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  1. For Lack of a Better Name and Budscythe Steading have disbanded on Harmony. Deeds near Heartland.
  2. New Player

    Best way to learn is to join a village. Other than that don't skip the in game tutorial, read all of the signs, do everything your first toon. Use the journal for suggestions as to the first things you can do. Most of those resources will be close to the starter towns on newer servers. When you have a doubt, right click the item and select the wurmpedia and read that part of the wiki. Lurk in the CA-Help chat and ask questions there. I would honestly not bother rolling through a ton of online videos before just jumping in. This game is the longest grind you will ever face, so if you don't enjoy crafting, collecting, may not enjoy this game, but if you do, it's the best. Also, you have to actually orienteer. So map, compass and the forum community maps are great values. Pay attention to everything, landmarks, roads, mountains. There just is no such thing as a compressed, comprehensive guide other than just jumping on in. If you want to go the solo route, my recommendation would be not to plop down a deed stake just anywhere. Get familiar with surroundings. Prospect, look at resources and what kinds of things you want to do. Obv if you enjoy fishing, sailing you want to be near water which will mean a lot of roaming far from starter towns. If you are more interested in animals farming, etc an inland deed is easier to locate a good spot closer to towns, but you will have to transport any ship you build to water. Soloing new is much more frustrating, but entirely doable and actually enjoyable once you get the hang of things. Good luck.
  3. My neighbor spotted and roped a young female unowned bison quite far from his deed only to get himself killed and respawning back at his deed. So sad for him, but that was the first unowned bison that I have heard of spotted on Harmony since the second week. Maybe there is some hope. Also, I am seeing deeds that have not been tended to for weeks with horses, bison and cattle locked up and in some cases a good horse lays dead... My hope is that as things continue to thin out perhaps we all can find some free horses and such. Also hate seeing bulls hitched to wagons in the same spot for weeks on end just waiting to die.
  4. There is a highway heading right for you from the other direction. I'm looking forward to that one being done since I am usually just running from mobs through there.
  5. I am also working on highways N of Heartland and as soon as I help a few more get connected I'll assist you S, either with catseyes or some highway enhancements along the way. I have also become a very good leveler
  6. If you happen to be lost and stumble upon Serzania, do not fear my guard tower now shows the grid number AND if you just come around to the front of the deed, the highway is to Heartland is finished. By the way, I found myself lost and scrolled over a marked tower and I was very grateful because I then had my bearings. Pretty easy to do, just add your grid number to the end of the description of the tower in edit.
  7. Why?

    I did that to as many as I could
  8. I would like to make a few corrections to the deeds just N of Heartland. Serzania: 782, 391 (eliminate Serzania's mountain tavern location} 18 x 30 deed Heartland Inn: 800, 391 11 x 11 deed Irene's Meadow: 796, 395 11 x 11 deed Vassville: 782, 403 (size not surveyed) For Lack of a Better Name: 788, 396 11x11 deed Camp Kindling: 761, 404 (size not surveyed) There is also a deed marker down currently at 771, 408 ish that may be reserved by devs, unsure but no development. I believe it is called Heartland Market. Also, the Serzanian Highway has been completed. The road breaks West at 804, 404 Does a little Zag at 797, 404 up to 795, 402 hen West to 782, 402 then North to Serzania at 782, 391 then forming a T.
  9. Why?

    This wasn't nearby and I wasn't questioning the person right to do this on undeeded land, I was mainly wondering why you would fell trees w/o chopping into logs if you were skill gaining. Also, I kind of think there may be a feud going on in this area based on some things I saw in chat and wondered if this might be related.
  10. Why? Is this some kind of a feud? (Okay for some reason I can't embed the photo, but you can click the black text box to view)
  11. I do think the road network needs improvement where I am at the moment, but I also think that certain areas have over paved. There is a desert close to me that was spawning crocs and other goodies, but it has been over divided by road, both dirt and pavement. I am also doing my part to beautify any roads I am building by not just popping out lanes of road, but trying to add some edge features that help with a good vibe.
  12. Okay, due to my noobishness at the time of this post, I now realize that I was nowhere near steppe tiles....DOH! However, since I have grown a bit in knowledge and gewglishness, I may begin to create some Steppe in an area no one is deeding that has been spawning virtually nothing for a week, mainly due to the mess it has become. I think this could be a good area at leats for awhile to attempt this because no one has been interested in settling it since I have been in game. We'll see.
  13. Trolling

    This 1000 times this. I PMed Holydragon early on just to have a friendly chat and give him some advice mentioned above. ignore the people upsetting you. Responding only makes things worse and the ignore feature is a good thing. Without discussing a friendly private chat, I will say this he/she didn't take my advice. In addition, having played many MMos and being a newb here, I have found the chat rooms overall to be extremely decent and overall friendly. My pet peeve by the way, is that I honestly do not want to read a play by play of your game. I make fire now. I put bowl in. Oh I dropped meat.... I loathe this. However, because I hate it I can just /ignore and problem solved. I miss nothing. The other option is that tiny red x on the chat window, just close it.. Or the minus sign, and minimize it.... I have also been in chat when a mod has weighed in and said change the subject, or drop it, or move on, etc.... When I see that, it's time to stop typing even if I may not be offending. I also know that I personally am not for everyone. I make a ton of stupid jokes, but I also can handle other jokes that I don't find in taste or all that special. It's a nano second of the internet and it's not all that difficult to move on from whatever. But hey, don't listen to me, I'm just a noob who is enjoying this game and enjoying the vast majority of the chat.