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Found 35 results

  1. What happened: Taming a dog that is 'hungry' eats sleep powders from your inventory. What you expected to happen Tamed dogs can only eat food that is not a sleep powder Steps to reproduce Get sleep powder in your inventory Tame a dog Wait til it eats and destroys your sleep powder Other It seems that since it is 'wheat' it passes a check for food. However being no drop and being something that only a player should consume, is the reason I'm submitting this as a bug.
  2. I would very much like a combat option, where the objective is to skillgain the self-control not to react to being attacked. At 1.00 skill, it would only be possible to maintain this stance against a chicken at focus_level_0 Skillgains to equipped weapons/shields would be parent-skill only, since the objective is (to know when) not to use them. Rather than cancelling a target altogether, one would choose to consider an opponent's threat level as void 🚫 in the fighting window - greying out all attack/defense change options. Combat readiness avatar pose would be replaced by normal pose, even though combat is still ongoing. No Fighting skill can be gained in passive stance. To maintain this stance at focus_level_0 at 1.00 skill, the attacker would have to miss every attempt to hit you. This gives skillgain. Should they land a hit, at focus_level_0 and 1.00 skill, stance reverts to whichever stance was previously active - aggressive/normal/defensive, and the avatar pose reverts to combat readiness. Each focus level - at 1.00 skill - is a minor hit that can be absorbed without being knocked out of passive stance. In mob-combat, after a time based on skill level et all, a non-aggro mob will stop attacking, and the chance of success in taming that mob are temporarily set to 100%. In mob-combat, after a time based on skill level et all, an aggro mob will stop attacking and become blue outline for a period of time dependent on taming skill. This is accompanied by a taming skillgain. This should theoretically be similar to intensively skillgaining when shield-training, and can equally be done anywhere, when attacking/being attacked by wildlife with more aggression than chance to win. The primary purpose for this suggestion, is to provide an all-game relevant activity to redress imbalance between parent and child weapon skillgain ratios, whilst also providing a valid, alternative taming skillgain route for non-aggressive playstyles. Few people want to injure the animal they are trying to tame, but there's no way to guarantee not doing so except by using Charm, which doesn't raise taming skill. Plus, it would be a way to avoid accidentally killing a low-level account that attacks you, without having to 'run away' from them or 'hide on deed'. It can be fun to annoy people by blatantly refusing to fight-back because they couldn't hurt you if they tried.
  3. We can ride Bears in Wurm, yet bears can not have armour on them to truly make them the fierce Ursidae they were meant to be, now of course horse shoes are out of the quest but as a trade off maybe more armour or maybe attachable metal claws could be made. this would make the bears slower than horses yet better in combat and we could have war bears that wurm deserves. Saddles also would be a welcome addition but costing more leather and materials as trade off as bear are usally larger animals having a larger girth to them, barding would make a good addition aswell although not necessary as the main focus should be on the armour and ferocity of the animal making it as intimidating as possible.
  4. Yes, The new update now forces me to FARM just to feed my tortoises as mixed grass is removed.... Look at the little guy above, how could you ignore his desire for delicious sweet fruit!? Why not add FRUIT to their diet? That is what they love in real life, anyway. Why seeds? They are not birds. Either add fruit to the list or remove seeds and add fruit instead. This way one could at least forage/harvest berries, apples, cherries etc from all the unused fruit trees and bushes most of people don't bother planting or using anyway...
  5. Currently taming does not have too much use in PvE and pets don't really do much for us. So as your taming level increases you can teach animals tricks, essentially non-genetic traits that cannot be passed down. To teach these traits has a price, namely in loyalty, each teach attempt drains a certain amount of loyalty and a difficulty check is made against the player's taming skill. If it fails the loyalty is lost and nothing happens, if it passes the creature learns the trick. A couple of examples being: Herd : Allows the creatures to lead up to 3 passive creatures. Wolves (40 loyalty), Mountain Lions (40 loyalty), Dogs (30 loyalty) and Bears (50 loyalty) can learn. Difficulty : 40 Swimming : Allows the creature to swim. Small creatures (30 loyalty), medium creatures (60 loyalty), large creatures (80 loyalty). Difficulty : 30/50/70 Domesticated : Creature will be passive, even if untamed. (90 loyalty). Difficulty 60.
