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Found 20 results

  1. I made 4 marble high iron gates on my deed. I attached locks to each. I gave Manage, Pass, and (Un)lock permission to Citizens of my Deed and select others. The permission window shows I Pass permission but not Manage nor (Un)lock. This is no true! I should have those permissions since I am the owner. I must have those permissions to give them. I do have those permissions in practice (I can both Manage and (Un)lock those gates). WHY does the permission screen say I don't have those permissions? {I can give myself those permissions on the permission screen.}
  2. I think it would be a nice addition to enable that armour stands, bow racks, polearm racks and weapon stands be lockable. Also a stand for shields to store would be awesome.
  3. Server: Independence Deed: Cornersville Just lost all the locks on all of my underground building doors. I got no idea when exactly they disappeared. Maybe since this last most recent update. But for sure all my underground building door locks are gone now. All these definitely had locks before, I know for certain. All the doors I have underground (that have lost their locks) are plain stone double doors. Also, just found out, all my underground fence gate locks are missing their locks. I have 2 underground wooden fence gates. They used to definitely have locks on them and have no locks on them now though. My 'manage buildings': Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB I am able to 'manage' my underground buildings. I can reattach door locks. Please do post here if you did, or did not, loose any underground building door locks or underground gate locks. Add as much information as possible like server, time you lost locks (if you know for sure), did those doors/gates definitely have locks before? Stuff like that. Any information you thank may help.
  4. include whatever is left that uses keys, like bsbs, fsbs, chests, etc, into permissions settings and get rid of keys. or make a keyring which has been suggested before.
  5. LOCKS

    Hello, so the game many times isnt reading when we unlock something, to use that lock in another item. Just says the lock is already in use. This are new locks, they arent old, they dont have years or any thing. I got a new lock by mail recently, wich the person said he just made. Was a 96ql boat lock extremely hard to craft. When I got it, I locked a boat with it. Later I unlocked that boat and locked it with a lower ql lock to use the high ql one in another boat that was in another server. So I sailed to the other server with that lock in my inventory. I tryed to lock the new boat and it sayd The boat lock is already in use............. I then sailed back to the original server where was the first boat I locked with it, reattach that high ql boat lock to the initial boat. Then unlocked again, tryed to lock the second boat where I was getting the info the boat lock is already in use and it worked. So this is a current bug, its not a old bug that was fixed. I go more locks bugged like this, filled in a support ticked to at least got one of my 95ql boat locks fixed, so I could reuse it and the GM that responded was really not helpful, he actually said he could not do any thing for my bugged lock and just told me to go post in the forums. I own a item or more that are bugged, I would like to have them replaced please. That only seems fair, its not a easy item to make, and one that not many have the skill to craft. I do not wish to go beg or spend more money to buy more locks, I only want the lock replaced or fixed so I can reuse it. And would be nice to actually get support in matters like this from the Wurm Team, instead of just a go post in the forums, nothing we can do for you. Where is the support in that?
  6. Hello fellow wurmians, I have a question about favor gaining from locks when youre a priest of magranon (Hail Magranon!). Ive tried searching a post about this i cant seem to find it. Can someone help me how do i calculate the amount of favor i gain from for example a 60ql lock whats the formula used for this. Thanks in advance! ~Daskampfer
  7. It seems you can not attach a lock to a new gate, on deed or off deed, there simply is no option for attaching the lock.
  8. The new permissions system has been absolutely AMAZING and I can't even think of how much work went into coding it :). Great job! But I have one itsy bitsy wish from how it used to work before the new permissions system was put into place: Allowing the ability to control who can and cannot "attach locks". Before we could do it, now we can't. Here is my situation. I have an extra deed where my breeder (Malena) sells horses. The deed is of course owned by one of my alts. Malena travels there once in a while to breed up new horses, check the vendor and replenish empty stalls with new horses and in the process change the locks with fresh ones. This all worked beautifully back in the day, no problemo. Then when the new permission system came in, my work became a bit more cumbersome as I would have to log my deed-owner alt on for the mere purpose of changing the locks for the gates. Highly annoying for sure, but "doable". However now I've decided to turn that "idle" alt into a real character, so I premed her up and she's training to become a priest and to speed up the process, she has traveled to far reaches of Xanadu to join a sermon group. This means that now she cannot help with restocking the horse stalls anymore since she's so far away. The reason I wanted to post this here is so that people could chip in with their own opinion on this. There must surely be a reason it was changed to be this way and I'd love to hear people's feedback on whether they love this added security or not. Or, if you're like me and have been annoyed by this change, chime in too!
