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  1. Lunalong 2019

    i have put the pics form this years lunalong hope to see you guys next year
  2. i to love this idea but lets add something in the mix. like the idea to have them go hunting we work with like training. the higher your taming skill the better the training they get. like enchanting you can work with them to get better training. the training can be for many things this way. dog training= like help you hunting so they have better tracking maybe be like a pointer. cat training= can catch fish too and other small critters also lets make this not a one animal can only be tamed at a time. lets make this that we have to breed wild animals to get the more domesticated animals that wont be aggressive and get different colors and add new traits. Like we can add new colors and if possible sizes for the cats and dogs i would love to see my favorite dog german shepherds but the time the game is staying at there was great danes and bullmastiffs not sure all the others but something we could add but you cant find them in the wild they have to be breed over time like black sheep though i have found them in the wild. cats can bring in orange tabby and black cats too, maybe even calico. traits ideas be like bad = destructive - cats they well move things off stuff dogs well chew on things so there be small amounts of dmg un-trusting - where they might go aggressive with you like the strong well trait well make them self unleaded. good = quite - cats and dogs can sneak up on prey with out being heard good listener - where they keep there attention to you when giving orders or training also dont forget cows too and other animal traits like can produce more milk or better ql milk this way like eggs be base on skill and animal heavier they have more meat when well feed but would be slower shinny coat they produce more hide or better hide or wool these are a few ideas i have wish i had a program to do the models so you guys can see what i was thinking lol
  3. OMGs thank you for the Lunalong shout out and im sooooooo excited about the farming boxes i can put green in my Undercity now or soon. i was just talking to Shrimpiie how having more green in the caves be great. Cuz i have been using gravel as my grass lol. i think we could use moss as a ground cover would be great. since some mosses do grow underground but knowing you guys. you are on something like that now lol. I worked so hard to make it look like a city. and having trees be cool. i be ok if they werent harvest-able i be using them for making it more lively in the Undrcity. thank you dev team for your hard work and greatness on getting these things out to us. this is why i love this game every game. and to you all hope to see you soon i have prizes and all kinds of fun stuff to do. so see me at the Lunalong on Kappa of Xanadu Q15. yes there is a port and just last night Kindrashea and i made a tank for a Whale come see it and have some special milk too. see you guys there.
  4. Lunalong 2019

    yes armyskin come over
  5. Lunalong 2019

    final count down lol
  6. Lunalong 2019

    so i hope to see lots this year im super excited and cant wait lol.
  7. Lunalong 2019

    how do you do it. i spent over 40 mins trying to figure it out
  8. Lunalong 2019

    if someone knows how to do the timer plz let me know i cant figure it out to save my soul.
  9. Lunalong 2019

    Welcome To the 2nd Lunalong Greetings friends, I would like to cordially invite you all to the second Luna-a-long. Hosted by Dracaa (myself) on my deed named Kappa, on the Xanadu server, at coordinate Q-15. This is my second time hosting an impalong. I've been working on this since last year. With work in real life only slowing me down. I'm proud to say though, my impalong is almost ready. It will be this November 8th to the 17th. I hope to have the maze finished and ready to explore, there will be a few small events, and all the imping madness you've come to expect from events like this. So why name kappa? Why a Lunar Festival? But what is a Luna-a-long? Rules The Entrance The Deed Kappa is a lovely lakeside deed very well equipped to handle many participants there are merchants, hotel rooms, a cathedral for sermons, direct sea access via a canal. the impalong building is a three-story building with plenty of equipment and containers full of mats ready to help your imping. The Imping Facilities A quaint three-story building filled to bursting with forges, kilns, alters, coffins, shelves and other storage units for priest and participants alike. Materials on hand Materials still needed Events Staff Impers Token Special Thanks for all those who helped so far. Brattygirlsback Gerpriest Ekcin Shrimpiie Pics of the fun Thank you all for coming and hope to see you next year for the 2020 Lunalong
  10. come join us yall we have great peeps and fun things to do. oh and bump lol
  11. i have an issue you might be able to fix or look at i put it on this there are pics and all. could you look into that when you not super busy. its been like this for nearly a year now.
  12. for all that is holy. gods no i hope not.