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  1. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    I am off RL work for the next 2 days what would be a good time to meet you online, in the game and what name should I be looking for so I can send a PM
  2. Very good merchant, items delivered on time and every item is fair price, I will recommend that everyone should buy from you good people, again so happy doing business with you
  3. Please cod me the copper lump 92w74c / zinc lump c88 / tin lump c73 for a total of 2silver thank you be well and blessed
  4. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    COD me something so I can pay in advance if that is ok ( signs are in the large cart that you have access to use) my time zone is UScentral
  5. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    sorry for the delay but I had to put in some extra time at work in RL. I am going to give you permission on both deed, what name should I use for that, I will have a cart you can use and all mats will be in the large cart. here is the list 10 genesis cast, and 50 veins plus the mailbox what is your total cost, I am off work on Thursday but you can come anytime that is good for you, please include the price of the bison, all is ready here just need the name for permission, (will you need food )
  6. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Will have that for you when I get off work in 6hours
  7. Applebrooke Ridge Market

    I am good as of now but will keep you inind for later
  8. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    the cost is just fine. my other deed has a bridge attached to get to it, a nahjo altar has already been made and i have already placed the aminals in a pen on that deed, and the mailbox cast is also on that deed, no worries about mats for signs i can furnish all you need. when you have the bison ,please bring them we can do this project at that time. number of cast is a work in progress ,i will have total number b4 you arrive
  9. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    I forgot to tell you. My deed is Amberlynn at C 10 Xanadu. 1st deed west of glasshollow market. Our Permeters connect
  10. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    I have 2 deeds connect by water. I need several things you offer. 1~ cast on mailbox to 95 ~ 2~ I need bison 2 male 2 female [ please bring them with you ] ~ 3 ~ I have some where close to 30plus veins in my mine I need to know how much ore I have in each[please make a sign for each] and last I need some bad traits removed. This is alot to have done. Give me total as needed
  11. Applebrooke Ridge Market

    Forgot who do I sent the stuff needing imped too
  12. Applebrooke Ridge Market

    Been doing alot of hunting as late. Please cod me a set of 90ql plate no helm. Once I have my other set off I will sent it to you to be imped. Will also need alot of weapons imped also. Do you also cast
  13. I have e a custom order I need a steel Flint at 65ql with a 90plus Coc cast please message price then cod it to me