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  1. good Moring all. I would like to make the suggestion if possible, since there is a issue with animals cages being allow to go cross server. could we be able to allow wagoners be able to sell farm animals ( horses, cow, bison, sheep, pigs and things like that). that would solve people issues about getting animals on the same server, cause cows cannot swim nor bison. If possible could this please be done ( be well and good gaming my follow wurmians)
  2. Valrei International. 059

    Here is a suggestion. Could wagoners be able to transport animals of the farm kind. Cause most places I see selling horses are like many kilometers from me on Xanadu. And people could then sell more then just horses. For there is no bison around glasshollow. And if I could buy them from a wagoner that would be great
  3. Valrei International. 059

    And as far as the animal cages I would just like to use them only on the server I have my deed. And not to server cross. Cause it seems to me when I need a cow they are someplace but not near me. And they cannot swim. So I have a choice a few hour ride or a short boat ride
  4. Valrei International. 059

    Since we are talking and streaming about a world we all have come to love how about this [ The World According To Wurm].
  5. Valrei International. 058

    I agree I love the new critter colors. But maybe they would look even better maybe in a new animal cage.any timeframe on that issue
  6. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Please close
  7. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Please close
  8. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Well it has been another 2 weeks since I have been here. And I see alot more of drama here. Please close this thread for the lag problem has been fixed
  9. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Btw I love how you talk in 3rd person just be brave and talk as 1 person and not with 1 of your alts
  10. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Whatever alt name you use Paulofdune or Sila or Rocky Balboa or Meldichoir or anything else you go by. it does not matter to me. You are one in the same person who think glasshollow only belongs to you .that has always been your position and it will never change. Nor will I change my position for I have been there for 3 years now. And ask yourself why has everyone left that include your own crew I stay talk to them and you would be surprise what they say about you so again enjoy your game like I will enjoy mine
  11. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Wow I go away for a few weeks and all of the glasshollow drama queens come out. An spamming a area with items is like spamming alot of statues in the area no reason for it and why does it always come to a better or worse computer that causes things are you really that insecure you need to say mine is bigger than yours. Are we having a contest. My goodness get over yourself and get a life
  12. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    this message is to Rockybalboa and Sila , you guys have the most most deeds around the market, Cause because you have the ability to build something does not mean you should, please kill the animals that is just hanging on your deeds and lessen the lag of the area, no wonder no one like this area any more, you guys are causing the lag with your excess of just building useless items
  13. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    Congrats Smool job well done and the beer is on me. And yes the new placement of item is a big time saver so good job on that. But I too would like a animal cage update I am happy just to have it on 1 server only if it is a problem to do crossserving. But I like others will take what I can get. Keep up the good work debs and be well and blessed Question does this mean I can paint my plate armor black
  14. WTS Cheap tools, rares, shoulder pads, etc.

    Within 1 hour this service is great I recommend everyone buy from him
  15. WTS Cheap tools, rares, shoulder pads, etc.

    Please cod hammer 81w68c 16c. Spindle 83coc 30c . 2hand sword 83lt84nb92c76ms 1.25s . Large shield botd83 30c . Craving knife w7073c 16c total 2.2 s to very much be well and blessed