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Found 50 results

  1. I have noticed the potatoes in my horses' food trough are not going down as expected. I used one of my horses to test. I placed a trough with veggies 1 tile away from her, and she did not see it at all. I placed an empty pet bowl 3 tiles away from her. She still did not see the trough, but instead said the bowl was empty. [03:04:16] She is not hungry. [03:04:16] She has no food in the pet bowl. When I filled the bowl, she prioritised the pet bowl, even though it was further away. [03:07:09] She is not hungry. [03:07:09] She is prioritising eating out of a nearby pet bowl. After I added the bowl, my horses started eating from the bowl, ignoring the trough: [03:20:20] The venerable fat Benny eats a potato. [03:26:51] The venerable fat Southbashira eats a potato. [03:31:39] The venerable fat Warriorwild eats a potato. Is there a bug with troughs? Thanks for looking into this.
  2. 🐎 Frost's Leatherworks🐎 Hello everyone, thanks for being here! My goal here at Frost's Leatherworks is to. supply simply made products to my amazing friends in Wurm. This text is an informative pre script to get the word out that my Business is soon to come Currently I am level 32 and leather working and around the same in black smithing if that is needed I will be making a more detailed list of prices And availability when I I am able to do so do not worry it will not be long before I get the show on the road in the meantime if you need anything you need anything please reply here and I will try to make What do you need Thanks again
  3. I'll start out with, I'm new and I have no idea if I'm in the right forum. So the problem I'm having is; When a parent is "venerable fat bison" and name given is "B29", only venerable fat bison 'B is shown. There is no way to resize the column to show enough of the name. Please fix this so the name we give the animal can be shown or another column just for the given name. For horses the issue isn't so bad since "horse" is not added in this, just the age and the name. If we choose to rename the horse though that becomes the same issue. Examining the animal normally will show the names in the event window so that's the only work around right now that I can see. I can see this being an issue with any animal that has been renamed. Thanks
  4. We can ride Bears in Wurm, yet bears can not have armour on them to truly make them the fierce Ursidae they were meant to be, now of course horse shoes are out of the quest but as a trade off maybe more armour or maybe attachable metal claws could be made. this would make the bears slower than horses yet better in combat and we could have war bears that wurm deserves. Saddles also would be a welcome addition but costing more leather and materials as trade off as bear are usally larger animals having a larger girth to them, barding would make a good addition aswell although not necessary as the main focus should be on the armour and ferocity of the animal making it as intimidating as possible.
  5. I am not saying this should not be possible, but if it is retained the option should say 'Inspect Player' and 'Inspect Merchant' rather than 'Inspect Animal'! Also it could provide even much more information than just gender, whether the player/NPC is hungry and 'traits' - although this is very interesting! (I previously had no idea Muse was in need of a pizza!) It's a happy accident, and could grow to be an interesting feature, don't scrap it entirely!
  6. Mother and father are reversed in the Inspect Animal Panel. Also the panel is not wide enough to show the full names. UI smallest size.
  7. Tack

    I think it would be really great if we could have tack equipment placement, like something we could attach to a wall, so has to put are saddles on,also wooden hooks on a wall for to hang are bridle,I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be very hard to do, I love WO, I love role playing as well,and it bugs me to no end to leave my horse tacked up all the time,so tack room equipment please?
  8. Hi guys, I need a creature cage, send me your offer
  9. Since a tractor is too advanced for the tech of the Wurm, could we have a animal plow to tend the fields in the farm? Horse plow, Bull plow and so on. E.g.: You just have to lead the horse with the tool behind it or you can push the tool behind the animal (or animals).
  10. Since animal crates are worth 500 responses per month, update the community that lurks in the shadows or most commonly known as the discord pvp section and Skirmish threads. Is epic really being kept alive with zero future? Is a split pvp community better than 1 whole community? Is a new map coming? Armor changes coming to chaos? Are "Balanced Updates in Wurm PVP" really a feature these days stuck to 1 server?? Are Anti-Alt mechanics such as View distance from caves a Feature these days stuck to 1 server?? Road map?? A simple yet repeated line of SoonTM??? Player gods?? ANYBODY
  11. Since it seems I am not the only one curios about the rainbow animal colors (animals with conditions), I am starting this post as to share screens of our rainbow animals. I went on a trip and found a bunch myself and figured I would share screenshots of the ones I did find. Feel free to add more. Lets help complete the list Alert: Diseased: Fierce: Greenish: Hardened: Lurking: Raging: Scared: Slow: Sly:
  12. Hi I know this sounds weird but it would be great if there where some different types and size cat statues for people to make since there are troll, Horse, Dog, People and other types of statues already. Can you please see about adding Feline Statues. Thank you and if anyone else has a suggestion on this just add it. Also if you like this thread bump it up ok. Thanks again.