  6. I may update this a bit more because I'm probably forgetting a few things I've thought of before: Separate forum for people selling accounts as the WTS thread is gets littered with account sales Change dispel so that it dispels priest spells first and runes last (avoids inadvertently destroying runes on items just to dispel priest casts) Ability to plant kingdom flags on tile corners rather than having to manually place them on tile corners Taming mechanics need an overhaul due to several undesirable outcomes Hell horses and unicorns are not practical hunting mounts because they need to be tamed, draw aggro easily and die Same goes for other animals that can be tamed, they are good to stick in a pen to look at but not very useful otherwise Unicorns could be more useful for something but due to taming mechanics they are unsuitable even as a 2-person mount Build rounded structures or parts of structures (e.g., medieval castles often had rounded towers; the closest wurm logic gets to this is paved corners) and pointed roofs New wall type that combines jaw bridges and portcullises (the jaw bridge portion can be locked separately from the portcullis but both would appear on the same wall and use a single wall type) Build floors with murder holes just like medieval castles had used in rooms separated by two portcullises to trap and kill enemies Author books, guides and store them on bookshelves with the option to chain them to the bookshelves for security (just like the medieval chained library IRL; would require hardcover book binding made of oak and blacksmith to make the chain and lock to attach to the book) Farming implements that can be used with animals to increase crop yields (e.g., ploughs, cultivatiors, etc.) Frozen lakes in the winter with ability to use dogs, dog sleds, go ice fishing, etc. Allow QL of bridles affect how well horses and wagons can be turned, WoA increases turn rate and rare bridles turn even better Quenching container that can be used with water or oil (higher chance for successful action) to temper items for blacksmithing, WoA increases speed of tempering Mortar made out of lime (new stone type) baked in a kiln to create quicklime (byproduct) that can then be mixed with sand and water, possibly using a wooden device with a wheel and turning handle to create mortar. The wooden device could be casted with WoA to speed up the process. New rune to increase the age of foals so they can reach the age to be hitched a lot sooner (would only work/apply to foal stages)
  7. I thought of a way to help people help themselves when their animals become stuck in terrain - allow taming to have a short range, comparable to the range of charming. The animal either ignores you, moves into the tile next to you and eats the offering (possibly still not being tamed,) flees, or moves to you and attacks. This would allow people who have animals stuck in mines or on bridges to move the animals without always requiring GM intervention. Deed, branding, cared for status, etc., would still restrict taming success, and player-built structures would also prevent animal movement. If an animal is unable to move due to terrain restrictions, then it clearly should not be where it is in any case, and the server would move the creature to the closest legal tile that matches the deed status of the location it is currently standing on.
  8. I have 39 taming skill and have tried over 100 times to tame a unicorn without success, what am I doing wrong? Wurmpedia says that I need "seeds" to tame a unicorn. now, when I read "seeds" I think of seeds, as in crop seeds, not grains, but wurmpedia has grains (rye rice wheat barley) also labelled as seeds. I have tried mixed grass, rye and vegetable seeds with the same results, 90% of the time it agros and attacks me, rarely it will just ignore my commands.
  9. Please could we make it so that we can tame the sea creatures? If we could tame dolphins, octopi, whales and sharks, and dominate sea serpents, that would be awesome. Also can we tame spiders and lava spiders? They're the only animals that spawn as champions that you can't tame or dominate, and I'd really like to see that change. While we're at it, we may as well make anacondas tameable as well. I don't see why there should be some animals that can't be tamed - let us tame them all!
  10. Hi, Atm Wiki says you need 35 to 40 to tame a unicorn. I have 23.76 taming and tamed a unicorn on 2nd try. I think the skill level needed was lowered when unicorns were changed to be ridden, etc Cheers, Baloo
  11. Looking for an entry level Chaos PVP Account. Priest account or some crafting skills would be a nice but looking at anything. PM me any offers.
