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  1. Hello is there a merchant on Cadence selling in bulk farm crops or aminal parts. Due to my schedule I would prefer to buy items on cadence and use Wagoner. Then getting a merchant from the other servers which would deliver by boat. Will pay top price .
  2. apple trees

    S11/10 forest behind Amberlynn Trading post.use Amberlynn highway
  3. Like back in the old days anybody offering a service to raise Hot Food Cooking skill. You furnish everything I just pay for the service for the skill gain .but I understand the cost would include mats needed .so has anybody set up a kitchen like this yet.pleade PM here or in game Lordwoods
  4. Sorry to hear about your stuff going missing.but looted abandon deed is part of the game. If you need help to replace your stuff look me up ingame Lordwoods or pm here. I got 650 cooking recipes
  5. I need 2 runes (cart to make go faster) - (mailbox to mail larger items but I have 2 mail box) I will pay for rune and you to attach .I am on cadence S11/12.ingame name is Lordwoods or pm here ty and have a blessed day
  6. My in game name is Lordwoods on cadence I have alot of trees that need to cut down and bushes. If you are interested please pm here or on game my deed is Amberlynn located on the highway
  7. Please close all aminals gotten
  8. Hello all . I been gone for 6 mos all of my aminals are dead need to restock I am on cadence my ingame name is Lordwoods at S11/S12 by water on highway deed name is Amberlynn Need all breeding pairs 4 deer 6 draft horses (4 speed) 6 speed horses (4 speed) 6 sheep 6 cows Delivery is a most since I have no horses for my cart willing to pay delivery please PM here or in game Be well and blessed and good gaming
  9. Again ty for all of the wonderful things that you do. I would like reserve if possible the cooking books for this Saturday again ty for all you do. Reason is that is my only day and sunday off cause I work 2 jobs during the week
  10. Need alot of black ink to write cookbook recipe 410 plus or 410 sheets of paper