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  1. I think the idea of opt out is good, it would drive community interactions and player encounters which is sorely needed in an MMO environment, this could also add to the economy and add to trades between players also.
  2. Armour for all animals other than horses would be nice to see and increase in diversity of animals IMO, each mount should offer an upside so it would be favoured in certain situations e.g. more defense or attack while mounted or preist buffs maybe faster gather rates, just thinking of ways it could be implemented really.
  3. Both of these would be a great addition getting that Kislev vibe from warhammer with the bear cavalry.
  4. We can ride Bears in Wurm, yet bears can not have armour on them to truly make them the fierce Ursidae they were meant to be, now of course horse shoes are out of the quest but as a trade off maybe more armour or maybe attachable metal claws could be made. this would make the bears slower than horses yet better in combat and we could have war bears that wurm deserves. Saddles also would be a welcome addition but costing more leather and materials as trade off as bear are usally larger animals having a larger girth to them, barding would make a good addition aswell although not necessary as the main focus should be on the armour and ferocity of the animal making it as intimidating as possible.
  5. so the higher i am forestry for cutting the trees and harvesting for getting fruits is better, as i am trying to get high quality charcoal pits which produce more the higher QL of the trees going in on average
  6. So in regards to the quality of trees and sprouts, does the tree take the quality from the sprout and then the higher tree will produce higher quality produce and sprouts. or is it linked to the harvesters skill and the quality of the tool. im basically asking do i need to start a orchard from a high lvl ql sprout base to get the better quality resources out of it? any help and advice would be appreciated.
  7. As a newer player i like this idea, it gives the sense of where the community of the server is and could be a potential life line to new players seeking help from other more established settlements.