  9. What happened My locks are already in use What you expected to happen To attach to the gate. Steps to reproduce activated gate lock then click attach lock then I get this "The gate lock is already in use." I have tried low ql and high ql, and I own the gates too. I run a vending deed so this stops all sales for me, since I sell the keys though a vender. I can not put locks on gates that don't have a lock either. I have logged out and back in, still not fix.
  10. Please Allow Locks to be attached while commanding a Wagon, Boat, Horse Etc. With out a timer ....... it was fine before if it aint broke dont fum with it. Before update locking something was instantly doable Thought-provoking to say a trucking soulless timer has been added to this action as if one would get skills for attching a fracking lock ....... It should be as if one would fill a barrel with water instant.. (No timer) you have to be on solid ground `',~_~`', umm wtf is the reason behind this non sence ? Please fix, I shall take up arms ! Conclusion: 1) Remove Timer when locking something. 2) Remove Solid-Ground Requirement for locking.
  11. On 31 January, myself and Elizarya were getting ready to start a guard tower. Elizarya built a pole fence around the spot for the tower while I was leveling the area. She gave me two gate locks so they would be in my name. I attached the two of them... when attaching the second one, I got a message that the other gate was blocking me so I stepped through it and it completed. I set permissions successfully on the first gate (north side - now labeled Top of Bridge Tower 1) and then didn't have the option to do the second one... west side gate. When I paid more attention, I realized it said the owner of the second gate was Mystellenery. Neither of us has any idea who that is and they weren't online at the time. The gate lock may have been one that Elizarya found somewhere but in any case, the first one worked find and listed me as the current owner even though I (Abbynormal) didn't actually build the gate or the lock. I submitted a support ticket (#155890) on it and Tarissa responded and fixed it for us but asked that I submit a bug report on the issue. So here I am This is located south of my deed (mayor is Slyther) called Enuntqua located a ways north of Vrock Landing. The actually gates are located a few tiles east of the north end of the large bridge that was built, I think, by Joedobo. If you should want to find it, there is a road south of the deed roughly 100 tiles or so (wild guess)... follow that road west and then south to the bridge, then go left (south) about 17 tiles along the gravel path there. If you need any other info, please contact me through the forums or on Abbynormal (my main character). Thanks and I hope this helps.
  12. I use alot of trucking keys and locks, I have over 500 active keys almost 6th satchel is full or my keys. WELL... I did Noticed after update I am no longer able to Lock and Unlock stuff while on my Wagon, or commanding I know have to be on solid ground ?!?!? This was not an issue before permissions. Could you please make it where we can put locks on items while commanding vehicles aging. Its a pain to dismount everyy single time I want to lock something. And I have to lock a ton of stuff with permission With the new permissions requiring locks to manage the permissions I have over 300 bsbs unlocked chests abd food bens etc... spread out all over tge place that still needed locks. I own over 1,000 lockable items mostly locked but I need to replace my locks soon on everything since Mirrormatch might of copied my keys from his last theft. Please fix this. Not sure if this was intended or not. I wear plate and always carry my tools, weapons on me I never walk faster tyan 2.00 km/h I enioy my mounts and Carts etc.. Fix the locks please. (Everything is acticing like a door now) instead of lock it reads attach lock. Which im not sure if it requires solid ground or not but anyways. Also an idea I wouls like to see added to permissions. I already share my merchants but I have to do everything myself. Also could we manage Merchants on permissions? And on the history can you add who bought what items? And what sold? I find myself guessing what sold 100% or the time because I forget due to the many items I put inside etc. I would like to share my merchants with my alts, friends and alliance etc... qity out adding items myself etc. Somw check boxes that could be managed in permissions. Add items Change prices Remove items Remove silver And finally an issue Also I have keys still to wagons I have collected from old alliances members, I am the maker but not the owner they quit the game. So I had wagona recovered I made them. 1) They are locked I do have the keys 2) I was able to command, load, unload and use normally 3) new permssions system A) I can Open remove item and add items I can not unload C) I can not command, thus No loading stuff D) I can not do permissions not the owner (understandable) E) I can not remove the Locks (wtf I got the key) F) I can not Drag,Push,Hitch,Etc... I can still use them as storage containers I guess wince I can open whilw holding the keys, but cant do anything big with then. I have 1 inside my boat loaded. I can unload it so now I got a rare cart inaide my knarr wasting space. Lol Could we fix it where if one holds the key abd the owners doesnt not play the game or exists anymore ( a delete option ) Or Claim command... I already own 8 of my own wagons but 5 additional ones were left behibx. I use them or I did not they are parked in horrible places for storage. I guess I could leave them abd just add items and remove items when needed. Please lets hear some good input on this post.
