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  1. I had done a test the answer is yes fertile eggs in coops will hatch they pop out on the ground under the coop when they do. they need to decay like usual but I wanted to add this because I spent a week making sure nothing went wrong in my test. there were no other chickens in the pens to lay it and it was 1 of 4 fertile eggs in one coop and 1 of 3 in another coop. I say this is proof that they do hatch. also a shout out to you all Wurm teams you guys are amazing thank you so much keep up the great work you are doing.
  2. I'm looking for a rare unfinished freedom guard tower. please contact me here or in the game for price and whatnot. My in-game name is Dracaa. Hope you have a Wurmian day.
  3. I put eggs that are not fertile in a crate. then they change to say fertile eggs. I took them out and they are as so I put them in a different crate and it still stayed fertile egg. I also examine them. they are not fertile so they should not be like this. these were normal eggs I had taken out of an FSB. they were not like that in the food bin and were not like that in my inventory they became like this after I put them in a crate. I have put them back into the FSB and they are still staying fertile. I know this isn't anything but when I keep track of my eggs and if I pull these I might waste them thinking they might give me chicks. just wanted to let you know I found this today lol.
  4. I plan on being there for sure count me in
  5. I have a branded animal on my deed and i have alt from another deed that has full prems both to the deed and for the branded animal. but unable to use tame or charm on the branded animal while it's on the deed.
  6. Lunalong 2022

    so glad you guys are as excited as I and my staff have been a super help since work is keeping me busy too. I hope to keep you posted as things come along. I got a new project starting and it's a big one as all my projects are lol. this one is nice for the lunalong and staff.