want to play a joke on me, say bank error u have 25 extra silver in bank account then take it back , with a smiley face, or sent a fart bag in the mail, but again be well and blessed and hope better planning goes into next april fool
  10. please add Amberlynn 966, 3556
  11. Already talked to you in well and blessed
  12. I have 2 of them please PM in game Lordwoods or contact me here
  13. Do you still sale knarr how much and will you deliver to overture on Melody and what ql