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  1. When dropping 3 items in one go on the ground, if one of them has a glowrune, it leaves a glowing orb on the ground. This orb is similar to that of the runed item, but persists even after the pile has been picked up. sometimes 2 orbs appear on the tile: one random and the other where the pile was They do dissapear after a relog. hallway filled with orbs: https://prnt.sc/tumphl orb+pile: https://prnt.sc/tun1mo 2 orbs https://prnt.sc/tun1tq
  2. Looking to buy a referral for 6s. PM me here or ingame (JanTheConqueror) for the sale.
  3. I would like to take the job and can start straight away.
  4. Want to buy a referral for 6s. Money can be sent through CoD or given at any starter town. Post an offer here or PM JanTheConqueror on Xanady