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  1. OMGs I'm so excited about the new pretty lighting and that katspurr and the others congratulates and glad you not leaving us idoly. cant wait to start taking more screen shots for my desktop backgrounds lol
  2. So i live on xan and i bought a nice new trader contract but i have an issue i think. i made a nice building for her to be and all but when i went to place her i cant. now its underground but i dont see anywhere where it says i cant put it underground. i mean i can for my merchants why not the trader? Could you tell me if this was meant to be or if its a bug? Thanks a ton, Lady Dracaa of Kappa
  3. this is an idea i can get behind on. it give tailor more things to do as well and because people like custom characters this also would boost players since we can see them in 3rd view now too.
  4. i like to buy the rare mortar and pestle, all 6 rare horse shoes, rare clay smelting pot, rare bridle, both rare satchels, one rare quiver non runed, rare spatula, rare dredge, rare yule deer. send me a pm plz
  5. ok not cool i might not post as much but over the past few years i like to think i have become more of a presence in the community and a helping hand to so many new and older players. i played wow back in the day what Wurm team is asking isnt something new, its what all other games do all ready. yea this can and is upsetting a lot of people but things change if you cant change with them then you go out with them. something i learned as i grew up in the business world. we couldnt keep up so we lost our business but that just leaves new room for you to learn new things and find better ways to make money. which in my opinion is why so many are getting upset. with the net changing everyday you cant bank on something for ever and not expect there be changes to.
  6. i have in the past bought coin and an alt form players before but tbh i rather pay to the wurm store for my coin. so i have. though im worried about my bothers account a little cuz though he dont play i play it some times. but in all im ok with this changes. i dont use traders though and dont make real money on the game. yes i spent lots of money but in my heart im paying to the wurm store in hopes that the dev team can continue making great changes to this great game. i am a little confused about the steam server thing. are you saying you cant send mail to the servers in steam but we can sail there? or if i have an account with both which i do i can play form steam on xandu? tbh this made me very happy with the day i was having.
  7. this was something leander said that i liked to that was make it with a lamp like a glow lamp or use light tokens lol.
  8. so i love the planter boxes we have now. thank you so much. but now this gives me an idea. what about tree pots. planter pots for trees. so they be large planter pots that only small trees can fit in. no wide trees like oaks, chestnut, etc. and no tall trees like maple, ceder, etc. this be mainly fruit trees and even bushes too. they would give fruit at the normal times of the seasons. they cant be moved if they have a plant in them too. they can be in caves as well too. though i think they shouldn't be able to be in houses if there is a floor above them to close like maybe three or four stories high above them. i like to see all bushes be able to do this to even the lingonberry but i understand that might make it to unbalanced too. this could leave some room for a chance to make dwarf trees too. they wouldnt produce as much fruit as there regular sized trees. but if chopped down make woodscrapes instead of logs too. just my thoughts on this new and great patch.
  9. [13:01:44] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 1st clue is I love it warm but orange you glad im not in there. [13:24:21] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - a key has been found by Kasumi [13:26:21] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 2nd clue is I'm the freshes spot around with all this salty water. [13:40:31] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - a key has been found by Elregis [13:55:43] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 3rd clue is im all wet but i dont have sand on my feet, just rock. [14:19:06] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 4th clue is I'm near island's egde can you find me now? [14:44:06] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 5th clue is Help me there is a Cave Bug near by! Can someone save me? /me Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - 6th clue is Well its like i have my own little pool of water. [15:28:43] Dracaa Impalong Scavenger Hunt Part VI - a key has been found by Fearil