  13. No, this is not another topic for animals to cross servers!!! Here is my plight: I own an island deed. - Wow... that's great! What's so bad about that? - Well, here's the thing: As a breeder, I like to have a diversity of animals and own different types of animals on my deed. I like to breed 5-speed horses and hell horses, but I also like to breed 5-speed bulls and war-traited pigs and all kinds of other "useless" well-traited animals just for fun or my own private enjoyment. Unfortunately on an island deed, my possibility to breed a variety of animals is extremely limited. Now, in a realm like Wurm where bulk storage bins and knarrs filled with large crates are standard, I feel like the lack of possibility to transport animals in crates is extremely annoying and unnecessary. I therefore have this proposal: Implement Animal Transport Boxes A possible crafting recipe: 1x Iron Fence Bars, 5x Large Nails, 50 Planks // Uses Fine Carpentry - Possible Skill Requirement To Build: 50 A possible variation: 3 different types of transport boxes, one small, one medium and one large depending on the size of the animal one wishes to transport. A possible loading capacity: Large Cart - 2 // Corbita - 5 // Cog - 3 // Knarr - 8 // Caravel - 10 A possible error message when trying to cross servers: You are not allowed to cross servers with animals on board. Please unload all animal transport boxes before trying to cross servers. Now, with this system, animal transport boxes would help people not only transport animals to island deeds that have no possible way of obtaining animals that can't swim at this point in time, but it would also solve another important issue: Currently, when trading with horses or other animals, if one gets disconnected while leading horses for example, the horses are un-lead and by the time one reconnects they might have run off into all different directions. With this system in place, animals would be safely loaded into ships and trading would be safer. If not animal transport boxes, maybe at least let us hitch animals to large carts and ships so they don't get lost when we get disconnected while sailing with them. Some Suggestions Added By Thorinoakshield
  14. There's been a lot of discussion around transporting animals, and I think the devs always find a way out saying that there's technical issues around moving animals across servers. Well, I'm sure some people would like to move/trade animals across servers but, I also think that most people would agree that just being able to transport them by the coast would be enough. Not being able to move animals across big distances also makes sense, 'cause it's difficult to keep them alive and healthy while they're shaking in the ocean and enclosured for a long time. I have a suggestion and some options for animal transport that might please both players and devs: 1. Animal Cage. A simple plank and iron bars cage that can be locked with a gate lock and loaded into ships and wagons. Each animal requires his own cage regardless of which animal you're transporting. It takes the same space as 4 large crates, so a wagon would be able to transport 3 animals. Animals inside animal cages can not be groomed, fed or interact in any way, so players would need to move them efficiently or make stops to tend them, I guess that just makes sense and saves the devs a lot of headache. Now there's two options: Option 1.1 Once a animal cage is loaded into a ship, whether it is occupied or not, whether it is inside another container (like a wagon) or not, it disables the ship ability to move from one server to another. Option 1.2 Animal cages can only be loaded into wagons and a new specific type of ship named Ark, which is unable to sail across servers. It would be pretty much a corbita in most characteristics, but lower, wider, slower and require 22 Mind Logic to command. It's a big ship, difficult to maneuver and ok as a cargo ship, a little worse than the Corbita, so people wouldn't want it unless they plan to move a lot of animals around. That would encourage a new market for the transporting business and stimulate the economy. Those two option are independent, choose the one you like the most. Hope you enjoy. With enough support we can make it happen, so leave your comments below.
  15. ~The Adventures of Hellhorse and Pheasant~ ~AHP STABLES~ Currently selling beautiful, quality bred horses, marked-down at this time to move out some old stock, before they get any older! I sell 95% 5 speed horses. The 5 speed traits are: Lightning movement, Fleeter movement, can carry more than average, strong legs, and strong body. Discounts are given for older and lesser-speed horses. Pickup at my deed, F23 in Northeast Xanadu. delivery can be arranged if needed. And without further ado, I give you, the list: Jets Saralightning - female - Aged Horse (1s) Clouddream - male - Aged Horse (1s) Blood Bays Clipumbra - female - Aged Horse (50c) Billyrain - male - Aged Horse (50c) Greys Copperraid - female - Aged Horse (25c) Northraid - male - Aged Horse (25c) Oceangolden - female - Aged Horse (25c) Chaserheart - male - Old Horse (15c) **More horses will be made available, soon as I have the ability to read traits once again...
  16. Suggestion to get food trough to animal, pigs/chicken to be precis what slower decay of food(or prevent it at all). Why: you cant drop bigger amount of food to land without some of these going to be decay before those are aten.