  12. Hello, today I had a pretty unhappy accident, I charmed my hell horse with a charm rune, to be able to 'care for' it, and then I un-tamed it. I made sure that it is untamed by examining it and hovering over it a few times, also I had to get into the 'animals' tab under the Body menu, and this tab also said it is untamed. Another thing was that I got a confirmation on the event window saying: [20:32:06] You no longer have this animal tamed! So I left my other hell horses with it as I usually do in my pen, and went afk for a while. But when I got back, the horse was dead. It got into a fight with another hell horse and died in it. Here are the logs: Event log: Combat log: Here's where it all happened, I was standing right there where I am on the screen so I was able to get the AOE damage done to me. The horses were in that pen
  13. I seem to have a problem where cows and bulls require taming to be led now. This seems to be a change in the last day or so. I just led a bunch of bulls without taming the other day. I also wasn't able to get the milk option for the cows when using a pottery bowl. Calves however still can be led without being tamed.
  14. The above thread got me thinking about how annoying it is using tamed creatures as mounts, especially ones that must be tamed, like unicorns and (to a degree) hell horses. Since tamed animals are treated the same as you by hostile critters, they inevitably wind up fighting stuff and getting hurt, and that's a problem! In that way, right now taming a creature can actually reduce its usefulness, which an oddity this suggestion could possibly address. I propose a toggle in the "Pet" menu that would let a tamed animal act neutral while mounted, so that creatures treat the pet the same as if it weren't tame, and the pet stays out of combat while mounted. This would make tamed animals much more usable as mounts, particularly the ones you can't ride otherwise. It wouldn't have any affect on PvP, since someone in PvP can target the creature regardless, which should probably cause it to fight back regardless of this toggle. I can't think of any particularly bad side-effects in general, really, and it would increase the usefulness of at least a couple different critters.
  15. I have just started playing Wurm Online and I am enjoying every minute of it. My long term goal is to have tamed my very own dragon. And i am having trouble finding information on this. Can anyone tell me what skills i need. I've noticed there is some debate between having the taming skill at 100% or becoming a priest and using the spell Dominate. I am hoping it is taming at 100% because i saw that dominating only lasts for 3 days. I am also on Freedom Isles so i dont know if that helps or not. Any other information on taming would be helpful. And i apologize if this is in the wrong thred or if a thred exists taht covers this. Thanks.
  16. The uniques are coming, not sure how feasable it is to adjust # of tame creatures to taming level but still, could be a fun approach to try if at very least the "1 tame creature at a time" limit were either lifted or made adjustable by server admins. Thanks in advance to anyone who tackles this challenge.
  17. This is not about un-nerfing the difficulty ratings on stuff. This is not about quicker exp or stuff staying tame longer. Those things are off-topic to say the least. This thread has been tagged "PvE", meaning it's for PvE, if PvP'ers want it too feel free to share ideas, if not keep the derails, trolls, and "-1" out unless you also PvE. How this will affect PvP is inconsequent, it's not intended as a suggestion for PvP. And don't even start with the "if you want things easier" bull%@#$, I have the levels and endless hours of grind to discuss taming thank you very much. That said: The two biggest problems with taming at the moment are breeding the creatures, then weaning them. Currently, the best way to breed two aggros is have an alt standing there getting chewed on while the tame one "does the deed". I'm sure a few things wrong with that can be discussed, but this is a family forums eh. Then when the pup is born, you tame it, and can't lead in combat so tricky as hell to take it away from the mother before one of them winds up dead. Simple suggestion: After 50 taming, add the ability to tame a second one with max loyalty being split among the two animals. Meaning with my 70 taming, I could tame a hell hound to 70 loyalty points, but second I tame a second one, neither will be able to be tamed past 35. Apart from breeding/weaning making more sense, a pair of wolves make great house pets Also, hell horse owners could finally hitch them to their carts without having to worry about rogue templars. On a side note: Why not add a "roam" order to pets, so they can be tame and roam normally if allowed. Once again, wolves as house pets ftw.