  13. Interesting from a locksmithing and lockpicking perspective.
  14. The new locking system forces us to have keys, i can see that being good against griefing, but allow us to place locks on carts/wagons/boats (anything you DONT need a key to open) without needing the key for that lock. Provided you own said boat/cart/wagon.
  15. Ok idea is simple... now we can make more floors also more rooms in our MS house... but for biger houses i wil suggest that rolf allow us to make sort of inner doors witch can be locked with key, mybe for start just enable us to build fance gates as inner walls... Why will this be good for us.... sometimes u must have more ppl. on guest list, your sister live with u in same house or u get someone to visit you and u dont wana show some rooms in house... so even if player is on guest list he cant pass fance gates without key. Em rolf mybe will not like it... but is nice way to make more flats in one big house... so more ppl can live in same house and use rooms for witch have key or there is no key needed..... still ppl who use house need to be on guest list to pick up items or move it. Also will be usefull for Hotel, bank, difrent public places, indoor markets... I see that idea very inportend for wurm!
  16. I have 500 door locks for sale. Quality between 1 and 35.57. Average quality is approx. 20. Price is 60c or make me an offer Pick up only from POP the Magic Dragon: If you are coming by boat I could be talked into delivering them to Springton port if you can fit through the canal or to the bay north of me by Stonehaven, but I don't want to deal with taking them any further than that so arrange your own pick up if you want to buy them. Thanks.
  17. I think it would be a great idea if we could re-key locks, something simple where you have the original key to the lock you are re-keying, a set of locksmith tools, and the key you want to switch the lock to. Upon success it consumes the now useless key, and the remain key can open up both locks. -Michael
  18. Hey there, I hope i don't cut off anyone's business with my pricing. I just wanna make some money. If you got a problem or a suggestion, just contact me please. Blacksmithing things: 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 35c 80ql 70c Large anvils are 50c extra. Locksmithing: Doorlocks and Small Chest locks: 50ql 5c 60ql 7c 70ql 10c 80ql 40c 90ql 70c Gate Locks & Boat Locks: 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 45c 80ql 65c 90ql 1.2s Large Chest Locks: 50ql 7c 60ql 12c 70ql 17c 80ql 45c 90ql 90c Jewelry Smithing: Statuettes of Gods: 50ql 25c 60ql 35c 70ql 50c 80ql 1s Rings: 50ql 10c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 80ql 50c Bulk orders on request. Prices excluding shipping from Chaos. Pickup is arrangeable too. Jenn Kellon Ally Members get 50% off. Orders over 5s get 10% off. Delivery Time usually 3 days.
  19. Thread's moved manually: /> See you there
  20. Hello. I was wondering, what kind of favor items would be most desirable for a Fo priest? I don't like mining and would like to avoid locks for that reason. I would much rather do Cloth Tailoring. I'm also wondering if CT (square cloth = Fo's double favor item) is better than ropemaking. I have zero experience with Fo priests and just want to make sure I won't make an unnecessray effort grinding CT to 70 (which is 91 on the curve - I'm on Epic). I harvest 92ql cotton or wemp.