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Found 7 results

  1. .... what are you doing meanwhile? I happened to get myself sick at the same night Wurm went down. Been in fever the whole day so been sleeping almost whole day. Well spent time. Fortunately, not too annoyed yet for the current Wurm situation, since I have slept the most time over. How about you folks, what has happened when you are forced to break your Wurm routines?
  2. Today I discovered that one of my fairly new females were dead in a pen of enchanted grass, marked Aged, no fat tags.. and it definitely wasn't pregnant as I haven't been breeding. I am currently fostering a friend's horses but my deed ratio sits comfortably at 21.8... Any ideas? Suggestions.. have you seen this before?
  3. What happened My locks are already in use What you expected to happen To attach to the gate. Steps to reproduce activated gate lock then click attach lock then I get this "The gate lock is already in use." I have tried low ql and high ql, and I own the gates too. I run a vending deed so this stops all sales for me, since I sell the keys though a vender. I can not put locks on gates that don't have a lock either. I have logged out and back in, still not fix.
  4. I recently received a potion of water walking from a Valrei mob, and talking to other players and mods, it seems it is pretty rare but not working as intended. There is no way to use this item! Thanks.
  5. Can't seem to find one, looking for PVP king to lead me to glory, thanx bye.
  6. So hot or not ? Also post more rats !!!
  7. Fog

    Hello there! im here to just post something quick Ok so if there is fog outside, then it shouldnt be able to come inside your house cause in real life, my dad and i built a greenhouse without windows and then it was a foggy day (the day the windows arrived) and the fog didnt go inside the house, i was standing inside the greenhouse, no fog, but in wurm the fog comes into your house with or without windows thanks for looking Kind regards theflash