  18. I'm pretty sure it was suggested before, but I would really love to have an option to simply untame without the need of taming another animal first. I just had it today, that I died on my shiptransporter and then needed to ride back with a horse since it's only passable with one, but due to deeds i tamed it first for security reasons... but when trying to travel back and leading my horse behind me its constantly getting attacked without me riding it! That is very annoying and I can't do anything about it, since even first successfull tame attempt is already staying for days.
  19. Hell Horses

    1. Hell Horses looses tame way to fast. They can go from state Submissive to not tamed in a few hours. [22:23:03] Aged hell horse is tame no more. 2. Saddle have no graphic visability on hell Horse 3. Monsters attack the tamed Hell Horse way to often
  20. When attempting to cast charm on a pet (deer in the case below) on freedom it gives : [21:30:41] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. I am not sure if this is intended or not.
  21. I would like to suggest the following changes to deed settings: 1. Allow a tick box in Manage Role settings for allowing people to tame animals on deed. Allows for the non citizen person to tame horses and swop your horse shoes and saddles if need be. 2. Please separate the section where the "lead animals" and "pick up things" are in the one section. Make it two sections, one for leading animals on deed, another for picking up stuff on deed. And just some wishful thinking: Is it at all possible to allow individual players to get certain roles rather than their whole village? Please? Thanks
  22. I think it would be very useful and make taming more fun if you could tame at least 2 mobs at the same time, agressive mobs specifically, to allow easier breeding, the mechanics to breed them are already in game but you need armor to take the beating or luck so they dont kill the animal you have tamed while breeding. I understand there is also a PvP community that would dislike possible imbalences with people bringing multiple pets into a fight, but there would be mechanics that could be implimented to avoid that, a few ideas I have include (i dont know how to program java or anything so sorry if these seem unreasonable in some way) 1)Make only 1 pet active in the right click "pet" menu at any one time to make it too awkward to effectively use multiple animals in a fight 2)Tie being tamed to being on a deed, so that only 1 tamed animal can leave a deed at a time, and you can keep whatever amount of tamed animals that your husbandry skill allows on deed, This could perhaps also add an interesting last line of defence to PvP raids i hear about The basic idea is to allow the breeding and hitching of the agressive animals in the game to give a little more interest to the taming feature, basically no one uses it to help in fighting as it is and i belive its most interesting use would be along the lines of breeding bears and wolves etc to actually be useful and more capeable than wild versions using traits they inherheted through the player breeding them. Ideally the ability to tame 3 so you could safely move any babies you want to keep to a safe area to store, or an ability to temporarily make an animal on a deed docile for 30 minutes to allow actions to be taken. I dont actually tame animals myself my skill is 26 or so from equiping horses and such, i feel a change like this would open alot more doors to the feature an encourage a better economy in the animal trading area than just horses, the trade pet feature could actually have a use also
  23. So I have been wanting to tame a wildcat for a while just for fun because they're kinda cute. But of course when I try to tame them they automatically get aggresive and attack me. Then I accidentally kill it and think about how me and my little wildcat could have been best friends. So I make a little grave for it and bury it. Wow. Much cute. Very sad. Wow. Lol that aside, I've been wondering, what's the best way to tame an aggresive animal without having to hurt or kill it?
  24. I can repair everything I can reach, whether it is mine or not, whether on my deed , offdeed or other peoples deed. Only horse gear - for that I need to tame the horse. Even if I don't want to remove it, but only repair. Please make it possible to repair without removing it, then taming won't be nessesary.
  25. Hi! I play on Serenity, and I seem to have encountered a problem with my pet. Whenever i log out and leave the world for a bit, my pet goes untame. It does this regardless of the level which it is tame (Upset, submissive, etc.). This problem does not occur if I tell my pet to stay online. Thank you for your time.