  17. My horse (Dreamunity) has twice now lost a shoe off of the same foot. Other shoes were at 10 damage the first time a shoe went missing, and other shoes were at 3 damage this last time it went missing. I noticed the first time that a shoe was missing right before the Black Dragon fight on Deliverance, replaced the shoe and then continually did upkeep on the shoes to make sure it didn't disappear again. After about a week and a half and quite a few runs out of town I was preparing to repair and change her equipment. My friend bought me a set of Rare horseshoes as a gift and as I was about to put them on, I noticed the same shoe was missing (The Left Hoof). After repairing all of her shoes and saddle I moved the equipment to a different horse. The only people that have access to the horse are myself and my village (all are people I know IRL). I've asked and they say that they aren't messing with me.
  18. As the title states, I'm looking for an experienced horse breeder in north Xanadu. I am first and foremost interested in purchasing some horses but I also have a few questions about animal husbandry, specifically horse breeding. Just reply here or drop me a tell in game if you prefer, main is named Amory
  19. Had a nostalgic attack and played some old Dungeon Keeper II, and got to looking at the possession spell for taking control of individual minions. Something similar in Wurm could be an enchant or personally better yet as a sorcery ability, perhaps even replacing one of the more "worthless" ones. Or an artifact ability, anything is possible. As the name implies, possession allows you to take over the target monster like its your own character. Your character remains where you cast the ability, vulnerable to attacks and etc. High difficulty to begin with, and it scales higher based on the target critter's combat rating. You are limited to what that particular creature is capable of to begin with on its own. You can remove yourself from the creature at any time, limited by the usual logout rules. EDIT: ie no leaving while in a fight. The creature dying while you are possessing causes a backlash, which permanently removes some of your mind speed and/or logic. The exact amount could correlate to the possessed creature's Combat rating.
  20. A large gripe of many players is that it is so difficult to transport animals. Especially ones that cannot swim. To help a bit with this, I'd like to suggest the addition of animal cages. Construction wise, they would be similar to small/large crates, requiring a good bit of carpentry to start/create one. You would put an animal in a cage in the same way you would hitch an animal to a cart, and you load a cage into a vehicle the same way you would load a crate. Smaller crates would hold only the smaller animals (a wolf or sheep being the largest animal that would fit inside), while large crates would be able to hold pretty much any animal. In order to stop people from having animals in cages all the time, and animal stuck in a cage too long would starve to death and turn into a corpse. I think something like this would be a very useful addition to Wurm.
  21. Simply what the title suggests. Wearing lambs as headwear, preff. with a pink cloth tie between the 2 forelegs as a chinstrap. Usable until it reaches mature stage? Pink laced Balls of fluff belongs on top of balding mens heads. Chickens might have a spot there aswell. Edit: They arent to be killed for this. I mean live cute balls of fluff on our heads. Not dead stinky corpses. [16:38:09] <Reager> they get to see the world as they grow, before ending up as breeding machines inside a pen when reaching mature
  22. Looking for the following mod: Stablemaster.jar Parts: Stable master (NPC) ticket: object The concept is to interface with stable master NCP Target the selected animal (horse) NPC dialog. Right click. Options: Exchange animal (procedure to convert animal to a ticket) Fee for player custom Price (price configurable flat rate) Toggle on or off (if on 2nd line price = in irons) Ticket maintains weight of animal. Ticket then can be loaded into a ship larger than a sailboat. Or custom list. I need to restrict to ship. right click ticket (select activate) Animal is restored next to player and ticket is removed from player inventory. Would allow for large transport of animals on ship cargo. Ticket would only load into a ship larger than a sailboat. (hard coded) Paying $500 for completed MOD use ID's with 20001 ID range. NPC use ID with 20002 for Ticket Note: must be compatible with ago server and client Modloader. Note: Author would be able to publish & share with mod community.
  23. I know in the past the animal sounds where removed because some people complained about "ear shattering sounds" and such. But maybe there is a chance to give voices to animals making that an option in the settings same like other environmental sounds, like a check box to enable it and a slider with 3 levels, akin to how tile decoration works maybe? Inspired by Malena's video: >
  24. Would be nice to see new life put into the Rafts again made useful as/through Animal Barges. How many times have you seen a herd of animals or some Champion type that you are able to lead, tame, or subdue, but guess were out boating and now the journey back can only be done through water. Have the Barge load up 1 animal initial and 1 extra per 10ql , mooring rope-it to your Sailboat or better(maybe limit size of ship to quantity of barges towed or total max creatures) and load that puppy up and be on your way. Even leave your ship with the barge still connected to your ship while you take a pits stop or picnic. Main idea is to have a means to get special animal (even unicorn or champs) and be able to bring them back more easily to a distant area or even the isolated Isle. Nothing special, just a means to ship creatures, (as crates are easier-access-relocatable/portable bsb's). Plus you can load the "barges" inside your ship as a raft would be. Just an idea.
  25. Want to sell, Red dragon skull. 62ql 10s thanks.