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Found 3 results

  1. Most of us know by now how hard it is to make (or buy) runes, much less high ql ones - and once you make them the next big hurdle is trying to attach them. What if we can significantly boost your chances of attaching the runes to the items you love? This is the service that Inspira and I are offering here. Using her wonderful Soul Depth (76.67, 2nd in niarja) and my reputation, we will insure that: (1) you get your precious items back to you (with attached runes) (2) with minimal rune expenditure (all remaining runes will be mailed back to you) (3) with a complete log of the events from accepting the mail and until mailing back Here's how to do it: Rename the (mailable) item with your name Rename any runes you want to send with your name Send them to Inspira (or Thorakkanath if you do not trust my gf ) Wait Receive the item back (in any case), including any remaining runes and see the log (if interested) posted as a reply to this thread Cost of this service: 35c per successfully attached rune (so only once per item) If you have items that you cannot mail, you can bring them to our deed to perform the service (Thunderstorm Keep/Thunderstorm Harbor in Q11 Xanadu). Please contact us before to insure that we are on at the time. If no runes get attached to your tools, we will COD the item back to you at 1i cost as a show of good faith (and of course, providing a log of the failure in this thread) - tips are welcome of course, because we will still have to do the work of posting, success or failure. In that sense, if you send a single low ql rune to attach, we will have to charge you a 10c fee in case of failure. Current attach chances: 1ql rune - 69% chance 14ql rune - 88% chance 25ql rune - 94% chance 32ql rune - 97% chance 40ql rune - 99% chance Any constructive suggestions on how to improve the service are greatly appreciated as well! We wish you all the best of luck! Thor & Inspira What if I don't have the runes? Then we offer you two options: (A) you can pay our flat fee of 55c and we will produce any runes needed for the attaching (subject to availability and excluding moon metal runes). This option is only available if you use our Rune Attaching Service but offers guaranteed attaching with unlimited tries in case of failure (B) if the item you want runed is not mailable and you are too far away to sail to us, we can sell you higher ql runes at 2c/ql (please inquire about this option as we do not do runes on demand at high qualities, only if available)
  2. Gud'day Dev Team, Sept 8th, 2016 @ 22:58 GMT have an interesting bug for you. Last night I helped an alt build a fence. I then gave him the Gate Lock to attach. When he attempted to attach the gate lock you get this message "[00:48:52] The gate lock is already in use." It was a brand new lock, had not been put into use since it was crafted as part of a set of 5 gate locks. I tried another one and got again... [00:54:09] The gate lock is already in use. Finally the 3rd of the five worked. [01:05:10] You start to attach the lock. Just to make sure it was not just that gate, I tried the two "duds" on the next gate that I made for this alt and I got the messages... [01:21:54] The gate lock is already in use. [01:22:00] The gate lock is already in use. The 4th of the 5 locks in that set took successfully. [01:22:05] You start to attach the lock. I was talking with Shrimpiee at the time in PM and he said he had also recently experience "dud" gate locks. He asked me to please report this New Bug to the forum. Told him I would do so when I got home from work. Good luck figuring this one out. Kindest regards! Hughmongus Co-Administrator of the Albia Roads Map of Indy
  3. What happened My locks are already in use What you expected to happen To attach to the gate. Steps to reproduce activated gate lock then click attach lock then I get this "The gate lock is already in use." I have tried low ql and high ql, and I own the gates too. I run a vending deed so this stops all sales for me, since I sell the keys though a vender. I can not put locks on gates that don't have a lock either. I have logged out and back in, still not fix.